Best White Noise Machine Reviews 2022

Waking up from a restful sleep, energized and ready to take on the world, is one of the pleasures of life that we all appreciate. Not all of us can enjoy this so easily, though. For those of us in that group, while we’re forever grateful to the inventor of the white noise machine, it can be a bit difficult to choose the right one, and that’s where we come in. We’ve done our research and compiled a list with five of the best white noise machine brands. However, we’ve only reviewed one of the many offers from each brand, so, feel free to check them out for more.
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Our Top Choice
Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound+Sleep Sound Machine
Adaptive Sound Technologies invented the Sound+Sleep Sleep Therapy System that helps you have a more relaxed sleep. This amazing product makes every sleep time “restful.”
Volume adjusts automatically. Drowns out nearby noise. You can set the timer and the device will switch off after you have drifted off.
The click sounds from the buttons are a bit loud.
10 sounds
2 pounds
7.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches
Best Value
Marpac Dohm DS White Noise Sound Machine
Marpac is recognized as one of America’s top inventors. With the handmade Dohm DS White, you can be sure of tuning the noise out and getting undisturbed sleep.
Acoustic housing allows for fully adjustable tones. Conveniently compact; can be placed anywhere. No mechanical or cycling sound. Choose white, black or tan.
You may notice a low whistling sound at lower speeds.
2 sound speeds
1.6 pounds
5.8 x 5.8 x 3.2 inches
Sound Oasis S-5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Machine
Sound Oasis goes the extra mile to record authentic “nature sounds” for its sound machines. The Sound Oasis Deluxe Sleep will give you the relaxing feel of nature while you sleep.
It has an alarm clock. Voice memo recording for your own voice. Memory button to replay last sound.
Alarm is not loud enough. This could be because the device is more about sleeping than waking.
24 main sounds
2.9 pounds
8.2 x 5.8 x 6.5 inches
ASTI Sound Of Sleep LectroFan Sound Machine
Sound of Sleep's specialty is adapting audio to improve life. It produces devices that redefine the science of sleep. Its LectroFan lives up to those values.
Custom setting for noise cancellation. Convenient for baby to sleep with. Portable enough to take on the go. Automatic timer turns it off when you drift off. Available in black or white.
The different sounds are unnamed.
10 sounds
0.95 pounds
3.9 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches
HoMedics SoundSpa Sleep Sound Machine
Homedics promises you sound sleep and delivers on it. It continues fulfilling that promise with the Homedics Sound Spa.
Lightweight and perfect for travel. Multiple timer options. Adjustable volume.
It has no earpiece for private listening.
6 sounds
1 pound
0.5 x 6 x 2 inches

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What is the Best White Noise Machine?

When it comes to what works best at lulling individuals to sleep, you’ll find that it’s all up to individual differences in taste and psychology. It’s time to put what you’ve learnt from the guide to work and looked at five great machines.
Our Top Choice
As a brand that places consumers’ needs as a priority, Adaptive Sound Technologies has helped many people sleep better with the Sound+Sleep Sleep Therapy System. This device makes it possible to implement this unique therapy. If you want more sound options, we recommend the Sound+Sleep SE.

Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound+Sleep Therapy System - White Noise Sound Machine

When you think of sleep wellness sound therapy systems, you should think of Adaptive Sound Technologies. The company has helped a lot of people sleep soundly without medication. Adaptive Sound Technologies has products that adapt audio to improve people’s lives day and night.

Good sleep is important to all of us, and that’s why you should check out the Sound+Sleep Sleep Therapy System (selling for $99.95 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). With its audio sleep therapy and soothing background sounds designed to block surrounding noises, Sound+Sleep is what you need for satisfying rest. Here’s more of what you get with it:
  • Multiple natural sounds
  • Instantly masks disruptive noise
  • Quality sleep with sounds that relax your mind
To have control over sounds is now a decision you can make with Adaptive Sound Technologies. It’s your choice to decide the sound of your sleep.
Best Value
According to Marpac, “We are inventors and we build things right.” This is a brand committed to making carefully crafted sound machines to help tinnitus sufferers sleep soundly. The Dohm DS White will help you tune out the rest of the world while you sleep. Babies are not left out – the Marpac Hushh For Baby is available for your baby’s undisturbed sleep.

Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine - Sleep Sound Therapy System, Available in 3 Colors

Marpac is known for its high-quality sound machines. With its white noise machines, it will be easier for you to relax or sleep. Marpac has been in the industry for decades and the Dohm DS is a product it is proud of.

The Dohm-DS White (selling for $49.53 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is an all-natural white noise machine. It is easily recognizable and its fan sound is adjustable. See more of the features below:
  • Dual speed motor
  • Unique asymmetrical fan
  • Acoustic housing that creates soothing sound of rushing air
  • Eliminates the disturbance of actual moving air
  • Voltage – 120 V, for domestic use only
  • 1-year limited factory warranty and the signature Marpac customer service promise
Sound Oasis is a brand that is passionate about helping you sleep, relax or just enjoy some privacy. It incorporated authentic nature sounds (recorded in the wild) in the Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System, which comes with an awesome sound system. If you prefer a budget-friendly model, the Sound Oasis S-550-05 is for you.

Sound Oasis Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System with Built-In Technology to Control Your Bedside Lamp for Light Therapy

Sound Oasis is a company that is focused on helping people sleep, relax and enjoy more privacy. It uses quality, authentic, natural sounds recorded in the wild. It provides good results and offers a multitude of sounds that were compiled by world-leading sleep therapy experts and musicians.

The S-5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System (selling for $199.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has 145 sound possibilities, with 24 main sounds and 5 mix sounds to customize your sound environment. Here are more features of this amazing product:
  • Built-in technology to control your bedside lamp for light therapy
  • AM/FM stereo radio - 3 presets and radio spectrum selector switch for worldwide use
  • 4 position timer: 30, 60 and 90 min, with gentle off and nap timer
  • 3 built-in speakers (2 front speakers and rear subwoofer)
  • Bass/treble control to precisely adjust the tone of sounds
  • Headphone jack connects to your headphones or a speaker pillow
  • Play your iPhone/iPod/mp3/CD through unit's speaker system
  • Dual voltage adapter
  • Ships with your required outlet prongs
Sound Therapy is a wonderful device for improved sleep.
There is nothing better than buying from a brand that asks for users’ feedback and implements it. Sound of Sleep does. The LectroFan lives up to its promise of giving the user control of sound in the surrounding environment. For a more affordable option, we recommend the LectroFan Micro, which can be connected to a Bluetooth speaker system.

ASTI Sound Of Sleep LectroFan White Noise Machine with 20 Sleep Therapy Sound Options - Available in Two Colors

If you need to block out noisy neighbors, create a disturbance-free study area, keep conversations private, fall asleep with ease, or drown out construction noises outside your window, then you need Sound of Sleep products.

The LectroFan (selling for $64.95 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) can lull babies to sleep by producing a consistent, steady sound to mask noise that might wake them. This sound machine is compact and portable, making it the perfect white noise device to take with you on your next business trip, vacation or family adventure. Its other features include:
  • Custom settings for different noise canceling situations
  • Produces steady sound to mask noises
  • Equipped with 10 white noise options
  • 10 fan sounds
  • A sleep timer
With the LectroFan, the sound you hear is your choice.
Homedics is a brand known for innovative devices that help de-stress and simplify your life. It designed the Homedics Sound Spa to send you to sleep in a peaceful environment and have you wake up well-rested. If you prefer a machine with dual speakers and more sound options, then the Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II Machine is for you.

HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds and Auto Off Timer

HoMedics is known for its contributions to the creation of a healthier home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life. It has a full line of in-home wellness products that are uniquely designed to promote your well-being. These products include air filters, humidifiers and this sleep aid known as SoundSpa.

The SoundSpa (selling for$19.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) creates a peaceful sleep environment. You can now fall asleep faster after a hard day’s work, enjoy restful sleep and wake up completely refreshed. It’s also a great addition to any crèche or nursery. The pulsing sounds instill a feeling of comfort which lulls people of all ages to sleep. Here are some of the features of this outstanding product:
  • Six soothing, natural sounds
  • Six digitally recorded, calming sounds
  • Auto off timer
  • Can be operated with either batteries or power adapters

How Do I Choose the Best White Noise Machine?

When it comes to noise and how it distracts a sleeper from the task at hand – sleeping – it’s more about the type of sound and the suddenness of it than the volume of the sound or its presence at all. The human body is always alert, seeking out changes in the environment and getting ready to fight or fly. While this is a good thing, it can actually prevent the light sleepers amongst us from resting and relaxing, as every new and random noise, like a door opening and closing, a barking dog or the horns of passing vehicles, tends to wake us or keep us from falling asleep.

What a white noise machine does is produce noise whose sound waves are of a constant height or amplitude at all frequencies. This creates a seemingly endless drone, hum or whirr that masks or drowns out any other sounds in the environment, so that every sound blends and is lost in it, and the whole thing becomes a lulling kind of background noise. Next to complete silence, this is probably the best ambient sound recipe for a restful sleep.

There are lots of other theories out there about the best ways to get a good night’s rest; some of them are quite helpful, but a few others are just plain bizarre (we’re sure you can think of a few). Music works for many people, but for others, having an mp3 player serenading them with their favorite tunes brings back memories and nostalgia – a nice way to be counterproductive in the search for sleep. Memory foams and pillows, massage pillows and cushions are some of the more helpful theories and products. However, it’s you who wears the sleep-deprivation shoe, so you know best where it pinches and what works best for you. Our only advice here is that you shouldn’t allow penny pinching to deprive you of a good night’s sleep.
One of the good things about these sleep promoters is that they come in a price range that will suit different budgets and different tastes. You can find one white noise machine selling for as high as $200 and another selling for as low as $19 – you’re probably wondering what the difference is between the machines at the extremes of this range. Well, you can rest assured that it isn’t in the quality. The difference lies, basically, in the features that each of them has. For instance, a company can decide to make a no-fuss white noise machine with a single-button control to power on the device, regulate the noise and power it off. Then, to cater to customer diversity in taste and demand, it’ll make another one with multiple sound options, phone-charging capability, music speaker capability, etc. We most definitely do not require a crystal ball to say which of the two will cost a shopper more cash. There are also cheap white noise machines out there, but we’d rather you stayed away from those, as they have the potential to be nothing but unpleasant noise makers at the end of the day.
How does one tell which white noise machine will be the best for one’s needs? It’s quite simple – by knowing what features to look out for and how they make each white noise machine different. Here are some of these features:
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • The sound options or variations
  • Power source
  • Length of play time
  • Extras e.g., timers, adjustable settings etc.
Construction and Design
Basically, white noise is a term used to describe the monotonous droning or whirring sound made by many random things that make up everyday life e.g., fans, washing machines, crowds etc. Technically, the best description of white noise is the sound of static made by TVs and radios when they’re unable to get proper reception. There are other soothing sounds from Mother Nature, like the sound of sea waves splashing on sandy or rocky shores, crickets chirping away on a warm summer’s night and the sound of a running stream or brook. Many manufacturers make white noise machines with up to 12 different sounds for you to choose from. So if you like variety, consider one of those, but if you’d rather have the trusted sound of a fan’s whirr, you can find options that offer it as the only noise option.

Another important question to ask is this: how long do the sounds play for before they loop or replay? Aside from models that have a mechanical means of sound production, like an actual fan, the sounds are recorded and looped, and some of them can last for as long as 30 minutes. Short-duration sounds might have pauses that, no matter how short, will be perceived by those of us with super hearing abilities (trust us, there are such people).
Performance and Ease of Use
Weight and dimensions are important considerations because, while these machines are generally portable and lightweight items, you’ll find that some are more portable and lightweight than others. If you travel or move around a lot, you’ll appreciate this feature more. The need for a restful sleep does not change with geographical location so, since whichever white noise machine you choose has the potential of becoming your travel buddy, pay attention to these features.

White noise machines are electronic devices. This means that they require a power source in order for them to work. There are different sources of power for these machines; while some of them are battery powered, others need to be connected to a power outlet before they can function. There are models with rechargeable batteries, while others work with your regular alkaline batteries. Your lifestyle also comes into play here; if you’re constantly on the move, a battery-powered machine will better suit your needs. If you don’t travel often, you can find one that’ll be happy to become a permanent fixture on your bedside table or bedroom wall.

You’ll also find white noise machines that give you a little something extra. Some of them allow you to control the direction and pitch of the noise. Some of them come with clocks and timers that turn the machine off at a time determined by you. You’ll also find others that double as a sound system when you want them to be. It all depends on what extra thing you want your white noise machine to do for you.

Get the Best White Noise Machine of 2022!

Yay! You’ve reached the end of this review, and with a white noise machine in mind, we hope. Hurry along; make that order, you’ve got some well-deserved rest to catch.

Our Top Choice
Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound+Sleep Sound Machine
Best Value
Marpac Dohm DS White Noise Sound Machine
Sound Oasis S-5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Machine
ASTI Sound Of Sleep LectroFan Sound Machine
HoMedics SoundSpa Sleep Sound Machine