Best Wheelbarrow Reviews 2020

If you are a gardener, then you know that a wheelbarrow can be of tremendous help when moving stuff around. Fortunately for you, large gardening companies have created a plethora of wheelbarrows for you to choose from. We reviewed 5 of them from some of the best wheelbarrow brands out there. Take a look at these utility carts and see which one is most suitable for your particular needs! "What is the Best":: Picking a wheelbarrow is not that difficult, you just have to pay attention to its size. Do you need to transport heavier items? In this case, a larger cart would be more useful for you. Is the color of the wheelbarrow important to you? We ask because these devices also come in a variety of colors. For now, let's take a look at our first contender and discover its strong points.
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Our Top Choice
True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow
True Temper was founded in 1808 and has been developing alongside America while providing customers with qualitative and trusted tools.
It allows you to carry very heavy materials. It has a pneumatic tire.
One complaint that a wrench was needed in order to assemble it.
Standard wheelbarrow
Stainless steel, hardwood
Approximately 375 lbs
1 flat tire
Available in multiple styles
Best Value
WORX Aerocart All-Purpose Wheelbarrow
Worx started working in the outdoor equipment industry in 2004. It offers customers innovative technology and qualitative tools which make working the land easier.
It lifts up to 300 pounds while making you feel like you’re only lifting 17. It has 2 wheels which make it more balanced and easier to work with.
One complaint that it is not very big.
Multifunction wheelbarrow
All-steel construction
300 lbs
2 pneumatic tires
Available in 3 styles
Rubbermaid Commercial Big Wheel Cart
Rubbermaid Commercial Products was founded in 1968 and manufactures products that add bits of comfort to its customers’ lives; it now continues to grow into a more refined company.
It is easy to clean because of its seamless construction. It is also easy to handle and dump because of its large pneumatic wheels and smooth construction.
A bit pricey, but this is a quality item which offers excellent value for money.
Yard cart
Steel and plastic
300 lbs or 700 lbs
2 large pneumatic tires
Ergonomic handles
Polar Trailer CubCart Wheelbarrow
Polar is a leader in the production of high-quality tank trailers. When it comes to its clients, it wants to provide them with innovation and performance.
It offers optimum balance and it is easier to be managed. It can lift up to 400 pounds and the loading size is of 7 cubic feet.
One complaint that it is hard to assemble.
Heavy-duty cart
All-steel construction
400 lbs
2 large pneumatic tires
Assembles in minutes
Gorilla Carts Garden Wheelbarrow
Gorilla Carts has been the leader of the market of lawn and gardening carts for 20 years. They are interested in delivering innovation, quality, and great support and services.
It is rust-resistant, which means it can be used for a long period of time. It can carry up to 600 pounds, so it is very efficient.
One complaint that it is difficult to assemble.
Garden dump cart
Steel frame
600 lbs
4 pneumatic tires
1 year warranty

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What is the Best Wheelbarrow?

Picking a wheelbarrow is not that difficult; you just have to pay attention to its size. Do you need to transport heavier stuff? In this case, a larger cart would be more useful for you. Is the color of the wheelbarrow important to you? We ask because these devices also come in different colors. For now, let's take a look at our first contender and discover its strong points.
Our Top Choice
The True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow from Ames Companies is ideal for a vast array of gardening and farming purposes, and is available in 3 different styles. This one has a capacity of 6 cubic feet. If you prefer one which has a capacity of 8 cubic feet then we recommend the Dual Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow from the same brand. This model is also available in multiple styles and has hardwood handles.

True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow with Hardwood Handles - Available in 3 Styles, 6-Cubic Foot Capacity

True Temper was founded in 1808 and has been designing and manufacturing the most trusted tools for Americans. True Temper has been developing alongside America, from rural villages to the industrial revolution, all the way to building the corporate America of today. On Amazon there is a great share of almost 800 True Temper tools which help people in their daily life.

We recommend you try the True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow from Ames Companies if you own land and are more of a landscaper, if you need it just for your garden, or even if you need it in constructions. At home or at work, this product will do its job, no matter what you need it for. It’s available in multiple different styles such as Never Flat Tire Steel, Steel Wheelbarrow, Total Control Steel Wheelbarrow and more.

Check out its characteristics:
  • It has a tray made of steel which has a capacity of 6 cubic feet
  • Handles made of hardwood
  • Pneumatic tire
  • Can carry heavy materials
Best Value
The WORX Aerocart Multifunction Yard Cart makes work in the yard easier and it is available in 3 different styles from which you can choose, depending on your needs. This is currently an Amazon Best Seller as well! On the other hand, if you want a cart that is more suitable for transporting firewood then we suggest taking a look at the WORX Aerocart Firewood Carrier which has a capacity of 177 lbs.

WORX Aerocart Multifunction Yard Cart - Available in 3 Styles, 3 Cubic Foot Capacity, 2-Wheeled Dolly with Flat Free Tires

Worx started its business in 2004 manufacturing and designing lawn and garden equipment. It is especially renowned for the trimmers, lawn mowers, and chainsaws it produces. Worx provides its clients with powerful and innovative outdoor equipment consisting of tools which are meant to make work in the garden easier. Worx products also enjoy a big share on Amazon and are available for people all around the world.

The WORX Aerocart Multifunction Yard Cart will definitely make yard work more enjoyable and easier for you, being able to do the work of 8 traditional carts that people used to deal with. Moreover, it allows you to transform it into a yard cart, bag holder, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, and trailer tote whenever you need to do this. This wheelbarrow is a best seller among the Worx tools on Amazon.

Let’s see more about this product:
  • It can lift up to 200 pounds while making you feel like you’re only lifting 17 pounds
  • It has a capacity of 3 cubic feet
  • It has 2 wheels which make it balanced and easier to be managed
  • Durable because of the steel construction
  • 3 different styles: Aerocart only, Aerocart + snow plow, Aerocart + wagon kit
  • Flat tires that don’t need any maintenance
  • It has an extendable arm in order to carry oversized items
The Rubbermaid Commercial Dump Truck comes in 2 sizes and can carry enormous loads with ease. It also features a seamless design which facilitates cleaning. On the other hand, if you don’t need a very large wheelbarrow, then the Rubbermaid Commercial Lawn Cart might be more suitable for you as it has a load capacity of 200 pounds.

Rubbermaid Commercial Big-Wheel Dump Truck - Available in 2 Sizes, 7.5 Cubic Foot Capacity

Rubbermaid Commercial Products has manufactured innovative and solution-based products since 1968 for markets all around the world. It produces products for food service, sanitary maintenance, material transport, safety, and more. Rubbermaid Commercial Products is now expanding on the markets where brands and innovation are what matters to customers. Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a great supplier on Amazon having more than 10000 products among which are many best sellers, such as thermometers, cleaning caddies, and even mop handles.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Dump Truck has a more classical design and can lift great, heavy items, so it is ideal for working in the garden and even for greater land. It is made without seam, so it is easier for you to clean it after you are done with it. Its construction of high-density polyethylene makes it easy to be dumped. This wheelbarrow is available in 2 sizes of 300 pounds and 700 pounds respectively.

See more of its features:
  • It can carry up to 300 pounds
  • Its handles are ergonomic
  • No seam for easier cleaning
  • It has large wheels in order to handle it easier which are also pneumatic
  • Smooth construction for easy dumping
The Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart is the ideal equipment for heavy lifting when working in the yard. This model has a capacity of 7 cubic feet which is more than enough for most yard chores. On the other hand, if you want a wheelbarrow which has a capacity of 10 cubic feet then please go for the Polar Trailer Utility Cart which can help you carry up to 400 lbs of materials.

Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart - 7 Cubic Foot Capacity, Metallic Handles, Rubber Tires

Polar is a leader and innovator in producing high-quality tank trailers. It is committed to its customers and is eager to provide them the most performant equipment. Polar is different from the competition because it is dedicated to support and service its clients. Polar utility trailers and carts are especially built for tough work and always do their job without disappointing the buyers. Customers can also choose their trailer from the share Polar has available on Amazon.

Ideal for working the lawn, the Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Cub Cart is what it takes for the work to be done properly. It is easy to assemble, can hold heavy materials, and is proud to be known as the most effective cart on the market.

Let’s find out even more:
  • It has a loading size of 7 cubic feet and can lift up to 400 pounds
  • Its tub is made of polyethylene
  • Its rubber tires are large
  • It can be managed easily because of the optimum balance
The Poly Garden Dump Cart from Gorilla Carts is a long-run piece of garden equipment which makes work more efficient. It is also backed up by a warranty period of 1 year. If you need an even greater weight-carrying capacity, check out the Heavy-Duty Dump Cart which can take a load of 1,200 pounds and also comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart - 10 Cubic Foot Capacity, Steel Frame and 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires

Gorilla Carts was founded over 20 years ago and has been the leader of the lawn and garden carts market ever since. The products they design reflect innovation and quality. They are meant to deliver a great experience and make your job easier at the same time. Gorilla Carts is available on Amazon where clients can choose between a great line of innovative carts for lawn or garden.

The Poly Garden Dump Cart from Gorilla Carts is a tool for transportation when working the lawn or in the garden which makes the job effortless. It is easy to clean and you can use it for a long period of time because it is resistant to rust. It can carry a lot, so the work will be done faster and unloading the cart won’t be a problem anymore because of its simple mechanism.

Check out more of its features:
  • Quick-release unloading property
  • The frame is made of steel and the bed is made of polyethylene
  • Rust-resistant
  • 4 tires and a handle
  • Can hold 600 pounds weight
  • 1-year warranty

How Do I Choose the Best Wheelbarrow?

Your home’s green lawn, neat picket fence and lively garden are the envy of your neighborhood. What one may not realize, however, is that these things don’t just happen on their own. They are carefully made and maintained.

To achieve such a lawn, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment. For example, if you intend to plant some flowers or herbs in your backyard, you’ll need a garden hoe for preparing the ground. A garden rake will also come in handy when leveling the ground or removing dry leaves and other matter from the lawn. Now, moving equipment or collected trash from one side of the property to the other can be challenging. That’s where a wheelbarrow comes in.

DIY diehards also find wheelbarrows very helpful in just about every project requiring heavy, large, or bulky materials. Wheelbarrows come in various types that highly depend on the number of wheels. These include single wheel, two wheel, and four wheel designs. The number of wheels affect the performance of the wheelbarrow and therefore determines the suitability of various designs for specific tasks. Also, keep in mind that when using these carts it’s wise to put on work gloves to protect your hands. This is because the friction between your hands and the cart’s handles can cause blisters after long hours of use.
The price of a wheelbarrow depends on the type and materials. For example, a dual wheel cart made of heavy duty plastic with a capacity of 170 pounds costs about $80. On the other hand, a wheelbarrow made of high-density materials with two wide wheels and a capacity of 700 pounds can cost up to $700. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t cheap wheelbarrows in the market, but you need to be careful with such products because they are likely to be made with poor quality materials that won’t last for long. Fortunately, in this review we’ve only included products that are built to last.
When shopping for a utility cart, consider how its features affect the overall performance and ability to perform specific tasks. Here are the important features to look for in a wheelbarrow:
  • Number of wheels li>
  • Dimensions and weight of the cart
  • Material
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Tire design – Pneumatic or Non-Pneumatic
  • Handle design
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee
These features will help you identify a utility cart that works for you and is within your budget.
Construction and Design
The construction of a wheelbarrow features the combination of the wheel and axle, inclined plane, and the lever. These concepts place critical roles in lifting and moving heavy loads using the wheelbarrow. The main parts of a utility cart are the wheel, frame, and the barrow. These parts are designed by different manufacturers and it’s important to note that various materials are used in construction.

For example, the frame of the cart, comprised of the handle and stands, is commonly made with steel tubing or wood. The barrow can be molded from steel sheets or heavy-duty plastics; some companies opt to mold the entire cart’s body, except for the wheels, out of high-density plastic.

When it comes to the tires, they can be pneumatic with an inner tube or made of solid rubber. Pneumatic wheels must be filled with air in order to function. It’s also worth mentioning that the thickness and size of the tires can vary significantly from one model to another. The handles of a wheelbarrow can also be ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable handling of the cart and improved performance.
Performance and Ease of Use
The design features of a wheelbarrow determine whether it’s easy or hard to use. For instance, a single-wheeled utility cart comes with increased maneuverability compared to two or four wheelers. On the other hand, multi-wheeled carts are more stable than single wheelers. In addition, pneumatic wheels act as shock absorbers that result in smooth rides, especially on uneven ground.

Carts that are made with plastic or metallic materials don’t absorb water and are therefore great for use during wet or rainy weather. If you’re looking for corrosion-resistant carts, consider models made from coated steel or plastic. Remember that comfort is paramount when doing any work as it affects your overall output. Therefore, consider wheelbarrows that have ergonomic handles.

Get the Best Wheelbarrow of 2020!

It’s our hope that after reading through our review on the best wheelbarrows you’ve found one that tickles your fancy. If you wish to sample more utility carts by these trusted brands, click the links on this review for more details.

Our Top Choice
True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow
Best Value
WORX Aerocart All-Purpose Wheelbarrow
Rubbermaid Commercial Big Wheel Cart
Polar Trailer CubCart Wheelbarrow
Gorilla Carts Garden Wheelbarrow