Best Windsurfing Board Reviews 2023

The combination of wind and water sports has resulted in the amazing sport of windsurfing, for which the equipment is equally impressive. With any watersport, safety and reliability are paramount, but it can be hard to choose between all of the options on the market. That’s why we’ve chosen five reliable brands that are leaders in the industry to help you find the best windsurfing board or kiteboard for your summer.
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Our Top Choice
BIC Sport Techno Windsurfing Board
Bic Sport specializes in windsurfing equipment and their Nova 240D Windsurfing Board is designed for windsurfers ranging in skill from beginner to intermediate!
Great for beginners. Good for light riders and heavier ones. Uses ace-tec technology. Stiff, durable and lightweight. Great for light to medium winds.
If you’re looking for a board for strong winds this isn’t the one for you.
Long, all-rounder
8' 4" x 32"
Beginner to Intermediate
ACE-TEC epoxy composite
Best Value
Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke Directional Kite Board
Ocean Ride creates competition quality kiteboarding equipment and sails, including the Origin - a great beginner board that is easy to use!
Multiple fins allows for versatility. Quad fin setup makes for a fast and thrilling ride. Thinner EVA deck makes it lighter and textured top is great for grip.
Might be too advanced for beginner surfers.
Kite board, tricks
5' 4" x 18.5"
Foam, epoxy, fiber glass
JP Australia Magic Ride Board
JP Australia is a high-performance windsurfing company endorsed by professional Jason Polakow. The Magic Ride is a unique, extra-wide board.
Highly agile. Provides maximum control with short, wide design. Professional quality.
Learning curve coming from narrow boards.
Short and wide, freeride
7' 10" x 28.3"
Wood and epoxy
Kona Step One Windsurfing Board
Kona creates versatile windsurfing boards for any condition and their Step One offers professional level performance at an affordable price.
Very easy to learn on. Same design as much higher end models.
Daggerboard may not be preferable for some.
Long, learning
11' 5" x 27.6"
Dagger board & fin
Cabrinha 2017 Tronic Board for Windsurfing
Cabrinha creates professional quality windsurfing boards and equipment, qualities which show in the XCaliber’s premium materials that make it one of the most advanced boards available.
Great for choppy water. Good all-rounder. Awesome upwind performance. Smooth ride. Constructed with volcanic basalt fiber. Lightweight yet durable.
Not the most up-to-date board from Cabrinha.
4 sizes available
Beginner, intermediate or expert
Volcanic basalt fiber

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What is the Best Windsurfing Board?

The best windsurfing board or kiteboard will compliment your individual style and skill level. You’ll want to look at the length, width, and volume to find out if the board is the right size and floats in the water at a height you feel comfortable. You’ll also want to take a look at the weight of the board, its material, and other key features such as straps, fins, or accessories that affect the safety and stability of your ride. Lastly, but certainly not least, make sure you choose a board that you love the look of – check for availability in multiple colors! Here’s our roundup of the best boards on the market.
Our Top Choice
The BIC Sport Techno 160D Windsurfing Board is fantastic for lighter surfers wishing to learn and progress quickly in windsurfing. If you want a board that’s better suited to experienced surfers then you should check out the BIC Sport Techno 293 Sailboard. You won’t be disappointed!

BIC Sport Ace-Tec Techno Wind Surfer Board – Multiple Sizes Available (Ex. 160D, 185D and 240D)

BIC Sport has been making windsurfing equipment and kiteboards for over 30 years. They have not only shaped watersports as we know them today, but they’ve expanded to become leading providers of sports equipment all over the world! They have an extensive range of windsurfing boards to choose from.

The BIC Sport Techno 160D Windsurfing Board is part of the Techno series. This series of boards features three sizes, the Techno 160D, 185D and 225D. They’re expertly designed to learn to jibe, plane and ride with foot straps. Made using a thermoformed composite technology named ace-tec, these boards will be stiffer and durable, yet lighter.

The 160D Windsurfing Board is ideal for lighter windsurfers and for light to medium wind however, larger surfers should consider this board if you’re working towards a more physical riding style and need a board that’s fast and up to the task. This board comes complete with fin and foot straps and measures 8’4” in length, 32” width and weighs 24lbs. These dimensions give you a 160-liter capacity. Not as important as these other great features, but it also comes in an attractive and bright blue/orange design so you won’t go mistaking your board for someone else’s!
Best Value
The Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke Kite Board is one for the thrill seekers. With multiple fin set-ups possible you’ll have a lot of fun performing tricks and perfecting your ride. If, however, you prefer the old style Mako’s, get your hands on the Ocean Rodeo Sports Mako Kite Board instead! It’s available in multiple sizes and colors.

Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke Directional Kite Board

Ocean Rodeo is one of the most iconic kiteboarding and watersports companies in the entire world. Ocean Rodeo has been creating quality equipment for over forty years! They have a huge range of kites, boards, bars and accessories and they never stop innovating!

The Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke Directional Kite Board is a 2.0 version of the original board. Don’t worry though, they haven’t taken away any of the magic from the original Mako Duke board, they’ve simply added more awesome features! One of said awesome features is the Mako concave which allows the Duke to ride smoothly over the chop. You won’t get that nose chatter that you might find with other directional boards and you’ll be able to rip up wind and land some sick tricks with the huge sweet spot on this board.

The original full EVA deck was thinned during redesigning to shed a few grams of weight whilst the textured design of the top was simply tweaked and improved for better stability and grip. This board is smaller than some others, measuring 5’4” x 18.5” with a capacity of 25.3 liters.

Perhaps the best new feature to this board? The versatile 5 fin box which allows you to set up to ride in three different ways:
  • Tri-fin Mode: This is where you use three fins, one in the center and two at the sides near the tail. This is great for freestyling and reverse landings as the Duke becomes a flat water chop machine.
  • Side Fins Up: If you move the side fins up one place then you’ll get more bite and thrust, enabling you to do some snappy pivots on the face of the wave. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Quad Set-Up: Now this is where it gets really exciting. Crank it up with four fins and feel the need for speed. You’ll hit some hard driving carves and be able to sail back upwind without an issue.
The JP Australia Magic Ride is a great all-around board for freestyle windsurfing - perfect for beginners and experts alike. If you’re looking for a way to care for and carry your board, you may be interested in the JP Australia Cruiser Board Bag.

JP Australia 2015 Magic Ride Windsurfing Board

JP Australia is a premium windsurfing and stand up paddleboarding equipment manufacturer for amateurs and professionals alike. Endorsed by the legendary surfer, Jason Polakow, JP Australia makes a variety of windsurfing boards, sails, and accessories for all skill levels. The JP Australia Magic Ride has a unique design that makes it extremely agile and light.

The board itself is short, thin, and extra-wide, which allows for earlier planing at lower speeds and an extremely responsive feel. The Double Comfort Heel Pads are 10mm thick for great comfort and shock absorption. The comfortable, padded footstraps are anti-twist and highly adjustable for a wide variety of foot sizes, making this a versatile and amazingly fun ride!
The Kona Step One Windsurfing Board is a high-quality, versatile windsurfing board at a great price. If you’re looking for a step up in features and materials, you might want to see the Kona Hula!

Kona Step One Windsurfing Board in White

Kona is an industry-leading windsurfing and paddleboarding company that is well-known for their passion and dedication. Each of their boards is designed to work in all conditions and for all body weights - a truly multipurpose windsurfing board. They make a wide variety of boards and the Kona Step One features the exact same measurements of their top of the line Kona One, for nearly $500 less!

The Step One has amazing value, as it has the profile of high-end competitive Kona windsurfing boards. It’s designed with a thin profile for a balanced sub-planing ride, complimented by its simplified graphics and deck keep – high-quality features at an affordable price. The Kona Step One has a daggerboard design for shoreline control and stability which is engineered to be easy for beginners to learn to use!
The Cabrinha 2017 Tronic Board is perfect for hitting those choppy waters, throwing some monster airs and carving sweet turns. If you fancy showing off your moves on a board built for tricks, you should check out the Cabrinha 2017 BoardARDS CBL.

Cabrinha 2017 Tronic Wind Surfing Board – Available in Four Sizes

Since 2000, Cabrinha has focused on creating high-quality kiteboards and watersports equipment. Their performance driven attitude and attention to detail has helped them expand to over forty different countries. They have an extensive selection of kiteboarding equipment, including boards, sails, and accessories.

The Cabrinha 2017 Tronic Board excels at carving sweet turns in the wave or throwing monster airs! It’s a great board for beginners or intermediates being a great all-rounder. Its narrow tips will provide control for carving and they naturally flex to Boardost and grip the water. There’s no worry about skipping out in carves and turns. To help with early planing, there’s plenty of room between your feet and the quad concave to deep V tip shape gives you all the control you could need.

Constructed with volcanic basalt fiber, this board is lightweight yet durable enough to handle some heat (well…wind). You’ll have a smooth ride in choppy conditions thanks to the ParaBoardlic rails providing a stiff center with responsive tail and tip flex. When redirecting flats or banking off waves the performance rocker line will help initiate G-force. If you want more options, you can choose from four different sizes; 137 x 41, 141 x 42, 145 x 43 or 149 x 44cm.

How Do I Choose the Best Windsurfing Board?

Windsurfing is a sport like no other. Combine the spray of the ocean, the roar of the wind, and the aerial flips of a skate park, and you might have an approximation. Unlike wakeboarding, water skiing, or kneeboarding, windsurfing is organic. Wind. Water. Sunshine. It’s everything you need. And a windsurfing board, you’ll need one of those. Fortunately, we’ve chosen five industry-leading brands and look at each of their options to find the best windsurfing board for you.

Because there are so many awesome windsurfing board brands out there, we couldn’t possibly fit them all on this review. As upset as we were about this, we figured it’s okay because we can just tell you about them here! First up is Aqua Marina, a fantastic brand specializing in windsurfing and SUP boards. Star Kiteboarding is another one that should not be missed. They’ve just brought out the brand new Taina V7 board which has had seven innovations since its birth!

Last but not least, if you wanna check out an awesome all-in-one windsurfing and SUP board with all accessories included then you need to take a look at what Zray is offering!

Okay, time to take a look at some more consideration factors before you go purchasing one of these fantastic boards.
Windsurfing boards are effectively small sail craft meant to keep you afloat on the ocean. If you’re in doubt, it’s always worth the investment in quality — never settle for a cheap windsurfing board. A budget friendly board will be under $899 whereas an average, good quality board can cost you anything from $900 to about $1300. Some boards go for even more if they’re to a professional standard. Size, volume, fin type, materials, as well as sail and boot compatibility all affect price. While bigger boards may seem heavier, the more performance-oriented boards will be made from materials that are lightweight and buoyant for maximum speed and maneuverability.
Windsurfing boards have features to aid in stability, hydrodynamics, and safety. The daggerboard is one of them. As opposed to a fixed, center fin, the daggerboard has a fin that retracts automatically at higher speeds for smoother planing — when the board is skimming the surface of the water instead of causing turbulence. Especially useful for shallow areas, a daggerboard is stable at high speeds and has a fin for less windy days. Windsurfing boards also feature foot straps or mounts for bindings, which help keep your feet planted securely during even the most aggressive backflips.
Construction and Design
Hydrodynamics is complicated. Luckily, we’ve done the homework for you. We’re going to look at board sizes and types, and we’ll talk about the Holy Grail (volume) in the next section. Board size greatly affects stability and weight, which means it also affects agility. Most boards designed for beginners are wider, heavier, and less responsive than their professional counterparts. While it’s tempting to buy a professional’s board, the smaller surface area, sharper turning, and less forgiving handling can mean less time actually spent on the board. Likewise, weight is not necessarily as important as volume.
Performance and Ease of Use
And finally, volume is quite possibly the most important factor you’ll need to consider when choosing a board. Volume is the amount of water a board can displace without sinking. In short, 200 liters of volume means it can support 200 kilograms of weight. For us in the United States, that’s about 441 pounds. Although we may not weigh 441 pounds by ourselves, that weight also has to include the sail, mast, boots, bindings, wetsuit, and personal flotation device.

There are a few loose classifications of windsurfing boards. A freeride board is the next step from the wide, heavy beginner board into a more agile model. It’s usually slimmer, longer, with less overall weight and a comparable amount of volume. Wave boards have low volume, and are often called “sinkers” because they need a lot of wave and wind power to keep the surfer afloat. Right in the middle is a freestyle or “freestyle wave” board. Slimmer, shorter, with enough volume to stay afloat, these are perfect for the aerialists who want balance, speed, and quick turns for flips and spins.

Get the Best Windsurfing Board of 2023!

We hope that you’ve learned a little bit more about the best windsurfing boards available. Remember that each of these brands have a reputation for quality, performance, and industry-leading innovation. If you didn’t find the specific board you were looking for, you can find additional options from each of these manufacturers - no matter your budget or level of experience.

Our Top Choice
BIC Sport Techno Windsurfing Board
Best Value
Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke Directional Kite Board
JP Australia Magic Ride Board
Kona Step One Windsurfing Board
Cabrinha 2017 Tronic Board for Windsurfing