Best Wind Sculpture Reviews 2022

Having the ideal décor both indoors and outdoors can be a challenge, and getting a wind scuplture can help. The good news is that there are different types of wind sculptures available, so choosing one that's best for you has been made easy. But where should you start? We have reviewed five of the best wind sculpture brands, and five specific products that are worth looking at.
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Our Top Choice
Plow & Hearth Solar LED Flower Wind Spinner
Plow & Hearth has been around for about three decades, providing quality products to its customers.
It has LEDs in the petals to create a spinning and sparkling light. Additionally, the petals have been painted to add more color to your garden.
If poorly installed, the petals will not spin, so be sure to fix them to the pole properly.
Fixed in ground
LEDs, available in three colors
5.25 x 25.75 x 26 inches
Moves in opposite direction
Best Value
Echo Valley Illuminarie Zydeco Spinner Stake
Since 1981, Echo Valley has been producing budget-friendly garden décor. It's the biggest supplier of the hand-blown gazing glass globe.
Each piece of the wind sculpture rotates in different directions, creating a mesmerizing motion. It is designed with the best quality material to last for several years of use.
It needs to be placed in a location where it won't face competition from other light sources at night.
Fixed in ground
Kinetic wind cup, crystal
48 x 6.88 x 16 inches
Perpetual dual-motion
Stanwood Kinetic Willow Leaves Spinner
Stanwood Wind Sculpture started manufacturing lawn spinners in 2006, controlling the level of quality in each product.
It can swivel 360 degrees in the wind, thanks to the bearings in the sculpture. The wheels have been finely balanced and will not need further maintenance from you.
It will age naturally, as the wind arms and catchers are not coated.
Fixed in ground
Dancing willow leaves
72 x 7 x 24 inches
Moves in opposite direction
Bits and Pieces Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner
Bits and Pieces has been around for over 15 years, supplying dynamic and high-quality wind spinners.
It's designed with a kinetic spinning action, so that each blade spins in opposite directions. The light and movement combined create a dramatic display in your garden.
You will need to assemble it. This is simple, as instructions are included in the packaging.
Fixed in ground
Solar-powered glass ball
7.52 x 15.75 x 25.75 inches
Moves in opposite direction
Sunnydaze Infinity Copper Wind Spinner
Sunnydaze Décor makes quality relaxation products that you can use in your beautiful home or yard.
It has a ball bearing at the top to give the spinner an easy and free movement. The ball bearing provides durable support, which makes it possible for you to enjoy the sculpture for many years to come.
Be aware that since this spinner is handmade, it might have some sharp edges.
Fixed in ground or hung
Handmade, different sizes
15 x 6 x 6 inches
Twists to make interesting shapes

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What is the Best Wind Sculpture?

Since there are many wind scupltures to choose from, we have gone a step ahead to research and make a list of five wind sculptures that come highly recommended, each with different features to offer you. Now that you know what you should look for when purchasing a wind sculpture, let's get straight to our reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Plow & Hearth Solar LED Flower Wind Spinner is great garden décor, as it lights up at night. For a different design, consider the Plow & Hearth Banana Peel Wind Spinner. It has equal amounts of fascinating and fun, with the counter motion providing garden entertainment.

Plow & Hearth Metal Flower LED Solar Wind Sculpture – Available in 3 Colors

Plow & Hearth started in 1980 as a small store in Virginia. Due to its quality products, it has grown to 26 retail stores, a multi-channel catalog and online business. The company is dedicated to its guiding principles of treating customers like friends and neighbors while offering quality products that you will love.

The Plow & Hearth Solar LED Flower Wind Spinner is the first patent-pending design with a solar panel built seamlessly and directly into the center of the flower spinner. All you need to do is install it, and it is up and running. The solar panel absorbs sunlight, so you will not need batteries or cords to attach to the spinner. Additionally, with this wind spinner, you will not need to get an extra panel to power it. It is a two-in-one bargain.

The spinner has a flower-shaped design, so the two spinners rotate in different directions for an interesting display of motion. Along with adding exquisite décor to your garden, the motion can make you relax for hours as you enjoy a cold drink while relaxing in your yard.

If gold is not your preferred color, this spinner is available in three colors: gold, bronze, and multi-color.
Best Value
The Echo Valley Illuminarie Zydeco Kinetic Spinner Stake design is perfect for your garden, as it is destined to provide radiance. If the wind cups design does not tickle your fancy, check out the Echo Valley Illuminaire Dual Motion Windwheel. The spoon linings catch the wind and rotate opposite each other, creating a hypnotic display in your garden.

Echo Valley Illuminarie Zydeco Kinetic Wind Sculpture Steel Stake

Echo Valley started from humble beginnings, working behind a hardware store to create great products for its loyal customers. Three decades later, the company is among the world's largest suppliers of the various products it creates. This tremendous success is due to its outstanding customer service, and the different designs of affordable décor it makes.

The Echo Valley Illuminarie Zydeco Kinetic Spinner Stake glows in the dark, putting it in a class of its own. It's made with luminescent crystal balls, which are in the hand-blown art globe that absorbs light energy during the day. When night falls, this light is released in the form of a faint green glow. The nightglow will last for three to four hours, making it perfect to entertain at night.

This spinner has kinetic counter facing wind cups that catch the wind and start rotating in a perpetual dual motion. It has a weather-resistant finish. All the metals have an antique copper design coated in powder that can withstand the harshest of weather elements and prevent any premature rusting.

When this piece of art is assembled in your garden, it will stand 48 inches tall. It is very easy to set up, as you will not need any tools to assemble it.
The entire Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Copper Willow Leaves Spinner, including the supporting pole, is made with pure copper. If the willow leaves design did not impress you, the Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Copper Ficus Leaves Spinner will. It has impeccable craftsmanship and an extremely detailed design of ficus leaves.

Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Copper Dual Spinner with Dancing Willow Leaves

Stanwood Wind Sculpture initially started as a mass importer of products, mostly to markets in Los Angeles. From there, it began selling goods online. Stanwood found that the imported goods' quality level was not up to par with the company’s guidelines, so it started producing products that could go through its quality control.

The Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Copper Willow Leaves Spinner has blades shaped like willow leaves, which have been positioned creatively on the dual spinners so that each can spin in different directions once caught in the wind. The only metal parts in the sculpture are the ball bearings made of stainless steel that has been covered completely with brass hardware.

This spinner has two ball bearings, which make the two leaf wheels move independently in opposite directions. Even in heavy wind, the sculpture cannot be blown away, as it is secured to the ground with a four-point all-copper anchoring pole. For proper support of the wheel leaves, the pole has been designed with heavy gauge copper. This sculpture can withstand winds up to 70 miles per hour.
The Bits and Pieces Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner remains steady even in the heaviest winds, due to the heavy coated 10-inch fork wind stakes securing it to the ground. Do you prefer a wind sculpture with two levels? Then you will love the Bits and Pieces 76-Inch Solar Teal Wind Spinner. It spins in the slightest breeze, and each level rotates in different directions.

Bits and Pieces Solar Powered Wind Spinner, Glass Ball Emitting Color Changing Light

Bits and Pieces has been around since 1983, supplying both kids and adults with various unique products through its mail order catalog. It also strives to provide original and quality products through its online store, ensuring that it has something special in store for you.

The Bits and Pieces Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner has weather-resistant finish and iron metal components that will give you several years of service. Each spinner has been creatively selected for the visual impact it offers your garden when it is spinning, day or night.

This 74-inch-tall spinner is designed with two tiers of metal petals, painted in several colors. The bright metallic paint and the reflective paints applied to the various metal blades provides a visual sensation in your garden. During the day, the shimmering colors capture the sun rays, making your garden stand out on a sunny day. At night, the three-inch solar glass ball emits beautiful color-changing light.
The Sunnydaze Infinity Copper Wind Spinner is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you worry-free purchase. If the infinity design does not appeal to you or is a little pricey, the Sunnydaze Gemini Copper Wind Spinner would be ideal to add that artistic appeal to your outdoors.

Sunnydaze Infinity Copper Wind Sculpture - Available in 4 Sizes

Sunnydaze Décor provides thousands of stress-free, relaxing home décor items. The main aim of the company is producing you with products that bring serenity and calm into your home, both outdoors and indoors.

If you are looking to add an artistic touch to the space in your garden, then the Sunnydaze Infinity Copper Wind Spinner is something to consider. It is handmade from real copper featuring a unique twist, which turns, helping it to spin in the wind while making interesting shapes.

The spinner comes with a swivel hook, which you can use for hanging it. It will keep your guests entertained as it turns in the slightest breeze. Just like all genuine copper products, it will patinate, turning from the shiny copper to a light brown, then dark brown, light green, and, eventually, rich green.

The wind sculpture is handmade in the US and will truly add some beauty to your patio or garden. It is available in five different sizes, ranging from 9 to 22 inches long.

How Do I Choose the Best Wind Sculpture?

You may have a porch display with bright container plantings, or various décor accessories to enjoy while you relax on your hammock chair after a stressful day. Many people spend time and energy deciding on the ways they will decorate their homes, from the table lamp that will complement the artificial flower display, to the cereal bowls that go with the general color scheme of the house.

The same thing applies to choosing the perfect look for your lawn. Many people go for a non-traditional look that will offer a soothing and interesting display. One choice that will impress your neighbors is wind sculptures.

Wind sculptures, or wind spinners, come in different shapes, sizes, themes and effects. Whether you put one inside or outdoors, a wind spinner will make it seem like any light that is reflected off the sculpture is dancing and bouncing around. A wind scuplture just needs the slightest breeze to start stimulating the optical illusion as it is rotating. Some have even gone a step ahead by having LED lights that emit colors just for that extra visual display at night.

Before you put a wind sculpture in your shopping cart, let’s take a look at some of the important features you will need to consider.
The price of a quality wind sculpture ranges from $50 to $300, and you can find a good deal at either end of this spectrum. You will find that the high-cost wind sculptures are more consistent and will give you several years of service. However, you can get cheap wind sculptures that have some of the features the expensive counterparts have to offer. For $80 and below, you can get fairly good quality.

But the cheap options might not offer you all the features you'd like, such as a soothing and visually appealing display on your lawn. If you are hoping to get a wind spinner that comes with an innovative design and glows in different colors at night, be prepared to pay a premium.
If you have been searching for the right touch to make your yard beautiful and distinct from the rest, purchasing a decorative wind sculpture should be your next step. There are a few features you will need to be mindful of, such as:
  • Type - There are different types of wind sculptures. The main two types are hanging or fixed in the ground. If you would like a wind spinner in your garden, get one that you can fix into the ground. If you would like one on your patio, a hanging sculpture will do.
  • Design - Wind sculptures come in various colors, styles and designs, to provide an extra optical illusion in your garden.
  • Size - Hanging scupltures do not need to be very long. Those fixed in the ground can be anything from 9 to 22 inches high or more, to ensure they can be seen after being installed.
  • Movement - Some wind sculptures have been designed with two spinners, which rotate in different directions to give you an interesting display in your garden. Others have twist designs making interesting shapes as they rotate.
  • Material - Wind sculptures are made with different types of materials, but most are made of steel or copper. If you want the sculpture to have different colors, steel is ideal as they paint over shimmering metallic color. If you’re not into many colors, a shiny copper finish would be best.<
Construction and Design
Wind sculptures add a unique and fun touch to any setting you might have, and a sense of energy and movement. Note the options that are available to you. The sculptures come in various types of materials, from wood and metal to plastic. If you are looking for a sculpture that will give you several years of service, steel or copper would be perfect, but for interesting shapes, plastic or wood would also be a good pick.

The sculpture's size should be practical depending on where it will be located. Take a closer look at your available space. You don't want a huge sculpture that will overwhelm your current space and overshadow the beautiful garden work you have done.

Wind sculptures have different designs, ranging from twist designs that create captivating patterns as they rotate, to those with LED lights that emit multiple colors at night. However, this should not distract you from purchasing one that will offer value and quality. Be sure the sculpture you have picked not only stands out in the impeccable design it offers your lawn, but also stands the test of time and gives you your money’s worth.
Performance and Ease of Use
Along with providing visual appeal for your garden or patio, wind sculptures are also good conversation starters. They're especially great if you like having guests over for garden parties or a barbecue, or just a casual get-together every month. To ensure you spend less time in maintaining the sculpture and more time appreciating the visual appeal it offers, consider an option like copper or steel. If maintaining your lawn is part of your weekly to-do list, then wood or plastic sculptures will also do.

Get the Best Wind Sculpture of 2022!

We hope this review of some of the top wind sculpture brands helps you find one that will meet your desired features and your current budget. If you’re not convinced yet, there are many wind sculptures from these reputable brands that will not disappoint. Go ahead and check them out!

Our Top Choice
Plow & Hearth Solar LED Flower Wind Spinner
Best Value
Echo Valley Illuminarie Zydeco Spinner Stake
Stanwood Kinetic Willow Leaves Spinner
Bits and Pieces Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner
Sunnydaze Infinity Copper Wind Spinner