Best Wine Decanter Reviews 2022

If you’re a wine lover, a decanter is a wonderful thing to have. A good decanter allows air to circulate, bringing out the best flavors in your wine. To help you choose a good decanter, we’ve investigated the top five wine decanter brands, and have chosen the best decanters from each. We picked one nice decanter from each, but all have other options to suit different tastes and budgets.
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Our Top Choice
Hanzeek Music Notation Wine Decanter
This crystal wine decanter from Hanzeek is shaped into a unique and beautiful music note shape. It makes a great gift for any wine or music lover.
Fun and different shape makes it enjoyable to use and great to give as a gift. Holds 2 standard-sized bottles of wine. Allows plenty of air to circulate for better tasting wine.
Unique shape may make it awkward to store and clean.
Lead-free Crystal
Music Notation
53 oz.
Hand Wash Only
19” Tall, 5 lbs.
Best Value
Godinger Dublin Decanter & Glasses
This wine decanter and glass set from Godinger has a classic look and offers excellent durability. If you want to impress your guests, this is a set to consider.
Crafted from heavy, premium crystal. A matching set that includes both decanter and glasses.
Glasses fairly large, especially given the size of the decanter.
24% Lead Cut Crystal
Traditional Starburst Pattern
28-oz. Decanter; 4 10-oz. Glasses
Hand Washing Recommended
Decanter: 12” Tall, 3.4 lbs.
Riedel Eve Wine Decanter
This hand-blown crystal decanter from Riedel gives a dramatic effect with its smooth lines rising up to form the shape of an upright cobra.
Striking shape makes this a great gift or a way to wow guests. Available cleaning beads make washing easy. Includes DVD with instructions for use.
At the high end of the price spectrum.
Fine Lead Crystal
Upright Cobra
48 ¼ oz.
Hand Wash with Beads
19-7/8”Tall, 3.6 lbs.
Lenox® Tuscany Classics® Decanter
This 48-ounce wine decanter from Lenox features an integrated round opening that serves as a handle while adding visual interest.
Lenox quality at a reasonable price. Functional and beautiful design. Crafted of environmentally friendly non-lead crystal.
Front lip could chip if not handled carefully.
Break-resistant Crystal
Angled Shape with Pierced Handle
48 oz.
Hand Wash Only
9” Tall, 3.7 lbs.
Wine Enthusiast Vivid Decanter
The Wine Enthusiast Vivid Decanter is lightweight and easy to handle. The wide base adds to its good looks and also helps in aerating the wine.
Wide base makes the decanter stable while allowing air to circulate. Hand made in Europe from lead-free crystal.
Thick top rim can make the wine somewhat difficult to pour.
Lead-free Crystal
Wide Base, Narrow Neck
47 oz.
Hand Washing Recommended
17” Tall, 3.3 lbs.

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What is the Best Wine Decanter?

The best wine decanters are both beautiful and functional. To help you make the right choice, we narrowed it down to five of the very best brands and chose one excellent wine decanter from each. If you’re not in love with any of our featured picks, check out what else these brands have to offer. You’ll almost certainly find one that meets your needs.
Our Top Choice
Hanzeek makes gorgeous, high-end crystal decanters, including our featured decanter, which is shaped like a musical note. It makes a great gift for a music lover who also appreciates good wine. If you’re not a music enthusiast, you could choose the Penguin-shaped Wine Decanter instead.

Hanzeek Music Notation Shaped 53 Ounce Wine Decanter – Lead-free Crystal in Unique, Elegant Shape

Hanzeek makes some truly striking crystal wine decanters that are as practical as they are beautiful. From music notes, to swans, to mermaids, you can find a Hanzeek decanter that suits your tastes or those of a friend. These decanters also awaken the best flavors of your wine by exposing it to air.

Of all the lovely choices, we selected a Hanzeek wine decanter shaped like a music note. Its capacity is 53 oz., which is sufficient to hold 2 standard bottles of wine. Crafted of 100% lead-free crystal, the decanter is also the ideal shape to allow air to circulate, bringing out the wine’s flavors.

Other Hanzeek decanters include:
  • Hanzeek Upright Cobra Wine Decanter
  • Hanzeek Swan-shaped Wine Decanter
  • Hanzeek Sea Monster Wine Decanter
All of these are hand-made from crystal, making them valuable and lasting items for personal use or gifting.
Best Value
This lead crystal wine decanter with glasses is one of many collectible quality decanters from Godinger. If you want a larger decanter or just a different style, you might prefer The Godinger Vintage Mouth-blown 47-ounce Crystal Decanter.

Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter and Glasses Set – 28 Ounce Decanter with 4 10 Ounce Glasses

Godinger Silver Art Co. has been crafting exclusive items for gifting for over 30 years. Their lineup includes sliver plated, crystal, stainless, and alternative metal candlesticks, barware, bakeware, and more. Our featured pick is part of a striking, traditionally styled line of wine and whisky decanters.

The Dublin wine decanter is made from 24 percent lead crystal and combines wedge and diamond cuts for a sparkling effect. The 28-ounce decanter is accompanied by four 10-ounce glasses with matching cut crystal styling. This is heavyweight crystal that can be expected to last a lifetime.

And of course, this is just one of many giftable decanters from Godinger. Here are a few more to look at.
  • Godinger Dublin Triangular Crystal Decanter
  • Godinger Aberdeen Whisky Decanter
  • Godinger Shannon 900 ml Wine Decanter
Additionally, the Dublin wine decanter is available on its own, minus the glasses.
Riedel Crystal is the cream of the crop. For a luxury decanter, the Eve Wine Decanter is an eye-popping piece. Or choose another Riedel decanter that’s as good as an art piece. The Black Amadeo Decanter has simple, elegant lines and comes in sharp, shiny black.

Riedel Eve Wine Decanter – Available with or without Cleaning Beads

For more than 250 years, Riedel Crystal has been producing fine glassware. This European company is internationally recognized for designing and making the best glasses and decanters for optimum enjoyment of wine.

If you are looking for a decanter that is equal parts form and function – one that will be displayed proudly when not in use, and that will add to the enjoyment of your wine when in use – the Riedel Eve decanter should be at the top of your list. It’s not cheap, but if you’re serious about wine or just love luxury items, it could be worth it. This decanter is handmade in Austria of 24 percent lead crystal. It’s crystal clear and features smooth, flowing lines that form the shape of an upright cobra. The decanter stands 19 7/8 inches high and holds 48 1/4 ounces of wine. It is available with or without cleaning beads. The beads help to make washing your decanter simpler – just use a little soap and hot water.

Of course, this isn’t Riedel’s only decanter. There are others that are just as beautiful. Here are a few examples:
  • Riedel Duck Decanter
  • Riedel Black Tie Smile Decanter
  • Riedel Crystal Flirt Decanter
Any of these would make wonderful gifts for a wine lover.
Lenox products are made for beauty as well as usability. We think the Tuscany Classics Pierced Decanter is a great choice because of its good looks and convenient handle. Or, choose the Tuscany Crystal Aerating Wine Decanter, which has a raised bottom for smoother decanter.

Lenox® Tuscany Classics® Pierced Decanter – Environmentally Friendly Lead-free and Break-resistant Crystal

Lenox is a household name for its wide range of giftable items for home and personal use. Offerings include ornaments, decorative pieces, jewelry, dishware, and more. If you need a wedding or housewarming gift, Lenox is always a good brand to shop with.

We’re featuring the Tuscany Classics Pierced Decanter because it offers an excellent combination of form and function. The pierced opening makes the decanter easy to hold securely, and it also adds to the overall look. The whole decanter is made from environmentally friendly, break-resistant lead-free crystal. This is a lovely decanter at an excellent price. In fact, it looks much more expensive than it is.

Other collectible quality decanters from Lenox include:
  • Lenox Firelight Decanter
  • Lenox Tuscany Classics Chilling Decanter
  • Adorn Crystal Decanter by Lenox
Any of these would make a great gift for a wine lover.
Wine Enthusiast products are all about allowing regular people to enjoy wine as part of their lifestyle. The Vivid Decanter has a wide base for excellent air circulation. For a slightly different design with a finger-hold punt and a narrower base, choose the U Wine Decanter from Wine Enthusiast.

Wine Enthusiast Vivid Wine Decanter – 47-ounce Wide-bottom Decanter of Lead-free Crystal

As its name suggest, Wine Enthusiast is a brand that caters to those who love wine. The company was founded in 1979 by a married company whose goal was to help promote wine as a lifestyle. The goal was, and continues to be, making affordable high-quality products for wine appreciation.

The 47-ounce Vivid Wine Decanter embodies the Wine Enthusiast goals because it is a reasonably priced decanter that delivers both style and performance. The wide body style is attractive and also allows air to circulate, promoting aeration for the best tasting wine. And the decanter is hand-made in Europe from quality, lightweight lead-free crystal.

Other decanters from Wine Enthusiast include:
  • Wine Enthusiast Final Touch Traditional Style Decanter
  • Break-resistant Fusion Duck Decanter
  • Wine Enthusiast Visual Wine Decanter
Simply choose the decanter that fits your aesthetic preferences and wine-drinking lifestyle.

How Do I Choose the Best Wine Decanter?

When it comes to wine, the benefits of decanting are twofold—first it greatly improves the taste of the wine, and second it adds pizzazz to the overall wine serving experience. Most wines are sealed in a bottle without any exposure to air for years to come until the bottle is popped open, especially in the case of aged Bordeaux and vintage ports. This results in a lot of sediments, which don’t just make the wine taste less appealing, but takes away from its look when poured into wine glasses or elegant red wine glasses.

In order to enjoy a respective wine’s true aroma and flavor, you need to let the air out, which can be done with a wine aerator if time is of the essence, or with a wine decanter. Although full-bodied and highly tannic wines such as Syrah and Cabernet blends can stay in the decanter for hours on end without affecting their innate character, it’s best to decant just prior to service given that the more it’s exposed to air, the sooner it will start to fade. Read on to learn a few tips on what to look for in the best wine decanter.
While all wine decanters do the same fundamental thing (infuse oxygen into your wine), their design durability, holding capacity, and performance are what sets them apart. You can get your hands on a cheap wine decanter, but it will probably disappoint you both in terms of the quality of the results and in its aesthetic appeal, as it may just become the focal point for all the wrong reasons.

A good decanter should allow your wine to breathe, and also be a visual treat at the time of service in order to impress even the most discerning wine connoisseurs. Adding to this, higher-end models are also more stylish and better adept at separating sediments from the wines, so if you’ve already made the investment in a bottle of Ségla 2012 Margaux, it makes perfect sense to buy accessories that are up to par with it.

Some wine decanters also come with a couple of glasses, which might be a little expensive upfront, but is much more cost-efficient than buying them separately. Plus, you save on precious time wasted looking for wine glasses that match the design of the decanter! To give you a rough idea, prices for wine decanters start at roughly $30 and go all the way to $400+ for one that that will let your wine breathe easy and awaken its flavors—and help you create a dramatic presentation.
Before you set foot to buy the best decanter, there are a few pragmatic factors to consider such as the amount of wine you need to decant to serve your audience.

Here are a few more important aspects to consider that will help ease your buying decision:
  • Holding Capacity – Measured generally in ounces or ML, this dictates how much wine you can pour into the decanter.
  • Neck Type – Common choices are wide-neck and thin-neck decanters, each with their own set of benefits.
  • Shape – Decanters can be had in a variety of shapes, and although the best one is a matter of personal preference, it’s wise to choose one that offers the right amount of surface area for your wine.
  • Design/Look – Again mostly a matter of personal taste, most wine decanters are both functional and are visually stunning.
  • Material – Most decanters are made from glass, but just like wine glasses, some high-end models are crafted from fine lead crystal and break-resistant crystal.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, especially if you’re dealing with delicate glass, which could be either dishwasher-friendly or gentle, hand wash.
  • Break-resistant – Generally made from plastic, this allows you to get your groove on with the confidence of knowing that even if you drop the decanter, you can simply pick it up, refill it, and get back to your two-step.
  • Stopper – A must-have only if you’re going to leave the wine in the decanter overnight.
  • Chilling Wine Decanter – This helps decant your wines and keep them cold for a period of time.
Construction and Design
Wine decanters can be had in a variety of sizes, some that can fit a full bottle of wine, and others that are good for one or two glasses. Although most wine enthusiasts prefer to buy decanters that fit one full bottle, small-sized decanters might be a better option if you aren’t going to finish a bottle in one go, given that wine turns to acid if it sits steady for too long.

One of the biggest questions with regards to shape is which one is right for you. To explain briefly, most high-quality decanters give you the best of both worlds—great access to air and great grip to pour the wine without dripping. When it comes to the design of decanters, you will literally be spoilt for choice given the plethora of styles available. But to help you out, clear, crystal decanters allows you to see the wine in its pure form, while colored models obscure the color of the wine.
Performance and Ease of Use
Some wines are best served without decanting, while others should not be served without running them through a decanter. Furthermore, some wines take longer to decant, such as full-bodied red wines or those rich in tannins, for which a decanter with a wide base and neck are a great choice.

Speaking of decanting times, full-bodied wines take the longest to decant, roughly about 1 to 2 hours, while vintage red wines take approximately 2 hours. Wine decanters collect visible deposits over time, which is especially the case with crystal decanters. In order to get rid of the accumulated debris, it’s best to use fragrance-free soap and a non-metallic sponge to prevent any scratches.

Get the Best Wine Decanter of 2022!

Now that you know a bit more about wine decanters, you should be ready to pick out a nice one as a gift or for personal use—or both! We outlined five great brands and showed you one lovely and useful decanter from each. But don’t be discouraged if you didn’t find the perfect decanter among our featured products. Each of these brands offers other options, so go check them out.

Our Top Choice
Hanzeek Music Notation Wine Decanter
Best Value
Godinger Dublin Decanter & Glasses
Riedel Eve Wine Decanter
Lenox® Tuscany Classics® Decanter
Wine Enthusiast Vivid Decanter