Best Whey Protein Powder Reviews 2022

People who are experienced in working out know that there’s more to it than just slaving away at the weights. Without the right supplements, especially proteins, your muscles will not be able to recover quickly, nor will they be able to grow as you expect them to. Choosing the right protein supplement can be confusing when you look at all that is available today. For this reason, we are bringing you five of the best whey protein powder brands that consistently make quality products. The products that we selected do not cover their entire offerings. Regard these as samples and feel free to look at other options they offer. You can also see our reviews on protein bars, protein shakes, protein drinks and protein powder. Your training will be more effective with the right protein supplement.

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Protein %
Our Top Choice
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey
Optimum Nutrition delivers products that adhere to the highest standards of quality. It ensures this by selecting the best ingredients and using the best production processes.
Quality ingredients. Low calories. 20 flavor options. Tastes great. Mixes easily. Contains 4 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid. Contains 5 grams of BCAAs.
It barely offers any other nutritional value, making it unsuitable as a meal alternative.
Whey isolates & concentrate
5 pounds; 5 other sizes
Muscle building and recovery
20 flavor options
About 80% protein
Best Value
Bulk Supplements Whey Protein Powder Isolate
Bulk Supplements is committed to the wellness of its customers, and so it supplies over 200 nutritional supplements that are tested and proven to promote health and well-being.
Clean protein. Mixes easily. Low calories. Low fat. Low cholesterol. No aftertaste. Curbs appetite. Contains essential amino acids. Good size options.
You may have some issues resealing the package once opened.
Whey isolate
2.2 pounds; 5 other sizes
Muscle building and recovery
About 90% protein
ProMix Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein
ProMix Nutrition has a vision of setting the standards for nutrition supplements that are free of unhealthy additives. It offers products that meet the exact needs of athletes.
All natural. No additives. Milk from grass-fed cows. Flavored and non-flavored options. No GMO. About 80% protein. Easy to mix. Low carb. 3rd party tested. Made in the USA.
The taste may not be to the liking of some.
Whey concentrate
5 pounds, 1 pound
Training and overall health
Unflavored; 4 other flavors
About 80% protein
NLA for Her Her Whey Protein
NLA for Her is wholly devoted to creating supplements meant for women. Its mission is to give women of all fitness levels the supplement they need to stay fit and healthy.
Great taste. Dissolves easily. Gluten free. Sugar free. 24 essential vitamins. No bloating. Filling. Satisfies cravings. Energizes. 4 flavor options.
Only has about 18 servings per canister.
Whey isolate
2 pounds
Women: recovery, weight loss
4 flavor options
About 50% protein
Body Lab Complete Whey Protein Complex
Body Lab understands the female body and offers fitness and health products that are designed to help women achieve their fitness goals. They are simply created by women for women.
Low carb. Low calories. Low sugar. Right amount of protein. Great taste. Effective meal replacement. Good flavors. Filling. Reduces appetite. Gives energy. Affordable.
May taste better if taken with milk rather than with water.
Whey concentrate & isolate
1 pound
Women: muscle tone & recovery
2 flavors
About 75% protein

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What is the Best Whey Protein Powder?

Not all protein supplements are suitable for everyone or every fitness goal. From what we have explained thus far, the type of whey protein powder you need to meet your fitness goals should be much clearer. We shall now begin to review our selection. Pay close attention so you can pick out the one that offers exactly what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is a complete and easy-to-mix protein. Each serving contains 24 grams of protein, 4 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid, 5 grams of amino acids and more for quick recovery. Would you prefer a strawberry-flavored option? If so, try the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Delicious Strawberry.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder – Available in 20 Flavors and 6 Sizes

Optimum Nutrition, Inc. (ON) is committed to one thing, and that is the provision of nutrition supplements of the highest quality. One thing that is immediately noticeable with any product from the two brands operating under it - Optimum Nutrition and American Body Building (A.B.B.). - is their exceptional quality. Before any raw material is transferred to any of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, each ingredient is tested and retested to ensure it adheres to the highest quality standards. Only ingredients that pass these tests are taken in for production. Combining the best materials with the best of production processes, ON delivers products that stand out, giving sportsmen and women everywhere the boost they need to replenish and constantly perform at their best.

After working out and seriously tearing up those muscles, you need them to recover quickly, and you need proteins to make this happen. The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder offers just this. It uses the purest form of whey protein to deliver a supplement that sets the standard for others. Every serving of the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is loaded with about 24 grams of protein, which helps you build muscles better, 5 grams of amino acids, including valine, isoleucine, and leucine, 4 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid and others that help your muscles recover. This is a really powerful protein supplement.

Aside from how packed it is, Optimum Nutrition also understands that taste can seriously affect how easy it will be to use, so it has made this protein supplement available in over 20 flavors. Add to this the fact that this whey protein powder was specially prepared for easy mixing with water, milk and any other thing you want to take it with, and you get a supplement that is not just a super-dense supply of nourishment but also a very tasty and easy-to-mix delight.

Now that’s not all. Did you know you can also use this whey protein powder in other creative ways? How about a super-nutritious pancake serving first thing in the morning? Adding a scoop of any flavor of the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder to your regular pancake mix turns that pancake into a super-flavorful, highly nutritious meal. You will never be bored with the 20 different flavors and other creative ways of using this whey protein powder.

Don’t forget, take this protein supplement early in the morning, prior to working out and after working out, and your muscles will be forever grateful.
Best Value
The Bulk Supplements Whey Protein Powder Isolate is a supplement for weight loss, muscle building and muscle recovery. Fortified with about 90% whey protein and essential amino acids, you can now reach your fitness goal. If you are looking for grass-fed whey, then try the Bulk Supplements Pure Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate Powder.

BulkSupplements Whey Protein Powder Isolate, Clean & Pure Unflavored 90% Isolate – Available in 6 Sizes

Bulk Supplements takes great pride in the quality of its products. Its production process adheres to the strictest of quality control, abiding by every government regulation and health code. With a staff strength that is committed not just to ensuring the products are top quality but that they also get to you in good time and good shape and that you are satisfied with your order, it is constantly growing its customer base, supplying its more than 200 variations of supplements to hundreds of thousands of users nationwide.

Working out without seeing quick results can be really frustrating. You slug it out at the gym, lifting weights, doing push-ups, bench presses and all the other self-inflicted punishment, just to achieve a lean body mass and what do you get? Sore muscles and more sore muscles. With the Bulk Supplements Whey Protein Powder Isolate, you can now begin to see results quickly. This supplement is 90% whey protein, so you do not have all those extras that can hamper your weight loss program. With this, you don’t just build muscles, you burn fat and, since it also aids in muscle recovery, you can work out more often without pain, making that lean body mass something in your very near future.

One of the most difficult things for people looking to lose weight is the ability to stay on a diet. Hunger pangs have driven not a few to break their resolve. This supplement will be of very great help. Being 90% protein, it will help reduce your appetite. That way, you won’t take in as much as you used to, so when you work out, you will be burning off whatever has been stored. Don’t worry, this whey protein supplement will enhance your body metabolism so burning those extras won’t be as difficult as you think. If this does not make your weight loss program easier and more effective, possibly nothing will.

This is not meant to be a refreshing drink. It is a supplement for people serious about their fitness and exercise programs. It is non-flavored, so you get no additives. This is pure protein and essential amino acids, and it can be easily mixed into any liquid of your choice. Take this after your workout session and feel your muscles get repaired and grow. Ideally, take about 15 to 30 grams of this as a dietary supplement on a daily basis. If, however you are a body builder, you may take 0.36 grams per pound of your weight. Depending on your usage and needs, you can get this whey protein in any of these three sizes – 2.2 pounds, 11 pounds and 44 pounds. Take your workout to a whole new level.
The ProMix Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein offers the perfect undenatured whey protein for optimum results from your workouts. It is loaded with naturally occurring nutrients and is perfect for paleo and plant-based diets. Would you prefer a flavored whey protein, also from grass-fed cows? Try the ProMix Nutrition Chocolate Grass Fed Whey Isolate.

ProMix Nutrition Performance Whey Protein Powder Concentrate, Grass Fed & Undenatured – Available in 5 Flavors and 2 Sizes

In pursuit of its goal to be the brand that sets the standard for nutrition supplements that are pure and free from unhealthy additives, ProMix Nutrition offers the highest quality of whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows, so you can be sure the proteins are free from inflammatory markers. While it ensures its production process and products meet the highest quality standards, it also ensures that the products meet the requirements of the athletes who are its target market. Every product you purchase from ProMix Nutrition will be wholly natural and super-efficient.

With more and more people getting more concerned about what they consume, either as food or as supplement and with good reason too, we bring you a protein supplement that you can take with the full assurance that you are not consuming any unnatural or harmful substance. The ProMix Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein offers 100% natural whey protein sourced from milk from grass-fed cows. On that front, you have no fears of issues with seed-fed cows and all its attendant ills. Aside from this, it is not beefed up with additives, whether for taste or nutrition. No corn has been added, neither will you find gluten or soy. All you have in it are immunoglobulins, glutathione, IGF-1 and lactoferrin, all occurring naturally.

One thing that sets this brand’s product apart is the process it employs. It uses a process it calls advanced cold-press, which allows it to deliver undenatured protein, which is protein that has not been stripped of several of its nutrients during processing. This is common with many other brands where the whey is over-processed, taking out some other nutrients that are also beneficial to the body. With these nutrients retained in the ProMix Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein, you have a supplement that ensures your overall well-being, while helping you achieve better (and faster) results from your training.

No product leaves ProMix Nutrition’s facility without meeting the very highest of quality standards. These products are not tested to ensure they meet government regulations and health standards; they are tested to ensure they meet the brand’s standards, which are way higher than those set by regulatory authorities. It is also constantly in touch with the end user – the athlete – to ensure this product meets their exact needs. So, it’s not all wishful thinking and guess work. This product is the result of research and a deliberate process put into place to achieve the best, which is what you are getting in the ProMix Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein. Hey! Plant-based and paleo enthusiasts, this is perfect for your diets, too.
NLA for Her's Her Whey Protein is the ultimate protein drink for women. This whey isolate protein will reduce your appetite, provide your muscles with fuel for all kinds of training and also help your muscles’ recovery. Would you love to sample the protein bar from this brand? Take a look at this NLA for Her - Her Whey Lean Protein Bar.

NLA for Her Her Whey Ultimate Lean Whey Isolate Protein – Available in 4 Flavors

For a long time, women were compelled to settle for supplements that were originally meant for men. Seeing this need, NLA for Women decided to create women-specific supplements. Thanks to this brand, women can now enjoy supplements that are not too strong for their frame, but are carefully processed to deliver the right amount of the most effective supplements for all women, regardless of their fitness level.

NLA for Her has revitalized women’s nutrition with the Her Whey protein. Made from whey isolate, this great-tasting supplement provides your muscles with all the fuel they require for any kind of training. It also supports the growth of lean muscle mass. You will burn off calories and those muscles will be perfectly toned. In addition to this, it will help your muscles recover quickly from all the wear and tear they go through during intensive training, making them ready for the next training session.

This product is not just efficient, it is also safe. Gluten free and containing just about 180 calories per serving, it has been stripped of all junk, leaving you with vital nutrients, which include about 10 grams of glutamine, 5 grams of BCAAs, and about 24 essential vitamins and minerals. This is actually a supplement that support your entire well-being and can be taken as a regular supplement or an aid for training.

The fact that this product is healthy and efficient does not mean it should not taste great. Her Whey Protein is great tasting, offering four lovely flavors you can choose from. You have the vanilla cupcake, pumpkin pie, blueberry muffin and chocolate éclair. All these are great tasting on their own and can also be added to shakes, pancakes, and pastries. Interestingly, this can help with cravings for junk food and sweets. Taking this supplement satisfies these cravings, leaving you content but free of junk.

Join the women who are getting the most out of their training sessions with this supplement and, as NLA for Her says, “Discover the goddess within you.”
The Body Lab Complete Whey Protein Complex is a smart, female-specific protein supplement. At under 100 calories, it provides just the right amount of protein for women, ensuring proper muscle tone and quick recovery. If you prefer the chocolate flavor, get the Body Lab Tasty Shake Protein Powder, Chocolate, 1 Pound.

Body Lab Jennifer Lopez for Women Tasty Shake Complete Whey Protein Complex – Available in 2 Flavors

The female body is unique and requires special treatment. Body Lab understands this, which is why it is focused on offering women fitness and health products that help them achieve whatever fitness goals they may have. Whether for burning fat or keeping the muscles properly toned, the products are carefully designed to take into consideration every aspect of the female body, enhancing your workout and general well-being. It’s no wonder that Jennifer Lopez decided to join the Body Lab family.

Many times, women are forced to use supplements not quite suitable for their needs. This is usually because these supplements were made for men. When women take protein supplements that were originally meant for men, they are loaded with way more protein than they need. This means the unused proteins become excess calories. With the Body Lab Complete Whey Protein Complex, which was carefully and specifically designed for women, women get just the right amount of proteins they need. During weight loss programs, the muscles require protein to retain muscle mass, and this is supplied sufficiently in this supplement. Additionally, the protein supply is adequate for muscle recovery after workouts and also for toning the muscles. Interestingly, a serving of this protein shake comes up to under 100 calories, so you have no fears of any unnecessary calories sneaking into your diet.

Finally, the Body Lab Complete Whey Protein Complex is presented in two very tasty flavors. With the flavors offered, you can turn this supplement into a treat. Try the classic vanilla or indulge yourself with the decadent chocolate flavor. Finally, it’s a protein supplement women can call their own. If it is good enough for Jennifer Lopez, then it certainly is good enough for you.

How Do I Choose the Best Whey Protein Powder?

You see those sculpted bodies on television and in magazines and wish you could be like them? You wish so hard that you hit the gym, determined to build your own lean muscle mass. However, weeks down the line, you appear to have lost some weight, though you are not exactly sure. What you are, however, sure of is that your muscles ache all over and you still have your one, round pack intact.

Initially, you welcomed the aching muscles, believing that those were the pains you had to go through to get that heavenly six-pack you desire. After all, “no-pain, no gain.” Well, all you seem to be getting is a lot of pain with little or no gain. In fact, the pain is beginning to make it difficult for you to work out effectively.

Before you get frustrated and take it out on the next person that mentions fitness, do you take any supplements? If you intend to train those muscles, you need protein supplements. When those muscles stretch and even tear, proteins help them recover and grow. Without a sufficient amount of protein, your muscles won’t recover quickly (hence the continued and increasing ache) and they won’t grow (explaining your seemingly training-resistant one-pack). With the right protein supplement, you will begin to see results faster.

There are different types of protein supplements, including protein bars, protein drinks, protein powders, and protein shakes. In this guide, we will be looking at whey protein powder. This is a type of protein that is regarded as complete because it contains all nine important amino acids. As you continue with us through this guide, we will help you find the best whey protein powder for you so you can easily meet your health and fitness goals.
When you want to get a supply of whey protein powder, you can expect that they will not all cost the same. What you will pay will be dependent on certain factors that include size, concentration and maybe brand, just to mention a few. These supplements are offered in different sizes. As you would expect, a 1Kg pack is sure to cost less than a 5Kg pack. You will have to determine your budget and what type you want.

From our findings, with between $20 and $80 you can get good-quality whey protein powder. It is now left for you to check which in the list is most suitable for you. You can also find those that cost way more than this or even less. However, make sure you do not get a cheap whey protein powder, as it may end up doing more harm than good.
Whey protein powder is an important supplement that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. To know exactly which to get, you need to look at and deliberate on a couple of factors. Some of these factors to be considered include:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Protein Content
  • Flavor
  • Mixability
  • Additives
Let’s take a close look at these.
Construction and Design
The first thing you need to consider when getting whey protein powder is the type that is best for you. There are three types of whey protein: the concentrate, the isolate and the hydrolysate. These are differentiated by their levels of refinement. Concentrates contain a good amount of protein but also contain other nutrients. This is great for those who do not want to spend so much but want to get a good supply of protein. These are usually priced cheaper.

Whey isolates have been further refined, stripping away other nutrients and leaving mostly proteins. This is great for people who just need protein and protein alone. If you are on a strict diet and do not need any extra calories, this may be a good option. They are also more expensive.

Whey hydrolysate is an even further refined protein. This type of whey protein can be easily absorbed by the body because it has been pre-digested. Since it’s already undergone partial hydrolysis, the body will quickly absorb it. This will usually be found in baby formulas and medical supplements. The risk of any allergic reaction to this is seriously low.

Of the three mentioned above, you are likely to encounter the first two more often. From these, choose the one that fits your protein needs and general health and well-being the most.

After looking at the type of whey protein powder you want, the next thing to do is look at the size you will need. While the size of the pack you get will likely not have any effect on its quality, it will certainly affect how long you will be able to use it. If you get something that is too big, you may have it with you for so long that you lose interest or get bored with it – that is, if it does not find a way to go bad. It would be best to get something you can consume within a month. The ability to change flavors and types may help you stay interested. On the other hand, it would also be an inconvenience if you were to get one that was too small, requiring you to order a new pack often. Find the right balance.
Performance and Ease of Use
It’s true that whey protein powder is not supposed to be a refreshing drink. However, if it is tasty and easy to drink, more people will likely be motivated to take it. Some brands offer as much as 20 flavor options, while some offer none, preferring the non-flavored option that some professional athletes appear to go for. One concern that many have with the addition of flavors is the additional components that need to be added as sweeteners or flavors. If you prefer a flavored whey protein powder, it is important that you check the nutrition information to find out exactly what has gone into the product. If you do not want any form of additives in your whey protein powder, then stick with the non-flavored options.

Some whey protein powders are easier to mix than others. Some mix very badly, leaving lumps that are difficult to drink. Some require that you blend the mix to get a suitable consistency. Without doubt, a brand that can easily be mixed with water, milk or any other medium is preferable to one that is difficult to mix. Check out the reviews from other buyers to determine if it will mix easily.

Before we round this off, we will mention the issue of additives again. It is important to check the nutritional facts to know what is contained in the mix. It is best to look for gluten-free brands and those that contain little or no sugar. There are a number of additives that may not be suitable for your body. If you do not check, you may miss catching something that will not go well with your system, only discovering it when you are already affected. Supplements should be healthy, so ensure the ingredients are healthy.

Get the Best Whey Protein Powder of 2022!

We are excited that you stayed with us through this journey. Hopefully, with the information you have received, you are now able to pick out exactly the whey protein powder that is right for you. Place your order now and start getting better results from your training.

Our Top Choice
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey
Best Value
Bulk Supplements Whey Protein Powder Isolate
ProMix Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein
NLA for Her Her Whey Protein
Body Lab Complete Whey Protein Complex