Best Water Flosser Reviews 2022

Whether your motives for obtaining a brand new water flosser are getting rid of your old dental floss, or simply building up your teeth hygiene arsenal one step at a time, you’re in the right place! To see the best models currently on the market, read through our top 5 flossers and make a confident choice. By the way, these handy devices are also called Oral Irrigators, and if you want to see even more options we have another review under that name.
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Our Top Choice
Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser
Coming from a company with a long tradition in making all kinds of water flossers, Waterpik is one of the most prominent retailers currently operating in the market.
Durable build quality. Long-lasting battery (recharge weekly). Magnetic rapid charge system. Electronic pressure control. 360° Tip Rotation.
Size can be off-putting..
3.1 x 5.1 x 9.1 Inches; 1.2 Pounds
4 Tips
45 Seconds of Water Capacity
Best Value
Panasonic Cordless Water Dental Flosser
Offering a rich line of technical products, the Panasonic company has been at the top of their game for more than a century, and their present-day products surely show it!
Air-powered water jets. Three speed settings.
Not great battery life.
1.9 x 2.8 x 7.6 Inches; 10.6 Ounces
2 Tips
130 ml Water Tank
H2ofloss® hf-3 Premium
Located deep in the mysterious Baoan District, China, the h2ofloss folk produce one compact dental hygiene device after another.
6 different pressure settings. 4 multi-purpose jet tips. Large 300ml water tank.
Non-standard charger.
8.7 x 3 x 4.5 Inches; 1.4 Pounds
5 Tips
300 ml
ToiletTree Products Poseidon Set
The name may be based on a pun, but the ToiletTree folks have a made a reputation for themselves thanks to the reliability and good looks of their ware.
Large, sturdy charging station. Two products in one. Beautiful design. Three color-coded tips and brush heads.
Not everyone wants both products.
Base 6 x 5 Inches; 1.9 Pounds
3 Tips
Info not provided
Oral Breeze ShowerBreeze
Boasting a rich roster of dental hygiene-related products, the Oral Breeze folk have made a significant impact in the market for mouth-care equipment.
Made of chrome-plated brass. Attaches to your standard shower head. Comes with two color-coded tips.
Can be a bit ticklish!
6.4 Ounces
Powered by water
2 Tips

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What is the Best Water Flosser?

Flossing is a core part of maintaining your dental hygiene, and we hope our guide has helped explain the features of a water flosser. Now, let’s consult our top 5 review to determine what would be the best one for your personal needs!
Our Top Choice
Boasting such fancy features as the magnetic rapid-charge system, the Waterpik Advanced Water Flosser can become your new best friend where your precious dental hygiene is concerned! For a couple of bucks less, you can get yourself the Waterpik Acquarius Water Flosser for Good Measure.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser with Magnetic Rapid Charge-System – Available in 4 Colors

Waterpik's proud history of innovation starts way back in 1962 when a hydraulic engineer joined forces with a dentist in an effort to create the infamous mechanical water flosser! In the following years, the duo behind this business worked long hours to make their invention marketable and convince people not to run away from it in panic when they saw it!

In the subsequent years, through innovation and hard work, they refined their products and carved themselves a significant portion of the home dental market.

The Waterpik model featured on this list is one of their most recent models, and it takes only one glance to figure out what makes this device so brilliant. It's got a 360° Tip Rotation, 3 Pressure Settings, electronic pressure control and many other commodities built in to make your life easier! Check out the list of features to learn more.

The Waterpik Advanced Water Flosser- a list of the most prominent features:
  • Magnetic Rapid-Change System
  • LED Battery Charge Indicator
  • Electronic Pressure Control
  • 360° Tip Rotation
  • 3 Pressure Settings
  • 45 Seconds of Water Capacity
  • 1 Orthodontic Tip
  • Tip Storage Case
  • 2 Classic Jet Tips
  • 1 Plaque Seeker Tip
All things considered, we can safely say Waterpik delivered once again with their Advanced Water Flosser! This product can come in two colors and is not really all that scary once you get a hold of how it works, so if you'd like to equip yourself with an easy-to-use water flosser, do get yourself this model, and floss food particles away in grand fashion!
Best Value
Whether you've grown sick and tired of using your toothbrush all the time, or you'd just like an upgrade, this model from Panasonic may be a perfect weapon of choice for you! If you'd like to get yourself an extra nozzle, just in case, check out this Panasonic EW0955W Replacement nozzle.

Panasonic Cordless Water Dental Flosser, 3 Speed/Pressure Settings, Rechargeable, Cordless

Founded in 1918, the now world-renowned Panasonic company is one of the best-known businesses in the world, producing all kinds of technical and semi-technical stuff, such as cameras & camcorders, home entertainment, phones, TV's, and a variety of home appliances, one of which we're featuring on this list!

Other than that, it's worth mentioning Panasonic spans across Europe, Asia, and North America, and they're seeking to expand further in the future as well. If you'd like to learn more about this business, its roots, and its plans for the future research and development, you can visit their official webpage.

The EW1211A Dental Water Flosser features an elegant design that resembles a candle. It comes with three cleaning settings: deep targeted cleaning, normal everyday cleaning, and lower-speed pulsing which is best for kids and people with particularly sensitive gums and teeth.

The list of features for the Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water Flosser:
  • Two-Nozzles
  • Cordless Design
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Air-Powered Water Jets
  • Three Flosser Water Settings
  • AC Charging Stand
  • Dishwasher-Safe Water Trunk
  • Cleans Under the Faucet
Equipped with a bunch of modes enabling you to clean your teeth in three different ways, and boasting a 100% waterproof cordless design, the Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water Flosser is versatile and easy to use.
Coming from one of the best manufacturers of water flossers currently operating on the market, the hf-3 Premium is a plucky cleaner that can make your teeth all shiny and magnificent! For a couple of bucks more, you can get yourself the more elaborate H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser instead!

H2ofloss® hf-3 Premium, Compact, and Portable, Battery-Operated, Rechargeable

If your teeth are badly in need of some flossing and you can't be bothered to use a dental floss, about the best alternative is a dental oral irrigator, which uses water jets to achieve the same purpose. H2ofloss® is a company that's been producing exactly these kinds of hygiene tools for quite some time now, and they hope to expand their influence and spread their products further into the US market. They are achieving this by creating high quality products whilst keeping prices reasonable.

The H2ofloss Travel Water Dental Flosser is a compact little rechargeable irrigator that can fit into pretty much any purse as it is as small as a cell phone! Despite its size, this petite dental tool comes with 6 pressure settings and works at approximately 1200 pulses per minute frequency. What's more, the water reservoir is also compactly made and quite easy to clean.

The list of features for the h2ofloss Travel Water Dental Flosser:
  • 6 Pressure Settings
  • Cellphone Size
  • 1200 Pulses/Minute Frequency
  • 300ml Water Reservoir
  • 4 Multi-Purpose Jet Tips
  • Comes with a Premium Travel Pouch
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Battery-Operated
All things considered, the h2ofloss travel water dental flosser may look like a make-up bag, but it’ll get your teeth looking all shiny and healthy!
Featuring a charging station base, this ToiletTree Water Flosser and Toothbrush represents a proper mini bathroom arsenal! If you'd like a countertop version instead, get yourself the Professional Series Countertop Oral Irrigator!

ToiletTree Products Poseidon Rechargeable Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Set

As far as family-owned businesses go, only a few of them can boast a name as cheeky as ToiletTree. Along with a fun identity (check out their logo), this brand focuses on top tier customer service, with friendly folk always happy to help over the telephone. All ToiletTree are scored highly on review and sale sites – a fact of which it’s very proud.

Swinging back to the matters of irrigators and keeping your mouth clean through the power of water, we come to the ToiletTree product of the moment – the Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush set. It’s got a strong name indeed, and brings some pretty impressive features as well. It's got a sleek design and a convenient charging station, so you won't have to worry about clumsily-designed chargers ever again!

The ToiletTree Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Set - a list of the most important features:
  • Three Modes of Cleaning
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • BPA-Free
  • FDA-Approved
  • 2 Minute Auto Shut-Off
  • 31 Thousand Pulses per Minute
Equipped to the nines with two additional sets of heads as well as a massive charging station for your convenience, this ToiletTree Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Combo Set is one impressive dental hygiene power station for a person who truly cares about their teeth!
Coming from a company working under the name of Oral Breeze, the ShowerBreeze Water Flosser is a device that is 'a breeze' to use! For a couple of bucks less, you can also get their Water Jet Dental Irrigator.

Oral Breeze ShowerBreeze, Water Jet Dental Irrigator, Made of Chrome-Plated Brass

The Oral Breeze company produces fine alternatives for all in need of a reliable solution to keep that nasty plaque away. The brand promises products that distinguish themselves by leaving you with no mess to clean up, no bulky tanks for you to drag around, and most importantly no pain throughout the procedure!

As for their model we've decided to feature, it comes in the shape of the ShowerBreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator- a simple device made up of chrome-plated brass with no additional motors to speak of. In contrast to other models on this top 5 list, this one you attach to your shower for immediate results!

The list of features for the Oral Breeze's Shower Breeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator:
  • Chrome-Plated Brass
  • One Oral Irrigator Valve
  • Two Tips
  • Tip Holder
  • Fan Spray
All things considered, the Oral Breeze's Water Jet Dental Irrigator is a curious device that can be easily mounted on any shower for immediate dental care! It's comprised of a couple of chrome-plated parts, with no plastic ones to speak of. This model is a 'breeze' to install and use, and it's perfect for people who can't be bothered with water tanks and batteries!

How Do I Choose the Best Water Flosser?

Water flossers are among the gentlest devices dedicated to dental hygiene in existence, as the worst thing that can happen to you during a cleaning session, is to be sprinkled by some water. In this section, we’ll look at what to consider in your quest for cleaner teeth!

First of all, you need to consider what type of water flosser you'd like for yourself – that is, what power source would suit you best. Typically, around 80% of all water flossers run on some sort of battery, much like electric toothbrushes and shavers, so you can recharge them every now and then and have a steadily-functioning flossing device by your side whenever you need it. On the other hand, some manufacturers produce models which work with a shower in your bathroom. These flossers don't run on batteries, but use the pressure of the water in the pipes to run the little mechanisms and propel the streams of water towards your teeth. Both these approaches have their pros and cons.

The electric ones are portable, as they come with batteries, so they may be convenient for traveling, while the shower attachment ones are best used at home, and don't use any electricity/batteries. Both can be effective in their own way, so it's up to you to choose the best one for your lifestyle and needs. Another aspect worth taking into consideration would be the number of modes your respective device contains! For example, if you plan for your entire family to use your irrigation device (hopefully with each member having their own attachment), different degrees of sprinkling intensity such as that for gentle cleaning, standard or every day, and then one for thorough cleaning would be good.

In conclusion, from hair dryers to electric toothbrushes, we all have collections of devices for grooming and hygiene. Why not add a flosser to your collection, and feel the benefits of fully irrigated teeth?
You can find one of these utensils (water flossers) at an affordable price, especially if you don't mind buying a product from a lesser-known manufacturer. If you look to spend something between $30 and $100, you can pick up an effective, good value piece of kit.

Other than brand, the number of modes, the size of the water tank and the battery life and the recharge rate are all factors that affect the overall price of a water flosser. It goes without saying, of course, that dishing out a couple of extra bucks now may result in glorious dental hygiene gains in the future!

We would advise you to avoid any particularly cheap water flosser because cheaper versions than those we’ve featured all suffered from unreliable operation and flimsy build quality. It’s better value to spend a little more for something that does a better job and lasts many times longer.
Water flossers are quite complex contraptions. Therefore, getting the right model can be a challenge, and we've made this list to help you out with your choice.

Features to look out for:
  • LED Battery Indicator
  • Water Tank Capacity
  • Storage Case
  • Orthodontic Tips
  • Classic Jet Tips
  • 360 degree Tip Rotation
  • Dishwasher-Safe Tank
  • Charging Stand
  • Pressure Settings
  • Pulses per Minute
  • Auto Shut-Off
A model with an automatic shut-off feature can be a great asset to all the people who tend to forget to unplug their devices or turn off their stove! Remember, while the battery life of a water flosser may be long, it's not infinite!
Construction and Design
Construction-wise, water flossers come in all shapes and sizes. The important thing is that they have some sort of water tank, a battery, and a single or multiple attachments for different kinds of cleaning. Of course, there are also models which are built to be fitted on a shower. These don't need any sort of battery or water tank, as they are powered by the pressurized water from your pipes. Both versions can do a great job of cleaning your teeth, but if you're planning to take yours with you on your travels, we recommend getting yourself an electric model, since it's much more convenient.
Performance and Ease of Use
If their construction makes them look weird, and their pricing isn't exactly their strongest point, the performance of water flossers surely takes the cake as their number one strong point! Since even the most basic models tend to feature multiple modes of cleaning, and the technology behind them provides a simple and gentle sensation to your mouth in the process, it's safe to say that whatever model you decide to go for, you won't have any problems with painful gums or damage to your teeth. About the worst thing that can happen to you while using a water flosser is for the water stream to be too ticklish, which is a cheeky and lovely problem to have!

Get the Best Water Flosser of 2022!

A water flosser cleans your teeth thoroughly, takes care of your gums and also feels good once you get used to it! Surprise your parents! Prank your children for Christmas! Get them a water flosser and see them rejoice and giggle with happiness! (Okay, maybe not, but it's a useful device, so get it for your health and stuff)

Our Top Choice
Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser
Best Value
Panasonic Cordless Water Dental Flosser
H2ofloss® hf-3 Premium
ToiletTree Products Poseidon Set
Oral Breeze ShowerBreeze