Best Weight Bar Reviews 2022

There are different kinds of weight bars offered by different brands, so choosing one can sometimes be difficult. What we have done is the groundwork of gathering all the best weight bars we could possibly find, and then picking what we think are the five top products from the best weight bar brands. If you find that they don’t weigh much in your books, you can always pick something else from any of these trusted brands. That said, let’s get liftinnnggg!!!
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Our Top Choice
Rep Fitness Sabre Olympic Bar
Beginning in Colorado for the love of fitness, Rep Fitness has made it a point to supply individuals with quality fitness equipment that helps them achieve their fitness goals.
20 kilogram-rated Olympic bar. Ideal for Power lifting moves like squats, bench presses and deadlifts. Zinc coating. Dual-knurl markings. Bushing for smooth spin.
Knurl could be more aggressive.
Olympic and Power lifting
Medium depth, Dual knurl, Bushing
88 x 4 x 4 inches, 44.1 pounds
1000 pounds
Zinc coating
Best Value
XMark Fitness 7-Foot Black Olympic Bar
Every product from XMark Fitness is specifically made to surpass any previous expectation you’ve ever had from exercise and fitness products in quality and affordability.
7 feet in length. Comes with brass bushings. 28-millimeter diameter. Medium knurling. Weighs 38 pounds. Comes with a black manganese phosphate finish. 700-pound weight capacity.
A little loose around the sleeves
Olympic Weightlifting
Brass bushing, Chrome sleeves
88 x 4 x 5 inches, 44 pounds
700 pounds
Black manganese coating
CAP Barbell Olympic 2-inch Combo Hex Bar
Beginning with only free weights at its inception, CAP Barbell has grown and evolved to now carry over 1000 different fitness products in 30 different categories.
Custom color weight bar. Will accommodate 2-inch Olympic plates. Has a weight capacity of 750 pounds. Comes with an accu-coat finish for durability and protection from rust.
Appears to be more ideal for home use.
Hex Bar
Accommodates 2-inch plates
56 x 24 x 5 inches, 52 Pounds
750 Pounds
Solid Steel
Troy Barbell 5-Foot Olympic Curl Bar
Troy Barbell began in 1987, and since then, it has grown to become one of the frontline manufacturers of free weights, which have been proven to deliver unparalleled value.
Comes with a solid steel shaft and a black finish. A commercial-quality curl bar with 27-millimeter diameter. Deep diamond knurling gives excellent grip. Takes all Olympic plates.
Black finish might chip after a little while.
Olympic Curl bar
Diamond knurling
50 x 6 x 6 inches, 18 pounds
Not provided
Solid steel
Body Solid 7-Foot Olympic Bar
Body Solid prides itself on its unequivocal promise to deliver only the best products made with the best materials possible, giving long-lasting products that give value for money.
It is a 7-foot Olympic bar. Comes with a black finish. 30-millimeter diameter at the grip. It’s 51.5 inches between the collars. 600-pound weight capacity. Bar weighs 44 pounds.
The diameter runs a bit thicker than standard.
Olympic Weightlifting
Black oxide finish, Deep knurling
88 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches, 44 pounds
600 pounds
Black oxide finish

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What is the Best Weight Bar?

Figuring out the best weight bar shouldn’t be so difficult anymore, we guess, thanks to our informative guide. Now, get ready to pick your favorite, cos we’re going down to the reviews now!
Our Top Choice
Check out the Rep Fitness Sabre Olympic Bar. It comes with a 20 kilogram rating, which makes it ideal for power lifting, and comes with dual knurl markings, making it ideal for both Olympic weightlifting and power lifting. Or you could check out this more high-end weight bar that comes with a chrome finish and bearings for a smoother spin: the Rep Gladiator Olympic Bar – 1500 Pound Rated Barbell.

Rep Fitness Sabre Olympic Bar – 1000 pounds for Cross-Training, Weightlifting, and Power Lifting – Available in 4 Variations

Rep Fitness began about five years ago, in the state of Colorado, by two brothers who loved and still love fitness. Their one vision was to create a business which supplied some of the best and highest-quality fitness equipment, and that’s exactly what they did. Fast forward to today and this company is still thriving. All its products are of high quality and have received great reviews across different platforms. There’s a culture of excellence over here, so every product is made with only the best possible materials available in order to make them durable and high performance. No athlete who’s ever used a piece of equipment from Rep Fitness has had anything but glowing reports about it.

The Rep Fitness Sabre Olympic Bar is a great bar for all your Power lifting moves such as the squats, the bench press, and the dead lifts. It’s also great because it works for Olympic lifting as well. It’s a 20 kilogram (44 pound)-rated bar with a 28-millimeter diameter. There is also a variation for women with a 25-millimeter diameter.

It is also a great option for Cross Training and High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) workouts and weightlifting, as its sleeves spin really well. It comes with bushing, which makes for a really smooth sleeve spin and makes weightlifting a lot more enjoyable for you.

With dual-knurl markings, this weight bar can easily be used for both Power lifting and Olympic weightlifting. It’s a medium-depth knurl, which gives you a great grip while doing your squats. Plus, this type of knurling affords you plenty of knurl, which is good especially for when you have to do heavy lifts. And worry not, it’s not a shark tooth knurl that can rip your hands to shreds. Lol.

If you need your knurl pretty aggressive though, this might not be the absolute best option, as there are a couple of complaints about the aggressiveness of the knurl of this weight bar.

Thankfully though, this weight bar comes with a zinc coating which, in the first place, prevents rusting, and equally makes the bar quite low maintenance, so you save some money too! Yay! It also comes with a one-year warranty.

Make that order!
Best Value
The XMark Fitness 7-Foot Black Olympic Bar is an excellent weight bar with equally excellent reviews. It stands at a weight of 7 feet and has a weight capacity of up to 700 pounds! This is one bar you want to get! Or how about a different kind of weight bar, like an EZ curl bar, that’s more affordable and comes with a chrome finish? See the XMark Fitness 28 Millimeter Olympic EZ Curl Bar.

XMark Fitness 7-Foot, 28 Millimeters Black Olympic Bar With Brass Bushings -- Available in Chrome or Black Manganese Phosphate

XMark Fitness offers some of the best exercise and fitness products you could ever find in the market. There’s a lot of craftsmanship poured into the making of each product, giving you quality, well-designed products that don’t just look great but equally perform excellently. With an eye for detail, each product is made to deliver in terms of value and convenience, therefore, you find that most are ergonomic. Customers are treated with unswerving amiableness, courtesy, and professionalism over at this brand. XMark Fitness goes beyond caring for excellence to caring for its customers and all that concerns them.

The XMark Fitness 7-Foot Black Olympic Bar is a mean bar with a high quality and a great design. It comes at a length of about 7 feet with a 28-millimeter diameter that makes for an excellent grip.

Talking about knurling, many customers have commented on this one thing: that the knurling is pretty aggressive, even a tad rough for a few. It’s a medium knurling, which means that it’s great for squats as well as heavy lifting.

Weighing in at 38 pounds, this bar has a maximum weight capacity of about 700 pounds. In terms of durability, this weight bar lasts a pretty long time, and a great contributor to this factor is its finish.

There are two finishes available with this weight bar: the black manganese phosphate, and the chrome. The manganese phosphate finish is about the hardest of the different kinds of finishes and gives superior protection from corrosion and abrasion. Chrome is also pretty tough, and gives a great feeling to your grip. So, either one of these finishes work!

Being an Olympic weight bar, this bar comes with brass bushings, which equally makes your spin great.

Why not place your order for this dude right away?
The CAP Barbell Olympic 2-inch Combo Hex Bar is one step further from your regular Trap bar. It comes with a patented accu-coat finish, which ensures durability and protection from rust. It also comes in assorted colors! Or you could check out this more affordable weight bar that comes chrome plated and works with 1-inch plates and has a 250-pound capacity: the CAP Barbell Standard 1-inch Chrome Bar.

CAP Barbell Olympic 2-inch Combo Hex Bar – Available in 8 Colors

About 25 years ago, CAP Barbell began as a small company that only manufactured free weights and weight benches, however, with the passage of time and consequent improvement and diversification, this same company now offers over 1000 products in 30 different categories, making it a leading producer and distributor of some of the best fitness equipment the market has seen. With its wide range of products, including strength equipment, racket balls, plyometric boxes, and lots more, it’s highly doubtable that you won’t find whatever you need here at CAP Barbell.

The CAP Barbell Olympic 2-inch Combo Hex Bar is actually made with the same specs as your regular Trap bar, however, it one-ups the Trap bar with its special, patented accu-coat finish. So, yes, it comes in assorted colors, but you’d be really mistaken to think that it’s just a painted bar. This finish gives the bar durability and protection from rust.

This weight bar combines both hex and high hex bar features and can work easily in any gym, home or professional. It accommodates 2-inch plates and can sustain a maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds.

The knurling of this weight bar is equally protected with the accu-coat coating. This coating gives you a more solid gripping surface, making your grip a lot nicer. Plus, since it is rust resistant, it is quite easy to clean. You won’t be needing a wire cleaning brush on this dude!

The bar itself is made of solid steel, which makes the bar pretty rugged and, of course, pretty durable. It won’t get deformed easily, but will stay in shape for as long as.

With all these positives, there’s still something else that makes this weight bar just amazing. It looks great. The way it’s designed, there’s no way you won’t stand out with this weight bar! And you know you want to! Order!
The Troy Barbell Deluxe 5-Foot Commercial Olympic Curl Bar is a commercial-grade curl bar that’s made of solid steel and comes with a black finish, which helps you lift weights with pure confidence! If you, however, need something more affordable, with a longer length, chrome finish, and great customer reviews, see the Troy Barbell 6-Foot Olympic Chrome Bar.

Troy Barbell Deluxe 5-Foot Commercial Olympic Curl Bar – Available in Various Sizes

Troy Barbell, headquartered in Houston, Texas, began in 1985 as a manufacturer of free weights. Today, thanks to doggedness and vision, this brand stands as one of the frontline manufacturers of free weights in the fitness industry today. Its various lines of products have been tested and proven to deliver unparalleled quality industry-wide, and prices are equally fair. By integrating people, technology, and experience into its manufacturing processes, this brand delivers some of the most customer-satisfying products ever seen or used. And it’s not just about products, it’s also about service. When it comes to customer care, Troy Barbell definitely scores highly. It’s definitely a brand to do business with.

The Troy Barbell Deluxe 5-Foot Commercial Olympic Curl Bar is a high-quality curl bar with so many amazing features.

First off, its shaft is made of solid steel, which ensures its durability and gives the bar a nice weight (it’s a bit heavier than the standard EZ bar). Also, it’s commercial grade, which further ensures its durability. This is a weight bar that you can definitely use both at home and in a professional gym.

It comes with a 27-millimeter diameter, giving the bar a really great grip. Plus, it will definitely fit any Olympic plate at all. Its diamond knurling is full and gives the weight bar a pretty comfortable and controlled grip. You’re going to love lifting this weight bar. Even without putting the weights on it, you can feel the quality with which it is made.

The curves on this bar are totally rocking, and the grips on this thing are awesome. The curves make lifting a whole lot easier and even almost enjoyable, if weightlifting can be called enjoyable. lol.

For the spin, you’ll love it! It spins freely and smoothly, and does that without a single peep. So, no squeaks, no noise at all.

The way it’s designed, this bar can easily accommodate every and any Olympic plate. Plus, it comes with a 27-millimeter diameter and a 5-foot length.

Why not place your order right away?
So, what’s so amazing about the Body Solid 7-Foot Olympic Bar? First off, it’s super affordable; next, it comes as a 7-foot bar with a 600-pound weight capacity. So, affordable plus super-effective weight bar? Why not? For a different kind of weight bar that’s more affordable, and with a black finish, check out this EZ curl bar from Body Solid: the Body Solid 47-inch EZ Curl Olympic Bar.

Body Solid 7-Foot Olympic Bar – Available in Black or Chrome

There are so many reasons to shop at Body Solid, and a primary one is its unequivocal promise to deliver quality products made with only the best and most durable materials possible. This brand takes so many things into consideration when manufacturing its products to ensure that you get the best out of each one: Aspects such as the safety of the products, their toughness, finish, the technologies that go into them, and even their affordability! It’s no wonder that so many customers do not take the Body Solid brand for granted. Its amazingly super-hero ability to manufacture exceptional products at such give-away prices has endeared this brand to many a customer. Don’t take our word for it. Check the reviews!

The Body Solid 7-Foot Olympic Bar is a basic weight bar that’s pretty affordable but really great for any kind of use. It can be used for any kind of power lifting, be it bench press, back squatting or dead lifts.

The knurling isn’t too aggressive and is, in fact, well spaced to perform a dead lift. And though the sleeves aren’t pinned, they are, at least, smooth, which will allow you to put plates on and take them off without scratching or chipping or anything of the sort.

This weight bar comes with a 7-foot length, a 30-millimeter diameter (which is a tad too thick for standards), and a 600-pound weight capacity. The bar itself weighs about 44 pounds.

As you order this one, you can also check out other equally amazing products from this amazing brand. You’ll definitely find something to add to your cart!

Check out other products from Body Solid:
  • The Body Solid Padded Weighted Bar: Works great and is affordable.
  • The Body Solid Standard Curl Bar: This comes in at 47 inches with a chrome finish, and a pretty affordable price.
  • The Body Solid Olympic Triceps Weight Bar: Get those triceps toned nicely with this great triceps weight bar.
  • The Body Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Sets with Chrome 7-foot Barbell: This comes with everything you need in a weight set.

How Do I Choose the Best Weight Bar?

There are several ways to keep fit and weightlifting is one of them, especially for those who are looking to get the Dwayne Johnson kinda body. There are different ways to build body mass and muscle, thanks to the myriad of weights and other exercise equipment available these days.

Building muscles in your arms and chest area requires a lot of push-ups, pull-ups, and lifting, as you may well know. Aside from building up your body, which is great cos looking ripped is totally lit, these exercises are also great ways to keep fit. So, even if you don’t want to do the full weightlifting thing, you should try a couple of dumbbells sometimes.

Today, though, we’ll be focusing on the weight bar. Yep! This is a bit hardcore, and if you’re not a huge fan of lifting, you might want to step away from this one, and maybe try some hand walking weights instead.

Weight bars are not just for exercise purposes; they also fall into the category of competition sports. A lot of people train to qualify for weightlifting competitions, either at the Olympics or other such matches. Weightlifting isn’t just for weight lifters; it’s also a great way to train for boxers, wrestlers, and any such sport that requires a strong arm or a tough upper body.

Admittedly, weightlifting might look like a scary venture, especially when you see the amount of energy exerted even by pros, but thankfully, you don’t have to start from the heaviest weights; there are some weights for beginners and the likes. Our guide will go into all those other details you’ll need to make a fine choice of a weight bar, so don’t stop reading.

In the meantime, tell yourself, “Weightlifting is not tough, I can do it!”
Weight bars could cost a pretty penny, so you need to get a good one. Usually, that should cost you from about $90 to $300. Some of the things that contribute to the price of a particular bar are the finish and whether the brushings or bearings are used to generate the spin (our guide explains that). Avoid getting a cheap weight bar, as those could get deformed pretty quickly and might not give you a totally pleasant experience while lifting. Keep your workouts fun and challenging for the right reasons, and avoid cheap weight bars.
So, quickly, we will run through all the features that make for an excellent weight bar. Come along with us!
  • Weight bars for different categories of people
  • The whip of the bar
  • The barbell sleeves
  • The barbell strength
  • Load capacity
  • Knurling
  • Finish
  • Types
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
There are quite a number of types of weight bars, so we will quickly breeze through each of them.

Olympic Bars: These bars are basically designed with the main Olympic lifts in mind: the snatch, and the clean jerk. They are a bit smaller by one millimeter. Knurling on Olympic weight bars is less aggressive and requires spinning. They usually require more flexibility and bend than other types.

Powerlifting Bars: These are designed for the three big guys in the lifting exercises: the squat, the bench press, the deadlift. These bars have more aggressive knurling and allow the lifter a narrower grip and a more secure squat for the deadlifts. They are way more rigid than Olympic bars and do not deform.

Hybrid, Training, and Multipurpose Weight Lifting Bars: Hybrid weight bars are excellent for Olympic weightlifting, as well as Powerlifting. They are ideal for beginners and intermediate lifters, as they combine characteristics of Olympic bars and Powerlifting bars. They usually come with two knurling markings to adapt to both Olympic and Powerlifting standards.

Hex Trap Bar: Used as an alternative to the straight bar deadlift.

EZ-Curl Bar: This is a shorter variation of a barbell. It’s usually lightweight and has a unique jagged shape. For those who tend to experience some pain in their wrists while doing the curls with a straight bar, this bar is a better option, as the angle of the bar allows for a more natural grip.

Fixed Barbells: These are more convenient barbells, as they aren’t time-consuming to set up, seeing as you won’t need to add collars or plates. They usually come in at around 110 millimeters long, and could weigh from 5kg to 45kg.

Now let’s go to the parts of a weight bar.

First, the sleeves. They play a part in determining the spin of a bar, and this spin, in turn, can occur because of the use of either bearings or bushings.

Bushings will usually be located between the shaft and the sleeve. They are usually made of brass for durability and offer much less friction. Bearings, on the other hand, give spins that are quieter, smoother, and faster. And unlike bushings, they are made of small needles or metal balls. Usually, you’ll find bearings in powerlifting bars, while you’ll find bushings in Olympic bars.

The strength of a barbell is measured in two ways: the yield strength and the tensile strength.

The yield strength is the weight it takes to deform the bar permanently. This strength is determined by continuously adding weight to each end of the bar.

The tensile strength is the final breaking point of a bar, and it is denoted in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). If you’re going for a high-end weight bar, then you’ll most likely get something with a 190 000 or 215 000 PSI rating, but a good minimum to work with is 165 000 PSI. Although, 180 000 PSI and above make for a decent bar.

The finish of the bar is also important. It can make your grip feel great or just meh. Bare steel bars give the best grip, but if they are not properly maintained, they could rust. You could also try a black oxide bar; they are not high maintenance like bare steel, as they offer more protection from oxidation.

Zinc offers better protection, but they require regular maintenance to retain their shine.

Chrome is an expensive finish, but it offers the best protection. The only issue is that they tend to be a little slippery, even more so than bare steel. If you go for something high-end though, the knurling should compensate for this.

Stainless steel has a similar feel to bare steel, but a similar protection to chrome. It’s usually found in high-end weight bars.
Performance and Ease of Use
When getting a weight bar, you should consider the people who will be using it. There are differences between bars for men, women, and youth, and listed below are their specs.

Men: length will usually be 2.2 meters, diameter 28 millimeters (Olympic) or 29 millimeters (powerlifting), weight 20 kilograms.

Women: length 2.01 meters, diameter 25 millimeters, weight: 15 kilograms.

Youth: length 1.7 meters, diameter 25 millimeters, weight 10 kilograms.

Now, let’s talk about the whip, which refers to the bounce at the ends of the bar after a repetition or a phase of a lift. The amount of whip that a bar comes with is determined by two things: the material, and the diameter of the bar. Another factor might be the thickness of the plates.

The load capacity is primarily determined by the width of the plate. Olympic bars require much less load in comparison to powerlifting bars.

Get the Best Weight Bar of 2022!

You’ve found that weight bar you’ve always wanted, haven’t you? Then order!

Our Top Choice
Rep Fitness Sabre Olympic Bar
Best Value
XMark Fitness 7-Foot Black Olympic Bar
CAP Barbell Olympic 2-inch Combo Hex Bar
Troy Barbell 5-Foot Olympic Curl Bar
Body Solid 7-Foot Olympic Bar