Best Weightlifting Belt Reviews 2022

Weightlifting belts can help you lift more weight with the right form without risking injury to your spine. They give you support, comfort and versatility, allowing you a good range of motion and helping you get the most from your exercises. There are, however, various types of belts, hence you need to identify one that suits your style and goals, a task that can prove to be a challenge. We’ve researched some of the best weightlifting belt brands and come up with five great products from five different brands to help you find one that suits you best.
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Our Top Choice
Valeo Performance Low-Profile Lifting Belt
Fitness First, which distributes the Valeo belt brand, gives you the best prices in the market and the widest selection of sports and fitness products.
4-inch-wide, waterproof foam core provides maximum support. Low-profile torque ring closure allows full range of motion.
Plastic ring can break if over-tightened
5 Sizes
Foam core
Best Value
Nike Structured Weightlifting Belt
Nike is a world-renowned brand with a wide array of products, ranging from sports and fitness to recreational products.
Has plastic inserts that increase lower back support. Mimics the human anatomy, allowing freedom of movement.
Velcro strap tends to come off with heavy lifting.
4 Sizes
Schiek Sports Competition Power Belt
Schiek Sports & Medical has consistently produced quality sports and fitness products, most of them stemming from their customers’ requests.
Very durable, heavy-duty suede leather. Strong, double-prong buckling mechanism
Buckling mechanism is difficult to unfasten.
5 Sizes
Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Belt
Dark Iron Fitness is a company that stands apart from the rest with their amazing and durable weightlifting products.
4-Inch height across its length for comfort. Heavy-duty buckle gives support to your abs. Premium reinforced leather.
A little bit thin for very heavy lifting.
5 Sizes
Harbinger Women’s Foam Core Belt
Harbinger is a market leader in designing and producing some of the most effective belts, gloves and strength training accessories.
5-inch-wide support panel fully supports your core. It’s ultra-light. Heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle. Soft and breathable foam core.
Feels a little bit wide on the sides, but you get used to it after some time.
3 Sizes
Foam core/Nylon

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What is the Best Weightlifting Belt?

There are many belts available in the market, divided into three major categories according to their shapes. These categories are cylindrical, contoured and cone-shaped belts. Each has its own merits and demerits. Ultimately, the best weightlifting belt for you should be the one that enables you to train effectively based on your style. With our guide, we hope that you will find one with the right features to meet your goals.
Our Top Choice
The Valeo Performance Low-Profile Lifting Belt features a 4-inch-wide waterproof foam core that provides you with maximum support all around your torso. If you’d like an equally good belt with back support and a suede-lined, foam lumbar pad, consider the Valeo 4-inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt.

Valeo 4-Inch Performance Low-Profile Lifting Belt – Available in 4 Sizes

Valeo is distributed by Fitness First, which is among the leading suppliers of sports equipment and nutritional supplements. They not only have the lowest prices, but also a broad selection of quality products, and they provide you with rich info that will guide you when shopping. They are ever-ready to match any price you find lower in the market.

The Valeo Performance Low-Profile Lifting Belt is a belt that will push you beyond your limits. It features a 4-inch-wide, waterproof foam core that provides you with maximum support all around your torso. Its soft foam is comfortable on your back and sides, while its low-profile torque ring closure allows you a full range of motion while supporting your abs. It also features a brushed tricot lining and soft edges. You can easily keep it clean since it’s hand washable.

If you’re worried about the sizing, don’t be. They have four sizes to choose from:
  • Medium: 30 – 36 inches
  • Large: 37 – 43 inches
  • X-Large: 44 – 51 inches
  • XX-Large: 52 – 59 inches
So, hopefully you’ll find the ideal fit for you that’ll take your performance to the next level.
Best Value
The Nike Structured Weightlifting Belt has plastic inserts at the lower back, which increase support to enable you to lift more weight with good form. If you prefer a belt with a smaller width than the featured product, consider the Nike Structured Training Belt 2.0.

Nike Structured Training Weight Lifting Belt - Available in 4 sizes

There isn’t even one athlete in the entire world who doesn’t know about the Nike company. This company has a wide array of products, ranging from sports and fitness to recreational products. You’ll find all types of quality sporting gear, trusted by sportsmen and women the world over. They focus on constant innovation to create quality products for today’s athlete while also catering to the next generation.

Their Nike Structured Training Belt is among the best belts you’ll find in the market. Its plastic inserts at the lower back increase support, enabling you to lift more weight with good form. Its design mimics the human anatomy, allowing you a full range of motion. Its back is perforated and has ventilation channels that control temperature, keeping your back cool when training. You won’t have to worry about the belt wiggling on your torso, as its steel roller buckle keeps it in its place. The belt is also very durable, thanks to its firm nylon.

This belt comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large, giving you a variety of options.
The Schiek Sports Competition Power Belt with Double Prong is a heavy-duty belt that is 10 centimeters wide and 9 millimeters thick. It’s a suede leather belt that you can possibly use for as long as you live. If you’re looking for a belt with a padded lumbar insert but of similar quality, consider the Schiek Weightlifting Belt.

Schiek Sports Competition Power Lifting Leather Belt – Available in 5 Sizes

Schiek Sports & Medical has consistently produced quality products, most of them stemming from their customers’ requests. They have a variety of sports and fitness products, most of them made in the USA. They are driven by passion, integrity and the will to give their clients the best of the best. You’ll also love their amazing customer service.

There are many good belts in the world from different companies, but very few come close to the Schiek Sports Competition Power belt. This is a heavy-duty, suede leather belt that may last a lifetime. It also features a very durable, steel, double-prong buckle that holds firmly to your torso. It’s also available in different sizes from small to XX large, hence you’ll be sure of finding one that fits you perfectly, irrespective of your size.
The Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt is comfortable and provides full support to your back, abs and sides, giving you maximum power when lifting heavy weights, thanks to its uniform 4-inch height across its length. If you want a belt you can attach extra weight to while doing some dips and pull ups, go for the Dark Iron Fist Leather Weightlifting Dip Belt, which comes with a dipping weight strap attachment.

Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting Belt - Available in 5 Sizes

Dark Iron Fitness is a company that stands out from the rest. They not only promise you quality like the others, but give you a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with their product, you can return it and have it replaced with a brand new one. How about that for confidence! Their products also rate very highly on various sites, as they are focused on their clients’ satisfaction.

All weight and power lifters want a durable and comfortable product to meet their goals. The Dark Iron Fitness Belt is very comfortable and provides full support to your back and abs, as well as your sides, giving you maximum power when lifting heavy weights, thanks to its uniform 4-inch height across its length. It weighs just about 1.5 pounds, thus not burdening your torso, and rolls up easily to fit into your gym bag. Its heavy-duty buckle is not only long-lasting, but also holds firmly to your abs, giving them maximum support while also preventing the belt from moving about during training. Last but not least, this belt is very durable, thanks to its premium reinforced leather.

One of the most important factors when it comes to weightlifting belts is size, so make sure you measure up properly. This belt comes in five sizes; X-Small (23–31”), Small (27–35”), Medium (32–40”), Large (36-44”) and X-Large (41-49”).
The Harbinger Women’s Foam Core Belt has a 5-inch-wide support panel designed specifically for women, and provides you with maximum support in the entire torso. If you’d like a 6-inch belt with padded leather, consider the Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt.

Harbinger Women’s Ultralight Foam Core Weightlifting Belt - Available in 3 Colors & 3 Sizes

Beginning with a simple, but effective, wrist-stabilizing glove to prevent wrist injuries, Harbinger founder David McCrane realized the importance of his product and teamed up with eight-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder Lee Haney to design even more products. Together, they have designed some of the most effective belts, gloves and strength-training accessories.

They do not only concentrate on men’s products, but also make products for women athletes, with this belt on their list of cool and effective equipment. Its 5-inch-wide support panel is designed specifically for women. It’s also made of soft and breathable foam core, and it features a plush, tricot lining that gives your back adequate and comfortable support. In addition to being ultra-light, it comes with a heavy gauge steel buckle so you can adjust the fit for maximum freedom of movement.

Not only will you find a great fit from the three available sizes, but you also get to choose your favorite color. Choose from X-Small (24-28”), Small (28-32”), Medium (32-36”) and green, pink or purple.

How Do I Choose the Best Weightlifting Belt?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the greatest bodybuilders the world has ever seen, said that the worst thing that one can be is the same as everybody else. He also said that you can achieve anything your mind envisions as long as you believe 100 percent that you can. This philosophy applies to life, as well as to bodybuilding and power lifting. It takes a lot of will, determination and patience to build your body to the level of the likes of Arnold, or to gain strength at the level of Olympic champions. You not only need a proper training program, but also the right equipment to allow you to push yourself beyond your limits, like some quality weightlifting gloves.

A weightlifting belt is an invaluable piece of gym equipment that can help you train effectively. It’s especially important for squats and deadlifts. These are both exercises that require a lot of torso strength to help you lift heavy weights. While you can also strengthen this part of the body by using a dip station, which can really help you build your core and gain more strength for power lifting, a belt gives you even more support and prevents possible cases of injury to your spine.

Let’s now get into more details of what to look for in this equipment that should never be missing in your gym bag.
Before you go shopping for a belt, first identify your training needs and your goals, then match those with an appropriate budget. You’ll find a lot of affordable weightlifting belts that will meet your needs. With just $20, you can get a quality and practical belt, but if you want one that is not only practical but also durable and classy, you can go for the higher-end belts that cost up to $150. For instance, leather belts with steel buckles tend to cost more than other belts due to their durability.

While there are many cheap weightlifting belts available, you shouldn’t rush and get the first one that you stumble upon. If you do that, you’ll most likely have to go back to the shop in a few days to look for another one. Take your time to identify the right belt, with quality materials and functional features, that will give you service for a number of years.
As a weightlifter or power trainer, you need a belt that will comfortably support your back and abs, enable you to lift more weight and prevent you from injuring your spine. Belts with good back support are ideal for all types of lifters, as they make sure your back and, by extension, your spine, remains as straight as possible.

Here are some more features you may want to consider when shopping for a belt.
  • Design -Check whether it comes with a buckle, Velcro straps or any other locking mechanism.
  • Size -Consider the various sizes available to determine the one that fits you best.
  • Material -You’ll find leather and nylon belts in most cases. There are some that come with leather pads while others come with foam core pads.
  • Care -How easy is it to clean the belt? Is it hand washable?
  • Type -There are contoured, cone and cylindrical belts. Choose one that you’d be the most comfortable training with.
  • User -Is the belt designed for women, men or for both? Most belts are unisex, but women, especially, may want to go for one that is gender specific.
Construction and Design
There are a few things to consider regarding the construction and design of weightlifting belts. All belts are straight straps that wrap around your waist. Check the type of buckle that comes with the belt. There are steel buckles with ring closures and those with tension closures to enable you adjust the belt’s size. Check also the thickness of the belt. This is determined by the material the belt is made of. There are lumbar, leather, and foam core pads. See also the overall material of the belt. Most belts are made of leather, nylon or a mixture of both.

Ultimately, though, weightlifting belts fall into three main categories or types: contoured, cylindrical and cone belts:

Contoured Belts: Most Olympic athletes and recreational trainers prefer this belt. It is wider in its posterior to support your back, and thins out toward the anterior to allow your body free movement. It’s especially effective if you are deadlifting, as it helps you keep your back as straight as possible.

Cylindrical Belts: This belt has the same width throughout. These support the back, sides and abdomen evenly. These belts are mostly popular with strongman athletes and powerlifters. They’re equally good for squats.

Cone Belts: These belts are contoured on the side and have thicker front and back sections. They’re not very common with most weightlifters, but are effective anyway. Their design is meant to mimic the natural shape of the human torso, to help you move as you would without wearing a belt.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you want to increase your weight range without putting your back and torso at risk, invest in a good and effective weight training belt. Please keep in mind that these belts are not supposed to give you more strength to lift an extraordinary amount of weight; they are supposed to give you the support to lift comfortably with good form. You should never compromise good form when exercising.

Belts should have good back support to keep your spine as close to its natural form as possible when squatting and deadlifting. Consider going for a padded belt, as it gives you more support, while at the same time allowing you a proper range of motion.

Again, select the shape of the belt depending on your training goals. Some people prefer contoured belts while others prefer cylindrical ones. Ultimately, your objectives and style should inform the shape that you decide on. You may also want to consider the width of the belt and the buckle type. These two determine the ease with which you move. Avoid going for anything that limits you from having a full range of motion. Your waist size should also guide you on the size of the belt you should go for. The buckle should be strong enough to keep the belt in place when training and to support your abs.

Get the Best Weightlifting Belt of 2022!

After going through this guide, we know that you’re now more enlightened and have already identified a belt or two. We’ve gone out of our way to choose from only the best weightlifting belts, to make your task easier. If you’re still undecided, take a second look, and we’re sure you’ll find one. You can also have a look at some other options that these brands have.

Our Top Choice
Valeo Performance Low-Profile Lifting Belt
Best Value
Nike Structured Weightlifting Belt
Schiek Sports Competition Power Belt
Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Belt
Harbinger Women’s Foam Core Belt