Best Water Slide Reviews 2023

A water slide is a great acquisition for summer when kids get bored easily and want to do something fun outside. Even if it’s very hot, parents won’t have to worry about heat stroke because the water slide will cool them down while keeping them safe and entertained. An inflatable water slide is an especially convenient option because it is easy to store in the cold months. We have picked five great products from some of the best water slide brands out there. Take a look and see if one tickles your fancy. "What is the Best":: Now that you know what to look out for in a water slide, let’s take a closer look at the features of the selected products in this review. As you read through, see how the salient qualities of the different products relate to your needs. This will make your search for the right slide much simpler.
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Our Top Choice
Bounceland Cascade Water Slide
Bounceland creates many types of water houses to bring joy and excitement to your kids. Its products are great for sunny summer days and are a nice idea for kids’ parties.
It takes less than a minute to inflate. Moreover, it comes with a long filling tube, so you can place its blower a little further away.
Harder for the older kids to slide down.
55 pounds
Cascade water slide
3 – 9 years
Up to 3 kids, 1 on slide at time
197 x 197 x 84 inches
Best Value
Intex Rainbow Ring Water Slide
Intex is part of a family of companies with more than 40 years of history. Its goal is to become the most innovative, trusted and recognized company in the recreation industry.
It has a capacity of 77 gallons of water as well as the water slide which provides fun for children. It also comes with some other toys for them.
One complaint that it was a little hard to assemble.
14.6 pounds
Play center
3 – 7 years
Up to 3 kids, 1 on slide at time
117 X 76 X 53 inches
Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park and Slide
Blast Zone has been selling qualitative, safe, durable and fun inflatables and toys worldwide since 1995. Because it cares for customers, Blast Zone offers great warranties.
It’s really spacious, serving up to 6 kids at once without feeling cramped. It also has a built-in flow restriction in order not to spill all the water outside the pool.
One complaint that it takes a long time for it to dry.
95 pounds
Water park
3 – 12 years
Up to 6 kids at a time
168 x 264 x 96 inches
KidWise Double Water Slide
KidWise produces outdoor products bringing fun to kids all around the world. A focus on quality and safety means kids and parents can enjoy their products at the same time.
It has a long filling tube so there’s no need to place the blower close to it. The material is very resistant which makes it a durable product.
One complaint is that it’s not very tall.
60 pounds
Double water slide
3 – 9 years
Up to 2 kids at a time
240 x 84 x 102 inches
Little Tikes Wet & Dry Water Slide
Little Tikes has been putting smiles on kids’ faces since 1970. This company manufactures products which are renowned for their durability and safety.
The 10 foot slipping mat attached to the slide provides maximum fun and it can be used with or without water.
One complaint that the slide should be longer.
9.5 pounds
Slide with slip mat
2 – 8 years
1 kid at a time
24 x 156 x 28 inches

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What is the Best Water Slide?

In order to decide what type of water slide to buy, you have to take into consideration that they come in many shapes and sizes and some of them have extra features. You need to know if you will have many kids coming to play because then you will need a big water slide. You have to think about what your kid likes in order to choose an appropriate shape or color. Moreover, some water slides have water sprayers, more slides or even come with balls or other toys.
Our Top Choice
The Bounceland Water Slide with Pool is a great summer party idea. It is very resistant to wear and tear and comes with a 60 days warranty. If you have a big party to host, choose this Dual Water Slides and Pool which has 2 slides and many kids can slide down at the same time. It is easy to set up and take down and comes with a UL blower and a long filling tube so you can place the blower wherever you wish in your yard.

Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide - Incorporated Pool, Made from Heavy-Duty Puncture Proof Materials 

Bounceland brings excitement and big smiles on kids’ faces through its colorful and affordable inflatable bounce houses. They’re a great idea for outdoor activities and parties, offering adventure, thrill and amazement at the same time. There are several Bounceland houses on Amazon in different shapes, such as mega castles, royal palaces, islands, slides and so on.

This Bounceland Water Slide with Pool is a great idea for the summer! When it’s really hot outside and all you think about is going to the pool, all you need is this water slide to have fun and cool down a little. Your kids will be thrilled because they’ll enjoy their summer vacation to the maximum right in their back yard. The slide also comes with a big bag so you can move the fun wherever you want.

Check out its characteristics:
  • Material resistant to puncture with 2 to 4 stitches
  • UL bowler and a long filling tube included
  • Inflates very fast (less than 1 minute)
  • 60 days limited warranty for the water house and 1 year limited warranty for the bowler
  • Age 3 recommended and can hold up to 100 lbs.
Best Value
The Intex Rainbow Play Center is a best seller and brings fun to people’s yards, coming with many exciting toys for children. If you have a little girl who dreams about being a princess or a mermaid, the Intex Mermaid Play Center can make her dream come true. This slide comes directly into the wading pool and there is also a water sprayer which is great for cooling down when it’s really hot.

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center – 77 Gallons Water Capacity, For Ages 2+

Intex is part of an entire range of companies spread worldwide with more than 40 years of history. The Intex Recreation Corp produces air beds, pools, spas, furniture, toys, boats and much more. It strives to deliver products characterized by high quality, comfort, fun, safety and affordable prices. Their goal is to become the most trusted, renowned and innovative company in their industry.

Kids get bored easily, especially at a party where they have nothing to play with. The Intex Rainbow Play Center, an Intex best seller on Amazon, is a great idea for a summer party in the back yard and children will be thrilled to have such an amazing playground. It includes a water slide which separates two pools, one with higher walls than the other and has a water sprayer. Moreover, the 4 inflatable rings and 6 plastic balls it comes with make exciting toys kids can play with.

Check outs its features:
  • Contains a water slide and a wading pool
  • It has 77 gallons water capacity
  • Comes with a water sprayer which cools down the kids when it’s hot
  • 4 inflatable rings and 6 plastic balls are included
The Blast Zone Water Park is a great addition for your back yard. It has a 1 year warranty for the inflatables and blower and a 2-year promise for the entire kit. If you think your kid would prefer a monster water slide, check out the Blast Zone Water Slide. It has enough space for 2 kids to play at once. A blower is included and it will take just a few minutes for it to inflate.

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides – Inflates in Less Than 2 Minutes

Blast Zone is a company dedicated to its customers; that is why it produces only qualitative, safe, durable and fun to use products. It’s produced inflatables and toys which are sold globally since 1995. Because of the care for its customers, Blast Zone offers a 1 year warranty and 2 year promise for home use inflatables and a 2 year warranty and 5 year promise for inflatables purchased for commercial use. Water house is also a great supplier on Amazon and there you can find inflatables, water parks and bounce houses, all with high ratings and some being best sellers.

The Blast Zone Crocodile Water Park is very popular and brings the jungle spirit in your own back yard. The crocodile theme is adored by kids and the quality and safety of this product is adored by their parents. It contains a dual slide and kids have to climb a wall in order to be able to slide down. Both of the slides have water sprayers above them, so kids can enjoy cooling down when the weather is really hot.

Let’s see more of its features:
  • It inflates in just a few minutes
  • UL blower is included
  • Up to 5 kids can play at once
  • Built-in flow restriction
The KidWise Double Water Slide is a great choice for your kids. This multicolored water slide brings fun, quality and durability to the same place and makes summer vacations amazing. If you are looking for a smaller but equally entertaining inflatable slide, take a look at the KidWise Splash Landing Waterslide which has a big slide on one side, a pool and a climbing wall in order to get to the slide. Moreover, it has 2 water sprayers at the top to cool kids down a little when it is really hot outside.

KidWise Double Water Slide – Inflates in Less Than a Minute, Made from Heavy-Duty Puncture Proof Materials 

KidWise Outdoor Products has a line of premier bounce houses, play sets, trampolines and many other products meant to be used outdoors. On Amazon, KidWise has almost 350 products available and they are very varied: from swings, water slides, spinning wheels to even wine testers and dinner sets.

The KidWise Double Water Slide comes with a full package including storage bag, stakes, patch kit and blower. It has two parallel slides and can support 2 kids and a maximum weight of 200 lbs. This multicolored water slide is a great idea for the garden, bringing lots of fun for kids, and it’s ideal for those sunny days outside. Parents have nothing to worry about because their kids will be safe all the time and they will spend all their energy during the day, leaving them a quiet night.

Let’s find out more:
  • UL blower included
  • Puncture resistant material with 2 to 4 stitches
  • Comes with a long filling tube
  • It inflates very fast
The Little Tikes Wet and Dry First Slide with slip mat is a great source of summer fun. Kids will be excited by the long slipping mat and will get to play and cool down all day long when it’s hot outside. If you want something bigger which can accommodate many kids at once, check out this Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Slide. It has 2 slides with a climbing place in order to get to them, a splash pool and a maximum occupancy of 4. This island is especially designed so parents can see all the action and make sure their kids are safe and have fun.

Little Tikes Wet & Dry First Slide with 10-Feet Vinyl Slip Mat – For Ages 2+

Little Tikes was founded in 1970 and has been bringing smiles to children’s faces ever since. It is a multi-national manufacturer of kids’ products and it is renowned for its durability, safety and the fun it provides. It produces playhouses, slides, furniture, sandboxes and many other products dedicated to children. Little Tikes has more than 1300 products on Amazon and a lot of them are best sellers, such as: basketball set, trampoline, shopping cart, slide, swing, waterpark play table and more.

The Little Tikes Slide with Slip Mat best seller will instantly transform your back yard into a real water park. Kids will be thrilled by the water slide with the long slipping mat and they can cool down a little in the hot summer days as well as have a lot of fun. It has a hose attached which sprays water on the slide and the mat and the slide can be used with or without water, depending on your preferences.

Take a look at its characteristics:
  • Water slide with 10 feet slipping mat attached
  • It can be used with water or without
  • Hose attached which sprays water on the mat
  • Slide handrails included

How Do I Choose the Best Water Slide?

Every child deserves to be happy growing up. One way parents and guardians can foster happiness in kids is by providing them with a conducive environment where they can play, be adventurous, and have fun. It’s also through play that children discover their talents and improve their cognitive skills. There are many play options out there for both indoor and outdoor settings. One perfect choice for hot and sunny summer days is a water slide.

These play tools come in a variety of designs. Some designs have one slide while others feature multiple slides. Some of the slides can be interconnected with inflatable swimming pools. In such cases, you may opt to treat your kids to a number of pool toys to give them additional play options. In addition, when preparing the pool, the slide, and its accessories, you’ll require a good air pump to inflate the toys and a water hose for a steady supply of water. However, as you plan to own a water slide, keep in mind that kids should use it only under the supervision of a responsible adult.
The price of a slide depends on its type, size, and additional accessories. For example, a toddler wet & dry slide with a slip mat attachment costs about $50. On the other hand, the cost of a dual slide with a tunnel and water park can go up to about $700. It’s also easy to find cheap water slides on the market, but you need to be extra careful with such products, as their quality isn’t guaranteed. Think about it; some manufacturers choose low-quality materials to minimize the cost of production so that they can sell their items cheaply. Unfortunately, such products can’t withstand heavy use. But, our review doesn’t include such products and, therefore, you don’t need to worry when buying any of our featured slides.
When buying any play toy for kids, extra caution should be exercised to make sure that the safety of the children isn’t compromised. Moreover, toys that come with multiple play options are great cost savers. It’s therefore important to scrutinize the features of any slide before you buy.

Here are the important features to look for in a water slide:
  • Its type: single or dual slide
  • Dimensions and weight of the slide
  • Materials used for constructing the water slide
  • Kids’ recommended age limit
  • Additional accessories that come with it, such as water pool, tunnel, etc.
  • Maximum number of kids it can serve at a go
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee
The above features help you pick a product that’s both affordable and suitable for your needs.
Construction and Design
Inflatable water slides are usually made of puncture-resistant material that is sewn together with reinforced stitches. Most slide designs involve multiple rings that may include water pools, tunnels or climbing walls. It’s also important to note that these slides will have stakes that offer support and stability for the assembled unit.

A slide is built to accommodate a certain maximum weight at any given time. The maximum weight will depend on its size and the strength of the material used for construction. It’s therefore important to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions on general usage of the product, so as to avoid accidents. When not in use, inflatable slides can easily be packaged in a carry bag for convenient transportation and storage.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before picking an inflatable water slide, it’s wise to consider how easy it is to set up and use. This gives you a rough idea of how much work you’re likely to do before you can use the product. Luckily, most trusted brands include easy-to-follow user manuals that make installation super easy.

Slides that are made with tough, puncture-resistant materials are sure to serve you for a long time. These materials give the inflated slides added strength for superior performance. It’s also worth noting that inflatable slides that have multiple play options give children more ways to have fun. In addition, multiple color designs come in handy to suit the diverse tastes and preferences of customers.

Get the Best Water Slide of 2023!

Thank you for taking time to read this review on the best water slides. It’s our hope that you’ve found one that works for you. If you wish to check out more options, follow the links on this page for more information.

Our Top Choice
Bounceland Cascade Water Slide
Best Value
Intex Rainbow Ring Water Slide
Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park and Slide
KidWise Double Water Slide
Little Tikes Wet & Dry Water Slide