Best Wet/Dry Vacuum Reviews 2022

Dust, grime, stains, puddles, debris…your perfect living space has quite a few enemies. Fortunately, there is something that can take care of all this, leaving your home or workplace fresh and clean. Say hello to wet/dry vacuum cleaners - the power packages that can combat even the most stubborn mess. But, how do you choose the right one? We know that can put you in a tough spot, so we searched far and wide to bring you five appliances from top wet/dry vacuum brands that will make cleaning a breeze! OUR T
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Our Top Choice
DeWalt DCV581H 18/20V Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum
DeWalt has been credited with some of the most efficient and sturdy cleaning tools since 1924. The DCV581H Wet Dry Vacuum aptly manifests its rich legacy and brand promise.
Dual cordless and corded operation. Washable filter. Reliable HEPA filter for 99.97% dust-free cleaning
Small battery socket
2 gallons
Corded/cordless portable
1.85 peak horsepower
17.2x12.3x13.1 inches,11.1 pounds
On-board hose & accessory storage
Best Value
Shop-Vac Hardware Series Professional Wet/Dry Vac 595-06-00
Shop-Vac is a quintessential American company that understands the unique cleaning needs of your household. Its Pro Series Vacuum is designed to fight stubborn wet and dry messes.
Dent-resistant, durable plastic container. USA-manufactured machine. Powerful vacuum-to-blower conversion. Two 1-1/4 inch extension wands.
Might be a bit noisy
6 gallons
Corded canister vac
3.0 peak horsepower
21x14x14 inches, 19 pounds
Accessory holder
Vacmaster VJ507 Lightweight Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Vacmaster has over 15 years of experience in vacuum engineering. The compact VJ507 Wet Dry Vacuum skillfully showcases its technical expertise and design sensibility.
Sturdy 5 gallon polypropylene tank. Long 6 foot hose for difficult corners. Bottom swivel casters for easy movement. Reusable cloth filter. Electric 3 Peak HP motor for enhanced suction
Hose fitting is not compatible with non-proprietary extensions
5 gallons
Corded canister vac
3 peak horsepower
19x13x13 inches, 19 pounds
On-board accessory storage
Stanley SL18130P 4.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Stanley is known for creating high-powered yet compact cleaning tools. Its 4.5 gallon wet/dry vacuum is perfect for cleaning house or garage floors, car interiors and workshops.
4 bottom swivel wheels for portability. High performance electric motor. Lightweight. Durable polypropylene tank. Easy to store. Minimum noise
Air discharge and vacuum share the same direction. This may sometimes blow away your pickups.
4.5 gallons
Corded Canister Vac
4 peak horsepower
12.8x23.2x12.2 inches, 7 pounds
Multiple Accessories
Craftsman 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vacuum 12004
Craftsman has been one of the leading names in power tools and vacuum engineering since 1927. Its 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Vac can easily clean massive wet or dry debris.
Perfect for small-to-moderate sized cleaning tasks. Easy storage. Smooth swivel casters. Can easily pick up broken glass and de-clog dishwashers/washing machines
Free moving 360° wheels may cause the machine to swivel more
6 gallons
Corded Canister Vac
3 peak horsepower
6.2x6.2x8.3 inches, 16.2 pounds
On-board attachment storage

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What is the Best Wet/Dry Vacuum?

When it comes to choosing the perfect wet/dry vacuum, your cleaning needs must be a priority. Whether you are a homemaker fighting to clean up after your kids, a carpenter drowning in heaps of wood shavings, or a professional cleaner with a vendetta against the coffee on the staff kitchen floor, there is a vacuum for you.
Our Top Choice
The DCV581H 18/20V Max from DeWalt is a super-charged vacuum with a heavy-duty wet/dry filter that grabs dust particles as miniscule as 0.3 microns. At 2 gallons, this cleaner is easy to carry around without spillage. Looking for something in a smaller capacity? Check out the portable DC515B 18V Cordless ½ gallon wet\/dry vac from DeWalt.

DeWalt 18/20V Max Cordless/Corded Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filtration

DeWalt has a long-standing tradition of crafting exceptionally strong power tools and cleaning equipments. Keeping up with this repute, the brand has now introduced its DCV581H 18/20V Max Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum – an amazingly efficient solution to all kinds of wet and dry messes. It has a HEPA filter that cleans even the finest of dust particles, pollen and dust mites by forcing air at 31 CFM through a sturdy mesh. Moisture-ridden, dusty floors giving you nightmares? Just use the handy cord to reach every sneaky nook and corner of your house. Don’t want to be bound by strings? Simple – just go cordless without compromising on the cleaning capacity. Even better, this brilliant wet/dry vacuum is priced at just $107.99, based on our latest report.

Looking for more features? Here you go-
  • Crush-resistant, 5 inch hose for enhanced durability and convenience
  • Easy-to-maintain filter that can be cleaned using tap water
  • Includes nozzle and crevice tool attachments
  • Container can be cleaned quickly and easily by simply emptying the contents into a bin
  • Besides DeWalt, this vacuum is also compatible with Li-Ion and XRP batteries
You can also opt for the ready-to-use DeWalt DCV581H Cordless/Corded Wet & Dry Vacuum with two premium battery packs.
Best Value
The 9650600 Pro Series Vacuum from Shop-Vac is the perfect machine for dry pickups like dust, wood shavings or wet messes like water and beverage spills. It also doubles up as a power-packed blower to keep those persistent dry leaves at bay. Need a more compact wet/dry vacuum? Take a look at Shop-Vac’s smaller powerhouse, the 5870400 4 Gallon 4.5 Peak HP All Around Wet/Dry Vacuum.

Shop-Vac 3.0-Peak HP Pro Series Wet or Dry Vacuum – Corded, 6 Gallon Tank, Lock-On® hose 

If you ever sat down to calculate the number of hours you’ve spent cleaning your home, garage or workshop, we bet the result would be bothersome. Every mess needs a different cleaning approach, and it takes time to figure this out. When one method fails, you try and test another one. Imagine the number of tasks you could have accomplished in all this time (think of hitting the gym, laundry, etc). That’s why, one of the most reputed American names in power cleaning, Shop-Vac brings you the widely-trusted 9650600 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with a turbo-charged 3 HP motor and a massive 6 gallon capacity. Its gulper and combination nozzles are effective against a number of common household problems, right from kitty litter on carpets to sauce spills on vinyl floors. It comes with 2 extension wands for better reach; the 1-1/4 inch hose gets firmly locked with the durable, rugged plastic container to minimize spillage; and you can store all your cleaning accessories in a special holder. Thinking about how deep you’d have to dig into your pockets for this one? Our latest research is here with some good news – this wonder vacuum is priced at less than $70!

Let’s take a look at what more is in store for you:
  • 10 inch squeegee insert perfect for cleaning wet messes
  • Crevice tool for reaching difficult areas
  • Wide nozzles to avoid blockages
  • Easy to glide container with top and side handles
  • Convenient on-off switch
  • 6 foot power cord
  • On-board area for cord storage
We think this wet/dry canister vacuum is pretty impressive, but if it’s not the right one for you, Shop-Vac’ has a wide range of residential, professional and commercial grade models to choose from.
The VJ507 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner from Vacmaster presents a unique blend of practicality and convenience. With a large capacity, superior wet/dry cleaning prowess, and handy cords and nozzles, this compact vacuum is suitable for every household. Looking for a lower price range? Check out the Vacmaster VBV1210 5 HP12 Gallon, 5 Peak HP, Wet/Dry Vacuum.

Vacmaster Wet Dry 5 Gallon Vacuum Cleaner - 3 HP, Corded, Reuseable Filter, Swivel Casters

Do you know the most annoying part about household cleaning? Lugging around a hefty vacuum cleaner. Just as you turn the corner, your vacuum decides to get stuck on the edge of the living room wall. You tug and tug, but it refuses to budge. Let’s take a moment here to thank Vacmaster – the brand that’s been credited with some of the most user-friendly and powerful vacuums. This brand now brings you the light and portable VJ507 wet/dry vacuum. Don’t be deceived by its petite appearance – it has a durable, industry-strength 5 gallon polypropylene tank to easily accommodate all the pesky dry and wet waste materials around the house; its 3 peak HP electric motor is great for cleaning garages and car interiors too; and the super efficient blower helps clear out tiny-to-massive debris easily. Based on our latest study, this feature-loaded wet dry vacuum is available for $464.98.

Getting closer to the final purchase decision? Here’s something more to help you out:
  • Large, easy-to-locate on/off switch
  • 8 foot power cord and 3 piece extension wands for wider coverage
  • Top handle on the main container for easy carrying
  • Reusable foam sleeve
  • 10 inch nozzle with brush/squeegee for efficiently cleaning wet and dry floors
The 4.5 Gallon Vacuum from Stanley is a portable and powerful tool for efficient wet/dry clean ups. Its 120 AC Volt, 4 HP electric motor offers great suction capability. Complete with utility nozzles and brushes, this could get your home or garage spotless in minutes. Don’t want plastic? Check Stanley’s line of Stainless Steel Tank Wet\/Dry Vacuums.

Stanley Wet & Dry Vac with 4 HP Motor, 4.5 Gallon, Easy-Glide Casters – Available in Other Sizes, AC or DC Options

So, you’re finally done cleaning your home. Those floors are gleaming and there’s no pet fur in sight! Good job. Now, it’s time to get down to the garage and clean your car. It needs to match your spotless home after all. But, how do you carry your trusted (heavy) vacuum cleaner downstairs without breaking a sweat? We present the sleek 4.5 Gallon Vacuum from Stanley – one of the most reliable names in cleaning technology. At just 7 pounds and with 4 smooth casters, you can easily carry this wet/dry vacuum wherever you want. The 10 feet cord helps you reach even the most inaccessible corners. Once done, the cord wraps up neatly. You also get a 5’ hose, 3 extension wands and 75 CFM of airflow. So, there really isn’t any place left for the dust to hide or the puddles to flow into. Sounds expensive? It isn’t. You can have all this at just $54.68, based on our latest research!

The Stanley 4.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum also comes with these exciting features:
  • Crevice nozzle for enhanced reach
  • Easy-to-clean, reusable dry filter with clamp ring
  • Efficient foam filter for cleaning wet surfaces faster
  • Long-lasting filter bags
When it comes to making great canister style wet and dry vacuums, Stanley knows that people have different needs. For example, they have some AC models, and some that use DC voltage. We chose to showcase the 4.5 gallon model, but if you need something smaller, you can opt for either a 1, 2, 2.5 or 3 gallon tank. Need something bigger? Go for the 6, 8, 10 or 12 gallon wet/dry vac, all of which come in black as the primary color (but of course they still have a touch of Stanley’s “trademark” yellow).
The Craftsman 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Wet & Dry Vacuum is a unique blower-vac combo that has all your cleaning needs covered. From dust, dirt, liquid spills to snow piles and leaves – this power machine is a must-have for every household. If you need to clean larger spaces, the massive 12 gallon wet\/dry vacuum from Craftsman could be perfect for you.

Craftsman 3 HP Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner - Over 17 Foot Cleaning Coverage, 6 Gallon Tank Capacity

If you think about the areas in your home, you’ll realize how varied their cleaning techniques are. The hard wood floors cannot be sticky; the fireplace must be free from ashes; the patio or backyard should not be filled with piles of dry leaves; and your laundry room is not the best place to have wet floors. Phew! Does it look like the basement is about to get filled with cleaning equipment? Not with this well-rounded wet/dry vacuum from Craftsman – the brand that’s been bringing you professional quality at affordable prices for decades.

This amazing vacuum cleaner converts to a power-packed blower whenever needed; its 7 foot x 1-7/8 inch hose fits securely to clean even the most sneaky areas with minimum mess; the 10 foot cord coupled with 2 extensions wands basically means there’s no such thing as a ‘hard to reach spot’ anymore; and the swivel casters glide easily over both rough and smooth surfaces. All this is up for grabs at well under $60, based on our latest report.

Not the one to get impressed easily? This Craftsman gem is built to please. Let’s check out what else is in store for you:
  • Dust-resistant, large on/off switch
  • Top handle for easy carrying and improved balance
  • Container designed with spaces to store the hose, power cord and accessories
  • Includes cartridge filter, foam filter, utility nozzle, floor/squeegee nozzle and hose bracket for picking up all types of wet and dry materials without leaving behind any traces
  • Long-lasting polypropylene tank
  • Certified by ETL - the North American safety standards compliance assurance
The model we have showcased has a 3 HP motor, but if you need more power, Craftsman has 5.5, 6 and 6.5 horsepower models, all of which also have larger tank capacities.

How Do I Choose the Best Wet/Dry Vacuum?

As a mom, having a messy house is part of the norm, especially when the kids are under five years. You will find that your toddler is not at peace until they have removed everything from their toy box and scattered it around the house. Keeping the house tidy can be an uphill task, and you have to clean it at least twice or thrice a day. Over and above sweeping, it’s necessary to mop the floor to remove stubborn messes. But due to countless household chores and limited time available for cleaning, using the traditional mop bucket is too hectic. Next best option? A wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

The market is filled with various types of vacuum cleaners that apply different methods to get the job done. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner is one of the most versatile appliances that you can invest in, because it can suck up both large and small debris in a second. Whether you are cleaning the carpet or sucking out items stuck in the sink, a wet/dry vacuum will get that done. Looking to inflate your floating pool or want to clear snow from the driveway? This appliance is also made for that. Actually, a wet/dry vacuum cleaner does pretty much everything – except polish floors!

The best wet/dry vacuum cleaners are usually large in size, which allows them to do a thorough cleaning. That said, depending on how much space you have in your home, you may opt for smaller cleaners that do the job equally well. The capacity of the wet/dry vacuum is also important, and all this depends on the size you choose. The filtration system of the cleaner is also important, since a good system ensures a smooth switch from wet to dry mode. Once you discover the power of a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, you’ll never worry about household chores again!
Honestly, wet/dry vacuums are fairly priced, considering the numerous household chores they help you perform. With as little as $40 to upwards of $480, you will be in a position to acquire an efficient and powerful wet/dry vacuum. Clearly, there seems to be a huge price variance, and that’s a result of various factors. For example, a vacuum with more accessories, such as extension wands, an extremely powerful motor and reusable filters will cost more. Actually, wet/dry vacuums on the higher end of the spectrum come packed with all manner of accessories that will make accomplishing your tasks a breeze.

During our research, we came across cheap wet/dry vacuums that we believe won’t give you value for money, let alone help you effectively carry out your tasks. Such appliances have poorly constructed motors, which often break down or lack sufficient power to effectively suction debris.
There are numerous types of vacuum cleaners out there, and it can be quite tricky to know which one works best for you. Here are some key features to look out for when shopping for a wet/dry vacuum:
  • Capacity - The size of the tank is an important consideration, and it’s often measured in gallons. The bigger the capacity, the more efficient the vacuum.
  • Type - While most of the vacuums are corded, you may come across some that are cordless, making them portable.
  • Size - Larger models of vacuums tend to be quicker and help you carry out your tasks more easily. But you have to consider the available storage space in your home.
  • Power - How much horsepower does the cleaner have? The amount of power usually dictates the suction capability of the cleaner.
  • Accessories - There are various items that accompany wet/dry vacuums, such as cloth filters, extension wands and hose locks.
Construction and Design
Wet/dry vacuums are designed to carry out all manner of chores, from sucking out items stuck in the sink to removing debris from the floor. These vacuums come in various designs; some can be stuck to the wall, others are upright vacuums ideal for offices and homes, while others are canister wet/dry vacuum cleaners, which are quite common. Canister vacuums easily maneuver around the home, and you can conveniently carry them up the stairs for further chores. There’s also the common indecision between bagless vacuums and those with a bag. The bagless ones don’t require the purchase of replacement bags, while those with bags hold even tiny debris.

The components of the vacuum are also important, and they vary from one brand to another. For example, you will find that most cleaners are fitted with two swivels, which help keep kinks at bay. Most models of wet/dry vacuums have a cartridge filter, which isn’t prone to leaks caused by dust. Also present on the vacuum are the hose locks that keep the canister firmly in place. So, whether you choose a wall stick design, canister, or an upright wet/dry vacuum, investing in one will add a lot of value in your home.
Performance and Ease of Use
Air flow is what a vacuum cleaner uses to get the suction power necessary to carry out its function. A heavy-duty motor leads to more horsepower for the wet/dry vacuum and better results for you. Of late, most brands have embraced advanced filtration features when it comes to vacuum cleaners. An appliance that is highly efficient when it comes to filtration will perform better, since it can trap even small debris. Clogging of vacuum cleaners occurs when there’s restricted movement of air. Thus for maximum satisfaction, choose one with a good filter.

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners require minimal assembly, and most manufacturers have outlined the instructions in easy-to-follow manuals. The appliance requires regular maintenance to ensure that it doesn’t clog. Cleaning the wet/dry filter is necessary, and each filter is cleaned using a different method. Also, you need to ensure that the cleaner is free from any debris, especially the air vents and the hose.

Get the Best Wet/Dry Vacuum of 2022!

Looked through all the possible cleaners? There’s no reason to cry over split milk anymore (literally). Go ahead and use this list to choose the best wet/dry vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for your home!

Our Top Choice
DeWalt DCV581H 18/20V Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum
Best Value
Shop-Vac Hardware Series Professional Wet/Dry Vac 595-06-00
Vacmaster VJ507 Lightweight Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Stanley SL18130P 4.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Craftsman 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vacuum 12004