Best Waterproof Earbud Reviews 2021

It’s time to say hello to a more amazing workout session, wait for it… even underwater! What’s the catch? Nothing. Just check through our thoroughly prepared reviews on our top five best waterproof earbuds, of course, selected from the best brands in the game. And if our favorites aren’t your favorites? Why? It’s a free world. Go for something else. PS: we also have reviews on the best earbuds and in-ear headphones, all for your listening pleasure. So, do check them out too!
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Our Top Choice
Leophile Eel Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones
Staffed by a team of young and adventurous people, Leophile provides some of the best products available in the wireless audio industry, aimed at the adventurous and daring.
Can be used with any activity requiring high-velocity water. Comfy, soft silicone design. Comes with wire clip for a secure fit. Long battery life up to 10 hours of continuous use.
The device is really charger-specific (only uses 500mAh).
Wireless; in-ear
1.26 ounces
Black; red; green
Best Value
Underwater Audio Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones
Underwater Audio is a leading online retailer that focuses on the retail of high-quality waterproof products including waterproof headphones and swimming accessories.
Short cord never snags. Gold-plated stereo jack to prevent corrosion in water. Flanged earbuds create tight seal and stay put during flip turns. Audio extension cord included.
Has to be removed carefully, or else the seal might remain in the ears.
Wired; short chord; in-ear
Gold-plated stereo jack
0.5 ounce
White; black
Plantronics Backbeat Fit Waterproof Earbuds
With a single obsessive motive, that is, to remove all obstructions to clear communication, Plantronics has maintained a leading position in the world of audio innovation.
Flexible design for a comfy fit. On-ear control for calls and music. Protected by P2i Nano-coating makes them sweat- and water-proof. Gives up to 8 hours of use with one charge.
A couple of complaints about loose fitting.
Wireless; over the ear
IP57; Nano coating
0.8 ounce
5 colors
Pyle Waterproof MP3 Player with Headphones
For nearly 60 years now, Pyle has retained popularity as a leading global manufacturer of diverse sorts of award-winning audio equipment that have become synonymous with quality.
Marine-grade waterproof construction. Built-in 4GB memory holds up to 1000 songs. Bendable to fit all head shapes. Simple touch buttons control. Comes with replacement earbuds.
Tends to slip off if not put on before goggles.
Wireless; MP3 player
0.96 ounce
Senso ActivBuds Wireless Waterproof Earbuds
Senso has built a name in the audio business by sticking to a tradition of excellence and innovation in the manufacturing of its diverse lines of sound equipment.
State-of-the-art acoustic components produce incredible sound quality. Ergonomically designed for a comfy, tangle-free fit. Quick charge for 1.5 hours gives 8 hours of use.
Sound might be too loud for some.
Wireless; in-ear
Gel flex silicone
0.2 ounce
Black/blue; black/red; black/gray

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What is the Best Waterproof Earbud?

You should be able to select the best waterproof headphones for you now that you’ve gone through our guide. We will now dive into our reviews and check out our top five. Hold your breath!
Our Top Choice
Looking to enjoy singing in the shower even better? The Leophile Eel Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones is it. It’s designed to work in high-velocity water such as in your shower or even while wakeboarding in the ocean! Or see these that come with excellent noise cancellation, and give up to 20 hours of continuous use: the Leophile Zero Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Neckband Headphones.

Leophile Eel Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones – Available in Red and Black Colors

Leophile is motivated by its love for good sound and gears all its efforts and resources into making that possible. Carving a niche in the wireless audio industry, it has selected only the smartest and equally audiophilic young people into a team which sets about innovating and creating some of the best wireless audio gadgets we have around today. The brand takes pride in its ability to stand out, and designs all its products to encourage and spread the ideology of fun and play across the world, wherever its gadgets are found and used. With values that include “looking forward”, it’s only obvious what direction this brand is headed: upward and forward.

Does your roommate hate it when you sing in the shower? Do you want to irk him or her even more? What do you think about a mean pair of waterproof headphones? The Leophile Eel Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones is what you’re going for. It’s specially made for folks like you who enjoy music under high-velocity water conditions. Check out its features:

It’s cozy and healthy for your ears as it’s made with really soft silicone, which give you a comfy fit and keeps from hurting your ears over a prolonged use as many in-ear headphones are notorious for.

Since it comes with a nice clip design, this set will stay put whatever activity you’re undergoing. It sure won’t slip out, and so many customers have attested to this. So, whether it’s Parkour, or rock climbing, or surfing, or skateboarding, these guys work, and work well.

For an easy storage, these earbuds come adjustable, flexible, and quite bendable. So you can fold them into any convenient form and keep them when not in use. It would even fit into your pockets without a hitch.

Although wired, you can get the wires out of the way by looping them through the opening on the neckband to avoid dangling. And did we mention that the neckband comes in different sizes for different head shapes, and in either black or red depending on your preference?

Finally, battery… how does “two hours for a full charge and 10 hours’ continuous use” sound? Pretty great, right? Now you know why you should place your order for these guys like right now.
Best Value
Planning a rigorous workout session in water? Then get the Underwater Audio Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones. No more stuffing long headphones into your swim cap as they come with a short cord that doesn’t catch or snag! Perhaps something with a more flexible memory wire that fits great, and also comes with four different styles of ear buds? See the Underwater Swimbuds Flex Waterproof Headphones.

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones with 4 Earbud Tip Options

Underwater Audio has, for many years now, remained a go-to source for all kinds of waterproof gadgets and swimming accessories for athletes, and a myriad of other individuals in need of such accessories also. Stocking a wide array of diverse and high-quality products, this brand leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the customer finds all that he needs to meet his sports needs. Placing a huge value on its customers, Underwater Audio boasts a five-star customer care team that attends to the needs of every customer—promptly, professionally, and amiably. You can’t get it wrong shopping at this brand.

Here’s a fantastic way to enjoy your next swimming session: go with the Underwater Audio Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones. Super cool earbuds for the mermaids in human body. It’s got all the features you crave.

Now, the first thing about these guys is that they come with two cord length options. There’s the one of 25 centimeters (10 inches) for a non-catch, non-snag experience. And for those days when a longer cord is an absolute must, there’s the 99-centimeter (39-inch) extension cord also included in the package.

Next, the earbuds are flanged, so that means that they are flip-turns-approved. You can do all the flip-turns in tune to your favorite music without your earbuds popping out every time. Isn’t that just cool?

Also, the stereo jack of these earbuds comes gold-plated to prevent corrosion. In case you didn’t know, real gold never corrodes, and this is plated with real gold, so no matter how long you stay under water, even if you decide to start living there, your jack remains as good as new.

Also, these guys come with a waterproof seal which ensures that they stay in your ears securely; just be careful while taking them out so they don’t remain in your ears. You could try taking them out in a circular fashion.

Finally, with its second-generation HydroBeat technology, these earbuds give incredible audio quality. And being designed to handle rigorous workout sessions, you get high-quality sound and fewer interruptions while you push yourself to fitness in your workouts.

You really need to get these earbuds now; they’re worth every penny they cost and then some!
And we present the Plantronics Backbeat Fit Waterproof Earbuds with On-Ear Controls, your new workout partner! These bad guys give heart-pumping bass and crisp sound with comfy ear buds that stay put throughout your workout session. Perhaps something more affordable? This also comes with a long-lasting battery and on-ear controls. See the Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones – Green.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit Waterproof Earbuds with On-Ear Controls – Available in Five Colors

Plantronics is a front-liner in the world of audio innovation and this is not surprising when we consider the fact that it works with a singular driving force: to take out every and any obstacle that can hamper a simple and crispy-clear communication. With this driving force in view, the brand keeps innovating and reinventing itself and its products in order to meet up with this goal, and the customers are the happier for this. Of course, the customer remains king and Plantronics never loses sight of this. So aside from doing its best to ensure that it offers its customers the best possible products it can offer, it also goes the next step to support the customer with an amazing customer support system.

Few waterproof earbuds compare with the Plantronics Backbeat Fit Waterproof Earbuds in terms of performance and sound quality, and we lie not. These earbuds are a fantastic gig, if you ask us (and you know you do).

In the first place, they come with a really flexible design which ensures that you always have a comfy fit. Plus, no matter how intense the workout session gets or how much of a sweat you break, these guys do not budge. They stay in throughout, even regardless of whatever move you need to make.

Understandably, though, a few guys with larger ears might have a small issue with a loose fit, but generally, the fit is great and it doesn’t hurt over prolonged use, either.

And because it’s protected by P2i Nano-coating, the earbuds are super waterproof, sweatproof, and any-other-kind-of-moisture-proof. They are hydrophilic, to say the least. In fact, after a really sweaty session, you can rinse them under running water to get them clean and they’ll still work better than fine.

A full charge of the battery gives you up to 8 solid hours of use and there’s also the perk of a quick fifteen-minute charge which gives you up to one full hour of continuous use. Music lovers, can you hear this? Doesn’t this sound divine?

Talking about “divine”, these earbuds deliver heart-pumping bass and incredible treble too, thanks to the powerful speakers they come with. In truth, super-selective audiophiles might still have one or two issues with these earbuds; but anyone with a normal to high expectation from earbuds will love these guys.

Oh, and don’t forget that you can order these earbuds in any of five color options: black core (for the ninja deep inside), fuchsia (for the classy, modern listener), power blue (for an intense workout), sport gray (to unleash the golf professional inside), and stealth green (for your morning jog in the woods).

Yes, it is kinda pricey but in our opinion, we will tell you to go for it if you’ve got the funds. You will not regret it!
Now you don’t need your phone anywhere near you with the Pyle Waterproof MP3 Player with Headphones. Aside from its marine-grade waterproof construction, these guys come with a 4GB memory that holds up to 1000 songs! Perhaps something more affordable? These are ergonomically designed and work great for any type of sport. See the Pyle Marine Sport Waterproof In-Ear Earbud.

Pyle Waterproof MP3 Player with Headphones – 4GB Memory

For nearly 60 years, Pyle has maintained its position as a leading manufacturer of sound equipment of the highest quality. Going down the years since its inception, the brand has increased in popularity among customers scattered around the United States, who have come to realize that its products are synonymous with high quality and performance. Diversifying its product lines, Pyle now offers a wide array of all kinds of audio equipment including car audio, marine audio, musical instruments, etc. And yeah, customer service here is super-friendly, so it’s not just about awesome products; it’s about awesome service too.

This is the main reason why we love the Pyle Waterproof MP3 Player with Headphones: you do not need your device near you at all. All you need are these guys and you’re good to go. Now you can travel light, and we don’t know about you, but that sounds good to us.

It’s got 4GB of built-in memory which can hold up to 1000 songs, a mean feat for headphones, if you’ll be honest. This ultimately means that even if you leave your phone at home in a hurry, you’ll still be fine with these headphones. And on those days when lugging your phone around actually becomes a chore, you won’t be forced to take it.

Your package will contain a cable for charging, which also doubles as a data transfer cable. Transferring songs from your device into these headphones is about the easiest thing in the world; simply drag and drop. No long stories.

And since it comes with a marine-grade waterproof construction, these earbuds are 100% suitable for swimming and other water exercises.

They are super comfy, adjustable, flexible, and non-interfering. In fact, they are the height of convenience. They wrap around your head and even come in a universal size that will suit any head shape or size, no matter how irregular.

These headphones also come with replacement ear tips for land and water.

Still thinking of whether to get these? We know the answer to that. Do!
When great sound and affordability come together, you get the Senso ActivBuds Wireless Waterproof Earbuds. For your listening pleasure, they feature quality acoustic components that give deep bass and crystal treble. Or you could get these other, more-affordable ear buds that are also ergonomically designed with great sound. Check out the Senso ActiveBuds Bluetooth Headphones S270.

Senso ActivBuds Wireless Waterproof Earbuds – Noise Cancelling Headset with Mic IPX7

Building a name in an industry as diverse as the sound and audio industry is never an easy feat, but Senso has managed to do that commendably well. With a culture of excellence, innovation, and hard work, it’s no surprise its products are among the top products in the market today. Aside from the fact that they are high-performance, Senso makes it a point to ensure that they are intuitive—making the products quite user-friendly and the favorites of different customers in the United States. In a bid to ensure that amazing technology is affordable to all kinds of people, Senso ensures that it employs cost-effective processes in its manufacturing systems, and consequently, produces not just excellent—but affordable—gadgets and equipment.

Not all good things in life are expensive, case in point: The Senso ActivBuds Wireless Waterproof Earbuds. They give excellent quality and are downright inexpensive.

First, they come with state-of-the art acoustic components which give incredible sound just the way you like it: deep bass and crystal-clear treble.

Also, they are made with your comfort in mind as they’re made of soft, flexible, silicone gel which feels good and prevents fatigued ears after an extended period of use. Also, they come with ear hooks which keep them secure and snug on your ears.

The battery charges pretty fast here. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge fully, and that one charge will deliver up to 8 hours of continuous use with 240 hours of standby. You’ll probably only need to charge once a week (well, depending on how much you love your music).

It’s got noise cancellation, and connects with your device via Bluetooth from up to 30 feet away. No skipping and no interruption.

And the controls are so easy, you don’t even need to be tech-savvy to figure them out.

Because ear sizes vary, the manufacturers had the good sense to include ear tips of different sizes: small, medium, and large actually. So, whatever your needs in size, this set has got it.

Don’t over-think it, guys; earbuds this good that cost this low hardly ever stay in the market for long. Get these now!

How Do I Choose the Best Waterproof Earbud?

We all know how music is such a fantastic motivator and workout partner when going through a rigorous (or not-so-rigorous) session at the gym or elsewhere. Well, we are all used to using our headphones while working around the house or doing some reading or otherwise, but we know the rules: it must not get within one inch of water.

Sadly, this ultimately means that swimming becomes a little boring after a while, and during an intense workout session at the gym, we have to make do with the music blaring from the quality speakers nonetheless, but we all know that those are shabby replacements for good, quality headphones. Nothing can take the place of listening to music directly in our ears and shutting ourselves away from the world while going through a sweaty, rigorous routine.

Waterproof headphones are genius for so many reasons, such as we have highlighted above, and perhaps another group of people who are eternally grateful for them are… guess? You got it. Those who love to sing in the shower.

Now, we’re not saying that that’s the best because many times, you guys sing your way into tardiness and you… how exactly do we put this mildly?... your voice sounds terrible in the shower. It gets even worse when you have headphones plugged in. But hey, who cares, anyway? It’s your happiness that counts and waterproof headphones deliver that right to your shower stall.

With technology innovating and improving daily, waterproof headphones are getting crazier by the second, from the quality of audio obtainable to battery power to design—manufacturers aren’t putting a dam on their creative juices at all. And guess who’s the chief beneficiary of all that creativity? You, of course! You now have a plethora of fantastic devices to choose from.

But we are also aware of how that can be a bane. But don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you high and dry. In the coming sections, we will give you a brief rundown on what to look out for in good waterproof earbuds. Come along.
Waterproof earbuds can cost about $10 to over $150, depending on the kind of sophistication you require. Of course, the wireless options are more expensive than the wired ones. Other features such as audio quality would also affect the cost of any set of headphones.

Cheap waterproof earbuds do exist, but are not ideal. They will definitely have a cheap feel to them and will fall apart in a few weeks after you purchase. It’s far better you just invest in a good set, seeing as they aren’t so expensive anyway.
To get the best waterproof earbuds for you, here are a few features to look out for:
  • Wired or wireless?
  • Microphone
  • Intended Use
  • Easy controls
  • Audio quality
  • Ear fins
  • Battery power
Let’s get into the details already.
Construction and Design
To get a pair of waterproof earbuds you’ll really love, it’s important to consider the construction and design. Three factors we recommend looking out for are whether they’re wired or wireless, whether they have ear fins, and whether they come with a microphone for calls. Below is more info on these topics.

Wired or Wireless?

So, the first point we will discuss is whether you should go for wireless or wired headphones. You should already know that for convenience’s sake—and since you’ll most likely be using it for sports, swimming, and all—the wireless option should be your first choice. But if you don’t dig all that wireless shing ding, then you can still do wired. Just look for a way to get the wires out of the way. There are some that come with really short cords though, so that might help.

Ear Fins

You know how annoying it can be when the ear piece keeps popping out of your ears during a workout and consequently plays with your emotions while you work? Yeah, super annoying, we know. So, think of getting something with ear fins that keep the ear buds securely on your ears.


Last stop for this section would be microphones.

Some waterproof headphones come with microphones, so especially if you intend to use your earbuds for calls too, you should be considering these. If it’s just music you’re shooting for though, you can go for a regular set without mics. Saves you some cash.
Performance and Ease of Use
The whole reason you’re buying waterproof earbuds are for added convenience, so it only makes sense to take a look at the performance and ease of use of any set you’re thinking about buying. First of all, you’ll need to consider what you plan on using them for, to ensure you get the pair that’s best for you. After that, you should consider the ease of the controls, audio quality, and battery power. We’ll take a look at each of these below.

Intended Use
Now ask yourself what you intend to use the earbuds to do. The purpose for which you are getting your earbuds will determine what kind of earbuds to get—whether wireless or not, with or without ear fins, or anything else. Just note that the good waterproof earbuds you’ll find, for now, are all in-ear. There’s hardly a good one that’s on-ear or over-ear.

Easy Controls

Another important question: how easy are the controls?

The controls should be as intuitive as possible. Yes, your set might come with a manual, but you shouldn’t need it actually. You should be able to figure out the works without much thinking.

Audio Quality

Now, especially if you’re an audiophile, you would most likely have your super-high tastes when it comes to audio gadgets, so it will do you good to get something that matches it.

Some earbuds come with really good bass for those who love the heart-pumping beats of the bass, and many also come with noise cancellation. On the other hand, there are some of us who do not like the sound too loud. Some ear buds are custom-made that way, too, for guys like that.

Battery Power

Finally, battery power: this includes how fast it charges and how long it will last with one charge.

A good set should be able to get to a full charge in roughly 2 hours and give quite a long period of use with that single charge. Most good sets you’ll find will give up to 8 hours of use, or about that, with one charge. In all, your headphones should give you good continuous use for a considerable length of time.

Get the Best Waterproof Earbud of 2021!

Go get your waterproof earbuds now and be unstoppable at your workouts!

Our Top Choice
Leophile Eel Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones
Best Value
Underwater Audio Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones
Plantronics Backbeat Fit Waterproof Earbuds
Pyle Waterproof MP3 Player with Headphones
Senso ActivBuds Wireless Waterproof Earbuds