Best DVD Player – Full HD, 4K and Smart WiFi DVD Players for The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

Who wants a bunch of wires cluttering their media room? Get rid of those cables by purchasing one of these Wi-Fi DVD players and enjoy HD videos and access to several apps, and remotely connect to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We’ve ventured far and wide to bring you five of the best DVD player brands, so you can watch any content you like.

Just in case you were looking for something different, we also have reviews for cheap DVD players under $100, portable DVD players, DVD/VCR combination players and Blu Ray players — some of which also have WiFi connectivity. You’ll find the links to each of these right below this quick comparison chart. You may also want to take a look at the Sanyo Blu Ray Disc and DVD Player with built in WiFi.
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Our Top Choice
Yamaha 4K WiFi DVD Blu-ray Disc Player
Yamaha is one of the world’s most recognized home theatre and musical instrument manufacturer.
4K ultra-HD video upscaling. Supports a wide range of disc formats. Great audio quality. Rigid construction fro better stability.
A bit difficult to use.
Blu ray
Full HD/4K upscaling
Wi-Fi, Ethernet, HDMI, USB
17.1 x 10.1 x 3.4 inches
Standby power
Best Value
LG Full HD Blu-ray Smart WiFi DVD Player
Since 1958, LG has been on the forefront of digital technology, striving to bring more value to its customers with highly functional electronics that are of high quality.
Compatible with 3D, 2D and Blu-ray discs. 6 feet HDMI cable included. Ultra HD Upscaling.
Sometimes loses connection to the internet.
3D Blu ray
Full HD/ 1080p
Wi-Fi, HDMI, Ethernet, USB
8 x 8 x 2 inches
6 feet HDMI cable
OPPO UDP-203 Ultra HD DVD Player
Since its advent, Oppo has had a large share in the electronic s manufacturing industry.
Quality video with Dolby Vision and HDR. 3D compatibility. Elegant design.
No internal apps or streaming services
3D Blu ray
Ultra HD
Wi-Fi, HDMI, , USB
16.9 x 12.2 x 3.1 inches
Elegant design
Samsung 4K HD Blu-ray Wi-Fi DVD Player
Samsung has a vision of using technology to create a future that is exciting to everyone.
4k upscaling. Greater range of brightness and color contrast. Easy-access apps. Curved design.
A bit loud disc spinning noise.
Blu ray
Full HD/4K upscaling
Wi-Fi, HDMI, Ethernet, USB
16 x 8.9 x 1.8 inches
Built-in apps
Sony Blu-ray Disc Player Wi-Fi DVD Player
Sony believes in creating unique experiences that trigger new technological cultures.
Full HD quality. Impresive sound experience. Comes with a HDMI cable and cleaning cloth.
Sometimes WiFi connection fails.
Blu ray
Full HD/ 1080p
Wi-Fi, HDMI, Ethernet, USB
10.8 x 10.6 x 3.4 inches
Cleaning cloth, HDMI cable

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What Is the Best WiFi DVD Player Brand? Read Our Best DVD Player Reviews to Find Out!

DVD players are simple enhancements to a home entertainment system. They provide a great movie experience with fabulous image and sound quality. With several DVD player options available on the market, Wi-Fi DVD players are known for excellent image quality with several extras to enhance your viewing experience. So, with such a thorough review, what are you waiting for? Keeping your preferences in mind, read through and pick a model that best suits your style and budget.

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Our Top Choice
The Yamaha BD-S681 Blu-ray Disc Player combines innovative features such as 4k upscaling with advanced engineering to make it unique among other models. If you're looking to take your audio wireless too, Yamaha has many WiFi speakers that are also compatible with Alexa smart home devices

Yamaha BD-S681 Blu-ray Disc and DVD Player with Built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct - 4K Ultra HD Video Upscaling


Perhaps you know this already - when it comes to your home electronics such as TVs, Home theatres, Audio systems and so forth, you can always trust Yamaha. It’s commitment to quality and good value is driven by its legacy of performance-Obsessed craftsmanship.

The BD-S681 Blu-ray Disc Player is one of Yamaha’s latest release in in home audio/video electronics. This Blu-ray Disc player comes combines the latest advance technology with engineering design for the best results. This device comes to you with 4K Ultra HD video upscaling, pure direct and also CD mode. Incorporation of WI-FI in the device allows you to be able to connect all your devices wirelessly enabling you to be able to enjoy streaming services.

Some of the features you can expect to find in this marvel includes the following.

  • Comes with built in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct
  • 4K Ultra HD Upscaling
  • Compatible with various disc formats
  • High resolution audio reproduction
  • High audio circuitry
  • Stable due to its rigidness
Best Value
The LG WiFi 3D DVD Player is a unique model as it doesn’t just support Wi-Fi capabilities, but also 3D for the ultimate home entertainment. Looking for a higher end DVD player? Take a look at the LG 4K Region Free 4K Smart WiFi DVD Player and Blu-ray with Dolby sound.

LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc & DVD Player Full HD 1080p Upscaling with Streaming Services, Built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI Output and Smart HI-FI-Compatible


With cutting-edge designs and unique innovation, LG has secured a place for itself in the future of the electronics industry. Currently, it strives to maintain its reputation by expanding its focus on vehicle components, home entertainment and mobile communication.

When it comes to choosing the right home entertainment system that will bring the thrill of theatre experience to your home, you can end up getting disappointed. Well, with LG Smart 3D Wi-Fi Streaming Blu-ray Player, that is now something of the past. With this Blu-ray player, you can now enjoy your movies and music on a high resolution of over 1080p. This player will upscale your existing DVDs, to almost HD quality and you can enjoy 3D, 2D Blu-ray and also DVD movies.

What makes this LG Smart 3D Wi-Fi Streaming Blu-ray Player even better is in its features? See for yourself.

  • Comes with inbuilt WI-FI system
  • Compatible with 3D, 2D Blu-ray and DVD
  • Compatible with streaming services for movies and songs
  • Included in the package is a HDMI-HDMI cable 6’
  • Comes with a 12 months warranty
  • Ultra HD upscaling
  • Private sound mode
  • Smart HI-FI compatible
  • DLNA Certified
The OPPO UDP-203 WiFi DVD Player doesn’t not only allow you to view movies through the internet, it also allows you to enjoy quality 3D images for a better experience. Want an even more advanced model with better quality and design? Why not get the OPPO Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player.

OPPO UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player - Reference Quality Video with HDR & Dolby Vision


Having been in the market for over a decade now, Oppo is mostly known for its innovation in the new electronics and smartphone mobile systems. This brand keeps on growing and expounding its market share venturing into new markets every other day. It is also known for its quality innovations in home Audio systems with its latest product being the OPPO UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player.

OPPO UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player is setting new standards with its advanced image processing technology and also high fidelity audio performance. For movie fanatics, this Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player is the ideal source to complete the ultimate home theatre and sound room providing unmatched A/V experience.

Some of the underlying features that make this device a great option are:

  • Quality video with Dolby Vision and HDR
  • High resolution quality audio
  • Compatible with UHD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, SACD, DVD, and CD
  • Ultra HD upscaling
  • High Dynamic Range
The Samsung UBD-M9500 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player comes with a nice, elegant curved design and supports 4K upscaling, making your entertainment experience outstanding. You may also like this Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player With Built-in Wi-Fi. It offers 1080p and full HD Upconversion and features wireless, USB, ethernet, HDMI and built in Wi-Fi connection options.

Samsung UBD-M9500 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray DVD Player with Built In WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity


Since its humble beginnings in Korea back in 1969, Samsung has maintained its principles and mission to offer electronics and other innovative technology that inspire creativity and growth. Currently, it continues to gain more trust among customers, thanks to its commitment to a quality digital experience for a better world.

When it comes to picture quality, Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player does not disappoint. This player offers absolute best in picture quality. With a High Dynamic Range, This player will burst scenes spectacular with gaudy colors, absolute contrast and also profound details. Experience you’re your favorite movies in a whole new way with an expanded color range.

Addition features included in this entertainment hub that will blow your mind away!

  • Compatibles with 4K Ultra HD contents
  • High Dynamic Range allow a greater range of color contrast, brightness and detail enhancement
  • Bluetooth support for wireless streaming
  • Inbuilt WI-FI & Ethernet capacity
  • 360 degrees content playback
  • Ultra-HD 4K upscaling
  • Smart content allowing you to connect to social media
  • Capable of connecting to your smartphone, IPhone and watch content even when your TV is turned off
The Sony WiFi DVD Player BDP-S3700 guarantees impressive sound experience and full HD image quality so that you can enjoy your movies and videos. For a newer model, we recommend taking a look at the Sony BDP-S6700 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Home Theater Blu-Ray Disc Player. It features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, coaxial audio output, USB input and ethernet connections

Sony Blu-Ray Disc and DVD Player with Built-in Wi-Fi, Remote Control, Xtech High-Speed HDMI Cable and HeroFiber Gentle Cleaning Cloth


Sony boasts a passion for curiosity and fulfillment that has been the driving force behind their growth. With ground-breaking products in the home entertainment industry, it has managed to bring about a new sense of excitement that moves consumers emotionally.

Looking for the best way to connect to all of your favorite content providers like Pandora, Netflix, and Hulu Plus…want to play your PS3 games without having to purchase a gaming console? Or perhaps you want to connect and view all your devices on the larger screen as you browse your social media platforms. All this great things combined into one marvel, the Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Disc Player. Experience the best of entertainment as you stream and enjoy high quality audio and video enhancement.

Here’s what’s more to expect:

  • Ultra HD Upscaling
  • Built in WI-FI
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Compatible with PS3 games
  • Compatible with Miracast for viewing all your devices
  • Access to media content
  • Can connect to your home network with DLNA
  • Dolby® TrueHD support for sound
  • USB connectivity

Best DVD Player Guide: What to Look for in a 4K DVD Player with Built-In WiFi or Smart DVD Player

People like streaming TV shows and movies to pass the time. There are good reasons to consider a regular or ultra-HD (4K) Blu-ray player. Most models of the regular Blu-ray players have the ability to stream from popular online sites such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many more. They are much cheaper, as they cost around $100 or less. On the other hand, ultra-HD players are a bit pricey—about $400 or so—but now, more 4K content is becoming available.

Regular Blu-ray players are usually a good match for high-definition TVs, as they offer the best 1080p picture quality. If you want a connection to your network, don’t despair, as most of them have built-in Wi-Fi. If you still use 3D, some models offer that too. There are also portable DVD models with rechargeable batteries if you want movies on the go. Some even come with car battery chargers and AC adapters.

A Wi-Fi DVD player is quite different from a regular DVD player, which makes it difficult to view an entire movie collection, especially when it comes in different formats. So, why not get a Blu-ray and DVD player combination? Combination devices come in a number of different options to choose from, therefore, understanding these options and the impact they will have on your overall experience is important to help you make an informed decision. Most of the combo devices share certain features such as Wi-Fi and App compatibility, but this does not mean you should purchase any model you lay your hands on. Other features like 3D are not common, so before you commit to purchase, ensure you have the right information. So, read on!


Video How to Connect DVD Player to a Wireless Network

Connecting a DVD Player to WiFi. | Courtesy of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific

Over the course of their existence, W-Fi DVD players have become much more affordable. The majority fall between $80 and $350, but you can still find cheap models at $45 or less. You may have noticed that we deliberately kept off such cheap models due to image quality and durability concerns. The image quality of Blu-ray—in terms of color, detail, and sharpness—is noticeably different from that of an ordinary DVD player, making it ideal for large screen TVs. The benefits don't end here, so spend a substantial amount on something that will offer an unmatched video streaming experience on a big screen.


A combination DVD and Blu-ray Player with a built-in Wi-Fi is probably the best choice you can make to get the best of both worlds. The internet capacity on your device will enable you to access a number of apps that will make your viewing experience more enjoyable. Since not all combination players are DLNA compliant or 3D compatible, be sure to decide which features are important before buying. Here a few important features to look for:

  • Screen Size – If you're a movie fan and you enjoy watching in high quality and on a larger screen, you'll definitely need a Blu-ray player that is compatible with larger screens. With this, you'll be able to see even the tiniest of details, get high-definition sound and even enjoy high-quality audio.
  • Output – Instead of listening through the TV's speakers, connect the Blu-ray player to an A/V receiver and speakers, or a surround sound system, or a sound bar; that way, you’ll fully benefit from uncompressed audio.
  • Image Quality – Even though 4K streams is the latest standard of image quality, it won’t give you the same quality pictures as those of a good Blu-ray. 4K is four times sharper than Full HD, but still needs a 4K-ready TV, a special 4K player, and 4K Blu-ray discs to be viewed.
  • 3D Feature – Even though 3D is outdated, it still has its fair share of fans. Use a combination of 3D TV and glasses, 3D Blu-ray disc and 3D Blu-ray player. Even without internet connection and data, with Blu-ray discs, you can still enjoy TV shows and films at their best.
Construction and Design

Brands such as Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic stand out for their high quality in DVD and Blu-ray players. LG has also developed reliable options for combination players. These brands are generally known for having features like app compatibility, Wi-Fi capabilities, and DLNA compliance. Here are the critical building blocks of a good Combo player:

  • Wi-Fi Capabilities – Most combination devices come with Wi-Fi capabilities. The only distinction is in the price, which is determined by whether the Wi-Fi adapter is built-in or if it has an external wireless adapter. External wireless adapters are cheaper, but they require a USB cable to make the connection to the internet. The device has to be connected physically to the internet for customers to access the internet. The only problem is that they break more easily, especially when attached to the front part of the player. A Wi-Fi adapter built-in device costs much more. Even so, it prolongs the life of the player and reduces its breakage level.
  • App Compatibility – Since most combination devices can connect to the internet, they come with some ready-to-run apps or the option to download them later. Just like Samsung’s smartphones, their DVD and Blu-ray players come with an entire app store, meaning that you can choose from different options including music, games and more. There are some apps that are free, such as YouTube, Pandora, Vudu, and many more, while others such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu require subscriptions.
  • DLNA Compliant – Digital Living Network Association (DLNA) compliance refers to the compliance with security protocol that allow for fast but also secure file network sharing. Those with DLNA compliance have a greater value since they can allow other devices connected to the home network to stream and share videos, photos and music, worry-free. This is known as the Network Attached Storage (NAS), which not only allows significant media storage but also increased connectivity between networked devices.
  • HDTV Requirement– You don’t have to own an HDTV for your combination device to play. A DVD and Blu-ray player combination plays on any compatible TV. You only need to connect an HDTV to your combination if you want the high-definition Blu-ray playback.
  • 3D Compatibility – Not all combination devices can handle 3D films. If you are interested in purchasing a 3D-enabled device, make sure it explicitly states that on the product packaging or item description.


Video: Solution to Slow WiFi at Home

Home WiFi Solutions. | Courtesy of EnforcerMan
Performance and Ease of Use

Blu-ray and DVD players are simple to operate, and most of them will do a good job playing your discs. However, as they are high-tech products, poorly placed buttons on the remote can make it tricky to find menu settings, leading to irritation. Try out a few models in the store before you make a purchase—see how it goes with the menus and remote.

The act of transferring high-definition data through airwaves is often not as simple as you may think. Due to the advancements in technology, there are numerous methods with which home devices can pull signals from thin air. One is to use the Wi-Fi router to browse the internet. Some units use a proprietary broadcast language to transmit video signals to specifically paired devices over the airwaves while some portable video players are designed to use the same home setups to transmit a video feed to any wireless device on the network.

Most customers use advanced wireless standards like Wireless HD or WiGig. Compared to standard Wi-Fi, Advanced wireless standards use a higher frequency. This creates more room to accomplish the multiple-gigabit-per-second requirements of a lossless video. Advanced wireless standards exhibit a longer potential range. However, their signals are often affected by physical interruptions. That said, most of them need a close line-of-sight visibility between the transmitting unit and the receiver.

Technology is advancing rapidly, so when buying video equipment, make a long-lasting choice that you can continue to upgrade using modern accompanying equipment. Whatever the device you choose, you don’t want to have too many wires that need to be plugged in.

Get the Best DVD Player of 2022!

The primary selling point of Wi-Fi DVD players is that they will display your favorite films and TV shows in full high definition, offering more clarity than your old DVD setup. Hopefully, you found the best Wi-Fi DVD player on our list. If you didn’t, feel free to check out other options from these same brands for a perfect match.

Our Top Choice
Yamaha 4K WiFi DVD Blu-ray Disc Player
Best Value
LG Full HD Blu-ray Smart WiFi DVD Player
OPPO UDP-203 Ultra HD DVD Player
Samsung 4K HD Blu-ray Wi-Fi DVD Player
Sony Blu-ray Disc Player Wi-Fi DVD Player

DVD Player FAQs

How to connect a DVD player to Wi-Fi?
Before you connect a DVD player to Wi-Fi, check that the Wi-Fi network is working as expected. Turn on the DVD player as well as your TV. Your DVD player should automatically launch the first step of the setup process. It will search for available networks or request you to choose a wireless or wired network. In the case of the latter, choose Wireless. Then select the specific Wi-Fi network and enter your password. Once it confirms your password, the player will display a message saying it is ready for use. If it requires a firmware update, follow the prompts, and let it run the update. Once it’s through it will ask you to complete the DVD player setup.
What is the best Wi-Fi DVD player?
The best Wi-Fi DVD player is one who can play music both from discs and from online streaming. It should be one that provides ultra-HD video quality at an affordable price. If it is a DVD and Blu-ray combo, it will enable you to play movies of all kinds without hindrance. Again, the screen size should be right, not forgetting the availability of audio connectivity. Having the 3D feature also makes a Wi-Fi DVD player extremely appealing. Read our buying guide for more options.
How does Wi-Fi work on a DVD player?
Wi-Fi on a DVD player works by connecting the device to the internet. Because of that, you can access online content with which the Wi-Fi DVD player is associated, stream videos from Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix, and VUDU. Besides, it can connect to music streaming sites like Rhapsody and Pandora to stream online content live. The DVD player can also access content stored on compatible devices on the same network through the Wi-Fi network. If DNLA certified, the DVD player might share still images, audio, and video content with other devices.