Best Water Skis Reviews 2023

Water skiing is a great spring, summer, and fall water sport that you can do anywhere in the world. A great pair of water skis can last you many seasons of fun playing in ponds, lakes, and oceans. Water skis come in all shapes and sizes, with different materials and designs for each individual rider and style. That’s why we’ve chosen five of the best brands that each feature a wide variety of water skis. Just in case you don’t find the perfect pair here, you can trust that any of these companies have high-quality alternatives available!
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Our Top Choice
Rave Pure Adult Combo Water Skis
Rave Sports is a trusted name in watersports, and the Pure Combo Adult Water Skis are great for all skill levels!
Versatile. Stable. Durable.
Slightly heavy, only for adult riders.
Adjustable, Slide.
125+ lbs.
Beginner to Intermediate
Best Value
O’Brien Vortex Water Skis
O’Brien is one of the world’s largest watersports equipment manufacturers, and the Vortex Water Skis are designed for power and control.
Designed for deep water starts. Low speed skimming. Wide design for stability.
Wide construction can be heavy for smaller riders.
115+ lbs
Beginner to Intermediate
Connelly Big Daddy Water Skis
Connelly skis is known worldwide for high quality materials and construction, and the Big Daddy is designed for heavier adult riders.
Extra wide for stability and comfort. Tracking system for carving.
Wide design takes some getting used to.
Lace/Velcro Adjustable
150+ lbs
Beginner to Advanced
Body Glove CRS Signature Series Waterskis
Body Glove is famous for watersports equipment, and the CRS Signature Series Waterskis are top-of-the-line in features and quality.
Classic design. Lightweight. Agile.
A little long for shorter riders.
Adjustable, Slide.
125+ lbs.
Intermediate to Advanced
Hydroslide Wide Track Jr Waterskis
Hydroslide is focused on getting more people on the water, and the Wide Track Jr. skis are perfect for the budding water skier!
Great for beginners. Durable. Training bar. Adjustable.
Plastic design may be slightly heavier than more expensive materials.
Adjustable, Rubber, Slide

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What is the Best Water Skis?

Purchasing a high-quality water ski for your water sports isn’t that complex, and now you know the aspects to consider when you hit the market. It’s now time to look at our chosen water skis and explore their benefits and demerits.
Our Top Choice
The Rave Sports Pure Combo Adult Water Skis are a great fit for nearly any adult! If you’re also on the market for some water skis for your kid too, check out the Rave Jr. Shredder Water Ski Combos.

Rave Rave Pure Adult Water Ski Combos

For over two decades, Rave Sports has been a trusted distributor of watersports equipment and accessories. Their water skis are known worldwide for a combination of high performance and affordability. They have a wide selection of quality water skis from beginner to professional! The Pure Combo Adult Water Skis are a great choice for casual and recreational skiers that are looking for versatility, durability, and quality.

The profile of the Rave Pure Combo Skis has a square nose and tapered fin for stability. With RIM-molded PU, a plastic laminate, and strong fiberglass rods, these 170cm skis are designed for riders over 125 lbs. The dense slide binding is adjustable, and is designed for ankle support with a soft inside and firm outside. Soft Step cushioned inserts for comfort help absorb impact and vibration.
Best Value
The O’Brien Vortex water skis are wide-bodied and ready for action. Alternatively, if you want a more advanced water ski, check out the O'Brien World Team Slalom Water Ski 2014.

O’Brien Vortex Combo Water Skis with 700 Bindings – Available in 2 Colors

O’Brien Watersports has been a leader in watersports for over 50 years! They create a wide range of watersport equipment and accessories, and are used all around the world by beginners and professionals alike. O’Brien has an extensive selection of available water skis, and the Vortex is a wide-bodied ski for power and maneuverability.

These 166cm water skis are full-length, adult-sized water skis designed for deep water starts and huge carving potential. The wide design allows for easier skimming at lower speeds due to reduced drag. Durable construction and a plastic fin keep the water ski tough, but tactical for years of use. The adjustable 700 bindings are made for men’s shoe sizes 4.5-13, and one ski features a toe piece. The O’Brien Vortex water skis are available in both blue and red.
The Connelly Big Daddy Slalom Waterskis are one of the best-selling ski sets for heavier riders. If you’re not in the need for water skis with quite as high of a weight rating, then try the Supersport Combo Waterskis instead.

Connelly 2016 Big Daddy Slalom Waterski – Available with or without Bindings

Connelly Skis is a world-famous water skiing company that makes skis, suits, and accessories, as well as other watersports equipment. Especially known for their high quality materials and construction, the name Connelly is recognized worldwide for performance and service. The Connelly Big Daddy Water Skis are designed for heavier users with an extra wide, stable shape.

With 550 square inches of surface area, the Big Daddy is designed for riders over 220 lbs. The extra wide tip and tail keep you upright during deep water starts, and the Connelly Tracking System combines with the narrow underfoot design to flex and provide smooth, stable performance at any speed. It features an aluminum drop-through fin, Connelly Advanced Profile Technology, closed-cell polyurethane resin core, fiberglass wrap and high gloss PBT top. Available with a front adjustable binding, with or without Velcro, or the Connelly Nova binding.
Body Glove’s CRS Signature Series has everything you love about their full-featured adult skis. If you’re just starting out in the water skiing world and need to start with something a little less daunting than a 67-inch water ski, try out the Body Glove Water Ski Trainer at a modest 46 inches.

Body Glove Signature CRS Waterskis Combo in Blue/Black Design

Over 50 years ago, Body Glove was founded by two brothers in Boonville, Missouri, and created one of the first practical wetsuits that the world had ever seen. Today, Body Glove has expanded in designing and manufacturing surfing, diving, and watersports equipment, but they remain a family owned and operated company with an emphasis on service. The Body Glove CRS Signature Series Waterskis are one of their extensive line of water skis, and they’re especially great for beginners!

The CRS Signature Series are 170cm long, and full-sized for adults over 125 lbs. The classic tapered design narrows near the tail, but offers a wide base and nose for stability and deep water starts. It includes a slalom toe, and the Double Density SOFT STEP slide adjustable bindings absorb impact for a comfortable ride.
The wide body and trainer bar make this a stable, sturdy set of skis. If you prefer a sleeker ski, you might want to opt for the Hydroslide Victory Junior Combo Water Skis which come with universal fit slide bindings.

Hydroslide Junior Wide Track Intermediate Water Skis Combo Pair in Black/Blue Design

Hydroslide is an industry leader in watersports equipment that makes water skis, top tubes, wakeboards, kneeboards, and accessories. With decades of experience in watersports, they have a comprehensive product line of water skis and accessories suitable for nearly anyone! The Hydroslide Wide Track Jr. Waterskis are a great set of water skis for the young rider!

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Wide Track Junior Waterskis is that they can be used with an inner trainer bar to keep skis parallel while learning. The tunnel concave bottom with a plastic, drop-through fin makes this design durable and affordable with intermediate performance and an easy learning curve. The slide adjustable bindings and wide design increase stability and comfort and even help with deep water starts. At 138cm, it’s designed for riders in between 80-120 lbs.

How Do I Choose the Best Water Skis?

We all know sports are good for our health. Apart from the health benefits, you also need to have fun. No other sport will help you be healthy and have lots of fun like water skiing. You all know how skiing on the lake, ocean, or river is thrilling. For you to truly enjoy the thrill of skiing, you need to invest in some equipment. Bindings and tow rope will help you balance. But, if you’re used to using wakeboards, using water skis will be much easier and more fun for you. Whether it’s your first time buying water skis or you’re looking to replace your old ones, there are various factors to consider. We’ve looked at these factors to help you have great fun on the water.
Water skis vary in price, from around $120 to $300. The size of the ski greatly affects the price. For instance, you’ll pay more for skis that are wider and measure more than 150cm than you will for narrower and smaller-sized models. However, there are cheaper water skis on the market, but they are usually made from substandard materials with less attention to hydrodynamics and your comfort. Be on the safe side. Avoid the cheaper water skis and consider the ones where lots of attention is given to hydrodynamics and comfort like the ones reviewed in this article.
Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the rider weight limit. Check your weight first before going to the market to determine whether the water ski you’re about to purchase will support it.

Here are other important features to look for in water skis:
  • Does it come with bindings?
  • How is it designed (classic/narrow/wide)?
  • What is its size?
  • Who is it created for (beginner/amateur/pro/juniors)?
Let’s explore these features in detail.
Construction and Design
The size of the water ski is mostly dependent on the rider weight limits. Go for skis that correspond to your weight. You don’t want to make a mistake of buying skis that are too small or too large for you; skiing will be much harder and less fun. It is important to note that the heavier and taller you are, the longer the ski should be for your stability and support. The design of the ski is also dependent on the size. Choose the design that corresponds to your size and weight.

If you’re looking to save money, check whether the bindings are included. If they are not included, ensure the ones you purchase fit well for comfort. Going for the ones that are adjustable is advised as it will help you secure a comfortable fit.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most skis are easy to use. However, it is important to check who can use a specific water ski. Depending on your experience, choose the one that best suits you. For maintenance purposes, ensure that your skis are dry before storing them. You can also clean them with clean water, soap, and a cloth after using them.

Get the Best Water Skis of 2023!

Hopefully you’ve found a wonderful set of water skis for your water sports! Of course, each of the brands featured has a wide selection of alternatives if you’re interested in other options. With your newfound knowledge of waterskiing technology and innovations, you can make a decision with confidence and get out on the water!

Our Top Choice
Rave Pure Adult Combo Water Skis
Best Value
O’Brien Vortex Water Skis
Connelly Big Daddy Water Skis
Body Glove CRS Signature Series Waterskis
Hydroslide Wide Track Jr Waterskis