Best Wine Cooler Reviews 2023

Wine coolers help you store your wines at proper temperatures so you can always enjoy them in optimal serving condition. You don’t need to be an oenophile, investing thousands in a wine cellar. A wine cooler is a great, simple and affordable way to ensure your favorite tipple always tastes its best. We've done our research and have reviewed an option from the product lines from some of the best wine cooler brands, to give you an idea of what they have to offer.
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Temp Range
Our Top Choice
Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler
Kalamera focuses on customer care and satisfaction. They boast a range of high-quality built-in, freestanding and tabletop wine coolers and beverage coolers.
30-bottle capacity. Double-layered tempered glass door. 6 sliding, slotted beech wood shelves. Temperature memory. Temperature range of 40-66°F. Built-in or freestanding.
Isolated complaints that the shelves don’t suit certain bottle types, like Pinot Noir.
Built-in or freestanding
14.9 x 33.9 x 22.4” / 72.8lbs
30 bottles
Single temperature zone
Best Value
Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler
Magic Chef, a brand under the MCA Corporation umbrella, has been producing high-quality and user-friendly kitchen appliances for over 85 years, making them a brand you can trust.
Compact design. Footprint of 14.2 x 20.1 inches. Temperature range of 54-66ºF. Blue LED exterior temperature display. Adjustable levelling feet. Quiet thermoelectric cooling technology.
Isolated complaint that the temperature rose after a couple of months and wouldn’t return to the coolest temperature option.
14.2 x 19 x 20.1” / 26.4lbs
12 bottles
Single temperature zone
Allavino FlexCount 56-Bottle Wine Cooler
Allavino is a company dedicated to manufacturing the best and most versatile wine coolers out there. Their FlexCount, Vite and Cascina collections all feature innovative coolers.
56-bottle capacity. Dual-zone temperature control. Red, white and sparkling light indicators. Easy-to-use push buttons to control temperature. Innovative metal shelf design.
There were isolated complaints of not being able to get the temperature difference from top to bottom zone above 4 degrees different.
Built-in or freestanding
33.9 x 23.4 x 23.6” / 123.5lbs
56 bottles
Dual temperature zones
Upper: 41-61°F / Lower: 45-64°F
NutriChef Freestanding Wine Cooler
NutriChef is a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances including dehydrators, steamers, jerky makers, air fryers, crepe makers and beverage coolers!
3 sizes to choose from. Compact footprint. Thermoelectric cooling technology. Adjustable temperature control with touch screen panel. Quiet operation. Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit.
There were complaints that the temperature display didn’t work upon arrival.
3 sizes available
8, 12 or 18 bottles
Single temperature zone
Ivation 12-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler
Ivation is a brand who produce a wide range of household products. Their range includes heaters, lights, safes and film scanners as well as food and wine coolers.
Quiet thermoelectric cooling technology. Tempered smoked doors reduce light and UV rays. Polyurethane heavy foam keeps the cooler insulated and humidity levels stable.
Complaints that the metal on the bottom of the cooler is not padded and may damage floors.
9.9 x 19.7 x 25” / 29.7lbs
12 bottles
Single temperature zone

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What is the Best Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler doesn’t just make things colder – it maintains consistent temperature to preserve stored wines. Good coolers have the ability to store white, sparkling, rose and red wines together. These coolers are usually dual-zoned to provide different simultaneous temperatures. You might want flexible shelves if you stored unusual shape or size bottles. Energy usage and noise levels are also potential concerns if you’re watching the electricity bill or want to place the cooler in a social area.
Our Top Choice
The Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler boasts an attractive stainless steel design with a double-layered tempered glass door that regulates the temperature and keeps it from fogging up. If you’re a big wine enthusiast and need more space you could go for the Kalamera Wine Cooler with 80-Bottle Capacity instead!

Kalamera 15-Inch 30 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding Wine Cooler - Stainless Steel and Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door


Kalamera’s main commitment is to customer care and service and they stride to provide the best possible experience they can. Their product range focuses solely on wine coolers meaning they put all their efforts into producing top-quality and lasting coolers that’ll serve their customers for years to come. They manufacture built-in, freestanding and table-top coolers.

The Kalamera 15-Inch Wine Cooler is a versatile kitchen appliance. You can use it as a freestanding wine cooler or build it into your kitchen, so it sits seamlessly with your cupboards and other appliances. This is helped by the modern, attractive design. It’s made of stainless steel, with a double-layered tempered glass door and soft blue LED lights to gently showcase your selection of wines. The tempered glass helps regulate the temperature and also stops the glass from fogging up and disturbing your view.

That’s not all though; there’s far more to this wine cooler than meets the eye:

  • 30 Bottle Capacity: With six slotted beech wood shelves you can fit 30 standard 750ml bottles in this cooler which will all get the appropriate air circulation thanks to the design of the shelves.
  • Temperature Memory: Once you’ve set the temperature, even if you have a power outage, the wine cooler will remember the set temperature and restore it as soon as the power’s been restored.
  • Single Zone Temperature: You can easily set the temperature using the LED control display. Choose any temperature from 40-66°F.
  • Compact Design: Measuring just 14.9 x 33.9 x 22.4 inches, this unit will fit seamlessly anywhere in your kitchen or home.
  • Advanced Technology: This cooler has a low vibration and noise compressor which helps keep your wine stable and also eliminates that annoying buzz you get from some appliances.
  • Reversible Door: You can change which side of the door the hinge goes, enabling you to customize the cooler perfectly to where you want it in the home.

With all these awesome features there’s only two things left to do; decide which bottles of wine you want to showcase and keep cool and then invite your friends over for that dinner party you’ve been waiting to host!

Best Value
The Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler has a sleek, black design with chrome shelves and a compact footprint that’ll fit almost anywhere in your kitchen or dining area. If you’d prefer an even smaller wine cooler with a temperature range of 46ºF - 64ºF, then you should take a look at the Magic Chef 6-Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler.

Magic Chef 12-Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler – Compact Design, LED Temperature Display


Magic Chef is one of four brands in the MCA Corporation family. MCA is a leader in the housewares industry thanks to the trust, performance and value that its brand provides customers. There’s no compromise on quality and customer care. The other brands under the MCA umbrella are Magic Chef Commercial, Norpole and Licensed Products. Magic Chef, however, is the longest standing brand under MCA with more than 85 years’ experience! Magic Chef is a brand that is turned to by at-home chefs for top-quality and dependable kitchen appliances. Their range of products include dishwashers, microwaves, ice makers and wine and beverage coolers.

The Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler is a compact, countertop cooler that can easily fit in any 14.2 by 20.1-Inch space! The sleek black design and recessed handle make this cooler ideal for anyone looking for a minimalist, attractive design and the soft, white show lighting is an understated but welcome addition to its design. There are three, removable chrome shelves that are sculpted to hold three, standard wine bottles each. There’s then space for three bottles at the bottom of the cooler, making the overall capacity of 12 bottles.

Magic Chef has incorporated quiet thermoelectric cooling technology into their cooler making it both functional and quiet! The functionality doesn’t end there though. This cooler also has adjustable levelling legs which means even if the surface is uneven, your cooler won’t be. To make sure you’re keeping on top of your wine cooling, there’s an easy-to-read blue LED thermostat display on the outside of the cooler. The temperature can be adjusted from 54-66ºF, meaning your wine will always be at its optimum temperature.

The Allavino 56-Bottle Wine Cooler is a versatile dual-temperature wine cooler that can be used freestanding or built-in. If you’d prefer a larger wine cooler with the same innovative dual-temperature technology, then check out the Allavino FlexCount 172-Bottle Wine Cellar Refrigerator now!

Allavino FlexCount 56-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator with Right Hinge Built-In – Available in 2 Colors


Allavino is a company that produces top-quality wine storage and serving equipment. They have multiple series of products including the Allavino FlexCount series which contains wine and beverage coolers with advanced cooling systems as well as energy efficient compressors. Their Cascina series offers wine cooling solutions when space is limited and the Vite series features versatile and adjustable wine storage cabinets.

The Allavino Wine Cooler we’re featuring here is from their FlexCount collection. The cooler features metal shelves with stainless steel accents at the front and wooden slats that keep your wine from moving or vibrating which can be detrimental to the wine’s taste. By using stable but thin metal shelves, there is more space in between each shelf. This allows you to store larger bottles as well as improves air circulation and temperature control.

That’s not all though. This cooler has a bunch of innovative features that make it a top choice in wine cooling appliances.

  • 56 Bottle Capacity: The cooler contains 5 shelves which each fit 9 bottles of wine each comfortably. There’s also a bottom shelf that fits an impressive 11 bottles of wine. Allavino have taken into account different sized and shaped bottles of wine and none affect the capacity except for large Pinot or Champagne bottles.
  • Impressive Shelf Design: The metal shelf design of this wine cooler is definitely innovative. They not only allow for more storage space and air circulation but they glide out smoothly on ball-bearing tracks so you can easily see which wine you’ve got to choose from.
  • Versatile Design: This cooler has been finished on both sides and the top meaning it’d work great as a freestanding cooler. However, it’s also front-venting which means that you can build it into your kitchen without needing to worry about the side air circulation.
  • Lighting: With blue interior LED lights, your wine will be illuminated without the risk of added heat from standard bulbs.
  • Dual-Zone Temperature Control: You can store both your red and white wines in this cooler and keep them both at the optimal temperature. There’s white, red and sparkling indicator lights which allow you to see if your wine’s at the right temperature with just a glance.
  • Temperature Range: The upper zone of this cooler can be adjusted between 41° and 61°F while the lower zone has a range of 45°-64°F.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls: Each of the zones can be monitored, controlled and adjusted with the push button controls and digital display.
  • Energy Efficient Cooling: As this cooler is part of the FlexCount series it contains a cooling system that uses 25% less energy than standard coolers. This system also reduces the noise and vibration of the unit.
  • Dimensions: Considering how many bottles this cooler holds, the size is actually quite compact. It measures 33.9 x 23.4 x 23.6 inches but it does weigh an impressive 123.5lbs so make sure you have help when installing.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, you can even choose between two colors to customize your cooler even more to your home. Choose from a stainless steel or black finish.

The NutriChef Freestanding Wine Cooler features a digital touch screen display to adjust the temperature from 53-64°F. If you’re looking for a different design, you should check out the NutriChef 12 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler. The door is translucent and the handle is recessed, giving it a sleek design.

NutriChef Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Chiller – Counter Top Wine Cooler Available in 3 Capacities


NutriChef is a brand that manufactures hundreds of kitchen and household appliances. They are especially well known for their dehydrating, fruit drying and jerky makers. That’s not all though. NutriChef also produces great food steamers, crepe makers, grills, barbecues and wine coolers!

The NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine Cooler comes in three capacities to choose from. You can go for the 8, 12 or 18-bottle size, depending on your personal wine cooling needs. Thanks to the adjustable temperature control you can use this cooler for red or white wines.

This wine cooler has many other appealing features to get excited about too. Check them out:

  • Advanced Technology: This cooler features thermoelectric cooling technology, a ventilation grill and built-in circulation fan which all work simultaneously to keep your wine at its optimum temperature.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control: With an efficient touch screen control panel on the outside of the unit you can easily adjust the temperature of your cooler from 53-64°F. You can also choose to adjust the temperature in Celsius too.
  • Elegant Design: With a sleek black and stainless-steel design, this cooler will fit seamlessly into any home décor. With 3 sizes to choose from and a freestanding design you can use this cooler on a countertop, on the floor or under a cabinet. The contoured chrome shelves are elegant and there’s also space for standing bottles.
  • Quiet Operation: The advanced cooling system used in this product keeps wine at the right temperature without making a sound, ideal for use in a dining room or office without worrying about a disturbing hum.
  • Dimensions: These wine coolers have a compact footprint. 8 bottle: 9.9 x 19.7 x 17.7”. 12 bottle: 9.9 x 19.7 x 25”. 18 bottle: 20 x 13.6 x 25.4”.
  • Warranty: You’ll be pleased to know this wine cooler is backed by a 1-year warranty. Rest assured that if you have any issues with this cooler within a year, the manufacturer will do their best to help.
The Ivation 12-Bottle Wine Cooler is well insulated to regulate both the temperature and humidity of the inside, keeping all your wine at optimal conditions. If you’d prefer a smaller, more compact cooler, you should take a peek at the Ivation 8-Bottle Thermoelectric Countertop Wine Chiller.

Ivation 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Freestanding Chiller - Counter Top Wine Cooler with Digital Temperature Display


Ivation is a brand that dabbles in all things home related. Their products range from dehumidifiers, heaters and emergency lights to meat grinders, food coolers and wine refrigerators. They pride themselves on delivery good quality products at a reasonable price.

The Ivation 12-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler offers a solution to the age-old problem of storing wine at the correct temperature. Regular refrigerators are too cold for most wines and “room temperature” can be too warm or cold depending on the climate where you live. Room temperature cannot be regulated like this wine cooler can. By storing your wine in this temperature controlled environment, you ensure that you’re getting the best flavor, aroma and color possible.

There’s more to learn about this 12-bottle wine cooler:

  • Temperature Range: This cooler has a temperature range of 50-64ºF which is good for both white and red wines, however the optimal temperature to keep this chiller at is 55° F, perfect for reds.
  • Innovative Design: This cooler has been designed with solid polyurethane heavy foam to ensure the appropriate insulation. The Thermopane, tempered smoked doors ensure that the inside of the cooler maintains its humidity, stays odor-free and regulates the temperature.
  • Light Regulation: The doors of this cooler are designed to reduce UV rays that can harm the wine. They also keep the area in the dark to reduce the chances of sunlight breaking down important molecules in the wine.
  • Technology: This cooler is built without a compressor to reduce vibration and noise. It’s also built with an energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system.
  • Display: There’s exterior touch controls so you can control the temperature without having to open the door and compromise the temperature. Temperatures can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Lighting: Enjoy the soft interior lighting of this cooler to gently accentuate your wine. There’s a super simple on/off button to control the lights.
  • Dimensions: This unit measures 9.9 x 19.7 x 25 inches, making it relatively compact. Store your cooler in the kitchen, dining room or even lounge. It’s advised that you do not keep the wine cooler in the garage as the big fluctuations in temperature there can cause the cooler to run too often and shorten its lifespan.

How Do I Choose the Best Wine Cooler?

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy,” – Benjamin Franklin.

Imagine sitting on your veranda on a balmy summer night with your special someone. Your prawns and fresh salad is ready to be savored. You bring out your finest wine, saved for this very day. Thankfully, your wine cooler stored your chardonnay just right – not too tepid, not too chilled, but buttery with a creamy oak flavor. You clink your glasses to toast the good life. If there is a heaven, it’s right here!

Wine coolers aren’t just for connoisseurs or sommeliers. If you like drinking wine or are into some of the most expensive tequilas, you’ve probably thought about investing in a wine cooler. Wine coolers are multi-purpose appliances and perform several storage functions. Not only do they keep your wine at just the right temperature, they can store oils, vinegars and other beverages too.

When all’s said and done, a decent wine chiller is an economical and classy way to show off your wine collection if you don’t want to invest in a walk-in wine cellar. In the last decade or so, sales of wine coolers have increased as American households consume more roses, reds and whites. If you want a cabinet to showcase your bottles, look for one that fits with the room it’ll be inhabiting and acts as a talking point. You might also want to think about getting yourself one of those fancy wine decanters too!

There are different categories of wine coolers available today. Here are some more questions to ask yourself when deciding what you need:

What temperature zones do I want in my wine chiller? Wine chillers are available in single or dual zones. The single zone coolers keep the whole unit stable at one temperature and are ideal for those who prefer one type of wine predominantly over others. The dual zone coolers offer great flexibility in storing different types of wines, each at their optimum temperatures.

Should I go with a freestanding model or should I get a built-in one? Built in models fit in seamlessly within the space and give a neat and clean look. The freestanding models, however, are narrower and are ideal for those who do not want to incur additional installation costs, or who may want to relocate the cooler.

Once you determine which features your wine cooler needs, you can narrow down your search. We’ve picked out 5 of the best rated and popular wine coolers to help you select.

One brand that we couldn’t squeeze onto the review but deserves an honorable mention is EdgeStar. EdgeStar is a world leader in creating products with the perfect harmony of functionality, portability and European style. The products are portable, compact and space-saving while offering the maximum functionality. They produce both single and dual temperature controlled coolers!


The right wine cooler should be competitively priced. Your wine chiller must have enough features to perform its function at optimum level but should not burn a hole in your pocket. However, cheaper products may be less reliable and offer limited features.

In general, a 6 to 20 bottle wine cooler costs between $100 and $300, wine chillers with medium bottle capacity of 34 to 60 bottles cost between $300 and $600 and wine fridges with a bottle capacity over 100 cost $1000 – $2000. Although there are high-end coolers in this price range we decided to keep our review focused on coolers under $1000.

A high quality appliance is often a better investment in the long term but will push the price up. Look at the warranty terms offered by the manufacturers to get an idea of their confidence in the lifespan of their products.

For built-in coolers, you will incur additional installation costs. If you go for features such as security locks and touch-screen, then the overall upfront costs increase.


Wine coolers are designed specifically to help preserve your wine collection. When looking for the right wine cooler, it’s imperative to list out your requirements before selecting options to look for. Most brands build models with similar features but the best choice really boils down to your specific use and home.

Here are some key features you SHOULD look for in every wine cooler:

  • Consistent temperature across the whole unit
  • Minimal energy usage
  • Compact and efficient design
  • Ample storage space for your whole wine collection
  • Durable
Construction and Design

While reviewing wine coolers by different brands, we came across a number of features that could be deciding factors for your purchase. Aspects such as temperature swings, number of shelves, noise generated by the wine cooler and energy used by the appliance all weigh in.

  • Uniformity - Wines can degrade if there are frequent temperature swings. This is why the wine cooler must have uniformity of temperature. Ideal storage temperatures for wines depend on their individual density. A consistent temperature between 45 and 60º F is recommended for white and sparkling wines, and between 60 and 70º F for red.
  • Shelving - Wine coolers come with several shelving options including slide out wood shelves, chrome plated shelves, interchangeable wine racks, flat wire shelving units and built-in plastic shelves. Due care should be taken that your wine bottle is secure on its side for preservation and aging.
  • Noise Level - If your wine cooler generates a lot of noise, it’s not suitable to be placed in living areas. Thermoelectric wine coolers are usually quieter. They also use minimal energy and cause less vibration than compressor models.
  • Energy Usage - This is another important factor to consider before purchasing a wine cooler. The thermoelectric models use less energy compared to their compressor counterparts. Thermoelectric models are preferable for long term energy savings.

Apart from these, wine coolers these days come with additional design features such as humidity control, UV Ray protection, internal lighting and digital thermostats.

Performance and Ease of Use

The last thing you want is to splash out on a beautiful wine cooler, only to spend money and time maintaining or fixing it shortly after. Always look into the reliability of an appliance, especially if you opt for a built-in style. These look great in your home but removal or repair will have a knock-on effect on the surrounding furniture. Also, consider maintenance – a free standing unit will be much easier to get behind and around for fixes and general cleaning.

Get the Best Wine Cooler of 2023!

Whether you're on a cozy date or impressing your peers with your wine collection, choose your pick from our wine coolers above and take your companions on a taste journey to the Vineyards across the world!

Our Top Choice
Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler
Best Value
Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler
Allavino FlexCount 56-Bottle Wine Cooler
NutriChef Freestanding Wine Cooler
Ivation 12-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler