Best Water Ski Rope Reviews — Water Sport Lines for Water Skiing, Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding and Tubing

Water skiing is an increasingly popular sport and, luckily for you, we have multiple reviews on water ski accessories that you can check to make sure you’re buying quality products. For example, we’ve reviewed water skis, water ski bindings, wakeboards, knee boards and now we’ll discuss water ski ropes (which can also be used for other water sports, as long as you get the right kind). The following 5 lines were picked from some of the best water ski rope brands out there — many of these are among Amazon’s best-selling water sports lines. If you don’t find one that suits your needs, we encourage you to take a look at the top new releases on Amazon.
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Good For
Our Top Choice
AIRHEAD Performance Radius Handle Ski Rope
Airhead a division of KWIK TEK, INC, makes multiple water sports accessories at reasonable prices.
Sturdy construction. Reputable manufacturer. Attractive design. Grip handle made from aluminum. Lightweight. Affordable, strong, durable and can be used for a wide variety of water sports.
Isolated complaints regarding quality of the handle.
Water skiing, kneeboarding
3 sections - 75, 60, or 45-Feet
13 inches, made from aluminum
3 pounds
Best Value
Kwik Tek Airhead Watersports Rope with Eva Handle
Kwik Tek specializes in water sports accessories and products. Most of their ropes are sold under their "AIRHEAD" brand.
Amazon Best Seller. Good value for money. Suitable for multiple water sports. Can take a lot of wear and tear. Durable and long-lasting, featuring a handle covered with EVA material.
Few complaints that some of the strands broke after a while.
Water skiing, wakeboarding
75 feet
12 inches, Eva aluminum
2 pounds
Proline Sectioned Waterski Ropes and Handles
Proline crafts high-quality sports-related products and accessories. The Classic Water Ski Line is lightweight, durable and suitable for many water sports.
Available in numerous designs and configurations. Sturdy handle. Eye-catching design. Best bang for your buck.
Isolated complaints that the handle doesn’t float.
Water skiing
75 feet
13 inches
2.7 pounds
Available in multiple colors
O'Brien 2-Section Combo Water Ski Rope
O'Brien is a renowned manufacturer of sports equipment. The Suregrip Combo Rope is suitable for both water skiing and wakeboarding.
Long rope. Sturdy design. Grip handle. Multipurpose line. High-quality 11-inch handle made from aluminum.
Not available in more color options.
Water skiing, kneeboarding
70 feet
11" SureGrip handle
3 pounds
Rave Elite Water Ski Rope
Rave specializes in water sports accessories and equipment. The Elite Water Ski Rope is designed to be durable, comfortable and easy to use.
Lightweight and attractive design. Long rope. Sturdy construction. UV-resistant. Grip handle padded with EVA foam.
Few complaints regarding the quality of the rope.
Water skiing
75 feet
12 inches, made from aluminum
3 pounds

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What is the Best Water Sports Rope for Water Skiing, Wakesurfing and Tubing?

There you go, getting a good-quality rope for water sports isn’t such a big deal and now you know most of the aspects that actually enter in the buying process. So let's take a look at some water ski ropes and explore their pros and cons.

On a side note, because of the popularity of water sports, often times brands sell out of their top items in the summer (so you may want to shop early). Additionally, there are other other reputable brands that make quality lines and ropes. As such, we wanted to provide you with a few other options, just in case.

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Our Top Choice
The AHSR-3 water ski line from Airhead features a heavy-duty, UV-treated mainline that can resist a lot of wear and tear. This water sport accessory also comes with an aluminum handle. If you are in the market for a rope to pull rafting tubes, Airhead carries tow ropes for tubes strong enough for towing up to 6 people at a time!

AIRHEAD AHSR-3, 3-Section Water Ski Rope with Radius Handle, EVA Grip, UV-Resistant, Aluminum Hadle

A division of KWIK TEK, INC, Airhead is renowned for making high-quality water sports accessories and products such as water ski lines, anchors, inflatable rafts and more. If you adore water sports, it is a good idea to take a look at this brand's products to get inspired and see how you can make your favorite sports more exciting. If you are looking for an inflatable pump, Airhead has that too!

This company has so many great water sport ropes, that they actually take two spots on our top 5 list. Here are the highlights of the AHSR-3 water ski line.
  • 13-inch aluminum handle
  • 3 sections at 45, 60, 75 feet which is convenient for practicing various water sports
  • UV-resistant rope featuring 16 strands
  • Includes finger guards

Wakeboard athletes testing out Airhead wakeboard ropes and other items. | Courtesy of Airhead
Best Value
The AHSR-9 Watersports Rope is 75 feet long and it is ideal for wakeboarding and water skiing. It also features an aluminum handle that is covered with high-density EVA for enhanced grip. For even more savings, you can purchase this rope in a 3 pack bundle

Kwik Tek Airhead AHSR-9 Watersports 75 Foot One Section Rope for Water Ski, Wakeboard and Knee Boarding

Kwik Tek is a brand that manufactures a plethora of accessories related to waterskiing, wakeboarding and similar water sports. For example, several of the water ski lines Kwik Tek makes are Amazon Best Sellers already. This company also produces high-quality electric pumps for inflating kayaks as well as safety vests.

We were particularly attracted by the AHSR-9 water ski rope,sold under Kwik Tek's AIRHEAD brand. Here are its features and why we think it deserves to be our Top Choice.
  • 75 feet long featuring 16 strands
  • Excellent for water skiing and wakeboarding, wake-skating and knee boarding
  • Aluminum handle
  • Comes with rope keeper

How to attach your tube rope to Airhead Nylon Kwik Connect. | Courtesy of Airhead

The Classic Water Ski Rope from Proline is made from high-quality materials and it can last for years of continuous usage. This rope is also available in multiple designs and configurations. If you prefer a 70-feet long rope, then we recommend the Proline 70-Feet Mainline with EVA handle.

CWB Proline Waterski Rope with Floating Handle - 16/64 Strand Construction, Available in Multiple Designs and Section Options

Proline is a versatile brand that produces a wide range of accessories and useful products for people who love sports. For example, you can buy billiard tables from this brand as well as football helmets and, of course, ropes for practicing water ski and wakeboarding.

Here are the main features of the Classic Water Ski Line from Proline.
  • Available in multiple designs and configurations
  • 13-inch round handle
  • 16/64 strand construction made from polyethylene
  • Floating handle
The Suregrip Combo Ski/Board Rope from O'Brien features 16 strands and it is made from high-quality materials. This rope also comes with a detachable bridle. We think you may also like the O'Brien 75' 8-Section Slalom Waterski Rope with a 12" aluminum-core rubber handle. At the time of this writing, it’s the #1 new release in water skiing on Amazon.

O'Brien "2-Section" Suregrip Combo Ski/Board Rope, 70-Feet Long, 11-Inch Handle, Floats in Water

We are happy to report that O'Brien is one of those brands that focuses only on certain products and strives to do them well. For example, you can buy various sports accessories from O'Brien such as life vests, skis, inflatable tubes ski gloves as well as water ski lines.

Let's explore the highlights of the Suregrip Combo Ski Line, which is one of the most practical ski ropes on the market today.
  • 11" aluminum handle
  • Made from polypropylene, featuring 16 strands
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The rope floats on water
The 1-Section Elite Ski Rope from Rave is protected against damaging UV rays and it comes in an attractive color option. If you prefer a rope that has 4 sections and is more suitable for practicing other water sports, then we recommend the RAVE 4-Section Pro Ski Rope.

Rave Sports 1-Section Elite Ski Rope with 12-Inch Aluminum Handle, UV-Resistant Mainline, 75 Feet Long

Rave has numerous best selling products on Amazon such as water trampolines, water slides, stand up paddle boards and more. This brand specializes in water sport accessories, and its water ski lines are some of the most versatile and practical currently on the market.

Let's take a look at the Elite Water Ski Rope and find out its strong points.
  • 75 feet long
  • UV-resistant rope with 16 strands
  • 12-inch aluminum handle
  • The handle is covered with EVA foam for enhanced grip

Best Water Ski Rope Buying Guide: How to Choose a Tow Rope for Water Skiing and Water Sports

You already know that practicing different types of sports or physical activities is good for your health; we don’t have to say it again. However, are you actually aware of the broad diversity of sports you can choose to practice? For example, during winter times, most people go skiing or snowboarding, but you can also try bob sleighing, hockey or ice skating.

In a similar fashion, if you go to a place near the water, you have the possibility to practice different types of water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and more. These sports are hugely exciting, you'll look good on camera and the equipment you need is minimal. As a word of advice though, we strongly recommend you choose a high-quality water ski rope, also called a line, whether you have a kneeboard, a wakeboard or just a beautiful pair of water skis.

The water ski rope is important because it helps keep you safe and stable during your journey and it allows you to perform different types of spectacular tricks. We’re going to help you pick the right rope for the water sport you’re practicing and then you won’t have any excuse for not playing sports anymore!

Video: Waterskiing Wakeboarding Rope Tricks: No Knots & Shorten Your Line

How to properly coil a waterski or wakeboard rope so it doesn't tangle or knot. | Courtesy of O'Brien Watersports
A water ski rope is an important accessory, one which shouldn’t be overlooked the next time you pack your bags to leave on vacation. When it comes to the price, you might be happy to find out that these items cost between 20 and 35 dollars for a high-quality rope. Of course, you can also find plenty of cheap water ski lines, but you shouldn’t go for them for obvious reasons. We mean, you wouldn’t want the rope to be torn after just a couple of uses because it’s made of poor quality materials, would you? Stay on the safe side and go for a well-made rope, just like the ones we’re reviewing in this article.

Also, you’ll find out that there’s not a big price difference between a rope for water skiing or one for wakeboarding or kneeboarding. These items revolve around a similar price bracket. However, as you’ll soon find out, these ropes are slightly different, although at first sight they all look very alike.
There are a few things you should look for when you buy a water ski line, to make sure that your rope will suit your needs now and in the long run. Here are a couple of aspects you don’t want to overlook.
  • Type of rope - some lines are made for water ski, others for wakeboarding, others for kneeboarding and others still for tubing
  • Length - the length of the rope is also important because if it’s too long or too short, your experience can be ruined
  • Material - some ropes are made from materials which allow some elasticity; others are made from Spectra material which is not elastic at all, but offers great durability
  • Handle - the handle is usually made from aluminum, but you also have to pay attention to its size and special features
If it appears complicated, don’t worry, it isn’t actually! You’ll soon find out that buying a water ski line isn’t a difficult process, even if this is the first time when you are doing it. Now let's move forward to construction and design and see what these ropes are made of!
Construction and Design
First of all, water ski lines are made to be tough because they have to withstand the force of the water which tries to keep you still as well as your weight. Additionally, if the boat pulling you is particularly quick, the rope will have to withstand even greater forces. Luckily, most traditional lines which can be used for water skiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding or other types of water sports are made from a highly durable material called Spectra. Although this material isn’t elastic, it can safely take a lot of wear and tear and as long as you maintain a firm grip on the handle, you'll be fine on water!

Other ropes are made from different types of materials which feature a bit of elasticity; they’re usually made from polyethylene and other materials. These ropes are more suitable for people who engage in water skiing or wakeboarding for recreational purposes.

Of course, there’s also the design factor involved. Today's water ski ropes are available in different types of colors and lengths. Speaking of lengths, water ski ropes should be 70-75 feet long while wakeboard ones can be 60-70 feet long. If you want to practice tubing, which is another exciting water sport, you should go for a rope which is 50-65 feet long.

Lastly, you also have to take into account the size of the handle. For example, the handles of wakeboarding ropes are between 13 and 15 inches wide while the handle of a water ski line is usually 11-12 inches wide. This happens because the handle of a wakeboarding rope allows you to perform different types of eye-catching tricks and maneuvers and you'll eventually need a wider handle for safety.
Performance and Ease of Use
What should you expect from a water ski line in the long run? Well, if you go for one of the 5 we have in our list, you'll be able to use it for years as these ropes are really tough. They don’t really require maintenance, but it’s important to keep the rope tidily rolled up to prevent any knots from forming, as those can be pretty nasty to unravel when all you want is to have fun! When you're done with the rope, just fold it neatly in your bag and you're good to go!

Get the Best Water Ski Rope of 2023!

What are you waiting for? Now that you’re aware of all the best water ski ropes out there, grab your favorite one today and buy tickets for your favorite exotic destination where you can practice water skiing all day long! Remember to take your camera with you as well and record the entire adventure!

Our Top Choice
AIRHEAD Performance Radius Handle Ski Rope
Best Value
Kwik Tek Airhead Watersports Rope with Eva Handle
Proline Sectioned Waterski Ropes and Handles
O'Brien 2-Section Combo Water Ski Rope
Rave Elite Water Ski Rope

Water Ski Rope FAQs

How long should a water ski rope be?
The first thing you should know about water ski ropes is that they have a stretchability allowance even under normal conditions. This tends to be in the range of between 2 to 3 percent. These ropes are a standard 70 feet without the handle included and a longer 75 feet once it is considered.
How many pounds do you use to test a water ski rope?
A certain maximum weight is used to test the tensile ruggedness of a rope to discover how it elongates and what amount of force will result in breakage. Normally, we use a load of 250 pounds to determine its stretch-behavior. A 5-foot rope has a minimum load of 1800 pounds that can cause breakage.
How to attach water ski rope to a boat
To attach a water ski rope to a boat, you need a strong grip. Depending on which hand is more dominant, ensure it is on the water ski rope just before the towrope grip-handle. Make a second loop by pushing both of your hands in tandem. Finally, use the created loop to encircle the towing post connected to the water vessel.