Best Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews 2022

When you're lifting more and more weight, the right gloves can make all the difference. The best weightlifting gloves offer superior grip and protection, so you can lift as much as your body allows each week. Many weightlifting gloves have useful features, such as sturdy wrist support. We've found five of the best weightlifting glove brands, so you can take your routine to the next level.
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Our Top Choice
Nordic Lifting Unisex Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support
Nordic Lifting specializes in simple, highly effective fitness accessories. These rugged lifting gloves are versatile and supportive.
Integrated adjustable wrist wrap. Inexpensive but high quality material. Stitched leather palm for grip and protection.
Some users report problems with stitching coming apart, but isolated out of majority of Amazon reviews.
X-Small to X-Large
CrossFit, Weightlifting
Best Value
Harbinger Men's Power Glove – Also in Women's
Harbinger creates innovative, lightweight training accessories that won't get in the way of your workout. These Weight Lifting gloves are flexible and durable.
Lightweight. Flexible. Inexpensive. Breathable. Reverse grain leather for grip. Padding for protection. Double stich durability.
No wrist support. Less padding than some more expensive gloves.
Small to XX-Large
Leather & Mesh
RIM Sports Washable Women's Weight Lifting Gloves
RIM Sports believes there's gear for every lifestyle. These premium Weight Lifting gloves are washable, protective and lightweight.
Flexible and lightweight. Ideal for lifting, biking, rowing, CrossFit and more. Velcro adjustable. Many color options. Durable.
Not as much wrist support as some models.
X-Small to X-Large
8 Colors
Lifting, Cycling, CrossFit & More
Leather and Spandex
Meister Women’s Fit Weigh Lifting Gloves
Meister is committed to delivering the best martial arts and fitness gear. These highly breathable gloves are comfortable and easy to remove.
Flexible elastic mesh. Durable Amara leather. Breathable. Pull tabs to easily take them off. Snug fit.
No wrist support. Less padding than some other gloves, but still very comfortable for lifting.
X-Small to X-Large
3 Colors
Weightlifting, CrossFit & More
Leather & Mesh
Fit Four ‘The Gripper” Silicone Grip Weight Lifting Gloves
Fit Four is passionate about athletic gear that improves your lifestyle. This glove alternative offers perfect grip without restricting movement or breathability.
Superior grip. Non-restrictive for superior flexibility and breathability. Durable synthetic leather.
Less protection and support compared to standard gloves.
X-Small to X-Large
4 Colors
CrossFit, Lifts, Chin Ups, Rings
Leather, Lycra, Silicone

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What is the Best Weight Lifting Gloves?

Now that you've read what to consider when purchasing weightlifting gloves, let’s take a look at some of the brands that offer quality models. These brands specialize in athletic gear and know the science of weightlifting. We will compare the price of each glove against the benefits you're likely to get, including comfort and support. We've chosen to focus on a mix of men's and women's gloves, but these brands have many options for both.
Our Top Choice
These Nordic Lifting Training Gloves are strong, flexible and light, providing soft padding, grip and wrist support for extreme Weight Lifting and CrossFit. For a women's model, check out the Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves for Women, which is specialized for women's hands and grips.

Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves for Men and Women -12" Wrist Wrap Support and 1 Year Warranty, Available in 5 Sizes

Nordic Lifting was created to fill a much needed demand for athletes. They felt that big brands could overcharge for products without offering great value, and were determined to offer a better way. Nordic lifting accessories are made with the best materials and with well-crafted designs. Their products come with great warranties because Nordic Lifting is all about customer satisfaction.

These gloves are designed for heavy lifting: That's why they're built with heavy duty leather and stitching. Light padding takes some of the stress off your palms without getting in your way. Users find that these gloves are especially easy to take on and off since they're lightweight and Velcro-adjustable. The wrist wrap feature is ideal for heavy lifters and CrossFit while the stitched leather grip makes it easy to hold on to large amounts of weight.

Get these training gloves in any size from X-small to X-large.
Best Value
Harbinger's Men's Power Lifting Gloves are a low-impact way to improve your Weight Lifting, featuring a lightweight, flexible and breathable design that won't get in the way of your lifts. There's also a model for women, so check out the Harbinger Women's Stretchback Weight Lifting Gloves for a more specialized fit.

Harbinger Men's Power Weight Lifting Gloves with StretchBack Mesh and Leather Palm Grip – Available in 5 Sizes

Harbinger was founded by David McCrane, a sports enthusiast and lifelong entrepreneur and innovator. When he founded Harbinger, he was working in the skateboarding industry and had an idea for a lightweight skateboarding glove that could offer both wrist protection and wrist support. After talking with world-renowned athletes, he realized the potential his gloves could have for Weight Lifting and adapted his designs.

These power Weight Lifting gloves won't disrupt your workout at all: the entire back is made with flexible mesh lining for a glove-less feel. A second layer of leather is used around the fingers and palm for extra protection against abrasion and stress. For grip, the palm has reversed to grain leather so you can hold on to more weight without losing glove durability.

You can buy this glove in size small to XX-Large.
These RIM Sports Powerlifting Gloves are highly versatile, featuring lightweight flexible design that makes them ideal for lifting, CrossFit, cycling and more. Looking for a men's version of this versatile glove? Check out the RIM Sports Men's Weight Lifting Glove with Wrist Wrap.

RIM Sports Gym Gloves for Powerlifting (and More) -Blister Protection, Breathable Leather and Spandex – Available in 8 Colors and 5 Sizes

RIM Sports was created by a husband and wife team of passionate fitness enthusiasts, looking to improve their experience in the gym. They believed there was proper gear for both casual and serious athletes, and so they set out to create superior gear for a variety of athletic purposes.

These stylish gym gloves are made with durable leather and spandex for comfort, grip and flexibility. The large Velcro adjuster makes it super easy to take these off and put them on for a close fit. The design incorporates ventilation pockets to keep you cool during your most intense workouts. One main benefit for these glove is their versatility. Since they’re so lightweight, they make great cycling or rowing gloves in addition to Weight Lifting and CrossFit gloves.

These gloves come in blue, pink, turquoise, black, gray, neon green, purple and green. They come in both a women's and a men's version.
Meister's Women's Fit Grip Weight Lifting Gloves are snug yet breathable and feature unique pull tabs so you can easily remove them in a single motion. For more advanced lifting and for both men and women, check out the Meister Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves with Gel Padding.

Meister Women Grip Weight Lifting Gloves with Washable Amara Leather – Available in 3 Colors and 5 Sizes

Meister was founded in 2006, creating custom gear for mixed martial arts and fitness training. Many fighting organizations use Meister gear because of its practical build and high quality materials. Meister is very passionate about their gear, which they produce themselves, and try to always exceed their users' expectations.

This is another versatile glove: Its lightweight and breathable design makes it ideal for protecting your hands during a number of activities like cycling and rowing. This model is designed to snugly fit women's hands with a non-slip grip and comfortable synthetic padding. They are also 100% washable and highly durable. Their unique finger tabs make it easy to take these gloves off without slowly pulling them one finger at a time.

They're available in pink, black and turquoise, in sizes from X-small to X-large.
The Fit Four Gripper Weight Lifting Glove offers total flexibility and movement while providing total grip. For advanced Weight Lifting, check out the Fit Four F4X Spartan Grip with enhanced silicone palm and wrist support.

Fit Four The Gripper Weight Lifting Gloves - Workout Gloves Cross Training Athletes, Callus Guard, Enhanced Silicone Grip Palm, 4 Colors and 5 Sizes

Fit Four goes the extra mile to deliver a superior workout. They care the most about innovation, passion, customer care and integrity. Their commitment to innovation and passion are easy to see when you look at their unique, costumer-satisfying gear.

The Gripper is an innovative way to empower your workout. Get a better grip on your weights or chin-up bar as you work out so you can focus on training your muscles. Their durable construction is made with the best materials: synthetic leather, Lycra and silicone for power and grip. The design incorporates moving hexagon-shaped pads so that the glove doesn't restrict your natural movement.

The Gripper is available in black, hot pink, neon green and electric blue in sizes X-small to X-large.

How Do I Choose the Best Weight Lifting Gloves?

Fitness specialists and proficient weightlifters will tell you that repetitive weightlifting tears up your hands. When you regularly grasp dumbbells and other exercise equipment, you can easily get blisters, and your wrists might get weakened due to overuse. Luckily, having weightlifting gloves in your gym bag kit helps protect you from injuries and makes the exercises more comfortable and enjoyable whilst you track your fitness.

When purchasing weightlifting gloves, see if they fit snugly, to avoid shifting around while you're lifting weights. While new gloves are usually stiff, they should fit your hands comfortably. Consider the material used in making the weightlifting gloves as well. Gloves with material that ensures durability and comfort will help you narrow down your options.

Another important factor to consider is the closure system. Most weightlifting gloves have Velcro closure systems. The Velcro strap should be strong and large. You don’t want your gloves to keep on opening while you’re busy exercising. Check whether the Velcro strap is adjustable for various hand and wrist sizes.
You do not have to break the bank to get a decent pair of weightlifting gloves. High-quality weightlifting gloves are priced between $10 and $25. The price tag depends on the construction material, features, and overall design. For example, all-leather gloves are more expensive than ones made of a mixture of leather and mesh.

While there are cheap weightlifting gloves available, they may not be durable. You might end up paying more in the long run, as you will be forced to replace your gloves more often.
When shopping for weightlifting gloves, consider how you will use them, and whether they will meet your needs. Will you be using the gloves exclusively for weightlifting? If the answer is no, then you are better off with gloves that can be used in other fitness and exercising activities.

Here are the important qualities to consider in weightlifting gloves:
  • Design of the gloves: unisex, men’s or women's
  • Size
  • Material(s)
  • Closure system
  • Colors
Get weightlifting gloves that have your desired features and that are within your budget.
Construction and Design
Leading brands use different materials to make weightlifting gloves. It is important to examine the material, as this affects things relevant to weightlifting such as grip, durability, and breathability. Leather gloves last a long time, but come with a higher price tag. Leather gloves also provide a firm grip and allow breathability. This does not mean other materials are bad, but it’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications on the material used.

Most brands stock gloves in different sizes. Ensure that the size you choose fits your hands and is also comfortable. Different weightlifting gloves also come with gender-specific designs. Many brands use both the color and size to make gloves that appeal to a specific gender.

Before purchasing weightlifting gloves, look at the closure mechanism. Be sure it's adjustable to fit your hand and wrist sizes.
Performance and Ease of Use
Good weightlifting gloves are made with the consumer in mind. While shopping for this sporting gear, consider whether the gloves can be used in other fitness activities. If not, you’re better off with multipurpose gloves. This helps save money and the time involved in changing gloves when done with weightlifting.

Consider how comfortable it is to use the gloves before purchasing them. Check whether the gloves will enhance your grip and if your hands feel free in the gloves. Keep in mind that padded gloves come with more comfort. Finally, check how you put on and take off the gloves. Is it easy to close the Velcro straps?

Get the Best Weight Lifting Gloves of 2022!

After reading these reviews, you may have already made up your mind on what weightlifting gloves to get to enhance your fitness training. If our featured products don’t suit your lifestyle, these brands have other options for your budget and intensity. Go ahead and train like a pro with one of these sets of gloves!

Our Top Choice
Nordic Lifting Unisex Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support
Best Value
Harbinger Men's Power Glove – Also in Women's
RIM Sports Washable Women's Weight Lifting Gloves
Meister Women’s Fit Weigh Lifting Gloves
Fit Four ‘The Gripper” Silicone Grip Weight Lifting Gloves