Best Wearable Spy Glasses Reviews 2017

Wearable spy glasses are an accessory that can record important moments in your life, but can also improve your spying skills. This review focuses on wearable spy glasses, but if you prefer telescopes, we also have a review about telescope style spyglasses. Make sure you check that out! Also, if you love to watch nature’s creatures during the night, check out our review about night vision binoculars! In this review, we have chosen 5 great pairs of glasses from some of the best spy glass brands out there.
Our Top Choice
Toughsty Hidden Camera Wearable Spy Glass
Toughsty is a designer and manufacturer of video and audio devices founded in 2009. The company sells its products on 4 continents and reaches clients from 15 countries.
8 GB capacity. Supports micro-SD card of 32GB. 1280x720P HD color video.
Isolated reports that video quality is not so great if you make many head movements.
8 GB
1-2 hours
Best Value
EOVAS 4G 4-in-1 Sunglasses
Eovas is a trusted and well-known producer of spying devices. The products excel in quality and functionality.
3 different functionalities: webcam, DVR and pen. Built-in MP3 player. Includes earphones. 2 styles available.
The design might be too obvious to the trained eye.
1280x960 pics/640x480 video
4 GB
4-5 h (video), 10 h (pictures)
Cyclops Gear Video Sunglasses
Cyclops Gear is a company whose goal is to make people’s lives better by providing them devices they can capture at any moment with and relive later.
Polarized iridium lenses prevent excessive sunlight. 32GB internal micro-SD card included.
Isolated reports that the camera angle is not very wide. Vibration alert. Takes pictures while filming.
32 GB
4 hours
Clear/Yellow Polarized UV 400
Forestfish Polarized Sunglasses
Forestfish is a business started by the desire to provide joy and enrich people’s lives with great outdoor equipment.
3 hours battery lifetime. Charges in 3 hours. 720p HD video recorder. Comes with headphones.
It cannot be linked to phones in order to upload the video recorded.
8 GB
3 h recording, 128 h standby
Black, Polarized UV 400
DITOP Rearview Spy Sunglasses
DITOP is a brand that cares about easing people’s lives by creating products that come in handy and are consistently useful.
Allow you to see behind you. Comes in 2 color options. Elegant design. Comes with protective case.
For some people the glasses didn’t fit very well.
No camera available
No memory
No battery needed
Black, Rearview lenses

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What is the Best Wearable Spy Glasses?

With wearable spy glasses, it is very easy to record moments you don’t want to forget. Some glasses are waterproof, some allow you to listen to music having an MP3 incorporated and some help you pass unnoticed, thanks to their design. Take a look at the best spy glasses and you will definitely find a pair suitable for yourself.
Our Top Choice
The Toughsty Hidden Camera Wearable Spy Glasses offer a crystal-clear color image and real-time audio, with 1280x720P HD video resolution. If you are looking for a pair of outdoor hunting video glasses, we recommend you the Toughsty Hunting Glasses Camouflage. Their colors permit you to stay hidden and they have 1920x1080P full HD video resolution for crystal-clear and real-time video and audio recording.
Toughsty Hidden Camera Glasses – 8GB Memory, 1280x720P HD Video, Mini DVR Security Camcorder

Toughsty Spy Glass GL4000

Toughsty was founded in 2009 and is specialized in cameras, video recorders, audio players and wearable devices. Beside the fact that the company sells its own brand products, it also provides OEM service for some other brands. Its products have been exported to North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa, and they have managed to build a long term relationship with clients from more than 15 countries.

The Toughsty Hidden Camera Wearable Spy Glasses are very discreet, look like a normal pair of glasses, but actually do a great spying job. They have a hidden mini-camera which records real-time color video and audio. The camera has 1280x720P HD resolution, making the images recorded very clear.

Check out their characteristics:
  • 8 GB built-in micro-SD card
  • Can also support 32 GB micro-SD card
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery operating life of 1-2 hours
  • AVI video format, JPG picture format
  • Features mini USB port
  • 5 hours charging time
Best Value
The EOVAS 4G Wearable Spy Sunglasses are a real spy accessory and are available in 2 sizes. This model comes with a built-in 1.3 MP camera as well as an MP3 player. If you prefer a hidden spy camera to monitor a particular room, take a look at the Eovas Spy Camera Adapter. This adapter has a built-in hidden camera which will record continuous video footage on the 32GB internal memory space.
EOVAS 4 in 1 Sunglasses – MP3 Player, DVR Mini Camera Camcorder, Support Micro SD Card, 2 Styles Available


Eovas is a producer of wearable spying devices, such as hidden camera charger adapters, wall charger adapters, USB spy cameras, spy bracelets, glasses, clocks and so on. It also produces very useful around-the-house items, such as a bicycle repair tool kit, exercise balls, food thermometers, etc.

The EOVAS 4G Wearable Spy Sunglasses are very easy to use. You only have to press one button and then the camera will start recording. Also, they will confer you that classic spy look thanks to their design.

Let’s see more:
  • Available in 2 sizes: 4G glasses, 8G glasses
  • Camera has 640x480P video resolution and 1280x960P picture resolution
  • Built-in MP3 player with earphones
  • 5 hours for video, 10 hours for pictures and 6 hours playing MP3 battery lifetime
  • Works as webcam, DVR, and ballpoint pen
  • AVI video format, JPEG picture format
  • 4 GB memory
The Cyclops Gear Video Wearable Spy Glasses are a waterproof pair of sunglasses that help you capture the important moments in life. If you are going skiing, then this is the pair of glasses that you need: the Cyclops Gear Avalanche Snow Glasses. They offer high-quality 1080P video resolution with anti-fogging, 100% UV protected lens in order for you to have a great mountain experience.
Cyclops Gear Video Sunglasses - 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card Included, Polarized UV 400 Iridium Lenses

Cyclops Gear Spy Glass CYCLOPSH20

Cyclops Gear was founded from the desire to enrich people’s lives by providing them devices they can record their best experiences with and then share them with others. The devices the company produces are easy to use and can capture the important moments, no matter the setting.

The Cyclops Gear Video Wearable Spy Glasses are one of Cyclops Gear’s newest products and can capture any detail of your adventure. The glasses record in full HD, take photos instantly while video recording and they tell you when you start recording by emitting a vibration alert.

Let’s see their features:
  • 1080P full HD resolution
  • Waterproof sunglasses
  • Polarized iridium lenses available in clear or yellow
  • 32 GB micro-SD card
  • Up to 4 hours of recording time
  • Floating strap included so they won’t be damaged if dropped in water
The Forestfish Polarized Wearable Spy Glasses have Bluetooth function and are practical and multifunctional. If you prefer simple spy glasses without too many functions, check out the Forestfish Spy Sunglasses. The camera has a resolution of 1280x720P HD, and it has a built-in card 8 GB memory card for a reasonable price.
Forestfish Bluetooth Sunglasses - 8GB SD Card, 720P Video Recorder, for IOS Android Phones, Polarized Lenses

Forestfish Spy Glass Bluetooth Sunglasses - Black

Forestfish developed its business from the desire to provide people around the world with outdoor wearable items. They produce gym bags, travel blankets, backpacks, sun hats, and more, including a line of spy glasses, headphones, thermometers, gaming mice, etc.

The Forestfish Polarized Wearable Spy Glasses are glasses with Bluetooth function, meaning it can be connected to other devices with Bluetooth function, like your smartphone or tablet. You can now answer phone calls, listen to music or even record videos while driving.

Check out its specifications:
  • 720P HD video resolution
  • Bluetooth function
  • Built-in 8 GB TF card; can support 32 TF card
  • 3 hours working time, 128 hours standby
  • Polarized UV400 lenses
  • 3 hours charging time through USB port
The DITOP Rearview Wearable Spy Glasses are a revolutionary pair of spy sunglasses available in 2 different colors. If you want to specialize in the art of spying, the DITOP Flashlight kit will help you. The kit is available in 5 different versions and includes a powerful flashlight, among other useful accessories.
DITOP Rear Mirror View Sunglasses – UV Resistant, 2 Colors Available, Protection Case Included

DITOP Spy Glass DITOP – Black Border

DITOP is a brand which produces a large variety of items that help customers in their daily life. Some of these items are spying devices, party and kitchen accessories, labelers, batteries and a lot more.

The DITOP Rearview Wearable Spy Glasses look exactly like a normal pair of glasses. Have you ever felt like somebody was following you, but you couldn’t turn your head because then it was too obvious? This pair of rearview mirror sunglasses breaks all tracking rules!

Let’s see their features:
  • Available in 2 colors: black border and golden edge
  • Normal sunglasses design
  • Rearview mirror spy glasses
  • Both sides have side mirror view
  • UV protected
  • Coming in a nice glasses case

Get the Best Wearable Spy Glasses of 2017!

If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to capture moments in your life you don’t want to forget or if you felt like somebody was watching or following you, these wearable spy glasses will be a real help for you. Let’s start with a pair of spy glasses from a great brand and we’ll see what comes next.

Our Top Choice
Toughsty Hidden Camera Wearable Spy Glass
Best Value
EOVAS 4G 4-in-1 Sunglasses
Cyclops Gear Video Sunglasses
Forestfish Polarized Sunglasses
DITOP Rearview Spy Sunglasses