Best Weight Loss Drink Reviews 2019

Weight loss drinks, sometimes called meal replacement drinks, have been around for a long time and there's a good reason for that—they're a simple way to watch your calories and they make it easy to avoid gorging and over-snacking. The best protein drinks for dieting are portioned to control hunger while providing the daily nutrients you need. We've looked at five of the best weight loss and nutrition brands to find effective and filling weight loss shakes for a variety of lifestyles.
Our Top Choice
Labrada LEAN BODY® RTD High Protein Nutrition Shake
This high-protein, zero-sugar protein shake is made by Labrada as part of the Lean Body Signature series.
Zero sugar. High-protein. Low-fat. Six unique flavors. Award-winning taste. 22 vitamins & minerals.
Somewhat high in sodium.
RTD (ready to drink)
280 per serving
6 flavors
Pack of 12 17-Ounce
40 grams per serving
Best Value
ViSalus Vi-shape® Weight Loss Shake Mix
ViSalus takes a holistic approach to weight loss. Vi-shape is low in fat, sugar and sodium, but high in protein, fiber and vitamins.
Low-fat. Low-sugar. Low-sodium. Low-carb. Gluten Free. Heart healthy. High-protein. 26 vitamins & minerals.
Some users don't like the taste, but most do and even more so when mixed with coffee or fruit.
90 per serving
Sweet Cream
24 per can
12g per serving
Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake
Orgain is dedicated to providing nutritious shakes. According to hundreds of users, this all-natural shake is delicious and filling.
Certified organic. 23 vitamins & minerals. Blended with fruits and veggies. Doctor developed.
None – complaints about the old formula have been answered, and users love the new taste.
RTD (ready to drink)
225 per serving
4 flavors
Pack of 12 11 Ounces
16g per serving
Slimfast Meal Replacement Shake Mixes
Slimfast's world-renowned, hunger-controlling formula is clinically proven to help users lose weight and keep it off.
Four hours of hunger control. 23 vitamins and nutrients. Six flavors. Good source of protein & fiber.
Medium sugar content, but many users say this helps to satisfy cravings
110 per serving
6 flavors
34 per can
14 grams per serving
Hydroxycut Lean Protein Shakes
Hydrocut Lean Protein Shake has only 100 calories and a mouth-watering creamy flavor.
Low-calorie. Zero sugar. Low-fat. Hunger controlling.
Some users say this shake is too sweet, but most love the taste and the results.
RTD (ready to drink)
100 per serving
Chocolate OR Vanilla
8 (2 per bottle)
16 grams per serving

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How Do I Choose the Best Weight Loss Drink?

Do you find it hard to allocate a few hours each day to help you shed the extra weight while maintaining a well-balanced diet? Do not fret as there is a much-simplified way to maintain a nutritious lifestyle. All you have to do is replace your day-to-day meals with meal replacement shakes.

The shakes are formulated to assist you in losing and maintaining your desired weight. They are an ideal choice for anyone who would like to retain a great shape. The weight loss drinks, which are designed with low-calorie nutrients, contain proteins and carbohydrates. The foundation for these drinks is to mix protein powder with water, but you’ll also need the right portions of fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids.

The shakes are designed in such a way that they achieve three integral purposes: fat reduction, body building, and weight maintenance. All this is achieved by supplying the body with the required nutrients without necessarily contributing to weight gain.

Therefore, if your work takes up too much of your time so that you end up missing important meals such as lunch and breakfast, you can replace this with the meal replacement shake. If you desire to lose weight and become healthier, then this is the drink for you.

A meal replacement shake is not only safe, but it is also nutritious and ensures that you get everything you would have obtained from a normal meal. The good thing is that they are delicious, and at the same time very easy to make.

A smoothie is a great weight-loss tool in that you get to control the ingredients that go into it. It’s ideal because it has few calories, but is heavily laden with ingredients that can leave you full for long periods. The right ingredient combination makes it possible for you to create tasty smoothies that will help you in losing unwanted weight. It is only a matter of time before you learn what you need to use, how to use it, and how to go about combining all the ingredients into your blender and streaming out a perfect weight loss drink.

Apart from the basic ingredients, you have the option of including powerhouse ingredients such as fish oil, that will boost the nutritional value of your smoothie without adding unwanted calories. With smoothies, you are not limited in how you use the ingredients as you can also incorporate elements that will leave you feeling full for hours, boost your energy levels, and enhance your metabolism rate.

Together with a well-balanced diet, you need to ensure that you exercise frequently. You should aim to get in some kind of physical activity each day, even if it means taking a short walk each morning or evening. High-intensity workouts, regardless of their duration, will be good as well. Try to perform high-intensity workouts 2 to 3 times each week to hasten the weight loss process. This process is also known as Peak Performance or High Intensity Training.
Smoothies are able to speed up your weight-loss program in that a single glass can contain all the nutrients required by your body without having to deal with unwanted calories. Again, you won’t have to spend an arm or leg to purchase the best weight loss drink. Great brands will provide you with drinks for as little as $6 and as much as $40, depending on the ingredients and the form (powder or liquid).

Cheaper weight loss drinks are still available out there, but we don’t often recommend them to our clients due to quality concerns and integrity issues. Most of them don’t contain what is claimed on the sticker.

Once you’re armed with information on how to go about creating a balanced smoothie, you will be in a position to create a smoothie that has a proper combination of healthy fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates—not forgetting the nutrients and vitamins.
There are a few important features to consider when selecting the right weight loss drink:
  • Your Preferred Protein – The foundation of any quality shake is a high-quality protein powder combined with water. For each shake, be sure to use between 20 and 30 grams. If you’re older, you will need to use more, as your body will require more proteins. Not sure which protein to choose? Consider whey protein, as it has been proven to have the best dietary results.
  • Satisfactory Fiber – It is necessary that you include fiber in your shake as a way of keeping your hunger at bay as well as controlling a spike in your blood sugar. The fibers will be responsible for absorbing all the excess water while expanding your stomach to leave you with a feeling of fullness. Fiber has also been known to assist in slowing down an increase in your blood sugar levels after a meal. Cutting back on carbohydrates means that you will be losing out on much-needed fiber. The shake will take care of this.
  • Omega 3 Fats – Fats are important in that they slow down your digestion process and this ensures that you are left feeling full for longer. Given that protein powders tend to have a low fat content, there is a need to include some omega-3 fats such as chia seeds, fish oil, or flax oil. The omega-3 fats have also been known to assist in reducing insulin resistance. This resistance improves the burning of fats in your muscles, while also inhibiting the storage of fats.
Construction and Design
As you are using smoothies to achieve your fitness goals, you should remember that weight loss involves much more than changing your diet. If your smoothie is created correctly, it will provide you with all the essential nutrients you require such as minerals, vitamins, good fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. However, you should not forget to consume healthy foods while taking the smoothies; your body still requires a regular intake of whole grains, high-quality proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats.

You should also consider the taste of the weight loss drink. If it’s something you don’t like, you’ll less likely continue with it for long. Consider low-sugar, low-fat shakes if the zero-sugar options don’t taste good.
Performance and Ease of Use
More and more people are turning to smoothies to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. If possible, you should take the smoothie in the morning as a replacement for breakfast, and then take on the other meals as usual. It is acceptable to substitute a meal once in a while with a smoothie, and it’s not mandatory that it be done in the morning; you can also do it at lunch or dinner time.

Smoothie diets are not very healthy for your body as they normally come with restrictive calories. It is possible to lose weight when on a detox diet or when taking a smoothie, but this will in many cases act as a short-term fix. You will, within no time, gain the extra weight that you had shed.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your body is to undertake a real diet. This is a diet that comprises of traditional foods—the kind of foods that your grandparents used to consume hundreds of years ago! But, the truth is, most of us are always on the move and we can no longer afford that luxury.

The process of preparing a weight loss shake is very straightforward. A meal replacement shake is ideal for that person who is always on the move. All you need to do is add this powder to your preferred beverage. It can be combined with water, skimmed milk, or even juice.

So, is a meal replacement shake good for you? It’s ideal for those who want to shed weight or add some muscle. It also assists diabetic patients to control their calorie and carbohydrate intake and helps individuals who have a problem digesting solid food to fill their nutritional requirements. You can use the meal replacement shake as a supplement, provided that you follow its directions for use. It can help you get that figure you’ve always desired to get but has been eluding you.

What is the Best Weight Loss Drink?

We chose brands that are known for getting real weight-loss results and providing quality nutrition. We also looked for weight loss drinks that offered a range of tempting flavors to help stave off cravings. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to choose a weight loss drink that suits your lifestyle and budget.
Our Top Choice
This creamy, high-protein shake comes in six filling flavors and is sugar, gluten and lactose-free. For women trying to get fit and stay lean, Labrada also sells a Lean Body Whey Protein Isolate specifically designed for women.
Labrada LEAN BODY® Weight Loss Shake – Ready to Drink Weight Control Shake, High Protein, No Sugar

Labrada Weight Control Shake – Chocolate, 12 pack

Labrada caters to all types of athletes and casual exercisers, ranging from Olympic-level body-builders to your average jogger. Their products include protein supplements as well as weight-loss foods. They show their commitment to users with helpful information regarding fitness, diet, and general success tips. This ready-to-drink shake is part of the Lean Body line which offers a range of lean yet filling options for weight loss and body toning.

Let's see why the Lean Body signature series is centered around this slimming protein shake.
  • The Lean Body shake is low-fat and has zero sugar content so you can easily cut down and monitor your intake.
  • 40 grams of protein per shake – much more than competitors – helps you tone your body as you lose weight for a complete transformation.
  • Innovative flash-heat processing keeps the protein effective for longer so you can easily store this drink without worrying.
  • 22 vitamins and minerals round out this shake by providing nutrients you would have gotten from eating regular meals.
  • Patented, on-the-go bottle with a resealable top makes this shake convenient no matter where you are.
  • The Lean Body shake contains no trans-fat and no hydrogenated oil.
The award-winning taste comes in six flavors: chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream, salted caramel, strawberries & cream, chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream.
Best Value
The ViSalus Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix makes it easy to consume less with its low-fat, low-sugar and high-protein mix. Check out the ViSalus website for more about their holistic approach to weight loss, including products like the Vi-Slim weight loss pills.
ViSalus Vi-shape® Meal Replacement Shake Mix – Weight Control Shake, 24 Meals, Low Fat, Low Sugar

ViSalus Weight Loss Drink - N1210 Sweet Cream

ViSalus challenges its community of users to better themselves with a healthy lifestyle and high quality supplements. Vi-shape Shake Mix is the foundation of their weight loss kit that also includes a range of snacks and supplements. Vi-shape is full of essential nutrients and is both filling and tasty, according to ViSalus' dedicated users.

Let's see what makes Vi-Shape stand out.
  • Vi-Shape is low in fat, sugar, sodium, carbs and calories. That means filling up on this delicious shake can drastically change your intake.
  • 12 grams of protein is plenty to keep your body strong and to help you tone a firm physique as you slim down.
  • One scoop contains a full serving of fiber and 26 vitamins and minerals to keep your body in peak condition.
  • This creamy shake is lactose and gluten-free.
The Orgain Nutritional Shake is described by users as delicious and filling, which is great considering its organic, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO ingredients. For another wholesome organic option, check out Orgain's Cold Brew Coffee with added protein.
Orgain Organic Weight Loss Shake – 16g Organic Protein for Weight Control or Meal Replacement, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Four Flavors

Orgain Natural Weight Loss Drink – Strawberry, 12 Pack

Orgain was born out of founder Andrew Abraham's recovery from cancer. Dr. Abraham discovered the power of wholesome natural ingredients during his recovery and decided to create products that could bring those ingredients to others. This hardy and filling Organic Nutritional Shake is packed with organic nutrients and is naturally sweetened.

Let's take a look at the benefits of going organic.
  • All ingredients are certified organic and packed with nutrients to support well-rounded nutrition.
  • Developed by doctors so you can trust that this natural formula has been crafted with your health in mind.
  • This shake is full of filling and nutritious fruits and veggies to fuel your lifestyle.
  • 23 vitamins & minerals are added through various natural ingredients to provide your body with everything it needs no matter what your lifestyle.
  • 16 grams of naturally occurring protein gives your muscles everything they need to rebuild stronger, larger and ready to take on the next challenge.
Orgain's Nutritional Shake comes in creamy chocolate fudge, sweet vanilla bean, iced café mocha and strawberries & cream.
Slimfast's Meal Replacement Shake Mix is a staple for countless users around the world, featuring six great flavors and serious 4-hour hunger control. If you're looking for something even more convenient but with the same hunger control, check out SlimFast’s Ready to Drink Bottles, available in twenty count “bulk” packages for added savings.
Slimfast Meal Replacement Shake Mix – Weight Control Shake with 4 Hour Hunger Control, 6 Great Flavors

Slimfast Weight Loss Drink - Chocolate Royale

Slimfast is a household name in weight control for good reason – they provide easy programs and quality meal-replacement products. Slimfast Original Powder, the pioneering powerhouse of weight loss, is clinically proven to help you lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

Let's see what all the fuss is about:
  • One of the main features of Slimfast powder is how filling it is; it provides four hours of hunger control so you can beat the toughest cravings and control your calorie intake.
  • 23 vitamins & minerals round out your nutritional intake while you slim down.
  • Slimfast powder is also a good source or protein and fiber so you can continue your active lifestyle.
Slimfast meal replacement shakes mix comes in rich chocolate royale, strawberries & cream and French vanilla.
This low-calorie, high-protein caffeinated shake has a great formula for losing weight and staying active. If you prefer something more solid, check out the Hydroxycut Lean Protein Bar to control those munchies.
Hydroxycut Lean Protein Drink Meal Replacement Shake, 11 OZ Bottles, Multiple Flavors

Hydroxycut Weight Loss Drink - Chocolate

Hydroxycut brings you decadent indulgence without the worry of overloading on calories, fat and sugar. They offer appealing recipes, nutrition tips and real success stories to help struggling dieters along the way. Getting there is much easier when you can depend on a creamy shake to satisfy tough cravings.

Let's take a closer look at Hydroxycut Lean Protein Shakes.
  • Just 100 calories is far lower than most (satisfying) weight loss shakes. That means Hydroxycut is a faster way to lose weight without the guilt of over-doing it with a chocolate shake.
  • This protein shake has zero sugar and only two and a half grams of fat so you can be confident that you're not filling up with unwanted pounds.
  • This thick shake is made to control hunger and cravings so you can go longer without snacking and over-eating.
Hydroxycut shakes come in classic chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Get the Best Weight Loss Drink of 2019!

These weight control shakes will only work if you like them—so choosing the right brand is certainly a matter of your own preference. Look for flavors that make your mouth water, and pay attention to ingredients as well as customer reviews on taste. The five brands in this review have been prescreened by hundreds (or thousands) of users before you, so you can be confident that they work. Hopefully, you found the best weight loss drink you’ve been waiting for. Feel free to sample other variations from these same brands if you didn’t find a perfect match.

Our Top Choice
Labrada LEAN BODY® RTD High Protein Nutrition Shake
Best Value
ViSalus Vi-shape® Weight Loss Shake Mix
Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake
Slimfast Meal Replacement Shake Mixes
Hydroxycut Lean Protein Shakes