Best Waterproof Cellphone Case Reviews 2022

With cell phones costing more than many regular computers these days, it's only wise to protect your valuable investment from water, debris, dirt, and any accidental knocks or drops. We’ve thoroughly reviewed five of the best waterproof cell phone case brands that offer the highest ruggedness and waterproof qualities in their products. We’ve brought to you phone-specific models that support all your phone functionalities under water, but we also included some universal and budget-friendly options. There’s definitely something for everyone.
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Phone Type
Our Top Choice
Tomplus iPhone 7 Waterproof Case
Tomplus is a leading phone accessory manufacturer that lets you live a life without limits.
Remains waterproof for up to 6.6 feet deep. Completely sealed. Tough polycarbonate frame. Light and thin. Accessible buttons.
Not 100% waterproof.
iPhone 7
9 colors
6.6 feet
1 ounce
Best Value
Ultimate Addons Waterproof Touch Case Bike Mount for Galaxy S5
Since 2008, Ultimate Addons has maintained its reputation as a reliable source of mobile accessories.
Features strong polycarbonate shell. Anti-shock silicon. Has a cable access to Ultimate Addons charger. Mount fits a wide range of handlebars.
Only built for bike mounting.
Galaxy S5
10.4 ounces
iThrough iPhone 7/iPhone 8 Waterproof Case
Since it entered the market, iThrough has been creating mobile accessories that have earned it lots of recognition in the phone accessory industry.
Fits perfectly on the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. Safeguards from bumps and accidental drops. Precise cutouts for easy button access.
Charger might not fit well.
iPhone 7, iPhone 8
Available in pink and white
6.6 feet
3.2 ounces
Seidio Samsung Galaxy S4 Waterproof Case and Holster Combo
Seidio has a simple mission, which is to create impact-protection cases that are not just intelligent, but also attractive.
Meets the IP68 rating. Can withstand 6-foot drops. Soft rubber stoppers to keep liquids and dust out of the ports.
Rubber parts can break off after long.
Galaxy S4
3 color combos
6 feet
2.88 ounces
EasyLife iPad Mini 4 Waterproof Case
EasyLife understands that mobile devices have become integral parts of life and that is why it strives to create better and more reliable protection cases.
IP68-certified for waterproof capabilities. Can be submerged up to 6.6 feet. Scratch-resistant.
Charger can be difficult to fit.
iPad Mini 4
6.6 feet
5.8 ounces

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What is the Best Waterproof Cellphone Case?

With hundreds of waterproof phone cases on the market today, choosing an appropriate model for your cell phone can prove overwhelming. You’re in luck since we did the homework on your behalf to bring you five of the best models from respected brands. So, go ahead and make a choice depending on your budget and style.
Our Top Choice
The Tomplus iPhone 7 Waterproof Case comes with a two-piece design that’s completely sealed, allowing you to use your smartphone up to 6.6 feet deep. Prefer a waterproof case for your iPhone 6 instead? Maybe you would love the iPhone 6 Waterproof Case by Tomplus.

Tomplus iPhone 7 Waterproof Case, Fully-body Underwater , Shockproof, Dirtproof – Available in 9 Colors

Tomplus’ products let you go places and have an adventure without worrying about your smartphone getting damaged. With a dedicated mission to create mobile accessory solutions, it has managed to enhance functionality with its premium cellphone cases. Its belief in value creation is the reason why it continues to stretch its manufacturing capacity to fit the ever-growing industry demand.

The Tomplus iPhone 7 Waterproof Case features a sleek, new, ultra-slim design that only weighs 1.47 ounces, making it perfect for your iPhone 7. It’s built with a rotating mute key control button, so that you can forget about lining up your iPhone switch to fit with your case. Its design aligns perfectly with your iPhone with little effort, leaving you time to worry about other important stuff. As if that’s not enough, it also has a camera viewfinder that allows you to take quality environmental photography with a touch of clarity.

So here is why the Tomplus iPhone 7 Waterproof Case is a good deal:
  • Lightweight design that’s ultra-slim and attractive
  • Fashionable design that is dustproof, shockproof, and has anti-scratch protection
  • Its waterproof technology is IP68-certified, enabling submersion of up to 6.6 feet
  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Offers distortion-free photography with its crystal-clear optical glass lens
  • Easy access to volume and power buttons
  • Enhanced audio and speaker port to deliver sound clarity
  • Retains complete functionality with a design that leaves the front-facing camera uncovered
  • It has a built-in screen protector that doesn’t compromise on screen clarity or sensitivity
If you don’t like the black color, don’t worry because this waterproof case is available in 9 cool colors to choose from.
Best Value
The Ultimate Addons Waterproof Touch Case is built with a strong polycarbonate shell to allow you to mount your Galaxy S5 on your bike as you ride. Want a motorcycle case to mount your iPhone 4 instead? Why not check out the Motorcycle iPhone 4 Tough Case Mount?

Ultimate Addons Waterproof Locking Strap Motorcycle Bike Tough Case Mount for Galaxy S5

The dedication of Ultimate Addons towards offering reliable solutions in the mobile phone business has enabled it to produce high-quality accessories that are affordable. You can always depend on hard work and market research to get the best product, and that is what the founder Craig Derbyshire did at the beginning. At the moment, it has become a major contributor to the global smartphone accessory industry.

When it comes to choosing a high-quality waterproof cellphone case, the Waterproof Locking Strap Motorcycle Bike Tough Case Mount for Galaxy S5 is a contender. It features tough and reliable protection that will get you anywhere you want to go. Plus, it offers easy access to volume buttons, cable ports, and the camera lens, making it easy to use with your device.

For music lovers who love to go places with their devices hooked, it comes with a weather cap for your headphone socket to keep your device protected from water splashes, dust, and dirt. Furthermore, it’s made out of a hard polycarbonate shell, making it a must-have cellphone case for those looking for the ultimate protection for their Galaxy S5.

Check the following features out:
  • Designed for awkward shapes so that it can mount on round, square, and oval handlebars
  • Built-in lanyard and screen protector
  • IPX4 water splash protection standards
  • Dust- and dirt-proof for durability to guard your device
  • Rugged and tough polycarbonate build with a silicon liner for anti-shock
  • Designed for easy cable, camera, and button access—plus easy receiving and making of calls
  • Lightweight and robust design that is able to endure active daily use
  • Its diameter fit ranges from 0.8 inches up to 1.6 inches
The iThrough iPhone 7/iPhone 8 Waterproof Case is not just designed for iPhone 7; it can also fit perfectly on the new iPhone 8, totally blocking out water, ice, and snow. Want a universal pouch bag instead? Get the iThrough Waterproof Pouch Bag and carry your phone anywhere!

iThrough iPhone 7/iPhone 8 Waterproof Case, Dust Proof, Snow Proof, Shockproof – Slim Case Cover Available in Pink and White

iThrough is an award-winning manufacturer of smartphone accessories with a strong commitment to customer service. Its products are popular in most online retail stores since they are made of premium-quality materials. Currently, its global team of experts continues to expand its designs and innovations to keep up with the growing demand.

If you’re searching for a waterproof phone case that allows you to go camping, hiking, or swimming at the beach without constantly worrying about your phone’s safety, you need to get your hands on the iPhone 7/iPhone 8 iThrough Waterproof Case. The unique thing about it is that it can be used for two phones: the iPhone 7 and the new iPhone 8. Amazing, right? Well, there’s more. It features a sealed design that comes with port covers to keep your phone’s ports free from dirt and sand.

Since it’s precisely cut out for the iPhone 7 and its new counterpart iPhone 8, it feels and fits perfectly in the hand, plus it enables incredible access to volume buttons as well as the fingerprint identification. This waterproof cellphone case gives you the ultimate experience and its all thanks to its built-in anti-reflective optical glass lens that delivers nothing but crystal-clear displays. You no longer have to compromise on the quality of your selfies and videos under water.

Here is what to expect with this waterproof case:
  • Easy accessibility to side buttons as well as the screen and the touch ID
  • Anti-scratch technology with its built-in screen protector
  • Designed to be dust-, dirt-, and sand-proof with port covers
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the corners of the iPhone 7 perfectly
  • Comes with a sealed design for durability and quality protection
  • An optical glass lens designed for anti-reflective clarity and high-quality images and video display
  • Easy to carry around thanks to the neck strap that comes with it
Looking for other color variations? Also check out the white color for a change.
The Seidio Waterproof Case for Galaxy S4 meets the IP68 rating, meaning that it’s both protected against submersion and dust-tight. Want an option for iPhone 5 that features the same quality? We bet you will love the Waterproof Case and Holster Combo for Apple iPhone 5.

Seidio Waterproof Case and Holster Combo for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Available in 3 Colors

With a dedicated passion for offering protection for mobile devices, Seidio’s products have managed to carve out a niche in the industry. The company’s production team entails engineering experts along with a team of researchers who work in an effort to build cutting-edge products for consumers.

Without a doubt, most Samsung Galaxy S4 owners know that cellphone protection is not a walk in the park. The good news, however, is that the Seidio Waterproof Case and Holster Combo for Samsung Galaxy S4 makes your device protection a whole lot easier. First, it features cutting-edge technology that goes beyond regular protection and keeps your device undamaged by external elements. This means you can use it on a daily basis without worrying about coffee spills, dirt, dust, or rain. Thanks to the simplification of its design, you get enhanced levels of protection on your Galaxy S4 with a sleek and compact case that is a must-have for many.

Want to know what the Seidio Waterproof Case and Holster Combo for Samsung Galaxy S4 has in store? Check the features out:
  • Functional design customized for Samsung Galaxy S4 users
  • Built with MIL-STD-810f standards to protect your device from drops of up to 6 feet
  • Waterproof technology that leaves your device protected after continuous submersion
  • Dust-proof standards that meet IP68 ratings
  • Holds your Samsung Galaxy S4 securely with a locking top-clip
  • Comes with a spring-clip lift that allows for easy access
  • Designed to keep liquids and dust out of the USB and headphone ports with its rubber stoppers
This waterproof case is also available in other colors, so be sure to check them out as well. Choose from black/gray, white/gray, and white/pink.
The EasyLife iPad Mini 4 Waterproof Case is IP68-certified for waterproof capabilities, for a depth of up to 6.6 feet and outstanding tightness. Want a case for your iPhone 6? How about you try the EasyLife iPhone 6 Waterproof Case?

EasyLife iPad Waterproof Case – IP68 Certified Snowproof, Shockproof, Dirtproof Case and Cover for iPad Mini 4

EasyLife has gathered over 25 years’ worth of experience to its name and it boasts of quality products and customer service. This is because it believes in team work and value distribution as the foundation for its growth.

The best protection for your smart device has to evolve as fast as the current technology and the iPad Mini 4 EasyLife Waterproof Case does exactly that. It is designed to improve the durability of your iPad Mini 4 no matter where you go with it. With protection from sudden drops that often occur when you’re moving around with your device, this IP68-certified waterproof case gives you a maximum of 6.6 feet underwater diving depth, making it ideal for swimming.

It also enhances sound quality with a membrane that ventilates the sound yet still remains non-permeable, giving you exceptional sound clarity. If you are worried about access to the control buttons on your iPad Mini 4, this case has you covered as it has an ultra-thin design that maintains the sensitivity of your touchscreen and your touch ID.

Here are a couple more features that the iPad Mini 4 EasyLife Waterproof Case has in store:
  • Ultra-slim design for easy access to all the control buttons
  • Clear picture displays with its AR double-coated glass lens design
  • Comes with an anti-scratch capacity for your iPad Mini 4 protection
  • Designed for boating, skiing, and swimming with your iPad Mini 4
  • Capable of withstanding shocks and sudden impacts with a maximum of 6.6 feet
  • It has an IP68 certification for a 6.6-foot waterproof submersion
  • Lightweight build that’s easy to carry around
  • Made of high-quality material that is also dirt-, sand-, mud-, and snow-proof
  • Innovative non-permeable membrane for quality sound output

How Do I Choose the Best Waterproof Cellphone Case?

Replacing a ruined cell phone can be very expensive, particularly a smartphone. With the level of surfing addiction among the millennials, smartphones have become a treasure, and consequently, keeping them safe and intact has become crucial. It's a great idea to seek insurance for your phone, but most cell phone insurance policies do not cover water damage. Therefore, the only guaranteed way to keep moisture off your phone is by encasing it in a waterproof cover.

Regarding waterproof cases, it’s vital to ensure that it is completely waterproof, and not only water-resistant. In addition, check whether the case meets set standards and specifications, particularly the International Protection Rating gauge requirements. Investing a few more dollars to purchase a case with extra special features is highly recommended. On that note, you should check for special features while comparing waterproof phone cases as you narrow down to that perfect case. You can also find great wooden phone cases for ruggedness and added aesthetics, but they rarely protect your phone from water damage.

Most of the cases that enclose the entire phone, including the screen, often interfere with its functionality. However, it is clear that they provide the most protection. If you want to access your phone anytime, then you should consider purchasing user-friendly cases. You want to be able to access power and volume buttons while still taking selfies in water, right? You may also want a case that will float when it slips in water and has holding compartments for your credit cards. So, put all your needs into consideration when selecting a case for your phone.

Other than protecting your cell phone screen with a strong screen protector, it’s important to note that 30 percent of damages in phones are caused by water. Though it’s not an everyday occurrence, it occurs at some point anyway and you end up losing your phone. At times, you can be lucky and have it successfully fixed, but most of the time, it won’t function anymore.

Water often seeps into your smartphone gradually, eventually damaging it. So, a smartphone repair technician may manage to fix the visible damages but fail to predict the intensity of the internal damage caused. Most sonic cleaners or safe cleaning solutions for electronics are only 95 percent effective in extracting foreign materials. The 5 percent of the water that's left behind continues to spread throughout the phone. Problems will begin arising, one at a time—from a malfunctioning camera, to a total breakdown in volume setting, to finicky keys. So, the best solution is to find a waterproof cell phone case for your valuable gadget. Read on to learn the important features to consider when shopping for one.
The price of a waterproof phone case basically ranges from $15 to $80. This is a convenient price range, considering how it will secure your phone from scratches, moisture, and dust. The best case should offer all-around protection while allowing easy accessibility and phone usage. Even with a waterproof casing, you should still be sure to keep the phone from getting into contact with foreign matter or moisture. Interestingly though, the cases are affordable, thus you can comfortably use your phone as an underground camera.

Cheaper waterproof cell phone cases are still available on the market but we don’t recommend you consider such since they’re probably made from light plastics that will soon deteriorate and expose your phone to risks of moisture. Putting a little more money out there is a great way to ensure you get a quality waterproof phone case.
When choosing the perfect waterproof phone case, you have to consider the materials used and their quality. Also, take into consideration the waterproof rating even as you make the ultimate decision. This sounds exciting; however, the market has a wide range of varieties in waterproof phone cases and settling on an ideal choice can be overwhelming.

Selecting a waterproof phone case might seem straightforward, but there are essential features which you should consider to be able to make a perfect choice. These are:
  • Protection – Your case of choice should have the ability to protect your phone from moisture, dust, and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Access to Controls – If you want to utilize your phone while it’s in the encasement, then cases that allow access to functionalities should be your first priority.
  • Belt Clips – Some people like placing their cell phones somewhere they can easily access. If that’s your case, then try a case with belt clips for attaching it to your belt.
  • Personalization – If your budget can accommodate it, then go for the case whose customization relates to something in your life.
  • Screen Protection – Invest your dollars in a case which offers screen protection for things such as cracking and scratching, not just water. A case made from a sturdy material is recommended.
Construction and Design
In terms of design and construction, not all waterproof phone cases are built equally. Here is a compilation of the most common types of waterproof phone cases available in the market:
  • Shells – Shells are usually hard or soft and made of silicone, rubber, or hard plastic. This clear plastic cover protects the front side of your phone by keeping it waterproofed.
  • Sleeves – This case resembles a small pouch which is easily opened and closed using Velcro strips or zippers. A sleeve case is made from various materials such as cloth, plastic, silicone, and waterproof leather. At times, the zippers are also made from a waterproof material, heightening the level of protection.
  • Flip Cases – Flip cases are among the types which totally enclose the entire phone, back to front. They’re mostly made from faux leather and closed with Velcro.
  • Skins – As the name suggests, skins are thin cell cases which offer customization as well as total waterproofing. They are mostly made of thin silicon rubber that is waterproof.
  • Ultimate Protection Cases – They offer all-around protection; from waterproofing to shock-proofing. These cases, as the name suggests, easily provide total waterproofing, dust-proofing, and shock-proofing qualities in a single unit. They are the best when it comes to waterproofing qualities and for harsh weather.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most waterproof cell phone cases are designed so that they enclose your phone completely. However, some cases are well-customized to allow you to continue using your phone while it’s in the case. Such cases are only meant to protect the phone and offer a strong grip without interfering with its accessibility. While others are simply slip-and-slide utilities, others are further advanced with extra features. These include armbands, which make it safer for outdoor activities such as water sports. Others are made of stiff silicone material, making them totally waterproof.

Before learning how to use the waterproof phone cases, it’s crucial to understand their features and how they operate. Moreover, you need to know which options they offer. The perfect waterproof case will protect your phone from shock, dirt, and moisture during extreme outdoor activities. If you want to keep your phone intact during skiing, swimming, storms, or snorkeling, then the perfect solution is a waterproof case.

Get the Best Waterproof Cellphone Case of 2022!

With the unpredictable weather variations, it’s always a good idea to protect your valuable cell phone with a high-quality waterproof casing whenever you’re going outdoors. Other than accidental drops in water, a waterproof cell phone case protects your phone from scratches, shock, or dust that can easily damage your valuable investment. We have compiled a list of the best waterproof cell phone cases to consider. These brands still offer several variations to meet your specific need and budget if you need more options to look at.

Our Top Choice
Tomplus iPhone 7 Waterproof Case
Best Value
Ultimate Addons Waterproof Touch Case Bike Mount for Galaxy S5
iThrough iPhone 7/iPhone 8 Waterproof Case
Seidio Samsung Galaxy S4 Waterproof Case and Holster Combo
EasyLife iPad Mini 4 Waterproof Case