Best Window Air Conditioner Reviews 2023

There are many different window air conditioners available to suit every need. Whether you want to quietly cool a small bedroom or put your large workspace into an arctic freeze, we looked at all the factors involved in choosing a window AC unit. We narrowed the selection down to 5 of the best conditioner brands that know for reliability and great reviews, and from there we picked a product from each – to provide a sampling of what’s available to meet different needs. Read on to discover the air conditioner that’s a perfect fit for your room – from the industry’s most trusted brands.
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Cooling Area
Airflow Rate
Our Top Choice
Frigidaire Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner
Frigidaire is an award-winning brand committed to quality; this is evident in their Mini AC Unit that’s one of Amazon’s #1 Best Sellers!
Cooling area of 150 sq. ft. Runs almost silently. Energy-efficient design. Easy to setup. Great humidity removal.
Slow evaporation of removed humidity can cause a funny smell in sunny rooms.
11.1 EER
5000 BTU
150 sq ft
111 cubic feet per minute
15” x 16” x 12” / 41 lbs
Best Value
Haier Serenity Series ESAQ406P Room Air Conditioner
Haier’s Serenity Series Air Conditioner rapidly cools medium-sized rooms and features high-end options with a mid-ranged price tag.
Cools rooms sized 150 – 250 square feet. Operates very quietly. Multiple modes of operation. Energy Star Efficiency.
Thin plastic casing vibrates when the compressor runs, making minor noise. Only 1 year warranty on the compressor.
11.2 EER
6050 BTU
250 sq ft
200 cubic feet per minute
21” x 12” x 18” / 55 lbs
Koldfront Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner WAC12001W
The Koldfront 12,000 BTU Heat/Cool AC is an industrial strength unit delivering powerful heating, cooling, and dehumidification.
Cools rooms sized up to 550 square feet. Dual function heating and cooling. Powerful dehumidification. Sturdy and reliable.
Noisy. Slow evaporation may cause stagnant odor. 220V power only.
10.9 EER
12000 BTU (11000 heating)
550 sq ft
Not stated
16” x 22” x 23” / 88 lbs
LG Window Air Conditioner LW8016ER
This Window Air Conditioner by LG values form as well as function with rapid cooling, full remote control, and good support.
Cools rooms sized up to 340 square feet. LG’s newest model. Energy Star Certified. Has one of the highest energy efficiency ratios (EER). Good Amazon reviews.
Sometimes units arrive damaged or not working but customer support is quick to resolve it.
12.1 EER
8000 BTU
340 sq ft
220 cubic feet per minute
19” x 12” x 19” / 58 lbs
SPT WA-1222S Room Air Conditioner - Energy Star Efficiency
This room air conditioner by SPT can cool small homes all on its own and save money on your energy bill at the same time.
Cools up to 1300 square feet based on user reviews. Rooms feel ice cold. Remote control. Energy Star 2016 Certification.
For people who like quiet at night, may be too loud to run in the bedroom. May be damaged in shipping – responsive support.
11.3 EER
12000 BTU
550 sq ft
500 cubic feet per minute
19” x 20” x 14” / 68 lbs

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What is the Best Window Air Conditioner?

Each of the window ACs you are about to see is one of the best for the type of environment it’s suited for. But the best AC for you will ultimately be determined by your unique space and the benefits you prefer. Let’s go over each of our top 5 picks’ specifications and features briefly so you can see the big picture of how each would fit into your lifestyle.
Our Top Choice
The Frigidaire Compact Air Conditioner can cool a room up to 150 square feet. However, if you’re looking for a window AC for a slightly larger room, definitely check out Frigidaire’s Low Profile model. It is 1000 BTUs more powerful, takes up less window space, and also boasts excellent customer reviews.

Frigidaire 5, 000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner with Mechanical Controls

Frigidaire is well known for its quality home appliances for cooling and this compact, window-mounted air conditioner certainly lives up to its name. This window AC is ideal for rooms sized 150 square feet or less and features mechanical controls. If quiet performance, energy efficiency, and humidity control are high on your list of priorities then this 5,000 BTU AC may be just the unit you’re looking for.

With an MSRP of just $169, and a #1 Best Seller rating on Amazon, you won’t find a better deal on a more efficient air conditioner for your small room. Here are some of the fantastic features you can expect:
  • Cooling area of up to 150 feet
  • 5000 BTU’s – enough power to pack a punch
  • Powerful dehumidification cools rooms quicker
  • Runs quietly in the backgroundli>
  • Excellent energy efficiency
Frigidaire’s compact AC’s also come in 3000BTU and 7000BTU sizes for smaller and larger rooms, respectively.
Construction and Design
Although this particular window AC is relatively simple in design, Frigidaire kept the essentials and did them well. This model focuses on efficiency, effective cooling, and user friendliness. And it achieves those goals in several ways.

For one, the unit’s lightweight construction makes installation a breeze. The included window mounting kit includes extendable side panels to ensure the AC fits easily into your window. One person can easily install it quickly, which is more than can be said for other air conditioners in its class.

Secondly, it is designed to save power. Start up consumes very little electricity, it only runs the compressor as needed, and it includes a handy Effortless Restart program. When you power the unit down and power it on again, this program restores the settings it last operated at. This eliminates the waste of time and energy that comes with programming the settings every time you use it. Also important to know is that it’s compatible with standard 115 volt power outlets. It comes with its own extra-long, three-pronged power cord that makes additional extension cords unnecessary.

One of our favorite user-friendly features for this particular unit is its Effortless Clean Filter. This is actually a built-in anti-bacterial filter that reduces allergens, bacteria, particles, and odors as it cools the room. Better yet, the filter is simple to remove and clean – which means you can avoid the additional costs typical for separate air purifiers with disposable filter cartridges while enjoying cleaner air overall.

Another distinct advantage is how quietly the fans and compressor run. That makes this air conditioner a perfect fit for your bedroom, small office, or anywhere a little peace and quiet makes a big difference.

Plus, this unit is great for those of you living in areas with heavy humidity. It removes 1.1 Pints of water from the air per hour, which is impressive for its size and highly effective for small rooms.
Performance and Ease of Use
Frigidaire’s mini-compact window AC performs exceptionally for rooms sized 150 square feet or less. It keeps small rooms comfortable without drawing much power, even in extremely hot and humid places. Yet, it runs so quietly you will hardly even notice it’s there! The unit is easy to install, easy to use, and fits nicely in tight spaces.

It draws about 1 Pint of moisture from the air per hour, so be sure to install it in a place where that water can easily evaporate away, out of direct sunlight, and keep the filter clean to prevent unpleasant odors from stagnant water.

For best results, keep the door to the room where it is being used closed. This way your unit is only cooling the small space where it is installed and not your entire home or office so you get the best bang for your buck.
Best Value
The Haier Serenity Series room air conditioner keeps spaces up to 250 square feet cool and quiet, plus it adds a medley of user friendly features. For high-performance cooling in larger rooms, Haier makes a more powerful window AC with impressive energy efficiency for spaces up to 450 square feet.

Haier Serenity Series Quiet AC - 6050 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner with Remote Control

Haier is one of China’s top 5 electronics companies and is best known for its excellent home appliances. Their Serenity Series 6050 BTU Room Air Conditioner does everything you expect a window AC to do, but it does it more quietly. It cools medium-sized rooms up to 250 square feet. And, with an MSRP of just $349, it comes stock with features you usually only find in more expensive units:
  • Compressor Blanket for noise reduction
  • Cross Flow Fans for strong & even air flow
  • Dual Motor system for better air control
  • Energy Star Efficiency Rating
  • Multiple operating modes
  • LED Remote Control
If you like the features but need to cool a larger space check out the Haier Serenity Series 8000 BTU unit.
Construction and Design
The entire air conditioner has been internally rearranged with one goal in mind – quiet! It makes just 43 decibels of white noise. This is noticeably quieter than other units in its class. The Haier Serenity Series 6050 is worth considering for offices, libraries, and other spaces where little background noise matters.

This AC unit is equipped to be a heavy lifter with ultra fast cooling for 150-250 square feet. The cross-flow fans provide gusts of smooth air flow that are directionally controlled by a dual motor system. And, it removes an impressive 1.5 pints of humidity from the air an hour. That makes it sound like the Serenity Series 6050 consumes a lot of power but, since it also has an Energy Star Efficiency Rating, you’d be surprised.

And the 6050 also includes the convenience factors on the higher end of the air conditioner spectrum – remote control, multiple operating modes, 24 hour timer, sleep mode, and humidity control to name a few.
Performance and Ease of Use
This is one of the quietest in room air conditioners you can find. You may completely forget it’s there until you feel the rush of cold. With that said, it is still an air conditioner. Which means it needs to run a compressor that makes a little more noise for a short time to reach your target temperature. So it may not be your best choice for a bedroom if you’re a light sleeper. But for an office, you could stand right next to it and easily be heard by someone on the phone. And you can make tweaks to the temperature, humidity, and fan settings as well as operating modes with the handy LED remote. So it’s easy to set, forget, and enjoy.

If an air conditioner that never interrupts your concentration or important conversations is what you need, the Haier Serenity Series 6050 is the air conditioner you’re looking for.
The Koldfront 12,000 BTU 220V room air conditioner is a powerful unit that heats, cools, and dehumidifies rooms sized up to 550 square feet. If you don’t need the heating function, have a smaller space, or simply appreciate a more economical solution don’t miss the Koldfront 8,000 BTU AC unit.

Koldfront 12,000 BTU 220V Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner with Sleep Function and Remote

EdgeStar is a leading manufacturer that specializes in convenient appliances that make life easier for those on the go. EdgeStar created the Koldfront line of high-capacity window air conditioners for heavy duty cooling and heating power for larger spaces.

The Koldfront 12000 BTU room air conditioner cools up to 550 square feet of space. It features the dual function of cooling and heating. You can control it with a remote or using the electronic thermostat with digital display built into the unit. It is more of an industrial air conditioner and its features reflect that:
  • Dual Function for supplemental cooling as well has heating
  • Remote control for simple temperature and fan speed adjustments
  • Sleep Function adjusts the temperature periodically to save energy
  • Energy Saver Mode only runs the compressor to maintain the set temperature
The Koldfront line comes in a variety of capacities for large spaces from 8,000 on up to 25,000 BTUs. Some are cooling only and others have dual function heating as well. For this review, we’ll focus on the 12,000 BTU cooling & heating window AC.
Construction and Design
This monster AC was clearly built with industrial applications in mind. Know ahead of time that it is only compatible with 220V power. It is a heavy lifter that cools, heats, and dehumidifies a whopping 2.5 pints of water from the air per hour.

The heating/cooling is controlled by digital thermostat that you can adjust with your remote control. And the Koldfront 12,000 BTU AC unit also comes with four operating modes (including a Dry mode for extra dehumidification), three fan speeds, and a 24 hour timer. You can always mechanically adjust the air flow with its four-way directional louvers.

It is hands on, user friendly, and has the power to get the job done for work spaces up to 550 square feet.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Koldfront 12,000 BTU air conditioner is thoroughly reliable and well-suited for use in both summer and winter. Because it is built with industrial uses in mind it is not the quietest AC you’ll ever own. But it certainly may be one of the most powerful, effective, and sturdily built.
The LG 8000 BTU window air conditioner is an efficient solution for spaces from 350-500 square feet and it’s off to a great start as LGs 2016 model. And that isn’t really a surprise to those who know and love LG’s very successful 2015 model.

LG 8000 BTU 115V Room Air Conditioner with Remote Control

LG has done it again with an air conditioner that performs beyond expectation. The company humbly suggests this 8,000 BTU unit for spaces up to 380 square feet. However, a happy customer will tell you how his LG 8,000 BTU AC unit nicely cools a 500 square foot room. Factor in its nifty remote control, energy saver mode, and 24 hour timer and you have a great room air conditioner for home use.
  • All new rapid cooling system
  • 2016 Energy Star Certified
  • Dehumidifies 2.2 pints per hour
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • High airflow rate for rapid cooling
  • Built-in air filter with indicator light
  • Effective for medium to large spaces
LG makes air conditioners for rooms large and small, and all incorporate LG’s signature style and simplicity.
Construction and Design
It installs like any other window unit – it’s simple to setup, cools quickly, and isn’t as loud as many other in room ACs. It runs on 115V power. The energy saving mode keeps your place cool while you’re out during the day without running up the bill. And LG also included a unique reliability aspect in its construction, a gold fin anti-corrosion coating that makes the unit last longer.
Performance and Ease of Use
The LG 8000 BTU window air conditioner is designed around convenience. It runs quietly, cools quickly, and stands apart from other window ACs in style and user friendliness. The remote lets you fully adjust the air conditioner from across the room. You can choose from 3 fan speeds and set a 24 hour on/off timer. It is well liked by users on Amazon. And, if there is a problem, the support is fast and helpful!
The SPT 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with 2016 Energy Star Certification cools large spaces for less. But if your space isn’t all that big you’ll be living in a freezer. For a window AC for medium sized spaces with similar performance and features look to the SPT 8000 BTU model. They’ve both got great reviews on Amazon!

SPT 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner for Large Spaces with Thermostat Controlled Energy Saver

SPT air conditioners are known for combining high capacity with high energy efficiency ratings and this 12,000 BTU window AC is no exception. Not only does it have 2016 Energy Star Certification, it also features an EER of 11.3, which means it can cool a studio apartment by itself while saving you money on your electric bill.

Because it is a larger unit with a bigger cooling capacity, it runs on 220V power. It also comes with operation modes that help turn your space into an icebox and keep it that way, for less.
  • Select from 3 fan speeds
  • Operating modes include: Dry, Auto, Energy Saver, and Sleep
  • Fresh Air Vent improves circulation and removes odors
  • The energy saver mode is thermostat controlled
  • Control the unit electronically using the digital display and remote control
  • Easily remove and clean the air filter
  • Features Auto Restart and up to 24 hour timer settings
  • Flexible window mount and installation kit included
The SPT 12000 BTU blows other window ACs away at cooling large spaces while still giving net savings thanks to its excellent energy efficiency – stop spending too much on too little AC this summer.
Construction and Design
With the SPT 12000 BTU you get what you pay for. It’s a little more expensive upfront and built to last, which saves you time and money in the long run. It runs on 220V power which makes sense because of its increased capacity and is common for units that cool larger spaces. And it removes 3.2 pints of moisture from the air per hour to keep hot muggy days out of your living space.

SPT suggests you use this window AC cools in rooms up to 550 square feet. But this unit is powerful. So much so, that we’ve heard stories of people getting away with cooling an entire 800 square foot home!

It is designed to be able to be installed in windows that open vertically and comes with a flexible wall mount to make it easier. Speaking of easy, did we mention the thermostat controlled energy saver? It maintains your set temperature with a built-in thermostat. Set it to energy saver mode before you go out and it will maintain your set temperature while running the compressor as little as possible.

Another great convenience feature worth mentioning is the Fresh Air Vent. It is common for larger air conditioners to smell a little funny if the water they draw from the air evaporates from the unit too slowly. This eliminates that. It increases air circulation and removes odors in the process. When it’s time to clean the filter, the unit tells you. SPT made it simple to remove, clean, and put back in.

It has electronic controls, a digital display, and remote control. You can choose from 3 fan speeds and four operation modes:: Dry, Auto, Energy Saver, and Sleep. And set it to turn on and off with the 24 hour timer. The Auto Restart feature keeps the settings you programmed in the last time the unit ran, which is pretty convenient.
Performance and Ease of Use
With the SPT 12000 BTU, it can feel like you have an open window at a winter ski resort in your room while the rest of the house is miserably hot and muggy. This unit is more than able to freeze you out. And it’s saving you money while it does it. So you can happily turn the temperature down a couple degrees knowing you are still saving on your electric bill. Energy efficiency makes powerful cooling go a long way.

As far as ease of use, you can set it and forget it with the included remote. The unit is electronically controlled with and a nice display. Setting timers, modes, and fan speeds is simple. And it comes with a comprehensive manual that helps you optimize your cooling settings based on your environment.

How Do I Choose the Best Window Air Conditioner?

When the summer heat is coming on and you need a better solution than a floor fan for those hot, sticky days and nights, the right air conditioner can keep your space cool and comfortable despite the heat wave outside. But picking the “right” unit isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. Window air conditioning systems come in all shapes, sizes, and efficiency ratings. So before we jump into comparing units let’s take a minute to consider what you need.

First and foremost, take measurements of the size of the room where the air conditioner will be installed. Believe it or not, a bigger unit is not always the better choice. Secondly, consider humidity. Some units are great at sucking the mugginess out of a room while others suit people in a drier climate who want to keep all the moisture they can get. Third, if you are concerned about expense, definitely have a look at the energy efficiency of the window mounted AC you’ve got your eye on. It might be inexpensive upfront but after one or two months of fending off the sun you might end up with a surprise bill you hadn’t bargained for. Last, but not least, are convenience factors like size, noise level, and operating modes.

By the way, if you have a small space, or don’t have a window, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with heat. Check out our review for the top 5 portable air conditioners to see if a free standing AC unit will work for you.

At Top Reviews we factored in all of the above and boiled it down to just 5 window air conditioning units from trusted brands. Our goal is to give you a paired down selection of excellent machines that fit both your scenario and your budget. Any of the 5 units you are about to see would be an effective and reliable choice. So bear the factors we just discussed in mind as you read because they will help the right window AC catch your eye.

Here are a few other things that you will want to consider before deciding which is the best AC unit for you.
Although there are a huge variety of air conditioners at different prices, you can narrow the price range by being selective with your feature-set. Our reviews are all for window-mounted units with 6,000 BTUs of power or higher. These in room air conditioners cost between $170 and $500 new. But the units are not all identical. Some have richer feature sets than others such as heating options, remote control, and Energy Star efficiency ratings. A solid mid-range air conditioner with good features in this category costs $300 on average.
When you eliminate all but the top quality brands, there are just a handful of core features that distinguish one air conditioning unit from another. Some of these are self-explanatory and others are a little more in-depth. Let’s go over them briefly:
  • EER: Energy Efficiency Ratio – This refers to the ratio of the air conditioner’s output per hour to the amount of power input it needs to run. In other words, it measures how much power an air conditioning system uses to cool or heat a room. It’s a measure of the unit’s efficiency.
  • BTU: British Thermal Unit – When used in a general sense, a BTU shows the amount of energy needed to heat or cool 1lb of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. But when you are looking at AC units, it is slightly different. Air conditioning systems’ power to cool or heat a room is measured in BTUs. So when you see that a particular unit has 6,000 BTUs, that means it can add or subtract that much thermal energy from the air in one hour.
  • Cooling Area – This is the maximum size of the space the unit can cool. Some are designed for small windows and others for huge industrial spaces. Always choose a unit that best matches your space.
  • Airflow Rate – This measures how much air passes through the unit in a given period of time. This is closely related to the Cooling Area.
  • Dimensions & Weight – These factors most affect the portability of your unit. For the purposes of this review, we will stick to non-portable window air conditioners that can be easily installed and removed.
  • Cooling Power – Also called Cooling Capacity, this shows the air conditioner’s ability to remove heat. Most people don’t know it but more power isn’t always better. An over-sized air conditioner, when you do the math, is actually less effective as well as harder on the wallet. Look for a combination of features to create the perfect blend of cooling, convenience, and energy savings.
  • Operation Modes – These modes generally include cooling, heating, and dehumidification.
  • Noise level – If your unit will be in your bedroom window to keep you cool while you sleep, or in the office while you are making calls, it is probably best to go out of your way for a quieter unit.
  • Moisture Removal Rate – This is the feature to watch for if you live in a particularly humid place.
  • Power Consumption – Just like cars, some through the window ACs don’t use much juice and run a long time… and others guzzle gas just to get out of the driveway (I’m looking at you, Hummer).
  • Energy Star Qualification – To continue the car analogy, this is the Hybrid of ACs for windows. These units can keep you and your place cool for a fraction of the energy cost of typical air conditioners.
  • Remote Control – A matter of convenience that depends on your window, your access to it, and how much you feel like walking across the room to adjust the temperature every time.
  • Directional Louvers – These are the handy little adjustments that let you choose which way the air blows out of the unit. Some have them. Others don’t. And yet others have multi-directional adjustability.
Now you have a clearer idea of the kinds of features you can enjoy with your new air conditioner. We bet you already mentally starred a couple of features that are important to you to watch for. If not, go ahead and pick your top 3 “must haves” and maybe 5 “would be nices” before we move on.
Construction and Design
Window air conditioning units are pretty standard in terms of build quality. When choosing one, be sure to match the design of the unit to the style of your window. For example, Casement Air Conditioners are specially made for hand-cranked windows that swing or slide sideways to open. Other factors to consider include the size of your window and electrical compatibility with your power outlets. Also remember, window ACs aren’t permanently installed. They are convenient to setup for the summer and store to save space the rest of the year.
Performance and Ease of Use
Say goodbye to mind-meltingly hot days and sticky, sweaty nights. If you identified your unique requirements and matched them to an air conditioning unit well, you can look forward to an effective and cost efficient addition to your home or office for years to come.

There’s no guesswork with window ACs because they are so simple to use. This is especially so if you went with a model that provides superior features such as a remote control or multiple operation modes. The units come with full instruction on how to use, install, and maintain them. All you need is a friend to help you set it up. And, if anything does go wrong, they come standard with the manufacturer’s warranty and customer support. What more could you ask for?

Get the Best Window Air Conditioner of 2023!

Now you have a much better idea about what makes one window AC different from another. And, you probably also have a unit you’re bearing in mind that looks like a good fit. Maybe your space is hot and humid or maybe it’s hot and dry. But after this review, we hope you know enough to make a wise buying decision on a unit that will last you for years to come.

Our Top Choice
Frigidaire Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner
Best Value
Haier Serenity Series ESAQ406P Room Air Conditioner
Koldfront Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner WAC12001W
LG Window Air Conditioner LW8016ER
SPT WA-1222S Room Air Conditioner - Energy Star Efficiency