Best Water Gun Reviews 2023

Nothing offers families a bonding and engaging time than water warfare. However, if you go with an old school water gun with low water carrying capacity and stiff pistons, you might not enjoy the full thrill of the warfare. Modern designs of water guns provide better efficiency, longer shooting ranges, and better water carrying capacity. We understand how water gun aisles are filled with numerous options and you’ll probably be spoilt for choices. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review five of the best water gun brands to make your work easier.
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Materialriters – these are ideas for specs based upon preliminary information. Ultimately you are the ones with the MOST information. If you find something more important, or discover that one of the spec ideas simply doesn’t work – use your best judgment. You can always send an email to ask if you are not sure.
Our Top Choice
Stream Machine Water Launcher
No matter where you decide to spend your summertime this season, Stream Machine is here to provide fun and interactive classics for the whole family.
Ability to shoot up to 70 feet away. Rapid reload capabilities
A bit large for younger kids
Single barrel launcher
2 x 2 x 27 " / 10.4 ounces
Not available
Up to 70 feet
High quality polymers
Best Value
Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire
Nerf is not only known for its quality toy products but also as a leader in the sectors of environmental sustainability, product safety, philanthropy and ethical sourcing.
23-ounce capacity. Ability to add ice cubes. Powerful pump handle
Ice cubes make the handle cold
Opening for adding ice cubes
2.9 x 12.5 x 9 " /12 ounces
23 ounces
Up to 38 feet
Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun
Prextex does not just sell toys; they make the process of receiving their products a joyful experience for all their customers.
3 tank storage compartments. Appealing fireman design
Storage tank leaks after some time
Fireman design
5 x 4 x 5 " /4 ounces
Not available
Up to 30 feet
HIG Soaker Squirt Water Gun
HIG Air offers products for different areas of the home including the kitchen, patio, lawn and garden, and outdoor recreation.
Made from eco-friendly ABS plastic. Lightweight design makes it ideal for children
Water may leak when tilted downwards
6.7 x 4.7 x 1.2 " /2.9 ounces
Not available
Up to 33 feet
ABS plastic
Airhead Aqua Zooka Water Gun
Airhead is a household name when it comes to quality watersports products and accessories.
Made of high-impact thermoplastics. Easy to operate and fill
Poor water-holding capacity
Aqua Zooka 
12 x 5 x 10 " /7 ounces
Not available
Up to 60 feet
High-impact thermoplastics

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What is the Best Water Gun?

Water guns promote outdoor fun and encourage your kid to run around, keep fit, and enjoy natural fresh air as opposed to remaining indoors, hunched on their PlayStation screens all summer. Having gone through our consideration factors, you should be ready to dive into our individual reviews and pick a decent water gun to spice up your outdoor experience.
Our Top Choice
The Stream Machine Water Launcher comes with great range and firing power that gives it the ability to shoot a stream of up to 70 feet, making it the ultimate shooter. Looking for a gun with double barrel instead? We recommend the Stream Machine DB-1200 Double Barrel Water Gun.

Stream Machine TL-750 Water Sports Launcher, Available in 3 Sizes in Varying Colors

Stream Machine offers everything needed for an excellent day in the sun. This online store has a variety of pool and outdoor products including water guns, inner tubes, water launchers, and water balloon launchers. You can also get additional pool and beach accessories to add some flavor to your old-time favorites such as volleyballs, baseballs, basketballs, and footballs.

Measuring 22 inches and with the ability to expand up to 36 inches, the Stream Machine Water Launcher is an excellent water accessory for water soaking fun in the pool, boat, beach, and backyard. This water rifle has a 17-inch barrel and comes in various colors, making it a perfect gun for older kids and adults. What is most impressive about this water gun is its range and firing power. Its ability to fire a wide stream of up to 70-feet gives it more power than any of the pressurized-air guns in its category.

The Stream Machine water pistol is the easiest to reload. Unlike other guns that require fiddling with lids and hard-to-reach tanks, you only need to submerge the barrel in water, and then pull the handle to reload. The quick reload time of 2-3 seconds makes sure that your enemy does not escape dry.
Best Value
The Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire comes with a large 23-ounce water capacity tank and a large opening through which you can add some ice cubes and treat your enemies to a super-chilled soak. Want to have more fun by blasting up to 5 streams of water? Get the Nerf Super Soaker Scatterstrike today!

Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Water Gun, with Blaster

Nerf is a recognized leader in the toys industry. Their products range from play vehicles, toy foam blasters and guns, and water guns, soakers and blasters.

Beat the heat this summer with freezing blasts from Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire. This powerful soaker boasts up to 23 ounces of fluid capacity and has the ability to shoot up to 38 feet away. The substantial water capacity means you will have great advantage over your opponents as you will be able to shoot more with each load. The best part is that this gun has a large opening through which you can add some ice cubes and freeze your enemies away. Coming complete with a blaster and perfect for ages 6 and above, this super soaker is a sure way to soak your friends and foes in icy water!
The Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun comes with 3 tank storage compartments; you just need to fill it once and enjoy numerous shots before refilling the tank again. Looking for a simple pocket-friendly set? Check out the Prextex 4 Pack Water Shooter Fun Summer Toy.

Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun with Fire Hat

Prextex is your one stop shop when it comes to toys, games, and gifts. Unlike the big overseas multinational corporations, this online store does not just sell toys but offers personalized service to their customers. While giving your loved ones gifts is always a joyful event, the actual process of getting the product is sometimes not so pleasant. Prextex has, however, changed that by making sure that you have a joyful experience every time you come to their store.

Excellent for ages 5- 7 years, the Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun is a bit different from the other water rifles we have reviewed. This water gun comes as a set that includes one Fireman Backpack Water pistol and one plastic fire hat. With its triple tank storage compartment, you are able to store enough water to last you several shots. This is quite convenient as you will only fill the tank once and be able to enjoy firing several shots before filling it again. The Fireman Backpack gun is perfect for bath-time fun, pool fun, beach fun, or any other outdoor summer activity.

To be a winner in this game you need a gun that has excellent shooting capabilities. The Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun is powerful enough to fire at your foes from as far as 9 meters away, making sure that none of them escape without a soak.
Made from high quality, eco-friendly ABS plastic, the HIG Water Gun is not only safe for the environment but for you as well. This water gun is ideal for both kids and adults. Looking to save a few dollars by getting a different model? Check out the HIG Water Gun Super Soaker Blaster for Kids Squirt Games

HIG Water Rifle for Kids Soaker Squirt Games

HIG-Air is a reputable brand that has been producing top-quality water sport products for several years. Their water guns feature sturdy materials and high water holding capacity that let your kids shoot those long-range shots the whole day.

HIG water gun is made from high quality ABS plastic making it ideal for kids and adults alike. The strong shots it unleashes create a battlefield feel. Of course, it’s advisable to avoid direct shots to your opponent’s eyes given the high velocity at which it fires. You can easily trigger and fire with precision using a single hand.

Let your little one have the utmost in fun this summer with this powerful water gun. Here are some additional features:
  • Sturdy ABS plastic offers environmental protection
  • Powerful shots making it great for kids above 6 years, and even adults – mum and dad can join in the fun
  • Quick fire triggers create more fun with long shooting range
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee gives you the peace of mind in case you’re not happy with the product. A 6-months warranty also ensures a solid promise of quality
The Airhead Aqua Zooka Water Gun is made of high-impact thermoplastics to ensure that you have many seasons of fun-filled water-warfare. Want to enjoy the power that comes with a double-barrel water rifle? Go for the Kwik Tek Aqua Zooka Water Bazooka Double Shot

Airhead Aqua Zooka Quick Fill Water Gun, Available in 4 Siezs

Airhead Sports Group is known for high-quality watersports products and accessories over the last 26 years. Water guns, inflatable tow tubes, snow sleds, and floats are just a few examples of great products from this brand.

The quick filling, easy to use AQUA ZOOKA is a great water gun to soak your friends this summer. It’s made of high-impact thermoplastics that will last for several seasons to come. It’s simple to operate. Simply dip the AQUA ZOOKA into the water, pull back the handle to draw enough water, and begin to fire those long-range shots that run up to 60 feet. This water gun comes with a comfortable EVA handle for a firm grip even with wet hands on the battlefield. The EVA handle also ensures that the gun floats on water in case you drop it. The gun also doubles up as a household siphon or bilge pump. The good thing is that it comes in 4 different sizes to allow you choose according to your needs.

How Do I Choose the Best Water Gun?

As an adult, scorching summer heat will mostly drive you indoors with a fully powered AC system, running up the utility bills. When we were kids, we spent long hours in the summer engaging in water play. Summer felt great with water balloons, float tubes, and super soakers.

You can still make those hot summer months great and enjoyable for your little ones and the whole family by purchasing a dynamic hydration shooting gadget. Even adults enjoy these activities and can join in the fun. And that’s not all. You can now get models you can fill up with tequila when floating around the pool or at the beach. Wonderful!

Perhaps last year you were overwhelmed because you had a dinky water pistol that shot weak, short-range shots that never reached your opponents. You have a chance this year to upgrade your blaster to something a little more formidable.

There are tons of great water guns and super soakers with more oomph, but choosing the right model may not be a walk in the park. Consider the amount of water it can hold, how easy you can refill it, ease of triggering, and the shooting range. Some models fire very sharp high-velocity strings of water that can be harmful to the eyes. Consider wearing sports goggles to ensure that everyone is safe during the combat.

With these tips in mind, it’s time to go through some useful factors to consider when shopping for a water gun, and then you can dive into our top picks.
Some people will argue that the price of a water gun is not important. We believe that, just like every other item, the quality of a water gun determines its price. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to get a great water gun. With prices between $8 and $20, you should be able to score a great water gun, unless you choose to go for high-end super soakers that will definitely cost a few more bucks. There are some cheaper water gun options out there, but we would discourage you from these since they’re probably made from low-quality materials that may soon begin to leak and fire blanks.
All water guns are not made equal. Each model comes with unique features that make one product stand out from the rest. Here are the critical features to look out for when shopping for a water gun:
  • Water holding capacity – It’s good to know how much water a gun can hold before you choose to buy it. The quantity of water it holds determines how often you’ll have to refill your gun. Of, course you need something that won’t run out of water quickly and give your competitors an advantage.
  • The shooting range – How far your water gun can shoot is the shooting range. Consider a gun that boasts of a considerable shooting distance if you want to engage your friends more effectively. Anything that can crank 30 feet and above could be a great choice.
  • The weight – Depending on the person using the water gun, weight is an important consideration. If the gun is meant for the kids, ensure that they can comfortably carry the weight of a fully loaded gun. That way they’ll enjoy the fun without too much hassle and exhaustion.
  • Comfort – Consider guns that are comfortable to handle. The trigger should be easy to press and the gun itself should be firm on the grip. This will determine how long you engage in the shooting action without fatigue or discomfort on your hands.
Construction and Design
Today’s water guns flow from the original idea that was patented by the inventor of Super Soaker, Lonnie Johnson, in 1986. These soakers fall into three major categories:
  • Trigger Pump Guns – The first category of water guns incorporates a variation of pumps to pressurize the inner chambers. By squeezing the trigger, the gun releases a long flow of water that only stops when you release the trigger, or when the pressure is depleted. Fast pumping can, however, keep the gun soaking. These guns can really fire lots of water, but they require frequent refills so you have to stay closer to the reservoir.
  • Pump-action Soakers – These guns do not have triggers. They fire each time you activate a piston-driven pump the same way you’ll cock a pump-action short gun. These water guns are quite simple to operate but you’ll need to fill them to three-quarters or two-third levels for optimum performance. The only downside with pump action guns is that they only fire when the gun is in motion.
  • Plunger-style Soakers – These water guns can hold a large volume of water by simply sucking out of a reservoir; say a pool or a bucket. When the plunger rod is pulled back in, it releases a short-lived torrent. Some models can blast as much as 0.8 liters (28 ounces) to distances of up to 55 feet in just about 2 seconds.
Performance and Ease of Use
Water guns are fun accessories that are relatively easy to operate. To enjoy long hours of fun, whether for kids or adults, you need a water gun that is easy to refill, lightweight, and hassle-free to fire. Consider a versatile design that you can comfortably hold, aim, and fire.

The water holding capacity is a key aspect since it will determine how frequently you run back to the reservoir to reload your gun. But again, higher capacities will mean more weight. You should consider a delicate balance to determine the capacity that suits the user. If you’re buying for young kids, consider pistol water guns that are generally lightweight and come with a lower capacity that can work well indoors.

If you’re planning a fierce outdoor combat with your friends, you can consider powerful short guns or automatic rifles water guns for greater fun. Ultimately, it all boils down to preference.

Get the Best Water Gun of 2023!

Looking to take your drenching yard battles to a whole new height? Invest in a great water gun and enjoy a thrilling aquatic combat with your family this summer. With the myriad of options out in the market, choosing the right water gun may seem daunting. Luckily, we’ve done our homework right and brought you five of the best water guns to go with this season. We’re glad to have played a part in your quest for a great product for your water sport fun.

Our Top Choice
Stream Machine Water Launcher
Best Value
Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire
Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun
HIG Soaker Squirt Water Gun
Airhead Aqua Zooka Water Gun