Best Water Filtration And Purification System Reviews 2023

When it comes to water and filtration systems, there are three main types – ones that are built in so that the work is done before the water comes through your faucet or shower head, ones that are attached to your faucets and shower heads to impact the water as it comes out the tap, and pitcher/dispenser style that work on the water after it is already out of your plumbing system. For this review, we are looking at the first type – but if you were looking for the others, we have reviews for those as well. After hours of extensive research, we narrowed down the many different options to a short-list of 5 of the best water filtration and purification system brands, showcasing a great system from each one. We have included a mixture of systems that work for single rooms, as well as whole home/building systems.
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Flow Rate
Our Top Choice
Home Master Pressure Performance Filter
This Home Master water system comes from a relatively young purification systems-producing company. It can easily compete with some of the products from more experienced manufacturers.
A new enthusiastic water-purifying company. A simple and sturdy design. Replaceable sediment filter.
Inlet/Outlet ports are made of plastic.
2-stage water filter
Filtration down to 1 micron
Removes up to 95% of sediment
15 gallons per minute
32.1 pounds
Best Value
Culligan Ultrafiltration System with SureLock
The compact and reliable Culligan water purification system will fight unwanted chemicals and other pollutants at three different stages!
A well-known water purification-oriented company. A compact, business-meaning design. Built-in LED filter light.
Many plastic parts.
3-stage water system
Filters bacteria & viruses
Reduces chlorine, bad taste/odor
75 gallons per day
8.2 pounds
Pelican Premium Water Filter System
Pelican's simple water purification system comes from a young and passionate company. It offers a solid filtration process you can rely on, no matter how dirty your water gets.
A recently founded water filtration company. A simple and elegant design. No drain required.
The installation can be tricky.
4-stage filtration system
Filtration down to 5 microns
Removes chlorine
1,000,000 gallons per year
Info needed
iSpring Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
With its golden WQA seal of approval, this bulky iSpring filtration system will filter your water through and through several times over! A must-have for a larger family!
A well-known filtering company. A heavy-duty build with a stylish faucet. Transparent housing for easy monitoring.
Lots of wastewater.
5-stage reverse osmosis system
Filters 99.99% of pollutants
Removes THMs, PFOA and PFOS
75 gallons per minute
25 pounds
Watts Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System
As a product of a company with a long and industrious history, this Watts water treatment system is a result of years of experience combined with a plucky innovative approach!
A leading company in water purification systems. A bulky design (with a faucet). NSF tested and certified.
The installation can get complicated.
5-stage reverse osmosis system
Removes a number of pollutants
Removes sediment
3-gallon storage tank
22.9 pounds

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What is the Best Water Filtration And Purification System?

Now that we have a good understanding of what to look for in a water filtration and purification system, it’s time to turn our attention to our top 5 picks. Keep in mind, while we have reviewed a great product from 5 reputable brands, if it’s not what you are looking for each one offers other options that may be exactly what you need.
Our Top Choice
This tough and powerful water purification system from Home Master will deliver fresh drinkable water to your entire house! It also improves the shower pressure! If you have a particularly large house, and need a real heavyweight among water filtration systems, check out this HydroPerfection Reverse Osmosis system, also from Home Master.

Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House 2-Stage Water Filter with Fine Sediment and Carbon

The appropriately named Perfect Water Technologies, Inc has become one of the most prominent US-based companies dealing in water purification, specializing in the production of top-notch water filtration and purification systems. This started in 2002 when it took the market by the storm with its innovative "Tap Master" series, which gives you fresh water and prevents horrible diseases such as super diarrhea and various stomach worms! What's not to love?

This company's vision is to be the best water purifying company the world has ever seen, and to purify what no purifier has purified before! The crew at the Perfect Water Technologies headquarters follows its illustrious long-term mission: provide customers with honest, reliable information, and give them options, not compromises!

The Home Master Water Filter system features a solid build and a reliable filter system that works simply and without a hassle. When it comes to maintenance, your only obligations are to dust it every now and then, and change the filter annually.

Here's a list of features for this Home Master water system:
  • Replaceable sediment filter
  • Coconut shell carbon filter
  • Housing wrench
  • Instruction book
  • Steel mounting bracket with brackets
  • Warranty card
It's sturdy and with a long-lasting filter, so this Home Master filtration system can cover your water-related needs for a whole year 'round without any additional tweaks or expenses whatsoever! It will just sit there quietly below your sink and do its job non-stop. You'll forget you even installed it in the first place!
Best Value
With the appearance of an oversized battery charger with a nice-looking faucet sticking out of it, this Culligan filtration system will enable you to "recharge your batteries" every day with its around-the-clock filtering! (It works during holidays, too!) If you're working with a smaller budget, try the US-2 Under Sink Drink Water System instead!

Culligan Inc Ultra Filtration Under Sink Drinking Water System 3Stage Drink Water System, Reduces Bacteria and Viruses

Culligan opened for business in 1936. Based in the US, and with no lack of motivation and skill, it quickly asserted itself as the local dealer in water-softening products and related equipment. After a couple of decades of successful business choices and hard work, it earned its rightful spot among the most influential companies producing various water-processing installations and systems.

Among the many conveniences Culligan has organized for its customers (both present and potential), there is an option to call your local Culligan store to inspect your water source! (We would like to invite the people reading this NOT to call their local Culligan store if they need help moving their furniture about! The techs are decent folks and might agree to help you, but that is not okay at all.)

That Culligan tech may advise you to get one of the company's water purification systems, and the Culligan Ultrafiltration system may be one of them. It utilizes a specially designed cassette-style filter with three different filtration stages. There are also a couple of handy technical features, such as the floor leak sensor for flood prevention.

Here are the features of the Culligan water purification system:
  • 3-in-1 cassette filter
  • LED life indicator
  • Flood leak sensor
  • Chrome faucet included
  • Quick connect installation
This is a well-rounded water-filtering product from Culligan. It's compact enough to fit under your sink, and powerful enough to last you a long time before you'll need to change the filter! If this one is not perfect for you, we're sure that Culligan will propose a better solution if you decide to summon a tech after all!
Don't let its size fool you. This powerful Pelican water filter packs a powerful sanitizing punch that will remove the majority of the pollutants from your home water system! If you need just a small countertop filtration apparatus, then this Pelican solution can answer your needs in a better way!

Pelican 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filter System For Homes With 1-3 Bathrooms

In 2007, the now widely-recognized Pelican crew established a company that would provide the great American populace with clean drinking water and efficient, fast-responding customer service. It's been quite successful in both of its original intentions. Pelican has also added a new aspect to its production process: environmental awareness.

With that important new idea to think about, Pelican reoriented its working efforts almost entirely to the green cause, particularly concentrating on water purification and filtration - as that is what it does the best. It came up with a number of interesting filtering solutions, ranging from simple countertop purifying contraptions to elaborate whole house systems!

The model we've decided to feature is one of them. The Pelican squad fared well in its environmentally friendly technical undertakings. This system is almost completely maintenance-free, and it offers up to 5 years of continuous use before you'll need to change the filter! When the time for replacement comes, all you need to do is pluck the old one out of its socket, and stick the new one in. A piece of cake!

Here's a list of features for this Pelican water system:
  • Requires no electricity
  • Easy installation
  • No drain required
  • Comes with an installation guide
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty on tank and parts
If you need a simple and reliable water filtration system that can run through your entire house and do its job noiselessly and efficiently, this Pelican configuration can be your weapon of choice! The maintenance is virtually non-existent, and you get immediate filtering results!
If you need a lot of water on a daily basis for both consumption and showering, obtaining a heavy-duty water purification set such as this iSpring 5-stage model can really save you a lot of effort (and money in the long run). If you want a proper little water-processing plant in your bathroom, see if this massive iSpring 6-stage system does the trick!

iSpring RCC7 5-Stage Residential Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - WQA Gold Seal Certified, 75 GPD

The iSpring Water Systems LLC is a family-run company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, specializing in reverse osmosis water filtration. It produces a wide range of water filtration products, from under-sink models to the ones mounted on refrigerators. You name the kitchen appliance in need of some high-quality hydration, and the iSpring folks will find a way to sanitize it, stick a pretty European-looking faucet on it, and call it an iSpring Reverse Osmosis System (WQA certified)!

Its goal is quite simple: to furnish each and every household in need with a fully operational reverse osmosis system, and provide excellent customer service in case something goes wrong. It puts great effort into its delivery service, which has the task of being prompt and efficient.

The iSpring 5-stage filtration system is so complex and elaborately constructed that it would be difficult to describe each of its important aspects without failing to mention something. (When it comes to using it, it's all fairly simple, so don't worry.) To see some of the most important details, see the list of features! It's quite impressive!

Features of the iSpring 5-stage filtering system include:
  • European-style brushed nickel faucet
  • Transparent housing for visual monitoring
  • WQA gold seal carrier
  • Streamlined DIY installation process
  • All filters included
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 1-year money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime tech support
This is a sizeable but solid and reliable solution for your home that will last you a long time and provide a good sanitizing service throughout! The WQA gold seal guarantees the quality, and the fancy faucet on top guarantees class and stylishness! Get an iSpring water solution and prepare to be envied!
With its all-white build and shiny stainless steel faucet, this water purification system will both look good in your bathroom and do one heck of a job purifying your tap water! If a smaller house system is enough to satisfy your water-related needs, then this Watts Whole House Filter System may be a better option for you!

Watts WP5-50 Premier Five-Stage Manifold Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

This great, accidentally tennis-themed contraption of water purifying and filtering magic comes from an Alabama company that's been around for over 140 years! It all started when a sturdy old gentleman of water mechanics and leisure named Joseph E. Watts decided to establish a small machine shop to prop up the local textile mills with tough new spare parts.

Little by little, the company went on to make some water-processing contraptions of its own. As the new technology entered this story, so did the business start expanding left and right with the speed of greased lightning! Today the original Watts company has many successful offshoots. The one responsible for this advanced water filtration system, called Premier, is one of the most advanced.

The system itself consists of five different filtration stages, each doing its part to achieve the perfect end result, which is sparkling clean water free of bacteria and other pollutants! Even though the installation tends to be rather complex for most households, it's nothing too scary, especially if you get in contact with the manufacturer's customer service.

The Watts filtration system features include:
  • 5-stage system
  • 3-gallon storage tank
  • Chrome air-gap faucet
  • Full set of filters
  • Manifold design
  • NSF tested and certified
  • 3-year limited warranty
This complex yet reliable water purification system can be an excellent solution for a larger family that uses a lot of water every day, especially if you've got little children. With its 5-stage filtration system, you can be absolutely positive that it will remove up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses and whatever else might be lurking in the pipes!

How Do I Choose the Best Water Filtration And Purification System?

Chlorine, sediments, mud, Godzilla eggs, an entire hepatitis alphabet, you name it – if it's dirty and potentially unhealthy for you, chances are it can be found some of the water we drink! Buying bottled water can be a solution, but this can be costly in the long run, not to mention all those plastic bottles ending up in landfills. To significantly cut your water-related expenses, and secure a healthy water source for yourself and your family, get a filtration and purification system! They're easy to install, and will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Choosing a brand new filtration and also purification system is certainly not going to be an easy purchase because there so many different options. Although, these contraptions do pay off in the long run, depending upon the system you get the initial investment may set you back a few bucks. If you aren’t ready to invest in a whole room or whole home system, we recommend taking a look at our separate reviews for water dispensers with filters and water coolers.

What is the Difference Between Water Filtration and Water Purification?

One of the most important things you need to pay attention to is whether or not the system that piques your interest is meant to only filter the water or if it also purifiers water. The main difference between these two processes is that the purification removes the dirty and potentially unhealthy particles from the water. This does not necessarily means all foreign particles from a water source, however, as most water purifying systems are made to remove only certain specific hazardous matters. In contrast, a filtering system is there to ensure that the water which has already been purified does not get dirty again due to poor plumbing or other contaminating factors. Bottom line, for a complete process where the end result is a clean drinkable water, you probably need both of these working side to side.

More often than not, folks tend to use the terms water filters and water purifiers interchangeably, as both of these contraptions tend to: 1) look important, delicate and similar to one another, and 2) somehow make the tap water better. It's an easy mistake to make, really, so let's clear it up once and for all:
  • Water Filters- elaborate, bulky apparatuses that tackle chemical pollution in water. This would include such vile impurities as chlorine, mercury, lead, hydrogen sulfide and so on and so forth. They're also expected to inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae, but this is not their primary function.
  • Water Purifiers- elaborate, bulky apparatuses that tackle bacterial pollution and also viruses. The list of unwelcomed microorganisms that will get obliterated by these mean machines (99.99% of it will, that is) includes Legionella, Coliforms, and even Fecal Indicators, no less.
Now, the trick is that once you've acquired the knowledge about all the potentially harmful particles that lurk about in the pipes, you'll probably want both of the aforementioned 'good guy' systems working for you. Since manufacturers have recognized this rather obvious niche, as well, you can rest assured that there are plenty of different models combining the two mighty water-treating technologies. These go by a not necessarily too original, but certainly a story-telling name of water filtration and purification systems. So, if you'd like to equip yourself with one of these doubled-up configurations, or perhaps just settle with either a purification or a filtration utensil, make sure to test your tap water beforehand. This will help you pinpoint the culprits, and also save you some money in case you don't need both of the systems!

By the way, for those of you who are looking for a way to purify (not just filter) water while you are on the go, take a look at our review for water purifiers. It also includes some nice home countertop options if you are not ready for a full system.
Built-in Water filtration systems, especially if you are looking at a whole home system, are not cheap, let's get that out of the way. What you’re looking at is an investment that will improve both the quality and taste of your water, as well as help to prevent potential health problems. One of the things that will impact the price the most is whether you are getting a system for a single room, for multiple rooms or one for an entire home or building.

Another factor that is tied directly to cost is the quality and type of materials. For example, if the housing is made of plastic and it doesn't come with a faucet, chances are- the price will be lower. If it's made out of stainless steel, however, you can expect a higher price. Additional features such as custom-made faucets add to the price as well.

Some other properties that would fall into the category of 'additional' include leak sensors, LED indicators, and drains. There are some other aspects that can affect the overall price, such as the inclusion of a warranty, but these are the most common ones. All in all, getting yourself a water filtration and purification system can be a costly venture, so make sure that you choose a model that suits your needs the best from the first shot! While you could save money by getting a super cheap water filtration and purification system, when it comes to the water you are putting in and on your body, this is not the place to cut costs.
Nowadays, filtration devices and systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it may be difficult to decide just what kind of contraption you need for yourself and your family. Therefore, we're providing you with a list of features to look out for when buying a filtration and purification system. Hopefully, you'll manage to find exactly what you need!

The list of the most common features to look for in a water filtration and purification system include:
  • Transparent Housing
  • Easy Installation
  • Drain Requirement
  • Electricity Requirement
  • Flood Leak Sensor
  • Type of Filter
Depending upon your needs, you may want to determine whether or not a faucet is included.

Another factor to take into consideration when buying one of these devices is the capacity of the system. More often than not, these contraptions are capable of delivering up to 15 gallons of processed water per minute, which is enough to fully support a medium-sized household. Of course, the sizes and capacities of these utensils vary so when buying one of these, make sure to decide what amount of water you'll be needing on a daily basis in the following period.

Finally, filtering typically comes in stages, so you can choose from systems that feature one, two or more stages. The more stages a purification system has, the cleaner results you'll get as the output. All in all, a large three stage water filter may be the best solution in the end of the day, if you've got the bucks for it, that is.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction of filtration devices, it's pretty darn complex, so we wouldn't bother trying to explain all of the details of how it all works in this short guide. Instead, we'll simply give you a bit of insight about what you should pay attention to when buying. Since these devices have a rather simple job of filtering water, they feature a plastic construction or that made of high-quality stainless steel. These surfaces are easy to clean and tend to look good under the sink (or wherever you choose to install them).

Another commonly-included feature worth mentioning is the faucet, which can either be made out of stainless steel or other durable materials, depending on the manufacturer. Of course, some of the filters take on a completely different shape. For example, there are certain models you can simply attach to your faucet and then continue using it as before! These filters are typically much smaller than the full-blown reverse-osmosis models, and they don't require a mighty effort when it comes to installation.

All things considered, a well-made filtration system should be sturdy, reliable and possibly also feature a faucet for good measure. Of course, this is not written in the stone, so you should pick the model that suits your needs the best!
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the most feared aspects of getting a brand-new water filtering system is that installation is going to be a major drag. Often enough, this fear is unjustified, as even the most complex reverse-osmosis systems can be installed pretty easily, if you have a little patience. What's more, most manufacturers provide their customers with how-to guides so you needn't really worry about that.

Once you've set them up, the maintenance is going to be a piece of cake. Mostly, it amounts to just dusting the whole configuration every now and then. Perhaps the most major chore about it you'll need to do is to change the filter regularly. In conclusion, we recommend getting a model which has a warranty that goes with it, as this will make your life much easier should something go awry.

Get the Best Water Filtration And Purification System of 2023!

We hope this review has helped you navigate the somewhat confusing process of choosing the best water purification and filtration system for your needs. We are confident that anyone of these products will not only make your water taste better, but also make it healthier for you and your family. Drink up!!

Our Top Choice
Home Master Pressure Performance Filter
Best Value
Culligan Ultrafiltration System with SureLock
Pelican Premium Water Filter System
iSpring Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
Watts Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System