Best Wine Aerator Reviews 2023

Ancient people once spent hours properly decanting their wine before consumption, always trying to improve the taste however they could. It wasn't until recently that the process of aeration revolutionized the way we enjoy wine. Wine connoisseurs say that the best wine aerators can open up the taste of wine and offer a fuller bouquet. They can even aerate wine conveniently as you pour it. This is why we chose five user-tested aerators from some of the best wine aerators brands, so you can taste for yourself this new art. Enjoy!
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Wine Type
Wash Method
Gift Box
Our Top Choice
Vinturi V1010 Red Wine Aerator
Vinturi created their first aerator in 2006 and has since set out to perfect their design. This essential aerator takes the guesswork out of instant, high-quality aeration.
Easy to use. No-drip stand. Dishwasher safe. Instant results. Made with high-quality acrylic for durable use.
The aerator makes noise while pouring that some users prefer to do without.
Dishwasher Safe
4 x 4 x 6 inches / 7 ounces
Best Value
GSCW Wine Aerator & Decanter Pourer Gift Set
GSCW creates attractive wine-drinking gift sets and accessories. This simple and elegant gift includes a top-quality spout aerator and steel bottle stopper.
Immediate aeration right from the bottle. Dishwasher safe. Steel stopper to prolong the life of your opened wine.
Some connoisseurs prefer a classic aerator instead of the spout style, but many users prefer this style as well.
Steel, Plastic
Hand Wash
11 x 8.2 x 2.5 inches / 2.4 lbs
Zazzol Wine Aerator and Decanter
Zazzol specializes in easy and creative beverage and cooking accessories. This fast and easy wine aerator comes recommended by Business Insider and is highly rated by users.
Small and portable. Patented multi-stage design for serious aeration. Anti-leak and anti-overflow design. Elegant gift box.
A very small number of users had leaking problems.
Dishwasher Safe
7.6 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches / 14.1 oz
Rabbit Aerating Red Wine Pourer
Rabbit specializes in professional and high-end wine accessories and barware. This reliable red wine aerator is easy to use and is made with durable silicone and polished steel.
Inexpensive. Durable. Easy to use.
Should be hand washed only.
Silicone and Stainless Steel
Hand Wash
2.5 x 2.2 x 7.6 inches / 7.8 oz
Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer
Vintorio is passionate about simplifying and improving the wine drinking experience. This best-selling spout aerator consistently impresses users with its performance.
Stylish look. Easy spout pouring. Large aerating chamber. Ribbed and tapered rubber stopper to avoid spills.
Some users found this spout difficult to clean.
Hand Wash
5.9 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches / 1.3 oz

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What is the Best Wine Aerator?

We looked at highly specialized aeration and wine accessory brands to find those who understand the subtleties of wine tasting and decanting, and compared prices against ease of use, user-satisfaction and reviews by seasoned wine tasters. We've focused on aerators for both red and white wine as well as those in different price ranges to find an option for everyone's needs. Now that you’re well-informed on the features to keep an eye on, let’s jump to our review.
Our Top Choice
The Vinturi Essential Red Wine Aerator is the culmination of aeration technology, offering a consistently fuller, more open taste in a variety of wines. To make the most of your white wines, try the Vinturi Essential White Wine Aerator.

Vinturi Essential Red Wine Aerator with Dishwasher Safe Design – Available in Multiple Sets with a Stand, Tower or Cleaning Supplies – Also Available as a Spirit Aerator.

In 2006, the revolutionary Vinturi wine aerator was born and instantly changed the way countless people enjoy their wine. Vinturi uses high quality material that is alcohol-safe and food-grade. They use a single piece for the body of their aerators for a durable, stylish look. Today, Vinturi has distilled its designs to four highly specialized aerators.

This red wine aerator is used by simply holding the body above your glass and pouring into the top. With a slight buzzing noise, your wine instantly flows through into your glass for a full-bodied taste you'd otherwise have to wait hours for. The design is dishwasher safe and made with high quality acrylic. This aerator is available in a variety of sets which come with a no-drip stand, cleaning tools or a tower, a grate, and a filter. The model is also available as a spirit aerator.
Best Value
The GSCW Wine Aerator Gift Set is perfect for yourself or a wine-loving friend, offering everything you need to unlock hidden flavors in your favorite wines. For a full gift set including a stylish corkscrew, try the GSCW Rabbit-style Corkscrew Deluxe Holiday Gift Set.

GSCW Premium Wine Aerator/Decanter Pourer with Decorative Bottle Stopper and Black Velvet Gift Box

GSCW offers a variety of high-end wine accessory gift sets to make holiday and birthday shopping an absolute breeze. Their gift sets are consistently rated with 5-star reviews, so you know even the most seasoned wine connoisseur will be impressed.

This simple and elegant gift set comes in a small velvet box and features two pieces. The high-end aerator fits right onto your wine bottle to create an airtight seal and instant aeration. The steel stopper lets you stylishly preserve wine bottles after you've opened them. Whether you're dining at home or going to a picnic, these portable accessories are a great choice to bring along.
The Zazzol Wine Aerator uses an innovative 3-stage aeration system for a noticeable difference anyone can taste, and it makes for a great gift. If this isn't what you're looking for, Zazzol also has a high-end wine opener that makes the job far easier – check out the Zazzol Premium Ergonomic Wine Opener.

Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter with Patented Multi Stage Design and Gift Box

Zazzol was created in 2013 by founders Jen and Jill, a pair of wine and cooking enthusiasts. They always had an interest in finding the best gadgets to improve their skills and make it easier to cook and entertain guests. They decided to make their own aerator after not finding one that satisfied their needs.

This innovative aerator uses 3 stages and is globally patented. It's built to enhance the natural aromas of your wine and bring out the flavor. They're built with durable FDA-certified materials as well to avoid breakage and leaking. This wine aerator is smaller than many models, making it ideal for picnics or taking it to someone else's home. It also arrives in an elegant gift box, so it makes a great gift for any wine lover.
The Rabbit Wine Aerator Pouring Spout is a simple and inexpensive way to open up the flavor of your favorite red wine. If you're looking for stylish wine stoppers instead, check out the Rabbit Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper Set.

Rabbit Red Wine Aerating Pourer with Universal Fit and Polished Stainless Steel

Rabbit was founded in 1983 and creates a wide variety of beverage products including corkscrews, decanters, aerators, cocktail shakers, wine preservers, juicers and more. Rabbit is always thinking outside the box with new products like their automatic electric corkscrew or their freezable whisky glasses.

This spout aerator is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to instantly open up the flavor of your favorite red wine. It easily inserts into all bottle types and prevents leaks with its rubber treads. It's made with durable silicone and polished, stainless steel so it can last a long time. It easily comes apart for washing.
The Vintorio Aerating Wine Spout turns any bottle of wine into instantly aerated wine for everybody, featuring a large air chamber and elegant design. For a higher-end multi-stage decanter, try the Omni Multi-Stage Wine Aerator by Vintorio.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer with Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout – Available in Black and Silver

Vintorio's passion can be distilled to their tagline: "Because life is too short to drink bad wine". They want to make it as easy as possible to relax with a nice glass of wine or entertain your guests with the best possible drinking experience. They want to let wine do its job in your life without the hassle that once came with a nice aerated bottle.

This long, elegant aerating spout is ideal for seasoned wine enthusiasts and regular Joes alike. It's built to easily fit your bottle and prevent any spilling – except into your glass. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee so you can get a refund if you're not satisfied. This simple aerator is a best seller with over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon alone.

It's available in black and silver so you can choose your own style.

How Do I Choose the Best Wine Aerator?

You can hardly count the number of times you’ve had a perfect time with family or friends, sipping tasty wine and chatting on the latest trending news. Wine has its own way of making ordinary moments quite special, and what could be more fun than living this age-old tradition? Things get even better when you have the right equipment to make the handling of your wine super easy, and aerators are among the best options to go by. Nevertheless, you need to have the aerator first, and finding an ideal one goes a long way.

Among the most important elements to go for in any aerator is the efficiency. If you can get a high-end one that’ll offer a tight fit onto your wine bottle, then be sure of an instant and airtight aeration. This not only makes serving your wine easy, but it also enables you to preserve the bottle after opening it, so you can stock it back on your wine rack. Moreover, this will prevent your wine from spilling all over the table, so you can keep it clean as well.

Most importantly, look for an aerator that you can take with you virtually anywhere. Luckily, since most of these stylish accessories are portable, you’ll be able to use it whether at home or while out on a picnic. While still at it, remember that you’ll need to clean your aerator after use, so it’s best for you if it’s easy to clean. Well, since most aerators are dishwasher safe, this shouldn’t be much of a problem after all.

Most likely, using aerators is quite fun, but things can always get better if your aerator has additional accessories. Some aerators feature a non-drip stand, a tower, cleaning tools, filter, a grater and some come in sets too; all you need is a set of wine glasses, and you’re good to go. Enjoying your wine can’t be more fun.

It’s apparent by now that you’re thinking of hitting the market and grabbing your wine aerator, but you need to look at some of its most important features first.
Aerators will always give you a reason to smile with their amazing features, but their price will simply blow you away. At a price range of between $12 and $25, you can get an aerator you can be proud of, and perhaps a truly exceptional one if you’re ready to spend more.

Remember, though, the issue of features and materials used will play a significant role in determining the price of any aerator you’re going for. An aerator with an airtight seal, a dishwasher-safe design and made from sturdy stainless steel or ceramic material will cost you more. We also can’t forget to mention that getting an ideal aerator from a renowned brand means getting better value, but it also likely means a higher cost too.

The other thing you want to keep in mind is that the market is full of cheap wine aerators that won’t give you value for your money. Keep off such easy offers, as they usually lack essential features such as a spout or muzzle for easy and convenient use, and may come with material that cannot guarantee lasting service.
Features are among the things you should take note of when choosing any wine aerator. This is essential to ensure you have the ideal aerator for your needs.

These are a few features you shouldn’t miss:
  • Wine Type – Your favorite wine is essential in determining the aerator you should choose. Most aerators can work pretty well with red wine bottles, but some are helpful when it comes to white wine as well. So you may want to make your purchase decision depending on your preferred wine.
  • Materials – From acrylic to steel to plastic and silicone, aerators feature different materials, so you can go for what works best for you. This could come down to the durability or reliability of your aerator, so make the right choice according to your needs.
  • Wash Method – Some aerators can be hand-washed, and others are safe for use in a dishwasher. Depending on your preferred type of washing, you can go for the aerator that best suits your favorite washing method.
  • Size/Weight – Ranging from only a few ounces to over ten ounces, aerators come in a broad range of weight and sizes. Whether you want a large one with some heft to it or a sleek one for easy portability, there’s one for you. All you need to do is weigh your options before diving in so you can make sure you get the right accessory for your money.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design, aerators never disappoint. These accessories feature a stylish design that makes them worth the investment. But what does it take to have a well-built aerator?


One thing that you’ll come to love about aerators is the diversity of the material that these accessories can be built with. From acrylic to steel, from plastic to silicon, aerators are available in various types of material, which are all meant to last you years and years.


If you want an aerator that can get the job done in an instant, then you’re lucky, as some of these accessories come with a buzzing nose. This feature helps attain a fast flow into your glass rather than having to take hours pouring your wine.

Airtight seal

Most aerators in the market also feature airtight seals, which are effective in preventing any spillage of your wine. This is all thanks to an inbuilt rubber stopper, making your aeration super easy and convenient too. What’s more, this is also far-reaching in helping to preserve your bottle, which means you can reuse the bottles later.


The other thing that makes some aerators a go-to option is the efficiency that these accessories offer. You’ll need to aerate your wine from time to time, but things can get difficult if you have some spirit bottles around too. Since some aerators are also built as spirit aerators too, this function will definitely come in handy.
Performance and Ease of Use
Aerators are built to offer you an ideal service without compromising the accessories’ ease of use. Thanks to their unique features, aerators can take on almost any task. Here’s a few of the more important ones necessary for an aerator to perform its best:


It’s obvious you’d like to have your aerator handy, whether you’re having a fun time at home or want to take the party out. This calls for an aerator that you can bring with you whenever you need it. Well, thanks to the sleek design and the right size, aerators are sufficiently portable so that you can carry them virtually anywhere.


Using your aerator may not be so much fun if you cannot open a certain bottle in your collection, but this shouldn’t be the end of your party if you come across this. Most aerators in the market are designed to open almost any bottle. This versatility goes a long way, as you won’t have to miss out on your favourite wine because you can’t open it!

Ease of use

The other interesting thing about aerators is that you don’t necessarily need to be a seasoned wine connoisseur to aerate your wine. Having some of the aerators coming with several accessories to help you get the job done with ease, you’ll definitely have an easy time getting your wine into your glass without having to struggle.

Easy cleaning

Well, enjoying your wine can be fun, but cleaning things may prove to be more of a task. This isn’t the case with aerators, as most of these accessories are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning it will be a breeze. Besides, if you prefer hand-washing, then some of these aerators are as good for this use as well. So you can use your aerator without worrying about having a hard time cleaning it.

Get the Best Wine Aerator of 2023!

How you enjoy a glass of wine is certainly a matter of personal preference, so don't be too swayed by any one opinion. Look for an option that many users enjoy for its simple design and delicious results. Whatever you might be looking for, these expert brands are ready to meet your needs with some of the best wine aerators available. If you haven’t yet found the one for you, not to worry; these recommended brands have a variety of aerators to choose from, just keep browsing. Make that choice a wise one!

Our Top Choice
Vinturi V1010 Red Wine Aerator
Best Value
GSCW Wine Aerator & Decanter Pourer Gift Set
Zazzol Wine Aerator and Decanter
Rabbit Aerating Red Wine Pourer
Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer