Best Windsurfing Sail Reviews 2022

There’s nothing like a cool breeze and beautiful waves to relax during the summer. Both windsurfing and kiteboarding are amazing ways to harness the power of wind! As with many watersports, quality, durability, and safety are crucial. There are a wide variety of manufacturers for windsurfing equipment, so we’ve chosen five of the best windsurfing brands to help you find a sail just for you! Remember, if you don’t find the exact color or size here, each of these companies has a large selection of high quality alternatives!
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Our Top Choice
Chinook Power Glide Windsurfing Sail
Chinook quality is uncontested, and the 7.5 Power Glide Windsurf Sail is built of high-quality materials for durability and performance.
Professional Design by David Ezzy. Highly visible. Versatile.
Amazing value, but still a little pricey for beginners.
Spectra X-Ply Sail Cloth
7.5 Square Meters
30 Day Warranty
Best Value
BIC Sport Nova Windsurfing Rig
Bic Sport has been making windsurfing equipment for over 30 years, and the Nova 4.5 Windsurfing Rig is a great development!
Great handling. Perfect for beginners and amateurs.
Limited color selection.
4.5 Square Meters
30 Day Money Back
Ocean Rodeo Gen 4 Flite Windsurfing Sail
Ocean Rodeo is a premier brand for wind and watersports and their Gen 4 Flite Kitesurfing Sail is top of the line.
Adjustable line length. Professional quality and design. Versatile.
Extremely high quality comes at a cost.
Spectra Sheeting
60 Day Money Back
Severne Blade Windsurfing Sail
Severne is made by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of windsurfing boards and sails. The Blade is a great example of their high-quality designs.
Durable, strong construction and seams. Quality in design and at every detail.
Extremely popular, can sell out quickly.
4.7 Square Meters
1 Year Warranty
Aerotech Air X Windsurfing Sail
Aerotech has a wide range of wind and watersports products - and their Air X Windsurf Sail has great value for the cost!
Versatile design for freestyle, freeriding, or power wave sailing. Highly adjustable.
Stainless steel grid construction can seem heavy to some.
5.8 Square Meters

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What is the Best Windsurfing Sail?

There you have it. Purchasing a good-quality windsurfing sail shouldn’t be a big deal, and now you’re aware of the aspects to consider during the buying process. It’s now time to look at our chosen windsurfing sails and identify their merits and demerits.
Our Top Choice
The Chinook Power Glide 7.5 Sail is a high-quality, responsive, and durable sail suitable for all purposes! If you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out the Chinook Power Glide Sail 4.0!

Chinook Power Glide 7.5 Windsurf Sail - Available in Multiple Sizes

Chinook has been a trusted and reliable name in innovative watersports equipment for a quarter century. They take pride in their U.S. based manufacturing, which produces of some of the best built sails on the market. Their wide selection offers different colors, sizes, and shapes for sails! The Chinook 7.5 Power Glide Windsurf Sail is a full-sized high performance sail at a great price.

Created by famous designer David Ezzy, the Power Glide features the same high quality materials that are found in windsurf sails many times its price. The 7.5 has 5 battens and durable Spectra X-Ply Cloth. The adjustable top haul creates extra mast length, and the sail features a built in mast pad tools to adjust batten tension. It’s available in a highly visible fluorescent yellow and black design with an included sail bag!
Best Value
The BIC Sport Nova Complete 4.5 Rig is a full-size, full-featured rig for windsurfing! If you’re looking for a small size, you might be interested in the BIC Sport Nova Complete 3.0 Windsurfing Rig!

BIC Sport Nova Complete Windsurfing Rig 4.5 Square Meters - Red, White, and Blue - Available in Multiple Sizes

You might recognize the name Bic from the pens you find on desks around the world. But did you know they’ve been making windsurfing equipment for over 30 years? Not only has Bic shaped the windsurfing world, they’ve also crafted high-quality watersport equipment renowned all over the globe! They have a wide variety of options to choose from and the Bic Sport Nova 4.5 is a great place to start!

The BIC Sport Nova 4.5 Complete Windsurfing Rig is an adult-sized windsurfing rig that contains a mast, mast foot, sail, and boom. It can be used for stand up paddle boarding or standalone windsurfing with ease. The sail is made of a durable dacron material which helps keep the Nova lightweight and highly responsive. Because of its durability and dexterity, it makes a great first windsurfer for beginners and amateurs, available in a variety of sizes for all of your needs!
The Ocean Rodeo Gen 4 Flite Kitesurfing Kite is a high-performance, lightweight kite that can even ride upwind! If you need something a little more budget friendly, check out the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kitesurfing Kite!

Ocean Rodeo Gen 4 Flite Kitesurfing Kite – Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

If you’ve been around wind and watersports for any period of time, you’ll have heard of Ocean Rodeo. Ocean Rodeo was started in the 1970’s by two Canadian brothers whose passion for watersports has created some of the most popular kiteboarding equipment on the planet. They have a huge range of sails and boards for kiteboarding, with the Ocean Rodeo Gen 4 Flite Kitesurfing Kite earning its title as one of their latest and greatest!

The Gen 4 Flite Kitesurfing Kite is made with professional quality. It’s extremely light, which gives it quick maneuverability and turning. The light bar pressure allows for jumps, loops, and even riding upwind. Additionally, the high volume quick inflator/deflator tube and the adjustable line length make this a versatile and powerful sail. It’s available in multiple sizes and colors, and is built for freestyle, freeriding, or nearly any condition!
The Severne Blade Windsurf Sail 4.7 is a durable sail for a seamless experience. If you want Severne quality from top to bottom, the Severne Blue Line Carbon Windsurfing Mast may be perfect for you!

Severne Blade Windsurf Sail 4.7 - Available in 2 Colors & Multiple Sizes

Severne is a brand by Trident Sports with a focus on quality and ergonomics. Their dedicated research has shaped the way windsurfing companies view rake and sheeting angles, as well as improved the quality and safety of riders. The Severne Blade Windsurf Sail 4.7 is loaded with features and is designed with great attention to detail.

The Blade was created for control. The 100% X-PLY polyester is designed to catch wind and keep you moving. A web of fiberglass filament disperses force across the doubled seams to prevent weak points from breaking down or tearing. The thermoformed tack fairing protects the board from impact and even has a useful pocket built in. The TPR Kevlar anti-abrasion head patch, seamless design, and molded edges make this rig destined for durability. The Blade sail is also available in multiple sizes and colors.
The Aerotech Air X Windsurf Sail is versatile for free ride, freestyle, or even power wave performance. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly, beginner sail, check out the Aerotech Action Windsurf Sail Rig!

Aerotech Air X Windsurf Sail - Available in 4 Colors & Multiple Sizes

Aerotech is a major manufacturer of sails and all types of windsurfing or kiteboarding equipment. They are especially known for their sails and booms/masts. The Aerotech Air X Windsurf Sail is one of their best-selling models, however, they have nine more uniquely designed sails for all riders and purposes!

The Aerotech Air X Windsurf Sail takes its inspiration from freestyle windsurfing, but features outhaul adjustments that make it just as suitable for power wave sailing and free riding. It has a 100% grid design with stainless steel construction, oversized rollers, and reinforced tape for heavy duty durability. The rod battens are strong and sturdy, but still keep the sail lightweight. It is available in four different colors and a multitude of sizes to fit every function.

How Do I Choose the Best Windsurfing Sail?

Finally, the day you and your buddies have been planning for is here. The weather is awesome; the sun is out and the wind is as strong as you anticipated. It’s going to be a great windsurfing day for you! All you need to enjoy this day is quality equipment like a windsurfing board and windsurfing sail. With the right windsurfing sail, it will not be a wonder when you become the talk of the town for rolling countering enormous waves like Superman.

A famous surfer, Duke Kahanamoku, once said that the best surfer has the best fun. This is true even today, but, of course, you must get the right windsurfing sail. Get your life vest and head down to your favorite beach to have some fun! Oh, and don’t forget to carry your surfboard wax for that firm traction to your windsurfing board.
The price of a quality windsurfing sail ranges from $500 all the way up to $1800. You may be asking why there is such a difference. Well, it depends on the features and the brand of the sail. For instance, you’ll pay more for large-sized sails than you will for smaller-sized sails. Similarly, expect to pay more for sails made of high-quality materials like spectra and Dacron. Brands that are well-established and have gained the trust of customers are also more expensive than the start-up ones.

During our research, we identified some cheap windsurfing sails but we didn’t feature them in this review. The customer reviews were mostly negative with customers complaining of poor quality construction materials. You’re better off with a trusted windsurfing sail like the ones we have reviewed.
Getting the right size is important in windsurfing. Ensure that your sail is in tandem with your skill level. This will allow you to easily control the sail. If you’re a starter, a light sail that can be used in light winds will be OK for you. However, if you’re experienced, sizes 7 to 12 meters will work best for you. Knowing the wind speed at your sailing location could help you in choosing the right size that will match your skill level.

Let’s look at other features to consider:
  • What’s the construction material?
  • What’s the warranty period?
  • What are the color options?
  • Is it compatible with your current mast and boom?
Get a sail with features that will suit your needs and lifestyle.
Construction and Design
The construction material is a crucial factor to consider as it will determine how long you’ll use your sail. You don’t want a sail that won’t last for long or will be torn by the heavy winds in the middle of the lake or ocean. Get a sail made of sturdy and strong material that can withstand strong wind speeds. The ones made of spectra, Dacron or X-ply will not disappoint you.

It is also important you choose the right color(s) for your windsurfing sail. You’ll never go wrong with aquatic colors; they will make you appear cool and classy as you cruise those enormous waves.

If you already have a mast and boom, you want to check if the sail will be compatible. This is beneficial as it will help you save some dollars. A wrong mast may not work well with your sail. Ensure the mast you will use comes with the properties required by the sail.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you’re starting windsurfing sports, keep in mind that it takes time and dedication to learn how to become a pro surfer. Expect some frustrations while you learn how to cruise the ocean. Be patient as your efforts will bear fruit with time. Ensure you regularly clean your windsurfing sail to maintain its bright and aquatic colors. Check whether you can use soap to clean the sail before applying any. You don’t want to ruin your sail.

Finally, check the warranty period to protect yourself against any manufacturer’s defects.

Get the Best Windsurfing Sail of 2022!

We hope that you’ve found the perfect sail for your summer watersports and maybe even made some vacation plans along the way! Whether you’re spending a day on the lake or surfing sandy beaches, you can make a decision with confidence, knowing that you’ve read up on tried and true brands of sails to make the best decision. As always, anytime you’re on the water, safety is important. Each of these brands is a reliable manufacturer of sails and watersports equipment, so enjoy the day with confidence in your equipment.

Our Top Choice
Chinook Power Glide Windsurfing Sail
Best Value
BIC Sport Nova Windsurfing Rig
Ocean Rodeo Gen 4 Flite Windsurfing Sail
Severne Blade Windsurfing Sail
Aerotech Air X Windsurfing Sail