Best Wine Tote Reviews 2018

When thinking of getting a wine tote, whether as a gift or for personal use, there are a lot of things to consider first. We all know the time and effort that goes into shopping, whether off or online, and you may not have that much time to spare. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to research the topic to help you narrow down the search list. We’ve come up with our list of five top brands and a product from each. If the featured product, however, doesn’t meet your needs, you can check out other products by these top brands. Join us as we explore these five amazing wine totes, and we’re sure that one will call to you.
Our Top Choice
Teikis 2 Bottles Wine Tote Bag
Teikis makes quality products that are designed to enhance your home life. It doesn’t compromise quality, but ensures a combination of good quality with affordable prices.
It’s multipurpose, can be converted to a cooler, is portable, and comes with some extra accessories that can come in handy.
The ice may leak inside the tote.
Carry bag
2 bottles
12 x 9.2 x 1.9 inches; 0.6 pounds
Info not provided
2 cooler bags; 2 wine stoppers
Best Value
BUILT NY One Bottle Wine Tote
Built NY makes functional and elegant protective gear and provides products that make life on-the-go less stressful for its customers at budget-friendly prices.
It's made of neoprene which protects the content from spills, bumps, and breakage. It’s insulated, can keep drinks cold for 4 hours, and has soft grip handles.
There’s no snap closure to prevent content from falling out.
Carry bag
1 bottle
16 x 5 x 0.5 inches; 0.2 pounds
Stain-resistant; machine-washable
Vetelli Leather Wine Tote Bag
Vetelli searches globally for unique, functional, and top-quality sources of accessories and related products to sell at affordable prices.
Made of high-quality PU leather that's easier to clean and maintain than top grain leather; has insulated storage partition that you can customize.
Zip nay appear stiff but loosens with time.
Cooler case
2 bottles
13 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches, 1.3 pounds
PU leather
Lifetime guarantee
True Fabrications 2-Bottle Wine Tote
True Fabrications is a leading designer and supplier of global beverage accessories. It offers trending top-quality products at competitive market price.
The bag is compartmentalized by a Velcro divider that prevents the bottles from clinking and breaking, and has strong and comfortable handles.
The wine glasses are too small.
Picnic bag
2 bottles
8 x 6 x 18 inches; 2 pounds
2 wine glasses; 1 bottle stopper
Handy Laundry Wine Tote
Handy Laundry makes attractive and functional products that are sold at wholesale and retail prices to its devoted customers. Its products are made in the USA.
It’s made of foldable canvas material and has two strong and long handles. The zipper closes the bag securely, and external padding provides extra protection.
It has no shoulder strap.
Wine bag
4 bottles
12.2 x 7.8 x 2.5 inches; 0.4 pounds
Extra-thick padding

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How Do I Choose the Best Wine Tote?

Imagine having a party or event that required you to bring your own beverage. Would it be possible for you to carry the wine, full ice bucket, and wine glasses all in a picnic basket or shopping bag? We don’t think so either (the ice would melt before you even get there)! Wine carriers and totes are insulated bags, making them handy accessories that make transporting your wine from one place to the other easier. And what's more, they help keep your wine chilled and at the right temperature.

You needn’t worry any longer about leaving your favorite wine at home while going for that outing or picnic, or having it at room temperature when you arrive. You can now package your wine in style and have it at the right temperature for at least four hours. Thinking of a gift to bring to your host? A bottle or two of good sparkly or bubbly in one of these beautiful bags would do just fine.
There are a wide variety of tote bags in the market; some are just simple, functional tote bags while others combine class and fashion with their functionality. Different factors affect the price of a wine tote, and they include materials used in the manufacture, features, and design.

A good wine tote bag would be within the price range of $8.99 to $69.99. While the functionality of a wine tote may not be determined by its price, the aesthetics and design can add a little more cost to it. During our extensive research, we found some cheap wine totes, but they’re not featured in this review because they’re fairly low-quality and don’t insulate well. No matter the product you decide to buy based on this review, rest assured that these brands/products are tested and trusted ones.
When you’re looking for a wine carrier or tote to use for transportation or as a gift, bear in mind that there is a wide range of wine totes in the market, with differing temperature control and features. Some have simple features while others have more elaborate features. It's vital to take the time to consider all the potential uses aside from maintaining the temperature of your wine and protecting it. Since you can't find all these features in one wine tote, know the ones that are essential to you so you can note them when you go wine tote shopping. Some of these features include:
  • Hard or soft cover- The kind of external padding the tote has
  • Wheels or no- Some totes come with wheels for easier portability
  • Temperature control- How long the tote can keep your wine chilled
  • Insulation- This serves not only to keep the temperature of contents, but to protect them
  • Extra accessories- Things such as a bottle stopper, corkscrew, wine glass, or napkins to make serving the wine on-the-go easier
  • Quality of materials used- Whether it be leather, polyester, canvas, neoprene, or plastic, it should be of good quality
  • Ease of maintenance and storage- It should be easy to clean and store
  • Versatile and safe design- Most have dividers that are well-padded and can be collapsed to convert the bag into a cooler bag
  • Portability- Check how easy and comfortable it is to carry the loaded bag
Construction and Design
Wine totes are made of different materials such as leather, plastic, neoprene, polyester, and canvas. Each has its advantage, but almost all these materials we've mentioned are foldable, which means that the bag won’t be stiff and can adapt to the shape of the contents.

Leather totes have that classy and sophisticated look, while those made of other materials can also be aesthetically and well designed, but won’t look as classy as the leather ones.

Some tote bags are designed with collapsible dividers that can help convert the bag to a cooler bag or create more room for other things. It’s necessary to know this because the more purposes you can use the bag for, the better for you. Finally, one of the most important things to look out for is the insulation of the bag. The level of insulation determines how long it will keep the temperature of your wine.
Performance and Ease of Use
Wine totes, like any other bag, come with handles. Considering that you would need to carry this bag from one place to the other, it would pay for you to look out for soft grip handles (well-padded handles). Some bags come with only handles, while others come with handles and shoulder straps. The shoulder strap is an extra advantage because with it you can carry your wine tote and still hold something else.

Apart from wine totes made of leather, most tote bags are machine-washable; those that are not, however, are easy to clean. Materials such as neoprene and polyester are waterproof, which also makes them stain-proof. Leather tote bags can be wiped down and polished with a cloth to keep them looking as good as new.

Some tote bags come with extra accessories like a bottle stopper, corkscrew, wine glasses, napkins, etc. This makes serving the wine on-the-go easy and convenient.

What is the Best Wine Tote?

No one can rightly say that any tote bag is the best wine tote available; this is because there are myriads of wine totes, each with differing designs, features, and functionalities. It's important to know what you want in a tote bag and note them, so that you can look out for them when making your choice. Now let’s get on with the individual reviews…
Our Top Choice
The Teikis 2 Bottles Wine Tote is a beautifully designed and well-tailored wine tote that has a thickly insulated interior and can be folded flat, making storage easy and convenient. If you want a bag for your BBQ accessories that also has an insulated waterproof cooler, you can check out the Teikis - BBQ Grill Accessories Tool Set Bag.
Teikis 2-Bottle Wine Tote Bag with Bottle Opener, Wine Stoppers, All-In-One Corkscrew & Cooler Bags

Teikis Wine Tote Bag B00LPX9NGS

Teikis is a growing brand that makes quality products that are designed to enhance your home life. Whether it be big parties or small picnics and cookouts, its products are there to help you keep stuff organized without stress. It prides itself in offering high-quality products at competitive prices. With the understanding that customers want good quality without having to pay exorbitant prices, it does all it can to create great products cost-efficiently. Due to its confidence in the quality, functionality, and durability of its products, it has a two-year manufacturer's warranty and satisfaction guarantee on all its products.

The Teikis 2 Bottles Wine Tote is beautifully designed and can be folded for easier storage. It's not too heavy, and the partition in the middle is attached only to one side so that it can be collapsed to accommodate a larger bottle or anything you want to add to your wine bottle. It has many other great features which include:
  • Insulation - The interior of the bag is insulated and maintains the temperature of your drink; the insulation, though thick, doesn’t make the bag too heavy
  • Lightweight - This wine tote is fairly lightweight, at 9.6 ounces
  • Compact design -This tote is also fairly compact, with dimensions of 12 x 9.2 x 1.9 inches
  • Versatile and safe design - Padded collapsible internal divider that helps to keep bottles secure and avoid banging against each other and breaking; divider can also be let down to create more space
  • Multipurpose - It’s an insulated carrier bag that can also be changed into a cooler bag for any occasion
  • Extra accessories - Comes with a foil cutter, corkscrew, and bottle opener with built-in corkscrew holder, and a removable strap
  • Portability - Can be carried by hand or over the shoulder with the sturdy leather grip or by using the detachable shoulder strap (there are strong points on either side of the bag where the strap can be attached)
Best Value
The BUILT NY One Bottle Wine Tote is a beautiful and durable bag that’s ideal for carrying wine to parties or a BYOB (bring your own beverage) restaurant; it also makes an excellent gift item. If you want something that can hold more than one bottle of wine, check out the BUILT NY 2-Bottle Neoprene Wine Tote.
BUILT NY Neoprene One Bottle Wine Tote with Soft-Grip Handles – Available in 9 Patterns

BUILT NY Wine Tote 1B-FM1 – Formula Red

Built NY makes products that are daring, modern, and fun; things that make life on the move more convenient and enjoyable. It's of the strong opinion that excellent designs make day-to-day living better. To make excellent designs, one has to think differently, and that's why it calls New York home because the city challenges it to bring its A game.
It’s taken up this challenge and makes a collection of functional and elegant protective gear premised on simplicity, a drive for quality materials, and an aspiration to make life easier for its customers when they’re on the go; all this at budget-friendly prices.

The BUILT NY One Bottle Wine Tote is ideal for carrying wine to parties or a BYOB (bring your own beverage) restaurant and would make for the perfect gift item.

Whether you're a connoisseur of wines or a person who never drinks alcohol, this bag is a useful accessory for moving your drink from one place to the other. It can keep the temperature of your drink for up to four hours, and it’s way classier than a shopping bag or paper bag. It has many great features that include:
  • Insulation and fit - Can hold one sizeable wine bottle and keep it at the right temperature while protecting it from breaking
  • Durable and good quality material - Made from neoprene that protects the content against spillage, splashes, condensation, and it's stain-resistant
  • Comfortable handles - The handles are soft-grip
  • Colors -This tote is available in 9 different colors and designs
  • Easy to store - Stores flat
  • Lightweight -Weighs 3.8 ounces
  • Great for on-the-go -This product is great for on-the-go, with dimensions of 16 x 5 x 0.5 inches
  • Easy to maintain - Machine-washable; just wash cold and allow to drip dry
The Vetelli Wine Tote Bag is Italian-designed and has a classic beauty that allows it to fit in anywhere you carry it, while providing protection for the content and keeping it at the desired temperature. If you’re looking for a toiletry bag for men that comes with travel bottles, check out the Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag.
Vetelli Leather Wine/Champagne Cooler Tote Carry Bag

Vetelli Wine Tote V111

Though a new company, Vetelli’s founders have years of experience in online marketing. It’s dedicated to finding the best of sources to make their quality, affordable products. When it discovers manufacturers that place a high premium on delivering excellence, it partners with them to add its unique style and top-notch products to the market. It doesn’t believe in quantity, but in quality; that’s why it doesn’t have a huge product catalog.

The Vetelli Wine Tote Bag is Italian-designed and possesses a classic beauty that looks great in any surrounding. The bag is well-insulated to keep the contents at desired temperature and also provides protection when moving your bottle of champagne or wine from one place to the other. It also makes a great gift for the wine connoisseur or for use at special occasions. Its other great features include:
  • Insulated storage partition - this is customizable to your needs
  • Design - the design is prestigious and unique to Vetelli
  • Weight - while not incredibly light, it’s a good comfortable weight at 1.3 pounds
  • Dimensions - the dimensions of this product are 13 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Carriage - you can carry it by hand or over the shoulder with the extra-strong shoulder strap
  • Manufacture - made of high-quality materials; high-quality PU leather that's easier to clean and maintain than top grain leather
  • Shoulder strap - can be adjusted or removed
  • Warranty - lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee
The True Fabrications 2-Bottle Wine Tote is an insulated bag made of waterproof polyester that can hold two wine bottles and plenty of food. It's ideal for picnics and other fun activities. Are you looking for a single bottle wine gift bag? Check out the Revel Paper Single Bottle Jute Wine Bag.
True Fabrications Metropolitan 2-Bottle Wine Tote with 1 Stopper, 2 Acrylic Wine Glasses, 1 Corkscrew & 2 Napkins - Available in 4 Colors

True Fabrications Wine Tote 2428 – Purple and Gray

True Fabrications is a well-known designer and supplier of global beverage accessories. Its products are always of high quality and are reasonably priced. It has an innovative, forward-looking team that develops products. Its designers and customizers are cutting-edge, and its professional sales representatives understand their products; it has one of the finest customer service personnel in the industry. All of its products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The True Fabrications 2-Bottle Wine Tote can hold two wine bottles and plenty of food. It's ideal for picnics, cookouts, and other fun activities. It can also be used to move your wine from one place to the other safely without fear of spills or breakage; it would also make a much-appreciated gift for a wine connoisseur. It has many other great features which include:
  • Material- It's made of waterproof polyester
  • Insulation - Has a compartment that keeps your drink cold for hours
  • Velcro divider - Keeps the bottles from clinking and breaking
  • Weight - While not the lightest tote, it does come at a good weight of 2 pounds
  • Dimensions - This is a good-sized tote with dimensions of 8 x 6 x 18 inches
  • Extra accessories - Help you enjoy your wine on-the-go
  • Handles - Strong and comfortable for easy carriage
Handy Laundry Wine Tote Bag is just right! It has four roomy compartments that can hold four standard sized bottles in an upright position with soft dividers to keep them from banging against each other. If you want an NFL-approved clear tote bag, you can check out the Handy Laundry Clear Tote Bag.
Handy Laundry Wine Tote/Bag with Thick External Padding – Available in 2 Sizes

Handy Laundry Wine Tote 5705 – 4 Bottles

Handy Laundry is known for making attractive products for the everyday person and for companies that desire to make reliable and innovative products available to their customers. It’s now a well-known manufacturer whose products are sold at wholesale and retail prices to its devoted customers. Its products are made in the USA, and its strength lies in its ability to make customized orders that meet consumer demands. This has brought the satisfaction of organized and custom laundry essentials to its customers.

When you have to carry wine to a party, picnic, or any event, using a store bag is definitely not your most stylish option. The Handy Laundry Wine Tote Bag is the thing you need; it has four roomy compartments that can hold four standard-sized bottles with no mess, due to the soft lining and extra padding. It has many more great features which include:
  • Zipper - Long lasting; closes the bag securely
  • Handles - Two strong and long handles that make the bag easy to carry
  • Thick padding - Bottles are kept in place by the padding that secures and keeps them from banging together
  • Material - It’s made of canvas material that can be folded, making storage easy
  • Weight - Surprisingly lightweight, this tote comes in at 6.4 ounces
  • Dimensions - This tote has plenty of room with dimensions of 12.2 x 7.8 x 2.5 inches
  • Gifting - Makes a wonderful gift item

Get the Best Wine Tote of 2018!

Having taken time to study this review, we optimistically hope that you’ve acquired enough knowledge to help you make the right choice. You can now go ahead and shop with confidence, knowing what to look out for to get the best value for your money.

Our Top Choice
Teikis 2 Bottles Wine Tote Bag
Best Value
BUILT NY One Bottle Wine Tote
Vetelli Leather Wine Tote Bag
True Fabrications 2-Bottle Wine Tote
Handy Laundry Wine Tote