Best Water Barbell Reviews 2023

It’s said that water is life. Since it covers over 70% of our planet’s surface and makes up 60% of the human body, it’s clearly crucial for survival! With so much water covering Earth’s surface, it’s no surprise that we’ve found some great water-related activities to keep us healthy and fit. One of these such activities is aqua fitness, a fun water exercise that uses water barbells and other water aerobics products to increase strength, muscle tone, and stamina. In this review, you will find five quality products from some of the best water barbells brands that will take your water fitness regime to a higher level.
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Activity level
Our Top Choice
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells
Since 1928, Speedo has risen to be among the world’s leading providers of swimwear and other water sports products.
Incredible resistance; Strengthens upper body ; Lightweight; Chlorine resistant material
Comes in one size which may not suit everyone
Round shape
1 size; 1 pound 5 ounces
2 barbells (1 pair)
Beginner to advanced
Best Value
TheraBand Aquatic Hand Bar
For over 40 years, TheraBand has created a name for itself as the go-to brand when it comes to resistance training and other wellness needs.
Adequate resistance; Easy on the joints; Padded for increased comfort; Durable
Doesn’t come with an instruction booklet.
Round shape
3 sizes; 2.5, 4 or 6 pounds
2 barbells (1 pair)
Red, green or blue
AquaJogger Water Resistant Dumbbells
Since 1987, AquaJogger has specialized in the manufacture of fitness products meant for water exercise.
Water resistant; Adjustable resistance; Offers floatation support; Comfortable grip
Ends may be a bit too large for comfort
Triangular shape
2 sizes; <16 ounces or 1.1 pounds
2 barbells (1 pair)
Water Gear Padded Float Bar
Water Gear was founded in 1994 with the purpose of providing water lovers with dependable products for their water activities at a reasonable price.
Non-abrasive; Adequate length for grip; Durable; Water resistant ends
May not be easily transportable
Round shape
1 pound
1 bar float
Beginner to advanced
Trademark Innovations Aquatic Dumbbells
Trademark Innovations are manufacturers of useful, quality products for your home, patio or even for use in the sporting arena.
Have adequate resistance; Tones upper body; Doesn’t absorb water; Long-lasting
Can’t be used for floatation purposes
Round shape
0.66 pounds
2 barbells (1 pair)
Yellow, pink, blue, green, teal

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What is the Best Water Barbell?

Before purchasing a water barbell, it’s important to understand how much resistance it provides. Let’s look at more pointers that’ll assist you in landing the most ideal product.
Our Top Choice
The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells have a resistance of about 45 pounds which not only gives you floatation support when in water but also helps you build upper body strength. Do you need a backpack to carry these barbells? How about the Speedo Teamster Backpack that has a water-resistant bottom?

Speedo EVA Foam Charcoal & Red Water Aerobics Barbells

For the longest time, swimmers around the world have embraced Speedo as their preferred swimwear brand. Since the company has been around for over nine decades, they have vast water sporting products and apparel experience. Created upon the sandy beaches of Bondi, Speedo has persistently and remarkably risen to be a global household name with countless water products such as goggles, swim caps, costumes and even swimming aids.

Nowadays, the world embraces water aerobics as a good, healthy means to stay fit. Luckily, they have health-conscious brands like Speedo, a company known for encouraging and supporting healthy lifestyles. This company’s dedication to quality water sports products is evidenced in their myriad of sports related equipment, including their Aquatic Fitness Barbells. These charcoal and red barbells are designed with your comfort in mind and have soft padded handles that allow you to work out for long hours without getting blisters. What’s more, they boast of a resistance of about 45 pounds which gives you the necessary support needed to stay afloat in water – we all know how difficult that can be!

Here’s more that will make you smile when it comes to these barbells:
  • Built to help increase upper body strength
  • Made with chlorine resistant EVA foam
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Quick-drying with dual-end drainage to release water
  • Attractive, compact design that’s easy for training
Best Value
The TheraBand Aquatic Hand Bar comes with 3 different levels of difficulty, ranging between 2.5 and 6 pounds to give adequate resistance during water workouts without applying too much pressure on your joints. Do you also need to improve your posture? Then we believe that the TheraBand Burst Resistant Exercise Ball is an ideal match for your postural exercises.

TheraBand Padded Water Fitness Hand Bar – Available in Various Sizes

As a pioneer in resistance training, TheraBand gave the world a band that helped fitness enthusiasts get in shape and injured individuals work through rehab, all thanks to the use of resistant elastic tubes or flat bands. Forty years later, TheraBand’s color coded products have become a household name because of their dependability and increased functionality. Be it band loops or tubing, TheraBand has got you covered. Aside from being such a great exercise tool, these bands won’t hit you too hard in the wallet area. With such an affordable therapy band, you can boost your confidence and increase your muscle strength to face whatever life throws at you.

The TheraBand Aquatic Hand Bar will help you get in shape and stay fit by providing you with the necessary resistance for water aerobics. The red color indicates that this particular set is designed for light workouts, ideal for physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and any other form of aquatic fitness. These dumbbells will also make your aqua Zumba class more exciting and its 2.5-pound resistance ensures that your joints won’t hurt afterwards.

Here’s more features that you will get to enjoy:
  • Light in weight for easy portability
  • Professionally approved by swim coaches and health professionals
  • Made of foam to increase buoyancy
  • Ideal for strengthening your lower back
  • Have padded grips for increased comfort
  • Easily submersible for water push down exercises
Are you a water exercise champ and feel that this light dumbbell doesn’t offer you enough resistance? Well, don’t worry because this exercise bar is also available in a medium, 4-lb resistance size and a heavy, 6-lb resistance size.
The AquaJogger water resistant Dumbbells boasts of three adjustable resistance due to its triangular design that allows for a thorough workout. Not digging this triangular design? How about the AquaJogger Aqua-Fit Dumbbells that come in a round shape instead?

AquaJogger Water Resistant Dumbbells – Available in Heavy or Light

AquaJogger was founded in 1987 in Oregon, USA with the aim of helping athletes that were nursing injuries to get back on track. Consequently, they introduced a resistance belt that later attracted the attention of aquatic athletes who found its buoyancy technique a good way to keep fit. As more and more people embraced water aerobics, the company continued to come up with innovative products geared towards keeping fit through water exercises. With thousands of customers all over the globe, AquaJogger has helped many stay fit, overcome injuries and fulfill other physical therapy requirements.

The AquaJogger Water Resistant Dumbbells come as a pair and are an ideal companion anytime you want to exercise in water. The first thing that stands out when you look at these dumbbells is their triangular ends which are not merely for show. Such a design allows you to adjust the resistance levels to a point where you are most comfortable. During your water exercises, you need to stay afloat and what better way to do so other than through these innovatively designed water barbells.

With the provided water exercise guide, you will be in a position to adequately carry out exercises that will strengthen your upper body. Concerned about the dumbbells getting wet and moldy? There’s no need to worry since they are made with quality EVA foam that’s well-known for being water resistant. Should you feel that this pair of barbells has a heavy tension support that is not appropriate for your exercise routine, you’ll will be glad to know there’s a lighter tension support model available.
Their Padded Float Bar boasts of 6 inch buoys with a 27 inch padded bar which allows you to enjoy your exercise without fear of blistering your skin or knuckles. Would you prefer a different design? Then you’ll love the Water Gear Eco Bar Float that comes with durable foam ends.

Water Gear Water Aerobics Bar Float

Even before Reed Rothhammer, founder of Water Gear, could walk, he could swim. He founded his aquatic business in 1994 with the hope that he would leave a mark on the industry by providing water lovers with dependable products that were reasonably priced. Water Gear products seek to make your water experience a fun and safe affair. They have various water aerobics tools and many product patents including Water Runner belts and Force Gloves. Water Gear brings innovation that is much needed in the industry.

Their Padded Float Bar is all about comfort and safety as you carry out your exercises. Water aerobics often require you to perform various repetitive movements for long periods of time, and this may result in getting white knuckles. However, with this bar float, you can rest assured that you won’t suffer from white knuckles, or any abrasions for that matter, thanks to the midsection padding on its 27-inch bar. Whether you want to roll or just stay afloat, this tool will help you do that. Are you suffering from arthritis? Well, this bar float may be just what you need to help you with your water therapy.

The 6-inch padded buoys are close ended to prevent water from getting absorbed. The ends are made of durable foam which doesn’t chip or take in water. The foam disks on the edges are light in weight which helps you stay afloat. Generally, this bar float allows you to exercise the whole body, especially the legs and arms, resulting in a well-toned physique. With this bar float, your kids can also join in on the fun!
The Trademarks Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells come in a pair, each weighing 66 pounds, and have the adequate resistance necessary to tone your body during your water exercises. Not digging the round shape on this dumbbells? We believe that the Trademark Innovations Triangular Aquatic Fitness Dumbbells could be just what you need.

Trademark Innovations Water Aerobics Barbells – Available in Multiple Colors

Trademark Innovations is a Virginia based company that specializes in products meant to add value to your home, patio and other outdoor areas. Operating under the principles of high quality and innovation, this brand has quite an amazing collection of products that will wow you with their functionality and dependability. Diversity is a common feature in this brand; be it décor, furniture, toys or sporting goods, this company has it. Their various products are reasonably priced and do give you value for money.

One such product is the Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells that come as a pair with each weighing 66 pounds. Such weight is adequate to provide you with the necessary resistance to carry out your exercises. With this lovely pair of dumbbells, you’ll be able to work out your upper body as well as your abs and back. Regularly incorporating these water barbells will contribute greatly to your overall health through burning calories, increased endurance and reduced joint pain.

Here are more great dumbbell features:
  • Made using EVA foam which provides great buoyancy
  • The ends have a minimal water absorption rate
  • Come in a compact design that’s easy to store
  • Recommended for users above 14 years of age
  • Not appropriate for floatation purposes
Not digging this light green color? Well, how about you choose between these blue, yellow and green primary colors? Better yet, these dumbbells are also available in a cool, unique teal color!

How Do I Choose the Best Water Barbell?

Remember back when you were a teenager and you could squash a whole pizza in your mouth before chasing it down with a litre of Coke? Goodbye old, incredibly unhealthy habits! We won’t be seeing you anytime soon! What better way to say farewell to a high-sugar, high-calorie way of life than by adopting a new exercise routine? By choosing to eat right, exercise regularly and live with a positive outlook, you can continue enjoying all that life has to offer way into your senior years. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a super-sporty octogenarian? If you’d like to amaze your grandkids with how crazy-strong you are, you may want to start aerobic exercises in a pool with water barbells.

More and more people have started to appreciate how healthy and fun water exercises are, so it’s no surprise that there has been a surge in water barbell purchases. Just like regular dumbbells, these barbells are designed to help you with resistance training that increases body strength and tones various muscles. If you are recovering from an injury and find water physiotherapy a great remedy, then water barbells are a good item to incorporate into your fitness routine.

It is essential to understand what equipment you will need to use for water exercise. If you buy some highly-rated water barbells, you’ll be guaranteed the necessary resistance for daily exercise. Since dumbbells shouldn’t be too easy to lift nor too heavy to handle to provide appropriate exercise resistance, you’ll need to consider their weigh beforehand. If you want to combine your love for water and your desire for rock-hard abs, you can opt to purchase a buoyancy belt. All in all, you can’t go wrong with aqua fitness - you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start!
Medical bills due to an unhealthy lifestyle can be expensive. So why not save some money, and quite possibly your life, by investing in a good pair of water barbells and keeping fit through regular exercise? You’ll be able to acquire a pair of quality barbells with about $15 to $40. From the narrow margin in this price range, you will realize that most water dumbbells are similar; only that the resistance levels vary. For models that have higher resistance settings, you’ll have to pay extra even within the same brand.

In our research, we came across cheap water barbells. Although their price tag is quite enticing, their quality is really disappointing. Due to flimsy construction, these cheaper dumbbells leaked water and chipped easily. Exercising is tough enough as it is without having to deal with shoddy workmanship on ill-functioning equipment!
Here are the key features to look out for before adding water barbells to your shopping cart:
  • Type -The type of water dumbbell you get is defined by the shape of the ends which can be round or triangular. The round shape is easy to work with while the triangular shape allows you to vary the resistance.
  • Size How heavy or light a dumbbell is contributes to its resistance. It’s important to first understand the amount of resistance difficulty you need. Then, consider the right size of dumb bell that gives you that resistance.
  • Material - Most of the water barbells are made using EVA foam material that is known to be water resistant and doesn’t chip.
  • Colors -Some brands color code their products to help differentiate the various resistance levels. So, it’s important to know what color represents what level of resistance.
  • Activity level -In the event that you are a beginner, go for a dumbbell that’s designed for entry level users. As you progress, you can upgrade through the levels.
Construction and Design
Water barbells can come in a dumbbell design or as a bar float, depending on the manufacturer. The bar or grip handle may be padded with foam which enables you to exercise for longer hours without bruising your hand or getting white knuckles. To eliminate or reduce water absorption, water dumbbells can be totally sealed at the ends or have an opening to facilitate drainage.

In EVA foam material products, there will be no water leakage since EVA is water resistant. When designing the dumbbells, a lot of attention is paid to its resistant ability. Some brands may opt for triangular ends which allow the user to vary the resistance to their preferred difficulty level. In some items, you will find that colors are used to differentiate between the resistance levels of each pair.
Performance and Ease of Use
Water barbells are pretty easy to exercise with, especially when you get used to their various options. While most products don’t come with a guide to show you what needs to be done, information on the various ways to exercise using water barbells is available online. For beginners, it’s recommended to start with dumbbells designed for your level and then advance to higher levels as you perfect the art of using them.

For people recovering from an injury or those that have arthritis, it’s always advisable to seek advice from your doctor or physiotherapist before incorporating the use of water barbells into your fitness routine. It may take some time and practice to fully grasp how to coordinate your physical movements with water resistance. But, once you do, water aerobics will undoubtedly become one of your favorite exercise workouts.

In terms of maintenance, some water barbells are quick drying while others need you to place them on a tray for proper water draining. Always avoid storing the barbells when they’re wet since this can damage them which means less value for your money!

Get the Best Water Barbell of 2023!

Hopefully you found this review informative and may have even spotted the best water barbell for your particular water-related exercise. If not, these brands have other options that you will find quite interesting.

Our Top Choice
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells
Best Value
TheraBand Aquatic Hand Bar
AquaJogger Water Resistant Dumbbells
Water Gear Padded Float Bar
Trademark Innovations Aquatic Dumbbells