Best Waterproof Ethernet Cable Reviews 2022

Waterproof Ethernet Cables are now in demand, more than ever. This has been necessitated by the ever changing technological advancement and the need to get connected at better speeds. Ethernet cables had hitherto been primarily meant for indoor installation. However, the need to have communication between several establishments has seen the need for outdoor Ethernet cables. This is why we’ve chosen to review some of the best waterproof cable brands in the market and their choicest products.
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Our Top Choice
Ubiquiti TOUGHCable PRO Ethernet Cable
Ubiquiti is a notable brand when it comes to data communication products. Established 2005, the company has grown to become one of the most respected brands in the market today.
Multi-layered shielding against electrostatic discharge with ESD technology. Rapid field deployment made possible without the need for soldering.
Cable requires careful handling during installation as it’s very soft to pull.
1000 Feet
24 AWG Copper
1000 Mbps Maximum
100 MHZ
Best Value
VIVO 500 Foot Cat5e Outdoor Ethernet Cable
Vivo is a reputable U.S. based company that deals with the design, manufacture, and supply of quality products with a genuine desire to come up with genuinely functional solutions.
Unshielded wire is connector-free, making customization much easier. Its Ethernet cable is waterproof and can be buried directly.
The cables tend to fall apart when running them around the crimp.
500 Feet
Copper Clad Aluminum
1000 Mbps Maximum
100 MHz
Vertical Cable CAT6 Bulk Ethernet Cable
Vertical Cable produces everyday products that meet the specific needs of its clients. Over the last 10 years, their focus has been on constantly updating their cost effective and high performance product line.
Distinctive color-stripped pairs make it easily noticeable. Attenuation and crosstalk characteristics make it perfect for outdoor use.
The cable material can be hard to bend to make the connectors at the end.
1000 Feet
155 Mbps
600 MHz
Cable4Sure Cat5e Direct Burial Shielded Cable
Cable4Sure is a small but solid, lady-owned company that’s been in operation for the last 16 years. They’re known to offer custom-made products such as cat6m cat5 and fiber optic patch cables.
The shortened body plug keeps the near-end cross talk (NEXT) levels to a minimum. Comes with RJ45 already installed both ends
The RJ45 connectors may need to be redone due to the shady work done by the manufacturer.
100 Feet
155 Mbps
350 Mhz
RiteAV Cat6 Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet Cable
RiteAV has built its name over the years from its dedication to quality and innovative nature. Its products stand tall in the market and develop with further developments in the technological world.
Pure copper construction ensures not only flexibility in terms of usage but also reliable speed. It’s UV-rated for optimal durability and protection.
Its short length would be a hindrance for long range connections.
25 Feet
1000 Mbps maximum
600 MHz

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What is the Best Waterproof Ethernet Cable?

With the ever-growing demand for internet connectivity, there are a myriad of options out there in regard to waterproof Ethernet cables. Sadly, most of them are imitations and don’t last long. With the information on what to look out for, you should be in a position to pick out the best. Our research led us to multiple top quality waterproof Ethernet cables and we ended end up settling on 5 good ones. Read on to see what we think of them!
Our Top Choice
The TOUGHCable PRO features ESD protection technology that helps protect your networks from electrostatic discharge attacks. If working on Gigabit Ethernet networks, however, the Ubiquiti Networks TC-CARRIER would be ideal considering its secondary shielding and featured crosstalk divider.

Ubiquiti Networks TOUGHCable PRO TC-PRO Outdoor Shielded Ethernet Cable

Ubiquity has established its name over the twelve years it’s been in operation as a reputable company, especially on matters internet accessories. This American technology company has warmed itself into the hearts of communication enthusiasts keen on getting the best wireless broadband and other data communication products. Since its inception in 2005, the company has made use of its ground-breaking and innovative wireless technology to produce quality communication accessories.

The Ubiquiti TOUGHCable PRO TC‑PRO is a testament of the company’s resolve to revolutionize the industry with dependable and durable products. Its insulation has been done with toughness in mind since it can perform even in the harshest environments or weather conditions. Furthermore, the ESD protection technology helps protect your networks from electrostatic discharge attacks.

The following are other notable features of this product:
  • Extended cable support that helps increase the power handling performance
  • Features tough connectors that help protect against hardware damage and ESD attacks
  • Comfortable lengths of up to 1000 feet ensures convenience during installation and eventual use
  • Waterproof and PE, outdoor-rated jackets help increase its toughness against extreme weather conditions
  • Multilayered shielding for more protection against outdoor environmental factors
Best Value
The VIVO 500 foot Cat5e Outdoor Ethernet Cable features an unmatched waterproof shielding to enable direct burial. Prefer a longer cable? Well in that case, you can opt for the Full Copper 1,000 foot Cat6 Ethernet Cable and make your longer connection much more efficient.

VIVO 500 Foot bulk Cat5e Ethernet Cable — Waterproof Outdoor / Direct Burial

Vivo, a U.S. based company with a dedicated team, is geared towards making every customer experience the best they can have. In collaboration with other like-minded partners across the globe, Vivo creates exceedingly efficient products that meet the market’s needs. These products include TV charts, TV mounts, projector screens and mounts, computer cases and, of course, network cables.

The VIVO 500 foot Cat5e Outdoor Ethernet Cable comes in an easy-to-use pull box, making your networks installation more efficient, whether wiring your home or office. This 500-foot wire features one of the best waterproof shielding technologies to ensure outdoor direct burial. This unshielded cable is connector-free and comes in its own spool box. The connector-free feature gives the user the liberty to customize the wiring, length and application. Common applications include outdoors, direct burial and any other environment that may call for a waterproof shield.
The Vertical Cable CAT6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable is designed to withstand outdoor use, considering its excellent attenuation and crosstalk characteristics. If you’re looking for an Ethernet cable that features a UV-resistant jacket with sequential length markings, then the Vertical Cable Cat5e Gel Ethernet Cable would be ideal for you.

Vertical Cable Cat6 1000 Foot Shielded Waterproof Tape — Black, Bulk Ethernet Cable

Vertical Cable has managed to create a niche name in the industry as a leader in supplying connectivity products, low voltage cables and accessories. Since its inception in 2006, it’s quickly gained credibility among both local and international stakeholders for bringing quality, value, technology and price in a convenient fusion. The company constantly works on improving its product line in its bid to please and meet the needs of their clients. The company hopes to make this possible through its business processes right from quoting, shipping to customer support.

Vertical Cable’s CAT6 Outdoor Bulk Ethernet Cable is a testimony that Vivo are quality-oriented indeed. This high-performance data cable features 155Mbps TP-PMD/CDDI and fast Ethernet. It has distinctive color-stripped pairs, making them easier to identify. Its 600MHz bandwidth is ideal for use with data applications.
The following are other features that set this product apart from the rest:
  • It’s RoHS compliant and ETL listed
  • Type CMX ensures waterproof and efficient outdoor network installations
  • Copper conductors notable in its 23 AWG wires
  • 1000 foot wooden spool ensures longer distances and dependable material
The Cat5e Direct Burial Shielded Cable comes with a molded snag-free boot to help prevent unwanted cable snags during installation If your connection area is shorter, you may find it better to go for the 50 Foot Outdoor Waterproof Cat5e Ethernet Cable instead.

Cable4Sure Outdoor Cat5e 100 Foot Direct Burial Shielded Ethernet Cable — Black

Cable4Sure, as its name suggests, is a company dedicated towards producing solid connectivity cables. Being a small, lady-owned business founded in 2001 it’s fully dedicated to providing the best platform for its customers to make online purchases for connectivity products. Since then, it’s grown to become one of the biggest suppliers for notable brands like Boeing, Apple, IBM, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and many military and governmental agencies.

The Cable4Sure Cat5e Direct Burial Shielded Cable is one of the revolutionary creations from this company. This cable comes UL-verified to ensure that it meets all the TIA/EIA standards, thus drastically reducing both structural and impedance return. It’s constructed with top quality wire coupled with a shortened body plug, thus keeping the near-end cross talk (NEXT) levels to a minimum. The cable also features a molded snag-free boot to help not only in providing extra strain relieve but also prevent unwanted cable snags during installation.

Other notable features include the following:
  • Water resistant protection made possible through the poly-gel filling
  • Solid copper to ensure better cross talk and lower attenuation
  • UV-rated jacket to help provide temperature protection for much longer
  • Shielded twisted pairs that protects against interference while at the same time preserving data integrity
  • Uses the 50-micron gold plated RJ-45 male to male
The RiteAV Cat6 Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet cable conveniently works for shorter connections thanks to its abbreviated length. If you’re looking for a cable to help with small-scale resident connections, however, you may see the need for the RiteAV 20 Foot Cat5e Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet Cable whose speed is equally quick.

RiteAV 25 Foot Cat6 Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet Cable, Direct Burial, Pure Copper

We all know how frustrating it can be to try finding an outdoor Ethernet cable that’ll give you the best speed and connection while standing the test of time. RiteAV has never disappointed when it comes to providing dependable and durable Ethernet cables. Its professionalism and keen eye to details has earned it adoration from customers and competitors alike. Think of internet connection and RiteAV should come to mind.

The RiteAV Waterproof Ethernet Cables are made to last, thanks to its strong shielding that makes it possible to be buried directly. Its pure copper wire allows for better connections and faster speeds. Being only 25 feet, it should be ideal for shorter ranges during your installation. Being a Cat6 cable, it accommodates both slower and faster speeds, giving you the flexibility in terms of its usage.

How Do I Choose the Best Waterproof Ethernet Cable?

Gone are the days when people communicated by smoke signals! As we get into the digital world, one denominator stands tall: networks. For effective communication, there ought to be the right networks that connect these communication devices though the internet. In most cases, these devices would be indoors. However, there are times that connections would need to be done outdoors. When this happens, cables would come in handy to make connections between devices. For outdoor use, waterproof Ethernet cables are ideal since they’re best suited to withstand the effects of harsh weather. Whether you’re installing cable modems, routers or computers, getting the right waterproof Ethernet cables would be mandatory.

Simple as they may look, there’s much that goes into getting the right waterproof Ethernet cable for your home or office connection. First, you may want to take into consideration the category of Ethernet cable you’ll be going for. It’d be important to note that there are three basic categories: Cat3, Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet cables.

Cat3 Cables: These are made with two, three or four pairs. Traditionally, they’ve been used when installing alarm systems of phone lines. This type is no longer popular of late considering the emergence of its newer versions.

Cat5 Cables: This is the most popular category considering its diverse abilities. These cables support 10 or 100 base-T networks (10/100), thus effective for computer network projects. Recent improvement saw this category of cables support Gigabit Ethernet networks.

Cat6 Cables: These are specifically designed for Gigabit Ethernet network but can be a replacement for any project that cat3 and cat5 can do. Due to the diminishing price difference between cat5 and cat6cables, the latter is now taking central place in most home and office connections.

Apart from these, you’d also want to determine if the waterproof Ethernet cable you’re going for has Shielded Twisted Pairs (STP) or Unshielded Twisted Pairs (UTP). As much as both have the same Ethernet communication performance, STP stands tall considering its better protection from electromagnetic noise from outside.
In most cases, using a desktop computer or even a laptop would call for the best waterproof Ethernet cable for outdoor connections. Cable quality should, therefore, be paramount considering the emergence of myriad imitations in the market. Generally, cables made of pure copper are considered to be of higher quality.

In the following sections you’ll find the finer details on what you may need to consider when shopping for your waterproof Ethernet cables.
When shopping for waterproof Ethernet cables, prices no doubt play a central role. Considering that you’re looking for cables to be used outdoors, you may want to focus on material quality, which may also mean a little higher price from the conventional cables. The other factor that’ll affect the price is the length of the cable. Common lengths would range between 10 and 100 meters. It’s therefore advisable that you measure the amount of cable you would need to complete the installation comfortably before you go out shopping. Allow room for error by adding another foot or so to the exact length of your connection.

The cable category also determines the price you’ll pay. Although a little pricey, cat6 cables are considered a better choice since they can work at high speed while at the same time accommodating slower speeds.

Based on these factors, you can expect to get a good quality waterproof Ethernet cable anywhere from $20 to $200. Take caution not to go for the cheap waterproof Ethernet cables since the likelihood of them being counterfeit is high while many may not have the best features to withstand outdoor environments.
Getting the right waterproof Ethernet cables would go a long way in giving you better connections and high speeds. This will, however, depend on the features of that particular cable. One of the features you may want to consider is the length. In order to make it fit, you’ll need to go for an ideal length; it can’t be too short to end up straining it, or too long, which would end up in a rat’s nest — not to mention costing you more for extra cable. While there is a maximum length recommendation of 300 meters for outdoor Ethernet cables, it helps to have extra cables of between 50 and 200 meters in length.

The following are other features you would want to look out for:
  • Data transfer rate: It helps to understand the speed that your cable can accommodate in terms of Megabits per second (Mbps) or Gigabits per second (Gbps)
  • Megahertz frequency: This refers to the number of oscillations per time period, usually expressed in seconds. The higher the MHz of a cable, the better its performance.
  • Color: Waterproof Ethernet cables come in a range of colors with the most common being orange, yellow, blue, gray, white and black. It helps to go for a color that will match the surrounding area to help conceal them
  • Shielded and unshielded versions: Unshielded cables are commonly used in small home networks due to its flexibility and favorable price. On the other hand, the shielded cables are better suited for industrial environments that have high electromagnetic interference.
Construction and Design
Considering the harsh outdoors environments that waterproof Ethernet cables will be exposed to, they’ve been specifically designed to counter this. One of the most notable features is the outdoor-rated jackets and multilayered shielding that help increase its toughness to withstand the harsh weather. The fact that it also comes in various colors helps it camouflage into the environment. While most cables come with RJ45s already installed to increase convenience and reduce time used on installation, others are connector free. This enables flexibility and customization based on the length of the connection area.
Performance and Ease of Use
Some waterproof Ethernet cables come with specific lengths. This ensures that no wastage is realized and the cable fits exactly the area intended. The copper material found in most cables ensures that good connectivity is achieved. With the metamorphosis of the Ethernet cable from cat3 to cats and now cat6, internet connection has never been this fast. The latest cat6 cables are built for speed and convenience through Gigabit Ethernet. The cable twisting applied in waterproof Ethernet cables helps reduce interference and increases range.

Get the Best Waterproof Ethernet Cable of 2022!

After going through these reviews of some of the best waterproof Ethernet cables in today’s market, we believe that you’re better informed on what to expect. If you haven’t found what tickles your fancy on these reviews, you needn’t worry as there are several other options from these brands that should ultimately meet your expectations. Get your preferred Ethernet cable today and keep the connection going!

Our Top Choice
Ubiquiti TOUGHCable PRO Ethernet Cable
Best Value
VIVO 500 Foot Cat5e Outdoor Ethernet Cable
Vertical Cable CAT6 Bulk Ethernet Cable
Cable4Sure Cat5e Direct Burial Shielded Cable
RiteAV Cat6 Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet Cable