Best Wine Tote — Sturdy Insulated, Padded and Canvas Wine Tote Bags for Picnics, Travel, Parties and BYOB

When thinking of getting a wine tote, whether as a gift or for personal use, there are a lot of things to consider first. We all know the time and effort that goes into shopping, whether off or online, and you may not have that much time to spare. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to research the topic to help you narrow down the search list.

We’ve come up with our list of five top brands and a product from each. If the featured product, however, doesn’t meet your needs, you can check out other products by these top brands. We even included links within each review to make it easy for you! Join us as we explore these five amazing wine totes, and we’re sure that one will call to you.

We also want to give a shout out to a uniquely designed wine tote. The PortoVino Wine Purse looks like a regular wine or beach bag but it has a hidden insulated compartment and tap that discretely dispenses your wine (or any other beverage).

Before we get to our featured products, we want to draw attention that we made the decision to review padded, insulated wine totes because they offer more protection for your bottles. However, we understand that some of you are on the hunt for simple wine tote bags made from canvas, burlap or cloth. These are great when you don’t need to worry about temperature. They are also a nice touch when giving wine as a gift. If that’s you, we wanted to showcase some of our favorites!

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Our Top Choice
OPUX Premium Insulated Wine Tote Bag
OPUX manufactures excellent quality, functional and stylish kitchen and cooking products. These include lunch bags, wine totes, salt & pepper grinders and more!
Insulated to regulate the wine temperature. Padded for security. Removable shoulder strap. Multiple sizes and colors to choose from. Dual zippers.
The bag is good for 750ml bottles but not great for larger bottles.
Carry/shoulder bag
2 or 3 bottles
2 bottles - 8 x 3.5 x 12.6”
600D polyester
Padded and insulated
Best Value
True Fabrications Insulated Wine Tote Set
True Fabrications is a leading designer and supplier of global beverage accessories. It offers trending top-quality products at competitive market price.
The bag is compartmentalized by a Velcro divider that prevents the bottles from clinking and breaking, and has strong and comfortable handles.
The wine glasses are too small.
Picnic bag
2 bottles
8 x 6 x 18”
2 wine glasses; 1 bottle stopper
Plush Picnic Insulated Wine Tote Canvas Bag
Plush Picnic is a brand focused entirely on providing the best quality and most convenient and functional picnic accessories.
Velcro removable dividers inside. Includes Eiffel Tower bottle stopper. iThermashield insulation keeps food and drinks cold. Picnic kit included.
Some feel it’s a bit smaller than expected.
Over shoulder picnic tote
2 bottles
10 x 4 x 13”
600D polycanvas
Opener,stopper,cheese board/knife
Kato Large Insulated Wine Carrier Bag
Kato is a brand that manufactures a wide range of insulated bags, including lunch bags, both simple and with multiple compartments, and various wine totes.
Stylish design. Holds 4 bottles of wine. Sturdy leather handle. Adjustable strap. Detachable divider inside. PU insulation and PE foam padding. Double zipper.
Some say the divider inside isn’t as high quality as the rest of the bag.
Shoulder strap and handle
4 bottles
8.6 x 7.1 x 12.5”
600D polyester
Detachable divider inside
VINA Insulated Wine Tote Bag
VINA is a brand who aims to add class to your dining experience. They have a range of functional and stylish products including salt & pepper grinders and wine totes.
Free corkscrew. Attractive design. Adjustable shoulder strap. Strong handle. Thermal shield insulation. Thick padding. Interior divider. Made with 600D polyester.
Only fits standard 750ml bottles.
Tote bag
2 bottles
8.1 x 3.5 x 13”
600D polyester
Free corkscrew

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What Is the Best Insulated Wine Tote? Read Our Wine Tote Reviews to Find Your Favorite!

No one can rightly say that any tote bag is the best wine tote available; this is because there are myriads of wine totes, each with differing designs, features, and functionalities. It's important to know what you want in a tote bag and note them, so that you can look out for them when making your choice. Now let’s get on with the individual review.

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Our Top Choice
The OPUX Premium Insulated Wine Bag is available for 2 or 3-bottles. It’s insulated to regulate the temperature of your wine and padded to protect it whilst transporting. If you need a wine tote that holds more bottles, check out the Premium Insulated 6 Bottle Wine Tote Bag instead!

OPUX 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier - Insulated, Portable Wine Carrying Bag with Padded Protection, Shoulder Strap and Corkscrew Opener


OPUX is a brand dedicated to manufacturing high quality kitchen and cooking products that make your everyday life easier. Their convenient and stylish products include lunch bags, salt & pepper grinders, corkscrews and collapsible wine glasses.

The OPUX Premium Insulated Wine Bag is an attractive and stylish wine tote, available to fit 2 or 3-bottles, depending on your needs! They’re perfect for taking on a picnic, to the beach, on a hike or just about anywhere!

Here’s some more features:

  • Comes with a convenient corkscrew
  • Padded interior to prevent any breakages
  • Insulated inside to keep your wine temperature steady
  • Internal versatile flap means it’ll fit any size wine bottle
  • Detachable shoulder strap for convenience
  • Made from high quality 600D polyester
  • Dual zippers for easy opening

If you’re interested in this wine tote, you can choose from a variety of colors including heather gray, brown, black and red!

Best Value
The True Fabrications 2-Bottle Wine Tote is an insulated bag made of waterproof polyester that can hold two wine bottles and plenty of food. It's ideal for picnics and other fun activities. Just looking for a single bottle wine tote bag without all the extras? The Grab and Go Insulated Bottle Carrier fits most wine and champagne bottles, has an adjustable strap and comes with a Truetap double-hinged corkscrew.

True Fabrications Metropolitan 2-Bottle Wine Tote Bag with 1 Stopper, 2 Acrylic Wine Glasses, 1 Corkscrew & 2 Napkins - Available in 4 Colors


True Fabrications is a well-known designer and supplier of global beverage accessories. Its products are always of high quality and are reasonably priced. It has an innovative, forward-looking team that develops products. Its designers and customizers are cutting-edge, and its professional sales representatives understand their products; it has one of the finest customer service personnel in the industry. All of its products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The True Fabrications 2-Bottle Wine Tote can hold two wine bottles and plenty of food. It's ideal for picnics, cookouts, and other fun activities. It can also be used to move your wine from one place to the other safely without fear of spills or breakage; it would also make a much-appreciated gift for a wine connoisseur. It has many other great features which include:

  • Material- It's made of waterproof polyester
  • Insulation - Has a compartment that keeps your drink cold for hours
  • Velcro divider - Keeps the bottles from clinking and breaking
  • Weight - While not the lightest tote, it does come at a good weight of 2 pounds
  • Dimensions - This is a good-sized tote with dimensions of 8 x 6 x 18 inches
  • Extra accessories - Help you enjoy your wine on-the-go
  • Handles - Strong and comfortable for easy carriage
The Plush Picnic Insulated Wine Tote Bag really is all you need for a successful picnic or romantic evening. It fits 2 wine bottles and comes with an opener, stopper, cheese board and cheese knife too! Looking for a full picnic set with room for a bottle of wine too? Check out the Plush Picnic Picnic Basket with Cooler Compartment and Detachable Wine Holder.

Plush Picnic Waterproof Insulated Travel Wine Tote Picnic Set - Portable 2 Bottle Wine and Cheese Canvas Wine Tote Bag Set with Accessories


Plush Picnic has one agenda and that’s to provide you with the best picnic accessories possible so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself, the way picnics should be enjoyed.

The Plush Picnic Insulated Wine Tote Bag is the ideal accompaniment to a walk to the park, beach or romantic evening. It’s been manufactured with luxury in mind and rather than being just a wine tote, it’s also a handy picnic bag too.

Let’s look at some more features:

  • Includes free Eiffel Tower bottle stopper
  • iThermashield insulation to keep food and drinks cold
  • Thick and luxurious insulation unlike cheap alternatives
  • Shoulder strap is adjustable for comfort
  • Includes 2 removable Velcro dividers
  • Measures 10 x 4 x 15-inches and weighs 1.5lbs
  • Set includes wine tote bag, wine opener, wine stopper, wooden cheese board and cheese knife
The Kato Insulated Wine Carrier Bag is a stylish wine bag that holds 4 bottles easily. Alternatively, remove the detachable divider inside and use it as an insulated picnic bag! If you just need a wine bag with two bottle capacity, Tirrinia has a wide variety of styles to choose from. They also have 3 bottle wine totes.

Kato Tirrinia 4 Bottle Wine Carrier - Leakproof & Insulated Padded Portable Versatile Wine Tote Bag Cooler, Available in Multiple Colors


Tirrinia offers a range of insulated carry bags including simple lunch bags, lunch bags with multiple compartments and, of course, our personal favorite, wine totes!

This large insulated wine tote is a stylish wine carrier bag that can fit up to 4 wine bottles! It’s perfect for picnics with friends, romantic evenings or a trip to the beach!

Let’s check out some more features:

  • Thermal insulated with a PU insulated interior and PE foam padding
  • Keeps wine chilled for hours
  • Made with sturdy and durable leather handles that are adjustable too
  • Measures 8.6 x 7.1 x 12.5-inches
  • Detachable divider included so can be changed into a picnic bag in seconds
  • Constructed with durable 600D polyester
  • Double stainless steel zipper and clasp

Choose from mulitiple designs including stripes, camouflage, and solid colors.

The VINA Wine Insulated Tote Bag is an attractive wine tote with thermal insulation and padding to keep your wine cool for longer. It fits 2 standard 75cl bottles. Vina has a wide range of wine tote designs and sizes to choose from. For a more stylish, feminine look, check out the 2 bottle wine tote canvas bag that resembles a purse.

VINA Insulated 2-Bottle Wine Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap & Free Corkscrew, Available in 3 Colors


VINA is a brand with a mission. A mission to add class to your dining experience with their range of high-quality, functional and stylish kitchen products. These include salt & pepper grinders, wine opener sets, egg cup sets and wine totes.

The VINA Wine Insulated Tote Bag is an attractive wine tote that nicely fits 2 bottles of wine. What’s more, it even comes with a free corkscrew so you’re ready to go as soon as you get it (and a bottle of wine of course).

Let’s see some more features:

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Strong handle and double zipper
  • Thermal shield insulation to keep your wine cool for hours
  • Thick padding inside prevents clinking or breakages
  • Made with high-quality 600D polyester
  • Measures 8.1 x 3.5 x 13-inches
  • Interior divider keeps wine separated

Liking the look of this tote? We are too! Choose from black/brown, dark navy or brown grid colors!

Best Wine Tote Bags Buying Guide – What to Look for When Shopping for a Wine Tote Canvas Bag or Insulated Wine Tote

Imagine having a party or event that required you to bring your own beverage. Would it be possible for you to carry the wine, full ice bucket, and wine glasses all in a picnic basket or shopping bag? We don’t think so either (the ice would melt before you even get there)! Wine carriers and totes are insulated bags, making them handy accessories that make transporting your wine from one place to the other easier. And what's more, they help keep your wine chilled and at the right temperature.

You needn’t worry any longer about leaving your favorite wine at home while going for that outing or picnic, or having it at room temperature when you arrive. You can now package your wine in style and have it at the right temperature for at least four hours. Thinking of a gift to bring to your host? A bottle or two of good sparkly or bubbly in one of these beautiful bags would do just fine.

Get the Best Wine Tote of 2022!

Having taken time to study this review, we optimistically hope that you’ve acquired enough knowledge to help you make the right choice. You can now go ahead and shop with confidence, knowing what to look out for to get the best value for your money.

Our Top Choice
OPUX Premium Insulated Wine Tote Bag
Best Value
True Fabrications Insulated Wine Tote Set
Plush Picnic Insulated Wine Tote Canvas Bag
Kato Large Insulated Wine Carrier Bag
VINA Insulated Wine Tote Bag

Wine Tote FAQs

What is a wine tote bag?
A wine tote bag is a carrier for wine bottles, wine glasses, and other accessories when on travel. It makes it easy for you to move around with your favorite drink. We have reviewed several of the best wine tote bags out there. Check it out!
How big is a wine tote bag?
A wine tote bag is usually big enough to hold two to three bottles of champagne or wine. However, some wine bottles can have six or more bottles. In that case, the tote bags would be as big as possible.
How to pack wine glasses inside a tote?
To pack wine glasses inside a tote, start by wrapping them in paper one by one. The paper should, of necessity, go around the stem, which is the most breakable. Place the wine glasses into the tote, ensuring they do not touch directly. Carry the wine tote bag to wherever you wish to go.