Best Wine Glass Set Reviews 2022

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or can’t tell the difference between a Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio, it’s important to know that the right wine glass will enhance the flavor of any varietal. This review will help you select a dazzling wine glass set that suits the type of wine you’re drinking and gives new meaning to the term “hostess with the mostest.” It is time to sink into some of the best wine glass set brands in the market and add an entirely new touch to serving your wine.
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Drink Type
Set of
Our Top Choice
Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Wine Glass Set
Schott Zwiesel has spent the last 140 years building a reputation for designing innovative glassware that combines old-world elegance and modern functionality.
Durable Tritan crystal glass. Perfect for daily use. Reasonably priced.
Isolated incidents with shattering.
9.4 ounce
Crystal glass
Shatter-resistant;Dishwasher safe
Best Value
Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glass Set
Never break another wine glass again with Govino! This brand is known for their unbreakable, reusable, recyclable and flexible glass sets.
Unbreakable. BPA-free. Crystal clear. Great for traveling.
Top-rack dishwasher safe only.
All purpose
16 ounce
BPA-free polymer
Riedel VINUM Bordeaux Wine Glass Sets
Riedel is a world-famous glassware company that is known for designing varietal-specific glasses, like the VINUM Bordeaux Wine Glasses.
Renowned clarity. Highly rated brand. Perfect for gifts.
Hand-washing suggested.
Dishwasher safe
MICHLEY Unbreakable Champagne Glass Flute Set
MICHLEY is a reliable US-based producer of household appliances and glassware, creating durable products like these MICHLEY Unbreakable Champagne Flutes.
Unbreakable. Economical. Well-reviewed. Highly recommended.
Not made of glass.
8 ounce
Tritan plastic
Circleware Vine Champagne Wine Glass Flute Set
Circleware is a modern day glassmaker that designs contemporary products for every American market segment, including retail and homewares.
Modern design. Affordable. Ideal for daily use. Attractive.
Basic style.
7 ounce
Dishwasher safe

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What is the Best Wine Glass Set?

Choosing a quality wine glass set is easy and depends on two prominent factors: what types of wine you plan on drinking and what occasions you will likely be using the glasses for. In this review, we’ll take a look at five highly rated wine glass sets that are perfect for any situation. Now that you are aware of the features to look out for, you are ready for our review.
Our Top Choice
The Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Forte White is a high-quality collection that resists breakage and is built on a 140-year tradition of excellence. If you’re more of a red wine drinker, take a look at the Tritan Crystal Glass Forte Light Red.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Forte Stemware Collection White Wine – Set of 6

Schott Zwiesel is a well-known German manufacturer of crystal glass that has been in business for more than 140 years. The brand is known for its inventive, elegant designs and patented Tritan system, which ensures all of its products are dishwasher safe and shatterproof.

Competitively priced at about $52 per 6-glass set, the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Forte White collection is sure to deliver the quality expected of a time-proven glassmaker combined with modern enhancements that make it easy to maintain beautiful glassware for decades.

Some of the features found in this series include:
  • Ideal for everyday white wine use
  • Resistant to stains, breaks, scratches and chipping
  • Sparkling, clear surface
  • Lead-free titanium and zirconium oxide Tritan crystal glass
  • Generous 9.4-ounce capacity
  • Sommelier recommended
  • Dishwasher safe
According to the manufacturer, the Tritan Crystal Glass Forte White series is perfect for Maderia, Muscat, Sauternes and Port, although it can also be paired with virtually any type of white wine and light reds.

If white wine isn’t your thing, then don’t worry; Schott Zwiesel also offer this same great quality in 8 different glass styles!
Best Value
Govino boasts a sprawling collection of travel-ready glasses featuring an ergonomic design for easy gripping, like the Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glass. If you enjoy both wine and cocktails, check out the Govino Go Anywhere Wine\/Cocktail Glass.

Govino Go Anywhere Stemless Wine Glass Set Dishwasher Safe and Shatterproof

Govino got its start in 2008 as a tool to help those in the wine industry promote their products without fear of breakage. Widely celebrated for their unbreakable and environmentally friendly products, Govino has expanded and begun offering their innovative glasses to the public. The Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glass is perfect for anyone and any wine because it’s durable, easy to clean and won’t distort the taste of any beverage. And while this set retails on Govino’s website for about $22.95/4-pack, we’ve seen similarly priced 8-packs on Amazon.

We also love this line because of these benefits:
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect for traveling or clumsy hands
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • 16-ounce capacity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Looks and acts like crystal
This particular set is a collection of 8, 16 ounce glasses. However, if you’re looking for smaller glasses, they also come with 12 ounce capacity. Also, if 8 isn’t enough, try their 12 pack and make sure everyone at the party has one of these ergonomic and shatterproof glasses.
The VINUM Bordeaux Wine Glasses are a high-quality product that will add a sense of refinement to any home. One of Riedel’s other highly rated products is the VINUM Riesling\/Zinfandel Glass, which is perfect for many white wines.

Riedel VINUM Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot (Bordeaux) Wine Glasses

Riedel has a long family history of wine glass manufacturing that dates back to 1756. This Austrian brand is praised by many for its attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Riesel’s VINUM Bordeaux glass large body and unique shape was designed to open up a variety of red wines, allowing for their full flavor to come through.

Although the suggested retail price for a set of 2 is $54.90, the last time we checked Amazon had a deal of 8 glasses for the price of 6!

Other benefits include:
  • 24% lead crystal construction
  • Made by machine
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Renowned brand
  • Large bowl enhances flavor
This type of glass is suitable for Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc, Fronsac, Graves rouge, Margaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Moulis, Pomerol and several other red grapes.

Looking for a smaller set? Riedel also offer these glasses in a set of 2 and in 11 different styles! These included glasses for white wine, martini’s, tequila, cognac and more.
MICHLEY Unbreakable Champagne Flutes Glasses are perfect for parties and events where you don’t want to worry about breakage. Although these glasses can be used for any type of drink, MICHLEY also makes an Unbreakable Wine Glass.

MICHLEY Unbreakable Champagne Flutes Glasses 100% Tritan Shatterproof Wine Glasses

MICHLEY manufacturer a variety of small household appliances and tools, including a diverse line of glassware. These products are great for special events – such as toasting to your big night – or ringing in the New Year with the kids in tow. Their products come in a huge variety so it’s easy to find the right glass style for your special occasion. The main benefit associated with this product is the fact that it is unbreakable.

Although the retail for a set 4 of these glasses is $56.99, we noticed that on Amazon you can get this exact set for almost half price!

Some other great features include:
  • Exceptional clarity
  • High safety rating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used for any type of drink
  • Odor resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Made from BPA-free Tritan plastic
  • Competitively priced
Looking for a smaller set just for the two of you? MICHLEY also sell this set in a 2-pack.
Circleware produces a variety of simple, restaurant-quality stemware, such as these Circleware Vine Glass Champagne Wine Glass Flutes. They also make the highly rated Vine Red Glasses Set, which is perfect for white or red wine use.

Circleware Vine Glass Champagne Wine Glass Flutes - Set of 4

Circleware is your one-stop-shop for kitchen accessories and glassware. In addition to producing the popular Champagne flute in this review, they are known for their stemless wine glasses, margarita glasses, shot glasses, party supplies and other kitchen basics. This is one of those brands in which what you see is truly what you get. Circleware Champagne Flutes’ are stylish, modern and affordable enough that they can be used once or again and again.

Other benefits you may enjoy include:
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Excellent Amazon reviews
  • Good quality
  • Contemporary design
  • 7 ounce capacity
  • Satisfaction guarantee!

How Do I Choose the Best Wine Glass Set?

Dinner usually comes with a fair share of fun, but we always yearn to push things a notch higher. Well, a nice glass of Riesling alongside your dining dinnerware is one of the best options to turn to, but a sip of pinot noir could just as well be the perfect treat to shake off a long day. But the fun is not only about the drink you are reaching for, but in having the right glass set. However, before you drink into that decadent, relaxing experience, you need to focus on several factors to get the best set out there.

The first aspect you need to have your attention locked on is the material used in making any glass set. Clear glasses are a popular option. Remember, the fun in wine or champagne usually involves the color. The color is an important characteristic of any wine in your collection, and shows the type of grapes it is made of, and the age of the wine, among other factors. Many glasses are frosted or colored, and others feature solid materials.

The size of the glasses you need also goes a long way in helping you make an informed decision. Any glass with a large bowl offers an unprecedented opportunity to pour a sufficient amount from your wine aerator. What’s more, this provides room for a little swirling of the wine to release that tantalizing aroma without spilling over the top.

Still on the bowl, you might have already noticed several glasses with the bowl somehow curved inwards on the top but with a more extensive make on the bottom part. This also comes in handy when you are swirling your glass, as the tapered design concentrates your wine’s aroma and directs it toward your nose. Plus, this design offers a bit of aesthetic appeal too.

The other essential thing that you need to check on is whether the glass comes with an ideal stem. This not only offers a stylish aesthetic, but also allows you to hold the glass easily without leaving greasy fingerprints on the sides. Not to mention, with a stem, you can hold the glass without warming the wine, especially if it is served right out of the wine cooler.

It is about time you checked out the top glass sets we have selected for you, but make sure to look at the features first.
Considering the efficiency and fun that wine glass sets can add to your dinner or party time, you would expect to get them at an incredibly high cost. However, these sets come at a fair price, usually within the price range of between $10 and $150, but you can spend more for something really special.

Besides, keep in mind that the features of any glass set you choose, as well as the material it is made of, and the manufacturing brand all come into play to determine the price. Glasses with a perfect base and stem or transparent ones will be handy but cost you a bit more too.

Similarly, glasses made of BPA-free material, acrylic or glass are outstanding, but come at a higher cost too. Plus, if you want to buy from the brand everyone is raving about, then be ready to spend more than you would on most other types.

Most important of all, you need to be careful when making your purchase. Steer clear of most cheap wine glass sets available in the market. The prices may be tempting, but the glasses usually lack significant features that are crucial for the glass performance. Some of these glasses are made of inferior materials or are inconvenient to hold.
If you want to get a perfect wine glass set, then you cannot afford to miss the various features that mark the best offers on the market. The elements in these sets can differ significantly, but some of the most important ones are important to consider.

These features are some of the most crucial ones that you need to check out:
  • Drink Type — The type of wine that you like to serve might make a difference when it comes to determining the type of glass set you should check out. Some glasses are ideal for red champagne; others work best with white wine; several models are suitable for champagne, and there are those that work pretty well with virtually any type of wine. Depending on your needs, or your favorite wine, you can select the glasses that will get your wine served best.
  • Size — Well, wine glasses differ in dimensions and weight too. Discerning the size of any glass is never a problem, as you can tell by just looking at it, but knowing its weight might be tricky. Many wine glasses weigh from seven to nine ounces, and others are quite hefty at 16 to 21 ounces.
  • Set of — The size of the set comes into play when selecting the right option out there. Some contain four pieces; others have up to six, and some can feature as many as eight pieces. However, the options are almost endless; all you need to do is look out for the right set that offers what you need to serve your wine conveniently.
  • Material — The material of any set determines its durability and efficiency. From BPA-free polymer to Tritan plastics, crystal and glass sets, you can always get what you need from the full range of options on the market. Other materials include crystal glass. Choose the material that displays your wine best.
  • Extras — Besides the solid make of many of these sets and the numerous impressive features, you can also count on other benefits your from glass set. Some of the sets are dishwasher safe, so cleaning your glasses after use should not be a problem. Most importantly, quality sets are shatterproof, which means you can have a set that is not only easy and fun to use, but also gives you lasting service, thanks to the material’s unbreakable nature.
Construction and Design
There are lots of popular designs out there. Here are some of the different construction types that you can choose from in the market.


This glass design comes with a large bowl at the bottom that offers enough space for the wine to breathe. Besides, the glasses in this category taper at the top, and this channels the wine’s aroma right into the user’s nose. Moreover, the design includes a long stem leading to a circular base. Most standard glasses come in a range of options that work well with rose, red and white wines.

Stemless Glass

Stemless glasses are quite similar to the standard model, except that, as the name suggests, this type does not have a stem. Some users prefer these contemporary glasses, although others do not like this type since holding the glass by the bowl can compromise the wine’s temperature. However, if you are sitting at a table where you can take time between sips, this type will get you covered.


This type of glass features a taper at the top, and is usually slim and long. If you are seeking to serve champagne or sparkling wine, then this glass is the one for you. This type comes with another advantage, as you can make the most of the stem for easy handling of your wine.


The coupe is entirely different from other types of wine glasses. This type comes with a wide, shallow bowl and a stem. This model has been around for ages and was commonly used for sparkling wine in the fifteenth century. However, this glass has lost most of its touch, since wine usually goes flat faster if poured in this type than it would in a flute glass. Nevertheless, some still seek out the old vintage look in this make.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best thing you can seek in a wine glass is its performance. Well, most of these glasses are built to deliver more than you would expect, and this performance is apparent in several aspects.


Apparently, everyone wants a set they can use for years, and wine glasses are built to offer just that, thanks to the shatterproof design of most of the sets available. You might drop one or two glasses occasionally. With this feature in place, you don’t have to worry about your glasses shattering any time one drops to the floor. The manufacturers got you covered with the most appropriate design possible.

Easy Cleaning

Besides, since most of the sets on the market are dishwasher safe, you can rest assured that washing your glasses will never be a problem. All you need is to enjoy your glass of wine without worrying about getting the glasses clean.


Wine glass sets come in a wide range of materials, but the best thing is that you can always count on the efficiency that this feature can offer as far as using your glasses is concerned. Some sets feature BPA-free polymer material that guarantees safety for your health, no matter how long you use it. And there is more; since most of the glasses feature crystal and glass, you have the opportunity to put up a tantalizing display of your wine.


Using your wine glasses does not mean having to buy different types for every type of wine you have in your collection. You can always count on some multi-purpose glasses that offer all the versatility you need. However, if you like getting the perfect type of glass that works best with the wine you have, then you have numerous shapes of glasses to choose from. Besides, if you have champagne around, then you can get a glass for that too.

Get the Best Wine Glass Set of 2022!

Hopefully, the five products in this review have given you the resources necessary to pick a beautiful wine glass set. We are confident that any of the products reviewed above will be an attractive and functional addition to your household or business. However, if you have yet to find the glass set you were looking for, make sure to check out our recommended brands for some of the best wine glass sets in the market and other impressive offers too. Give your family, friends, and guests a fun time with a special wine treat.

Our Top Choice
Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Wine Glass Set
Best Value
Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glass Set
Riedel VINUM Bordeaux Wine Glass Sets
MICHLEY Unbreakable Champagne Glass Flute Set
Circleware Vine Champagne Wine Glass Flute Set