Best Wireless Backup Camera Kit Reviews 2022

A backup camera can be a lifesaver when backing out of a driveway or parallel parking in busy traffic. From the many options on the market, we’ve chosen five reputable brands to help you find the backup camera and display that fits your needs - and your budget. These five wireless backup camera kit brands carry a wide array of backup cameras and automobile accessories. If you want some more options, be sure to check out our Backup Cameras review, which will give you a variety of backup cameras to fit a whole host of budgets and needs.
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Night Vision
Power Supply
Our Top Choice
Garmin BC™ 30 Wireless Backup Camera
Garmin is THE industry leader for dedicated navigation devices. Its history is built on dependability and safety for all automobiles.
With an IPX7 water rating and 640x480 resolution, the BC 30 is functional and durable.
It's a great choice for existing Garmin users. It doesn't include a display if you don’t already have a Garmin display device.
640 X 480
Garmin Nuvi Series
Direct/Rear Light
45 ft
Best Value
Esky Car Rear View System
Esky makes electronics for home, travel, and personal use, including a variety of backup cameras for automobiles, RVs, and campers.
The widescreen 16:9 4.3” TFT display features multiple view modes, and the camera is easy to install.
Despite the great display, the resolution is only 480 x 272.
628 x 586
4.3” 16:9
Direct/Rear Light
45 ft
Furrion Vision 2 Wireless Observation System
Furrion was created in 2004 to perfect a wide range of luxury electronics, appliances, and accessories.
The wide-angle lens with the f1.7mm sensor provides a clear picture with vibration resistance.
The Furrion has great features, but it is slightly expensive.
640 X 480
4.2” 4:3
6 LEDs
Direct/Rear Light
100 ft
AUTO VOX Parking Assist System
Auto Vox has nine years of experience in making automobile electronics that create safer, smarter cars.
The mirror display and night vision make this camera powerful in a wide range of conditions.
Although innovative, the mirror has less standard visibility due to the display.
480 X 272
4.3” 16:9
6 LEDs
Direct/Rear Light
CISNO Car Rear View Backup Monitor
Cisno is a worldwide retailer of electronics for audio visual equipment, lighting tools, and automotive accessories.
This camera has a resolution of 628 X 582, and the large screen and remote make backing up easy and safe.
Reviews say that the instructions can be unclear in places.
628 X 582
7” 4:3
7 LEDs
Direct/3.5mm wire
50 ft

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What is the Best Wireless Backup Camera Kit?

We’ve concluded that the best backup camera will increase your safety, provide minimal distraction while not in use, and easily install. Resolution and image quality play large roles as well. You now know what to consider while browsing for a wireless backup camera. Let’s check out our five best picks and find one that best suits you.
Our Top Choice
The Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera is a comprehensive and full-featured system designed to work with your Garmin display. If you’re looking for a package that includes the display, check out the Garmin 7” Display with Camera!

Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera – Compatible with Most Garmin Navigation Systems

Garmin makes products that are “engineered on the inside for life on the outside." Its philosophy includes dedicated devices and wearables for the aviation, automotive, marine, outdoor, and personal fitness industries. From planes and trains to deep sea diving and freeways, Garmin has led the way in navigation, safety, and convenience.

The BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera has a 640x480 display and 1/3.7-type CMOS sensor, with a 115-degree angle vertically and 140-degree angle horizontally. The kit includes a camera, mounting bracket, wireless transmitter with power cable, traffic receiver with power cable, mounting hardware, and documentation. You’ll want to own or purchase a Garmin Nuvi series navigator or display to use the camera. Although Garmin recommends professional installation, most users have been able to easily connect the transmitter and camera to their vehicles' electrical systems. The case is waterproof, and the image transmits up to 45 feet.
Best Value
The Esky Car Rear View System offers a vibrant display and clear image for a fraction of what you would pay at a dealership. Looking for more resolution? Try the Esky EC170 Rear View Camera and LCD!

Esky Car Rear View System - HD Color Rear View Camera with 4.3" Monitor and Wireless Transmitter/Receiver

Esky makes a variety of electronics for home, travel, and personal use - and the perfect intersection meets at its wide selection of rear view backup cameras. As a small company, it is able to manufacture and ship its focused devices at a fraction of the cost and overhead of larger corporations, and it prices its cameras accordingly.

The Esky Car Rear View System has a one-button control camera. Its anti-glare 4.3” color display, capable of NTSC and PAL reception, makes this a beautifully designed backup camera system for anyone on a budget. The widescreen gives a broader field of view, which you can view normally or with guidelines. The monitor has a smart chip that turns on when needed and includes a mounting base that rotates 180 degrees. The camera has a 45’ transmitting range that is perfect for RVs, trucks, and campers and connects to the power source for your lights.
The Vision 2 Wireless Observation System features a mounted infrared camera, high-quality display, and sturdy construction for all weather. Looking for a more affordable alternative? Consider the Universal Backup Camera and Monitor Kit!

Furrion Wireless High-Speed RV Observation and Backup Camera System with Mounting Bracket

Furrion was founded in 2004 for quality and perfection. It has a wide range of electronics designed for luxury homes, automobiles, and personal use, including the Vision 2 Wireless Observation System. The wide-angle lens has a f1.7mm sensor (similar to ones found on smartphones) for a full range of vision while backing. The camera hooks up to the rear light power source and turns on while backing, and the smart CPU conserves power and turns the monitor off when not in use.

The camera comes with an aesthetically pleasing mount that blends in with most bumpers, and features LED lights to help in darkness. The infrared functionality further enhances night vision, and the case is manufactured for demanding climates in extreme hot and cold. The vibration resistance stabilizes natural bumps or uneven surfaces. This camera transmits the image 100 feet, farther than almost any other backup camera on the market.
The Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera Kit with HD Rearview Mirror is an easy-to-install camera system with night vision and convenient mirror placement.. Have a wired camera already? Check out the Auto Vox Wireless Transmitter System!

AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit with HD Rearview Mirror Monitor and IP 68 Waterproof LED Super Night Vision License Plate Rear View Camera

Auto Vox works with major car manufacturers to create some of the most innovative safety electronics worldwide. It has an experienced quality control staff, and a dust-free workshop with advanced temperature control for consistency that’s led to ISO 9001, FCC, CE, and ROHS certification.

The emphasis on quality has led to an innovative design for the Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera Kit. It has a mirror that attaches to your current mirror with rubber straps, and a camera that mounts onto the license plate screws. The easy-to-install system uses the DC power supply from your vehicle to power the display and the rear tail light to power the camera. Six ultra-bright LEDs light up when needed to help when backing at night, and Auto Vox exceeds industry standards with its IP68 waterproofing. With a 100-meter range of acceptance, this license plate camera is a fit for longer vehicles, trucks, and even limousines.
The CISNO 7" TFT LCD Car Rear View Backup Monitor features a large screen for maximum visibility and safety - day or night! Do you have a wired camera you’d like to convert? Check out the Cisno Wireless Kit!

CISNO 7" TFT LCD Car Rear View Backup Monitor And Wireless Reverse Parking Night Vision IR Camera Kit

Cisno is a retailer of automotive accessories, A/V equipment, lighting tools, and cameras worldwide. Its backup cameras come in a variety of configurations, with options for every budget and even converter kits for wired models. The 7” TFT LCD Rear View Backup Monitor is loaded with features, and affordable at $59.98.

The waterproof camera has a quick mount on the license plate screws, with seven LEDs for night-time visibility. The transmitter has a 50-foot range. It plugs into the rear view lights and turns on automatically while backing. The 628 X 582 resolution is high res, which is perfect for the large 7” display. The monitor plugs directly into the DC socket or cigarette lighter and has a 4:3 ratio with two RCA inputs (one for a DVD player and the other for the backup camera). The remote allows you to control the monitor, which can be stood independently or mounted onto the windshield.

How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Backup Camera Kit?

Let’s face it – parking lots are getting more congested, giving us a headache while backing up. We’re usually left picking between a parking accident, or waiting for enough space to clear up. The last thing you want to do is back into a pedestrian! With a wireless backup camera, you can spare yourself from this stress with a clear and precise rear view. You don’t even have to look back!

Imagine damaging your bumper or going back and forth in the same spot. We understand the feeling. It’s exactly what gets on our nerves, especially when you add the embarrassment from wandering onlookers. Luckily, it gets easier with a backup camera – and even better when you complement one with a parking sensor. With these two, you not only save time and money, but your shameful parking days will be over!

Why not save even more time with the latest GPS navigation system to find your way around town. Save yourself from getting pulled over for using you phone behind the wheel. You can also escape the frustrations of having to sit patiently in a traffic jam for hours.
Safety for both you and your passengers is a priority, and therefore, price should be the least of a concern while shopping for a wireless backup camera kit. Luckily, we discovered backup cameras are fairly-priced, so you don’t have to break the bank. You can find one in a price range of $40 to $300.

Just know that the price of a wireless backup camera reflects the superiority of the features you want to enjoy. For instance, you’d have to spend more on a wireless backup camera with LED lights if you want it to work at night. Similarly, you’ll pay more for one with a 100-metres range.

While we found inexpensive wireless backup camera kits on the market, we limited our picks to those with superb features. Get an item that offers you nothing short of excellence in service. That’s why you should pick a costlier one over a cheap one.
The best wireless backup camera kit offers you specific features that improve the safety of your driving. Some of these include:
  • Resolution - We found they offer various resolutions like 640 x 480, 628 x 586, 480x 272, and 628 x 582
  • Night Vision - Some of them have LED lights to boost their functionality at night
  • Range - Depending on your need and type of vehicle, you can choose from the various available ranges of 45ft, 50ft, or 100ft.
  • Installation - Some come with a mount that makes installation easy
  • Monitor - Most backup cameras come with a monitor for easy setup of the system
Construction and Design
Looking back and forward while backing up may be disastrous. You’re bound to bump into another car or a pedestrian when they suddenly disappear behind your car or truck. However, backup cameras are constructed with a monitor that not only gives you a wider view, but also keeps you focused. You can even set up your system to give you the rear view of your choice.

Maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your car is definitely a top priority. That’s why they wireless backup cameras are constructed with a mount for you to easily install. Professional mechanic or not, it’s easy as pie! You’ll be amazed at how most of them blend with your bumper, while the monitor matches your dashboard.
Performance and Ease of Use
Wireless backup cameras come in a variety of transmitting ranges for you to choose from. If you own a truck or an elegant limousine, we recommend you go for one with a range of 100ft to keep your rear vision as precise as possible.

On the same note, you don’t want to miss any objects due to blurred images on your monitor. You can avoid this by going for a wireless backup camera with a resolution that perfectly matches with the size of your display, making your back up safer. It’s always great saving an extra buck on repair expenses.

Do you get scared when darkness falls and you have to drive out of a confined spot? Worry no more! With a backup camera that comes with an LED light, you’ll have enough light to brighten your view as you get out of a packed parking lot.

Get the Best Wireless Backup Camera Kit of 2022!

Hopefully you’ve found a backup camera that fits your vehicle and keeps you safe. Remember that these brands are well-reviewed and trusted in the automotive industry. If you haven’t found a backup camera here that you’re completely sold on, each of these companies makes a variety of other options and alternatives to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Garmin BC™ 30 Wireless Backup Camera
Best Value
Esky Car Rear View System
Furrion Vision 2 Wireless Observation System
AUTO VOX Parking Assist System
CISNO Car Rear View Backup Monitor