Best Wetsuit Reviews 2022

In the world of water sports, a wetsuit is one of the best inventions ever made, as it helps keep you warm for longer in the water. We researched tirelessly and came up with five of the best wetsuit brands on the market. We then showcased the features of one great product from each. Remember, you can check out other wetsuit models from our featured brands if the ones reviewed are not to your taste.
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Our Top Choice
O'Neill Reactor Full Wetsuit
With over 50 years of experience in producing surf and dive gear, O'Neill can fully outfit you with diving skins, gloves, boots and hoods, and wetsuits such as the Reactor Full Wetsuit.
Keeps you warm and comfortable. Protects you from ultraviolet rays, cold, and wind. Breathable seams with a single super seal collar.
Zipper problems have occurred occasionally.
Full wetsuit
3/2 fluid foam
Zipper in back
5 color options
15 sizes (including tall and large)
Best Value
Cressi Lido Lady Shorty Wetsuit
The Italian brand Cressi is a family-run business with its roots in diving. It makes all types of aquatic gear for underwater enthusiasts, including the Lido Lady Shorty Wetsuit.
Great for snorkeling or any warm-weather aquatic activity. Snug and comfy. Good quality wetsuit at an affordable price. 2-year warranty.
Flaws in stitching at times.
Shorty wetsuit
Zipper in front
Black w/aqua stripe
5 Sizes - XS-XL
Synergy Endorphin Full Wetsuit
Inspired by a Danish triathlete, Synergy delivers apparel for the toughest athletes who require the best performance. The Endorphin Full Wetsuit is a great example.
Winner of 2016 Editor’s Choice Award, Triathlete Magazine. Name tag for personal ID. Triple-stitched bonded seams. Maximum propulsion. Internal zipper for streamlining.
Some people find it tight.
Full wetsuit
Internal zipper
Black w/pink contouring
6 sizes – P1 -WX
NeoSport Men's John 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit
NeoSport has close to five decades of wetsuit design under its belt. No matter what kind of suit you need, this company has truly advanced technology. This shows in its Men's John 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit.
A high performance wetsuit that's great for triathletes. Ultralight with increased kick efficiency. Neoprene chest panel places you in proper position in the water. EZ Out zipper.
If you are likely to be in cold waters, you might prefer a full dive suit.
Sleeveless wetsuit
5/3 Neoprene
EZ Out zipper in back
4 color options
7 Sizes - XS-XXXL
Seavenger Children’s 3mm Wetsuit
Seavenger offers many products for diving and other aquatic sports. It has a wide range of wetsuits, fins and other apparel and gear, such as the Children’s 3mm Wetsuit.
Keeps your kids warm while in the water. Knee pads provide extra protection. Great price. Flatlock stitching to reduce potential for irritation.
Runs long on some kids.
Children’s full wetsuit
Nylon II
Zipper in back
4 color options
6 kids' sizes - 4-14

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What is the Best Wetsuit?

The buying guide which you just read was designed to provide you with pertinent information on what to look for in a great wetsuit. We hope you will use this knowledge to make your choice. We’ve provided a lineup of some of the finest wetsuits available, so go on to our product review section and have a look at them.
Our Top Choice
O'Neill has lots of clothing options for surfers and divers, such as the full wetsuit in our featured article. If you prefer separates, check out another option, the O’Neill UV Sun Protection Mens Skins Shorts.

O'Neill Wetsuits Mens 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit — 5 Color Options, 15 Sizes Including Large and Tall (Based Upon Color Availability)

O’Neill is a surf and dive outfitter with several decades of experience. It has a fine range of wetsuits to choose from for expert divers, occasional weekend divers, and those who are looking to keep warm while surfing or swimming. It also has a full range of gear options for divers and surfers.

The Reactor suit has full coverage and looks quite nice. There is a single super seal neck with a zip-up in the back. Knee pads give this suit extra durability. It offers good protection against cold, wind, and UV rays, and it’s comfy.

The seams are breathable, and the suit also includes a hidden pocket for a key. The materials are 30% FluidFlex and 70% FluidFoam. There are lots of sizes to choose from, even for large frames. Colors include black, black and red, black and pacific blue, black and green, or black and smoke.
Best Value
If you love this Cressi short wetsuit, and want to buy a matching suit for the one you love, or just want this woman’s wetsuit in a male version, you can order this model specifically designed for men. Click here for the Cressi Lido Men's Wetsuit.

Cressi Lido Women's Premium Neoprene 2 mm Shorty Wetsuit — Available in 5 Sizes (XS-XL)

Cressi’s name always pops up when you are looking for quality scuba and snorkeling gear. It's an Italian family-run business with a long history of designing gear for those who spend a lot of time in the water, like swimmers, scuba divers or snorkelers.

The Lido Lady Shorty Wetsuit is a super-cute, ultra-snug wetsuit with shorts and short sleeves. It zips in the front to make it easier to put on. This wetsuit offers a slimming design in black with white stitching and an aqua band for a pop of color. It's a great wetsuit for warm weather climates to make aquatic activities more enjoyable.

This wetsuit is a great offer with a 2-year warranty at an affordable price. Pick the right size for you, and get out into the surf and sun. Sizes range from X-Small to X-Large.
If you’re a triathlete or you just want the best, and you love the passion Synergy has for designing gear that improves performance for the world’s best athletes, there are other options by this brand. Check out its sleeveless design for men, the Men's Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Wetsuit for Open Water Swimming.

Synergy Endorphin Triathlon Wetsuit - Women's Fullsleeve Smoothskin Neoprene for Open Water Swimming Ironman Approved

Synergy was inspired by a Danish triathlete named Stefan Laursen, who found that top-notch athletes who push themselves to the limit of what they can achieve require the best equipment in the world.

The Endorphin wetsuit won’t weigh you down. On the contrary, it is made to be buoyant, with a thin comfortable lining to keep you warm in cool climates. This full sleeve wetsuit by Synergy has many features that improve overall performance, making it Ironman approved for triathletes. It is non-porous, super flexible and covers your entire body from neck to foot.

The triple-stitched seams are bonded for extra durability. The zipper is of superior quality and zips internally to reduce drag. It is so elastic that you’ll feel like you have super powers. A quick-grab tab makes the suit easy to peel off, and the personal ID tag ensures you can identify your suit among others. The neck also has a velcro strap to ensure the fit adjusts perfectly to your neck size.

Specific panels are aligned into the design of this wetsuit to keep it from snaking, so it fits your body form. This second skin has plenty of options to choose from for the right fit. Just check out the detailed sizing chart to fit your form when ordering. You have nothing to lose, as this Endorphin wetsuit has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Have a passion for aquatic sports? Keep warm in even the coldest conditions with the Men's John 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit by NeoSport. If you engage in deep-sea diving, kayaking, kiteboarding, or surfing, try the NeoSport 3-mm XSPAN Jacket, a great choice for any water enthusiast.

NeoSport Men's John 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit — Black with Optional Highlights in Blue, Orange, Lime, or Yellow — XS-XXXL

NeoSport recognized the need for thermal protection in dive suits, and created convenient zip-up designs prized by the U.S. Navy. In taking the forefront in designing eye-catching dive wear for women, it maintains a unique approach in its manufacturing style.

The Men's John 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit features raised mid-calf leg openings for improved kick performance. The 3mm design along the shoulders and back offers better stroke ability and increased range of motion. The adjustable collar ensures a secure fit. NeoSport has given extra attention to the seams to make them more durable and allow you to use your new favorite wetsuit for many races to come. The EZ Out zipper makes it easy to peel off when transitioning, so you won’t waste any time or energy getting out of your suit.

The sleeveless design means you won’t overheat. There are lots of sizes to choose from to fit any frame, from X-Small to XXX-Large. Enjoy the 1-year warranty that comes with purchase as an added bonus. This suit also comes at a great price.
Seavenger's Children’s 3mm Wetsuit is a great wetsuit option for kids. A Seavenger wetsuit option for adults is the Men and Women’s 3mm Full Suit for cold to temperate climates. It has Flatlock stitching and super-stretch armpits, providing enhanced agility when in the water.

Seavenger Kid's Youth Premium 3mm Child Wetsuit — Good for Swim Surf Snorkel and Scuba Diving, UV Protection, 4 colors and 6 Sizes

Seavenger offers many products for the diving community and other sports. It has everything from a wide range of wetsuits to masks, gauges, regulators, tank valves, weights and belts, as well as fins and other apparel and gear.

If you know your kids are going to get cold in the water, it’s best you come prepared. They’ll love you for thinking of their comfort when you get them this cool wetsuit for all their favorite activities. It has comfort stitching so they won’t get irritated, and long sleeves and pant legs. It's stretchy and comfy, so they can extend their stay in the water without getting the chills.

You can also be sure that your little daredevil will be safeguarded by the extra knee padding. Choose from black and pink, blue, pebble blue, or green. There are lots of sizes for kids of all ages: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14. Check the sizing chart for reference when purchasing. It gives increments in height, waist, weight, chest, and hips for the perfect fit.

How Do I Choose the Best Wetsuit?

You wouldn’t go out on a walk in winter wearing only a summer frock or a pair of jeans and shirt. Nor would you go camping without a camping tent! The same thing could be said of a person going to spend a lengthy time in the water without protective clothing.

Whether you’re going scuba diving, windsurfing or even swimming, the first item on your checklist should be a wetsuit. The wetsuit is a special garment, usually made from neoprene, designed to be worn for all forms of watersports. It provides warmth against the cold backdrop of the water, thus protecting users from freezing extremities and helping them stay longer and enjoy their time in the water without worrying about hypothermia. It works by trapping a layer of water beneath the suit and utilizing the body’s heat to raise the temperature of the water – thus the body remains warm all through its stay underwater.

The wetsuit also has the capacity to improve one’s performance and reduce drag in the water because of the streamlined nature of the neoprene material that allows water molecules move smoothly over it. If you’re new to watersports, you’ll need a wetsuit as it induces buoyancy on the wearer which means you float to the top of the water if you lose your bearings or panic while under. Even if you’re just going for a swim, having a wetsuit gives you more confidence and leverage which a normal swim suit or bikini will not give you.

Given the importance of the wetsuit, it’s necessary to get the best when shopping for one. The most obvious factor is the thickness of the neoprene. Then one has to consider the fit, freedom of movement, type of stitch seal, styles and accessories. Also, don’t forget to check the price and see if it fits into your budget.
Although all wetsuits are made from neoprene, you should note there are different types or classes of neoprene such as super-stretchy and X-stretch neoprene, and these impact the price of the wetsuit. Good old neoprene is less expensive than these new inventions, although the new types are far superior and perform better.

You can get a good wetsuit for as little as $45.00 but for high performance wetsuits, you should be planning on parting with about $300 which, although it may be on the high side, will pay for itself in the long run. Our featured wetsuits are spread across the price range given above, so whatever your budget is, you’re going to get a wetsuit that will serve you well. In the course of our research, we came across some cheap wetsuits and unless you want to risk getting freezing cold while in the water, you’d do well to steer clear of such flimsy options.
To make the best choice of a wetsuit, you’ll have to think about several factors that impact the performance of the wetsuit. Those factors include:
  • Thickness of the neoprene
  • Freedom of movement and fit
  • Type of stitch seal
  • Style
  • Accessories
Construction and Design
The neoprene thickness determines how well the wetsuit defends the wearer against the cold and is often represented with 2 numbers separated by a stroke. The unit of measurement is in millimeters. The first number represents the neoprene thickness on the torso of the suit while the second (and third as the case may be) number represents the thickness on the arms and legs. Usually, the torso measurement is thicker than the extremities because the wetsuit needs to conserve more core heat and the extremities need to be flexibly encased for better movement. A very thick-in-the-arms-and-legs wetsuit would be too cumbersome for any serious watersports use.

Since the wetsuit needs to be stitched with a needle and thread and the main aim is to protect against water and wind, how then do the manufacturers prevent water and air from going into the suit from holes made by the needle? Different brands employ different means of ensuring the stitch holes are adequately covered and to that end, there are 3 main stitch styles common in wetsuits – flatlock stitching, sealed stitching and sealed and taped stitching.

Flatlock stitching stays flat and comfortable on the skin, but lets in some water and is therefore only suitable for use in waters above 65 degrees. Sealed stitching has the panels glued and blind stitched so little or no water can penetrate through the stitch holes. Its best used in waterbodies of 55 degrees and above. Taped stitching has its interior seams taped in addition to being glued and blind stitched. It’s most useful for watersports in waterbodies below 55 degrees and is fully water proof.

There are different styles of wetsuit, with the most popular being the full body wetsuit. This style covers the entire body, save for the head, wrists and ankles. A shorty wetsuit or spring suit has short arms and legs and is best used for warmer climes and waters. A Short John wetsuit has a sleeveless design with short legs and is also suitable for warm waterbodies. Long John wetsuits cover the legs but have a sleeveless design that leaves the arms fully exposed. A wetsuit can also be either in tops alone or bottoms alone form that is used in warm waterbodies. The style of wetsuit you go for should primarily depend on the temperature of the water where you’ll be using it, as wells as your preference.
Performance and Ease of Use
A dry wetsuit is a little bit difficult to put on and unless you plan on soaking it first before wearing it, you have to consider access. Essentially, there are 2 types of zipper access on wetsuits – back zipper and chest zipper. The back zipper is the classic and most common entry and exit solution on wetsuits and apart from the fact that water can easily get in through its seams, it’s the most preferred access type for most people.

The chest zipper on the other hand makes it almost impossible for water to enter into the suit but it’s trickier to wear and remove. It’s worn through a zippered cutout in the neck region and then the neck cutout is finally pulled on and the two parts are zipped together.

The wetsuit is meant to fit like a second skin and a loose fitting one just won’t cut it. The fitting should be snug but not so tight as to impede circulation and movement. This is why the neoprene thickness on the arms and legs is usually lighter than on the torso, given the arms and legs are actively involved in movement during most watersports. The wetsuit should be quite snug on the wrists, ankles and neck, in fact most people use a Rashguard underneath to prevent rashes from the tight wetsuit.

Do note that standard sizes vary from brand to brand, but a general rule of thumb is to go for a wetsuit that is one size smaller than your normal size.

Some wetsuit brands employ the FAR IR technology to keep you warm when using the wetsuit. Accessories that may be included in a wetsuit kit are neoprene wetsuit gloves or mittens, boots and hoods. The hood often times is attached to the wetsuit but can also come separately.

Get the Best Wetsuit of 2022!

Thanks for reading. Having made your choice, what’s left is just for you to go ahead and place the order. Now, you can get right to the business of enjoying your favorite watersports, all year long.

Our Top Choice
O'Neill Reactor Full Wetsuit
Best Value
Cressi Lido Lady Shorty Wetsuit
Synergy Endorphin Full Wetsuit
NeoSport Men's John 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit
Seavenger Children’s 3mm Wetsuit