Best Water Dispenser Reviews 2022

Nothing feels more refreshing than a glass or bottle of perfectly chilled water. During the day’s hustle, you need a coffee break or a cup of tea to calm you down and get you back in the groove of things. Water dispensers are the perfect addition to your home or office, providing quick and effective refreshment, and to suit everyone’s needs they come with a variety of features and functions. This review details those features so you can make a straightforward choice on where to put your money.
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Our Top Choice
Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler
The Avalon Water cooler has left plenty of its users satisfied with its sleek design and easy-to-use operation.
Paddle spout. Ice cold water dispensing. Child safety lock.
Minimal manufacturer information. Possible leakage.
Top Loading
15”x15”x45”/ 37lbs
Hot & Cold
3 & 5 gallon bottles
Boiling hot. Ice cold.
Best Value
ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenser
ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenser redefines innovation and the concept of getting value for money. With its technology, you can be sure the water you drink is clean and healthy.
Ion Exchange Filter. Clear build. Lightweight. TDS Meter. Non-woven particle remover.
Occasional leakage.
6.1” x 11.2”x 15.2”/ 5lbs
Cold water function
5 gallons
InSinkErator Hot Water Dispenser System
There are moments when nothing but chlorine-free, near-boiling, hot water will do. InSinkErator is ideal for those moments.
60 hot water cups an hour. Tool-Free Installation.
Instances of spills.
Counter Top
6.8” x 6.2” x 11”/ 7.3 lbs
Hot water function
2/3 gallons/ 60 cups an hour
Flojet Bottled Water Dispenser Plus
Great tasting water is an often overlooked resource. Having access at your convenience is sure to transform your daily cup of coffee or glass of water.
Automatic water sensitive power on and off. Thermal protection. Quiet operation.
No cons of which to speak.
2.95”x5.12”x7.62”/ 4.5 lbs
Hot & Cold Function
Works with any volume
0.6 gallons/minute
New Wave Empiro Ceramic Dispenser
Give your home a balance between modernity and tradition with this ceramic crock water dispenser.
Plastic protector ring. Kombucha brewing. Lead-free.
Ceramic build.
Counter Top
Hot & Cold function
2 ½ gallon/ 3 & 5gallons
Kombucha brewing

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What is the Best Water Dispenser?

To choose the best, you have to check out the rest. You have to weigh the options provided against your needs, your family’s needs, or your business’ needs. Fortunately, the purpose of this review is to furnish you with all the important details so you can make the right choice.
Our Top Choice
The top loading Avalon water dispenser is a dependable machine that will give you both hot and cold water. However, if you want to find the right balance between hot and cold, the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler has three temperature settings for a slight price increase.

Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler W/ Child Safety Lock and/ UL Energy Star Approved.


Avalon’s products have cutting edge functional products meant to make homes and offices more comfortable. The Avalon top loading water dispenser is a top of the line model that combines the best in efficiency with design.

Perhaps these features will shed some light on the source of its high acclaim.

  • Hot and cold functionality - get ice cold or piping hot water straight from the dispenser at the push of a button
  • Child Safety lock to protect your child from accidental hot water burns
  • Paddle spouts for easy pouring.
Best Value
ZeroWater 23-Cup is an all-around filtration system that saves you space and saves you water purification costs. However, for a similar price, you can get the same benefits in a lighter, more space-conscious design with fewer cups, try the ZeroWater 8-Cup Stainless Steel Pitcher.

ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenser w/ Ion Exchange Filler and TDS meter


ZeroWater has risen to be more than just another name in the water business. They realized there was a need for people to have access to purer water. The ZeroWater 23-cup is in a league of its own, racking up rave reviews among all age groups.

These features might give you a better idea of its merits.

  • 23-cup capacity, the largest inbuilt cup capacity for any dispenser in the market
  • Push-to-dispense spout
  • Built-in TDS meter - this meter gives you a 0.00 reading to notify you the post-filtration water is deposit-free
  • Ion Exchange filter makes sure there are no solid deposits in your drinking water
  • Easy-access filling means you don’t need to take your ZeroWater out of the fridge for refills, you can do it right there.
  • NSF Certification:: this dispenser is internationally certified to get rid of impurities
Sleek design, flawless kitchen integration - there is little to not love in this hot water powerhouse. However, for a lower price tag, you can get an equally stylish hot water system, but without the filtration. If that sounds good, check out the InSinkErator HOT100 Instant Hot Water Dispenser.

InSinkErator Hot Water Tank and Filtration System W/ 3-Year In-Home Limited Warranty on tank


InSinkErator has blazed a trail in the home waste disposal field. Now, with the InSinkErator Hot Water Tank and Filtration System, they have taken functionality to a whole new level to save millions of home users valuable time.

Here are some of the features that are getting this system from store shelves to kitchens.

  • Instant heating, producing as much as 60 cups of hot water an hour; you’ll be the tea party extraordinaire
  • Dry Start protection, so you don’t have to start spill control immediately after powering up
  • Easy to adjust temperature control
  • Stainless steel build to minimize on damage and replacements with an overall solid construction
  • F-1000 filter to give your water that fresh taste and crisp feel

Give your kitchen a whole new look and feel by buying this system from the InSinkErator site.

The Flojet BW5000-000A is among a list of dependable machines from Xylem that will serve you and your family efficiently. If you would like more pump power and more capacity, try the Flojet Dual Inlet Bottled Water Dispensing System instead.

Flojet BW5000-000A Bottle Water Dispenser Plus


The aptly named Xylem company is committed to providing solutions to all matters of water and flow control. With a 150-country-strong presence, Xylem keeps their reputation in the US strong with this highly praised FloJet Bottled Water Dispensing System.

Take a look at the features that make this system a darling for homeowners.

  • Life Long motor grants exceptionally long service without the need for constant replacement
  • Illuminated switch so you can operate this machine in the dark
  • Thermal protection removes the need to worry about overheating
  • Automatic water-sensitive on/off:: once the water is depleted, the pump goes off and only switches on when in contact with water
  • Quick connect port - replace and connect your wand in no time at all
This ceramic gem grabs your attention from its position in your kitchen. However, if mobility is something you value, you could also include the stylish New Wave Enviro Metal Counter Stand too.

New Wave Empiro Ceramic Crock Water Dispenser


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. New Wave, a Colorado-based family business took this principle and applied it to the design of their product line. The ceramic water dispenser is a testament to their adherence to simple healthy living.

These are the features that make this dispenser worth checking out.

  • Lead-Free Certified
  • Polished finish, available in 5 colors
  • Plastic faucet
  • Plastic protector ring is airtight to reduce spills
  • Kombucha tea brewing capability, has been rated the best for Kombucha tea brewing by professionals

How Do I Choose the Best Water Dispenser?

Compact enough to fit on your counter top, yet versatile enough to filter and dispense cold and hot water, a water dispenser is the best device for providing a cool drink on a sweltering day or instant hot water for tea while in the office. The need to keep our bodies always hydrated has rendered water coolers must-have appliances in virtually every home and office, right with dispensers.

For guaranteed clean drinking water, some manufacturers incorporate a water filtration system in their models that eliminates unwanted minerals and chemicals in the water, while others come with a purification system to keep bacteria out. These dispensers offer unmatched convenience, produce pure water, encourage you to remain hydrated, save you money, and eliminate both physical and chemical contaminants.

Looking to purchase a new water dispenser? There’s a wide variety of designs, sizes, and models of water dispensers available in the market today. With each water dispenser having unique features that are meant to enhance its functionality, choosing the right one can be challenging. However, depending on your water dispenser needs you can select one from the following types:

  • Free Standing – These units come with water bottles installed on top of the dispensing machine. They’re usually offered as either table top or bottom load water dispensers.
  • Wall Mounted – These are usually connected directly to the water supply to ensure there’s always water. To run the refrigerant uninterrupted, these units are attached directly to a power supply, as well. Then, the cool water is stored in a reservoir for dispensing on demand.
  • Point of Use – Also known as bottleless water dispensers, they can be connected to the main power supply of your house.
  • Countertop – They are best home water reservoir as they’re relatively small and can be placed on a table or counter. They’re also the least expensive, and though small in size, can hold five gallons of water.

There are lots of reasons that you may need a water dispenser, including lack of clean and safe drinking water, or even water taste preference. But, whatever your reason, here’s everything you need to know to help you find the best water dispenser for your home or office.


Apart from how water dispensers perform, they also differ in type, features, and of course, price. On average, the prices fall anything between $40 and $300. Nowadays, you can get a good dispenser at an affordable price, but if you can dig deeper into your pocket, you’ll get a dispenser with better build quality, robust design, and improved performance.

Manufacturers add more premium features such as a stainless steel build, a water filter, or purifier as you go up the price ladder. However, you don't have to break your wallet to get a decent model; an inexpensive water dispenser (such as countertop models) will still give you a polished finish and good performance, but lesser convenience compared to premium models. But do be aware of truly cheap models, as they’re not likely to offer you the features you need.


Figuring out your needs is one of the first steps to finding the best water dispenser for your home or workplace. Here are some of the important features to keep an eye on while you’re out shopping:

  • Hot and Cold Feature - Besides cooling your water, consider getting a device that also produces hot water for drinking or your cooking needs.
  • Filtration and Purification System - Some dispensers come equipped with filtration equipment to filtrate and purify the water. Buying one like this guarantees you clean and safe drinking water.
  • Cup Holders - Get a dispenser with a compartment for keeping your disposable cups for drinking water.
  • Child Locks - A child lock is a key feature to have in your water dispenser, particularly if you have young kids, since it keeps taps locked to keep them from wasting precious water or getting burned by hot water.
  • Outer Assembly - Choose a dispenser made of stainless steel as it doesn’t have the weird taste that comes with other materials such as plastic.
  • Drip tray - Ensure that your appliance has a removable drip tray for easy and convenient cleaning.
  • Ease of Use - Confirm that your appliance has ample space that can fit different cup sizes for easy dispensing of water, as well as a small-sized nozzle to fill bottles of varying sizes easily.
Construction and Design

All of our top featured water coolers come with high-quality construction and designs. A water machine with patented leak prevention (automatic shut-off switch) and a stainless steel tank guarantees you a durable and reliable dispenser. Further, compact and lightweight home water coolers save you ample space for other use, while the lightweight design and built-in side handle makes lifting and carrying the unit a breeze.

Bottled water dispensers with a bottom loading design eliminate the hassle of lifting and installing the bottle on top of the water machine. Also keep in mind that units designed with LED lights come in handy to provide enhanced visibility for easy access when you want to operate your dispenser at night.

Performance and Ease of Use

Dispensers that score well for ease of use usually include a bottom loading feature for easy loading, removable drip, indicator lights for when it’s nearly empty, child locks, controls, and patented removable plastic reservoirs. You may also want to consider an appliance designed for easy set-up.

The locking mechanisms improve your appliance’s performance by preventing your kids from potential burns if they accidentally run the hot water faucet. This feature gives you peace of mind even when you’re not there to watch over your toddlers. Some of these devices also come with easy-to-use controls that are conveniently positioned on the front display panel, making it simple for everyone in your home to regulate the temperatures as they wish. Additionally, a removable drip and plastic reservoir will make your cleaning job pretty easy.

Get the Best Water Dispenser of 2022!

Five unique brands should provide just the right scope of information you need to select the water dispenser that will be featured in your office corner talks or the ultimate resource when you’re in dire need of a steamy hot cup of coffee. If these five featured brands don’t impress, more possibilities await your approval at just the click of a button.

Our Top Choice
Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler
Best Value
ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenser
InSinkErator Hot Water Dispenser System
Flojet Bottled Water Dispenser Plus
New Wave Empiro Ceramic Dispenser