Best Welding Glove Reviews 2023

Welding can be a risky profession if you don’t have the proper safety gear, such as goggles, aprons, helmets and gloves. Of all the health and safety hazards welders are exposed to, burn-related injuries top the list, mostly due to molten metal fragments and sparks/spatter landing on the skin. Welding gloves are more advanced than what they used to be, and today are crafted from superior materials and are available with many different features. There are so many gloves to choose from—each designed for different types of welding—so buying the best pair can be a bit tricky. But we’ve scoured the market and found the 5 best welding gloves you can get your hands into! Why wait when solid protection is just a few clicks away?
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Our Top Choice
US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather
Based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, US Forge is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of MIG wires, electrodes and a wide range of accessories.
Reinforced stitching; super lightweight; 90-day warranty
Only available in large size
13 inch
11.2 ounces
90 days
Best Value
Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves
Established in 1975, Steiner Industries makes superior-quality safety products for the manufacturing and construction industries, including gloves, clothing and welding screens.
ThermoCore foam technology; great for cold-weather use; 23 & 18-inch sizes available
Stitching may come apart with extended use
23 inch; 18 inch
17.6 ounces
Burnt orange
Only for defects
Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch Deerskin Welding Glove
With 33 years of experience, Caiman is proud to manufacture high-performance protective clothing for both home and professional use.
Lined with flame-resistant fleece; reinforced padding on elbow/forearm; available as pair or for right/left hand only
Fleece lining makes gloves hot to wear
21 inch
16 ounces
Dark yellow
Only for defects
NoCry Heavy Duty Welding Gloves
Started only 5 years ago, NoCry took center stage with one mission: to create the best safety products that have use outside the workplace.
Flame- and heat-resistant leather; home or professional use; two color choices; 1-year warranty
Gloves may be too bulky for precision work
17 inch
13.6 ounces
Blue or red
Money back guarantee
Lincoln Electric MIG / Stick Welding Glove
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln Electronics is a Fortune 500 company and a global manufacturer of arc welding equipment, robotic welding systems and welding products.
5-inch cuff; reinforced thumb; limited warranty; distinctive design
May be uncomfortable to wear for some users
13 inch
12.2 ounces
Red/black flames
Within 30 days

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What is the Best Welding Glove?

Choosing the right welding gloves can make a big difference not only with safety, but also with the quality of welds you produce. The best welding gloves should be comfortable and allow you to work quickly and with accuracy—all without compromising your safety. Now that you’ve read our buying guide, you should be well equipped with the necessary information to make the best choice among our top 5 selections in this category.
Our Top Choice
The US Forge 400 Welding Gloves are 14-inches long, crafted from premium leather and have a cotton-lined interior for superior comfort. The leather is really pliable to enhance your dexterity. However, if you’re looking for longer gloves to protect your arms, then the US Forge 403 18-Inch Extra Length Welding Gloves might be a better choice.

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather - Blue - 14"

Founded with a mission to provide the home and professional metalworking markets with top-notch quality welding products, US Forge continues to manufacture welding items for home use that you’d normally only find in welding supply houses. Established in 1979 and based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, it is one of the highly-respected brands in the industrial market, and designs and manufactures a wide range of products, including safety welding helmets, abrasives and MIG wires.

If you’re looking for the best hand protection in the metalworking industry, look no further than the US Forge Welding Gloves. They are made of premium leather and are stitched at the seams for added strength. Even with its ultra-durable, robust construction, this pair of gloves measures just 13 x 5.5 inches, and tips the scales at a modest 11.2 ounces. They’re so lightweight, you won’t even notice carrying them around your worksite!

The US Forge 400 Welding Gloves make a great buy for several reasons, including…
  • Heat-resistant leather padding to shield you from sparks during welding
  • Reinforced frictional areas for the fingers and palms, providing more comfort and a stronger grip
  • Wear-and-tear resistant
  • Cotton lined for more pliability and long-term dexterity
  • Backed by 90-day warranty
  • Provides complete protection against molten material
Best Value
The Steiner 21923 Welding Gloves are made from pliable cowhide and Kevlar threading, and have leather sewn along the seams to protect the stitching from burning. Alternatively, if you would prefer a pair of welding gloves with a 4.5” cuffs, try the Steiner Pro-Series MegaMIG Welding Gloves out for size (they’ve got 5 sizes to choose from!)

Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves – 23” and made from shoulder split cowhide

Steiner Industries, founded in 1975, places a high value on integrity, honesty and ethics across all areas of its business. The company today has an expansive, loyal customer base and an unmatched customer service team located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. Their product line consists of a diverse range of items, including gloves for different types of welding, protective clothing and accessories.

The Steiner 21923 Welding Gloves measure 23 inches in length to better protect your forearms. These gloves are made of supple cowhide and have a soft, cotton interior for comfort. The strap for the thumb is reinforced to keep your hands well-protected, allowing you more freedom to work as you want.

There are several great features that make the Steiner 21923 Welding Gloves worthy of our #2 spot, including…
  • Thread is Kevlar for flame resistance
  • Palms are reinforced to provide your hands with versatile protection
  • Fingers have added leather stripping to prevent burned stitching
  • Stitching is less exposed around thumb for better dexterity
  • 18-inch length can also be purchased
  • Lined with special ThermoCore foam for added warmth in winter
  • Also great for home DIY projects, like fireplaces
The Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch Welding Gloves are constructed from both deerskin and boarhide, and feature a unique contoured design that matches your fingers and palm for a perfect fit.. If you’re going to be working on intense welding processes such as metal inert gas or MIG, stick and plasma, you should check out the Caiman 1832-6 Extra Large Welding Gloves.

Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch Deerskin Welding Glove with Boarhide Leather Heat Shield and Cuff

Caiman is one of the market leaders in the high-performance glove and protective clothing industries. The company has been around for the past 33 years and has revolutionized the industry with unconventional and unique designs that maximize comfort, safety and aesthetics. The company’s product range includes gloves, safety accessories and gardening aprons.

The Caiman 1878-5 Welding Gloves are 21-inches in length and are constructed from deerskin and boarhide. These gloves are put together with Kevlar threading for extra durability and seam protection during welding.

We really liked the following features…
  • Boarhide patch for added heat protection
  • Included carabineer for easy transport
  • Special contoured design to better fit your hands and fingers
  • Come in L or XL as well as for the right or left hand only
  • Reinforced padding along elbow and forearm for comfort and added heat protection
  • Interior is lined with flame-resistant fleece
The NoCry Heavy Duty Heat Resistant & Flame Retardant Welding Gloves feature super durable palms that are double-layered to prevent tearing. The cuffs are longer than normal for added protection along the wrists and forearms. Need a glove that’s more cut-resistant? Take a look at the NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves! With these, you can cut, carve, shuck and more without worrying about slicing your hands.

NoCry Heavy Duty 14” Heat Resistant & Flame Retardant Welding & BBQ Gloves - Premium Cowhide Leather, Two Color Options

Founded by Raino Raasuke 5 years ago, NoCry is a direct-to-customer safety brand that has a rather large lineup of products, including a diverse range of safety gloves, safety glasses, knee pads and puncture-resistant gardening gloves.

The NoCry Heavy Duty Heat Resistant & Flame Retardant Welding Gloves are made from high-quality leather, and are an ideal choice to wear while working with fireplaces, woodstoves, campfires and welding gear. They offer 14-inch forearm protection and can handle hot objects and tools with ease.

These gloves have a ton of features, including…
  • Hands are protected no matter your working environment
  • Safe enough for industrial use or every day use
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Available in blue or red
  • Long cuffs help protect your forearms from sparks and flames
  • Added durability with double-layered palms
  • Great to use while welding, but also good for BBQing
  • Has 1-year warranty
The Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Sticking Welding Gloves are crafted from cowhide that’s been treated to resist flames and heat. The interior is lined with sock material so you don’t lose dexterity with a big, bulky inside. If you need gloves that come up over the elbows, take a look at the Lincoln Electric KH641 Leather Welding Gloves! They’re made from quality leather and can also resist heat/flames.

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove made from Cowhide

A Fortune 500 company that’s based in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln Electric is a global manufacturer of welding products, arc welding equipment and robotic welding systems. Founded in 1895 by John C. Lincoln, the company has a total of 42 manufacturing locations across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Latin American, and has a footprint in an astounding 160 countries.

Lincoln Electric’s Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves feature 5-inch cuffs for added wrist and forearm protection, and the thumb is reinforced with extra padding to prevent tearing or holes. The cowhide leather is both heat- and flame-resistant, and the unique, red-and-black flame design sets these gloves apart from the standard orange, red, black or blue ones. If you just want to try out a pair of welding gloves, we recommend these because they’re low in price and backed by a warranty.

How Do I Choose the Best Welding Glove?

Welding is a risky business, and if you don’t have the proper protective gear, such as a welding helmet, safety glasses, steel toe cap work boots and welding gloves, you’re more likely to get injured. Before you head out shopping for the best welding gloves, it’s important that you consider all the differences between gloves, like the type of leather used to make them. You should also consider the type of welding you’ll be doing to avoid paying top dollar for gloves that have more safety features than you really need. Our buying guide will highlight three aspects of welding gloves—price, performance and protection—so you can make an informed purchasing decision.
Welding gloves are fairly inexpensive, but the more protection a glove offers, the more it’s likely to cost. For about $10, you can find a pair of gloves that offer your fingers, palms and forearms good protection. For about $50, you can find gloves that have other protective features—longer cuffs, reinforced padding, insulated interior and so on.

You can find cheap welding gloves, which is fine if you do minimal welding. However, for people with a number of welding projects in mind—and for people who need the gloves for everyday use—we recommend spending a little more to ensure your hands are adequately protected.
When shopping for the right gloves, you should mainly consider the job or jobs that’ll require their use. For example, some intense welding projects may require thicker gloves while a lighter set may be better suited for precision tasks.

That said, here are a few important features to think about when choosing your gloves:
  • Size – It’s best to look for ones that not only protect your hands, but wrists and forearms as well. To give you an idea, an 18-inch welding glove will cover most of your lower arm, while a 21-inch glove will offer protection up to your elbows.
  • Comfort and Dexterity –The last thing you want to buy is a pair of gloves that aren’t comfortable or prevent you from working accurately. We suggest searching for gloves that have a soft, cotton interior.
  • Heat/Flame Resistance –If you know that intense heat and flames are commonplace at your job, look for gloves that are heat resistant or even flame retardant. Be aware that not all gloves are made to resist really high temperatures or flames.
  • Durability –Some gloves are sewn with Kevlar thread to ensure that the stitching doesn’t come loose or catch fire
  • Thumb Style –Although this boils down to personal preference, some welders may prefer a wing or keystone thumb design, which is more ergonomic, instead of the straight thumb design.
  • Warranty –Most manufacturers offer some level of warranty, so you can try out a few pairs of gloves without any risk.
Construction and Design
Welding gloves can be crafted from several different types of leather. Leather is the main component used in welding gloves because its strong enough to protect your skin from molten metal spatter, arc rays and sparks. To help you get the most protection, we’ve broken down some of the leather choices for you!

Deerskin provides a great deal of dexterity and a comfortable fit while offering good resistance against high temperatures. Because it’s a supple leather, gloves made from deerskin will, over time, take the form of your hand, making them extremely comfortable to wear after the ‘break in’ period.

Cowhide is the most common type of leather used because it’s known to provide the best heat-resistance when welding at high temperatures. Cowhide gloves are a great choice for MIG welding as they provide the right balance of dexterity, durability, comfort and abrasion-resistance.

Boarhide (pigskin) isn’t great for heat-resistance, but they’re really great for resisting oil and water. Gloves typically aren’t completely made of boarhide, but instead have boarhide patches to protect areas of the glove that are subject to the most wear-and-tear.
Performance and Ease of Use
After you’ve thought about the types of features you want your gloves to have, consider buying several pairs so you can try them on before making a final decision. While a deerskin and boarhide blend may sound like the best type of glove for you, consider how bulky these may feel and if they’ll reduce your overall dexterity.

Some gloves are made with lighter safety features, so if you’re just welding a little, or if you want some gloves that have versatility, go for ones that are a little cheaper, thicker, and offer more in the way of heat protection and cutting resistance. That way, when you want to weld, BBQ, chop a lot of fruit or work in your garden, you’ve got just a pair of gloves that can adequately protect your hands while also providing you with decent dexterity.

Whatever gloves you choose, be sure they fit tightly enough to avoid having them slip off, but not so tight that your comfort or movement is limited. We recommend brands that offer easy returns so you can still try on and find the best pair of safety gloves without having to spend the extra cash.

Get the Best Welding Glove of 2023!

Whether you’re a professional welder or just need some protective gear for your hands, rest assured that, regardless of which welding glove you choose, our top choices and recommend brands will have something you really love!

Our Top Choice
US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather
Best Value
Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves
Caiman 1878-5 21-Inch Deerskin Welding Glove
NoCry Heavy Duty Welding Gloves
Lincoln Electric MIG / Stick Welding Glove