Best Wireless Earbud Reviews 2023

Are you looking for the best wireless earbuds for your workout sessions, but don’t know which one to pick? Since the market is flooded with various wireless earbuds, choosing a suitable headphone is even harder, more so if you’re a new shopper. We’ve researched the five best wireless earbud brands on the market, showcasing one product from each, to enable you to make an informed decision. Also, we have TopProducts articles covering the best Bluetooth earbuds and the best earbuds with a mic if you want a little more choice.
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Charge Time
Our Top Choice
Plantronics Backbeat Fit Wireless Earbuds
Plantronics is a leading manufacturer of innovative audio devices geared towards simple and clear communication anywhere, anytime.
Durable & comfortable with a secure fit. Ergonomic, waterproof & elegant. Available in five energizing colors.
Some users’ earbuds stopped working after a few uses.
Behind-the-ear backbeat fit
33 feet
8 hours
Crisp high sounds
2 Hours
Best Value
SENSO ActivBuds Wireless Earbuds
SENSO is a leading manufacturer of various innovative Bluetooth headphones for versatile use while working, listening to music or even working out.
Comfortable with a secure fit. Long battery life. Support Bluetooth connectivity. Crystal clear sound. One-year warranty.
Earbuds can fall out during high impact cardio.
Activbuds in-ear secure fit
30 feet
9 hours
Deep bass & clear sounds
1.5 Hours
Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds
Bose was founded to invent new technologies and design innovative audio products that deliver amazing listening experiences like no other.
Sweat and weather resistant. Deliver balanced sounds. Flexible, offering stability & comfort with a secure fit. Easy to use and attractive.
Quieter sound reproduction than some.
SoundSport in-ear fit
30 feet
6 hours
EQ & StayHear + Tips
2 Hours
Phaiser Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
Founded in 2014, Phaiser is committed to revolutionizing how people work out by designing audio products meant to make the process fun.
Sweat- and water-proof. Extended wireless range. Backed with a lifetime sweat-proof warranty. Delivers quality sound. Built to last.
Earbuds randomly disconnect while in use.
Behind-the-ear over/under ear fit
40 feet
5 hours
HD sound with powerful bass
1.5 Hours
TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
Founded in 2009, TaoTronics is a leading manufacturer of small electronics and accessories such as lighting, audio and pet supplies.
Comfortable & weather-resistant. Sweat-proof, lightweight & fits securely. Support seamless Bluetooth connections. Deliver premium audio quality.
Quality limited by the price point.
Ergonomic over-the-ear hook fit
33 feet
7 hours
Balanced natural sound
2 Hours

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What is the Best Wireless Earbud?

Choose wireless earbuds with a long range if you need to connect to other Bluetooth devices near your headset. Make sure they deliver premium sound and fit snugly in your ears. Now, let’s find out if any of our recommended wireless earbuds are what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Plantronics Backbeat Fit Wireless Earbuds are hands-free wireless sport headphones with a behind-the-ear design for comfortable, distraction-free workouts. If you want more cost-effective wireless earbuds in a different design, opt for the Plantronics Backbeat 100 Wireless Earbuds. They’re built with a noise-reduction technology for clear sounds.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit Behind-the-Ear Wireless Earbuds with On-Ear Controls – Available in 5 Colors

With more than five decades of experience in the industry, Plantronics is driven by the obsession to eliminate communication barriers. Technology has evolved the workforce, with modern workers always on the move. Plantronics ensures they can collaborate, communicate and connect at any time, wherever they are. The company designs innovative audio devices to make this a reality.

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit Wireless Earbuds are designed to empower you while working out or engaging in sports. With the earbuds on, you get to focus on what you’re doing without any distractions or anything else stopping you. The comfortable eartip and superior stability offered by the earbuds in a behind-the-ear design ensure you stay comfortable working out while enjoying the beats to your favorite playlist songs.

Built in a waterproof design with IP57 rating, coupled with nano-coating for sweatproof properties, you can use your earbuds on the trails or roadside. Although you’ll be focused on your workouts and enjoying listening to music, you’ll still be able to hear sounds near you, thanks to the open eartip design. The battery runs for up to eight hours, further empowering your workouts, making you unstoppable!

A subtle voice will let you know if your battery is running out and in just fifteen minutes, you can have your wireless earbuds charged for a workout session of up to an hour. With the on-ear controls, you have no excuse to stop working out. When you start with the Backbeat Fit, your destination is your next stop.

Here are a few other Plantronics wireless earbuds you might like:
  • Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 Wireless Earbuds
  • Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 Wireless Earbuds
  • Plantronics Backbeat FIT SE Wireless Earbuds
If you don’t like the Fuchsia finish, opt for the sport gray, black core, power blue or stealth green finishes for a stylish look.
Best Value
The SENSO ActivBuds Wireless Earbuds are built for prolonged workout sessions that can last up to nine hours. However, if you want wireless earbuds with a microphone at a few dollars less, opt for the Senso Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. They feature advanced HD sound with noise cancelling capabilities.

SENSO ActivBuds Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds with HD Stereo Speakers – Available in 3 Colors

SENSO is continuously designing top notch headphones and changing how these audio devices work. The company is always inventing new technologies that allow it to manufacture headphones and earbuds in sleek designs. It uses premium materials and ergonomic designs to come up with highly functional and appealing wireless earbuds.

The SENSO ActivBuds Wireless Earbuds support Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology to deliver deep bass yet crystal clear sounds. Together with the acoustic components, this means your wireless earbuds will produce amazing sounds of top quality. Built in an ergonomic design, the secure and comfortable buds feature flexible ear hooks made from gel flex silicone to prevent ear fatigue and pain.

With a quick charge of about one and a half hours, the lithium polymer battery powers your earbuds to run for up to nine hours of listening sessions. The 6.0 noise suppression technology keeps you focused on your workouts by canceling all external noise. Backed with a one-year warranty, you can connect your earbuds to Bluetooth devices located up to thirty feet away. The IPX7 waterproof rating makes your earbuds resistant to sweat.

Here are a few other SENSO wireless earbuds to consider:
  • SENSO Stealth Wireless Earbuds
  • SENSO Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
  • SENSO ActiveBuds Bluetooth Wireless EarBuds
Choose the black/gray or black/blue color variations if you want a different color for your wireless earbuds.
The Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds deliver powerful audio with uniquely shaped eartips to completely seal your ears for ultra performance and focused workouts. Do you prefer more advanced wireless earbuds for your workouts? Opt for the Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Earbuds with a built-in heart rate sensor.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds – Available in 4 Colors & w/ or w/o a Charging Case

Bose boasts a highly skilled and passionate workforce comprising engineers, researchers, developers, marketers, retailers and dreamers with a single goal of designing innovative products customers can use on the go. Although the company was founded on scientific research, it has made innovation part of its journey over the last six decades. The company’s focus is designing audio products that can enhance consumers’ daily lives.

The Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds have been designed to power your workouts, ensuring nothing interrupts you. They feature uniquely shaped eartips, covered with soft silicone material for comfort, to seal your ears for enhanced audio performance and focused workout sessions. Enjoy enhanced stability and support offered by the elongated flexible wing. Easily pair your earbuds to Bluetooth devices within range without tangling your workout sessions.

With the hydrophobic coating and hidden acoustic ports, you don’t need to worry about sweat or bad weather damaging your earbuds. Whether you go running on trails, roadside or workout in a gym, your earbuds are weatherproof and sweatproof to enable you exercise without limitations. Install the intuitive app on your smartphone and customize your wireless earbud settings for optimal performance.

You’re guaranteed consistent and well-balanced sounds without distractions, thanks to the volume-optimized EQ feature. Enjoy working out while listening to your favorite songs for up to six hours on a single charge. If you prefer a different kind of finish on your earbuds, opt for the power red, black or aqua color variations and choose an option with or without a charging case.
The Phaiser Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are built in a behind-the-head design with memory foam tips and premium audio quality for short and long distance runs. If you want wireless earbuds in a different universal design, opt for the Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones. They’re available in six color variations.

Phaiser Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with a Magnetic Stereo Microphone – Available in 5 Colors

Phaiser has earned a good reputation over the years and a place in the hearts of its consumers, becoming a recognized headphone brand worldwide. The company integrates innovation, hard work and technology to help athletes, sportsmen and women and those who live active lifestyles realize better workout results. With truly wireless products, high performance, clear sounds and unique and durable designs, you’re given the freedom to work out anywhere at any time.

The Phaiser Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are built with 8mm speakers to deliver precise high density sounds with powerful bass for total entertainment and focus. The bullet-shaped eartips are covered in memory foam for comfort and noise isolation capabilities. With the Liquipel Nano Coating on your earbuds, they’re protected from water and sweat damages, coupled with a sweat-proof lifetime warranty for replacement.

If you want to take a short break from using the earbuds, simply stow them around your neck for easy access when you need to resume your workout sessions. Even during intense workouts, your buds are held in place, thanks to the behind-the-ear design. The memory wire is flexible enough to adjust to the size of your head for a perfect fit and better listening experience.

When a call comes in, your music is paused and the caller’s number read out. Your audio continues playing once the call ends. With a battery life of up to five hours, you’re empowered to run a good distance. And don’t worry about the sweat ever damaging your earbuds as they’re sweat-proof; you’re guaranteed replacement if that ever happens.

The A2DP stereo delivers clear, big bass sounds for optimal enjoyment and listening experience. Made from aviation-grade alloy of aluminum and magnesium, you won’t just be able to use your earbuds anywhere, they’ll last a long time. Easily bring your earbuds with you when traveling or store them safely in the travel pouch included in the package.
The TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are built in an in-ear design with ear hooks to put around your ears for a secure fit when training or working out. Opt for the TaoTronics Magnetic Wireless Earbuds if you want workout earphones you can use with your tablet, smartphone or music players through Bluetooth technology.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Built-in Microphone & in Secure Ear Hooks Design

TaoTronics takes time to understand the needs of consumers to design products that satisfy them. The consumer electronic company has grown over the years, amassing a large base of customers worldwide that look to it for affordable products. It deploys innovations and new technologies to design products aimed at improving consumers’ daily lives while enhancing user experience.

Whether you’re running, doing sit ups, pushups, lifting weights or engaging in squats, the TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are built to stay securely in your ears. The ear hooks fit firmly and you won’t even feel the earbuds as they’re lightweight. The rich, natural, well-balanced and premium audio quality guarantees you consistent workouts, listening to your best music tunes.

Enjoy seamless connections through Bluetooth 4.1 and pair your devices for clear sounds, thanks to the ceramic antenna. With up to seven hours of battery life, you can be sure only you can limit your workout sessions because the earbuds are powered to push you forward to achieve your fitness goals.

Expecting calls? No problem. With the built-in microphone, you can answer your calls hands-free without interrupting your workouts and your music resumes playing once the call ends. The nano-coating ensures no water or sweat gets to your earbuds, meaning you can continue your runs even when it starts raining as you run on a trail. With the twelve months warranty, you can be sure your earbuds are protected from manufacturing faults.

How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Earbud?

Wireless earbuds are built with no cords or cables that can easily tangle. They’re easy to use and convenient. Ranging from high tech and fancy to simple models, wireless earbuds offer superior audio quality for great listening experiences at varying ranges. Also expect a long battery life, noise canceling features, and a rechargeable battery that charges in one to two hours, atop Bluetooth features.

Advanced wireless earbuds take the audio listening experience a notch higher with unique features such as built-in microphones and the capability to speak into the headphone if there’s an incoming call. Despite being a bit costly, these wireless earbuds are of premium quality and can last if properly taken care of. Some headsets come with optional cables, cleaning cloths, Bluetooth accessories and a carrying case.

Whether you’re a music, computer or television lover, you can gain from buying quality wireless earbuds in so many ways. Unlike traditional headphones, you’re empowered and given the freedom to move around or go outdoors. They support long distance listening as the eartips are designed for comfort, atop long battery life. They’re also built in various designs for a secure fit such as in-ear headsets or over-ear wireless earbud design.

With wireless earbuds, you get amazing listening experience with all the noise in the surrounding environment filtered out for high quality audio. Moms can easily get around the house getting chores done, or you can get engrossed in the soap opera you want to watch despite the noisy kids in the same room. Wireless earbuds are also easy to use by both kids and adults; rechargeable batteries are easy to change. So, there’s no need to buy kids headphones separately.

Most wireless earbuds also feature volume, mic or speaker control buttons on the headsets for easy access. Wireless sports headphones are built to enable you to work out, run, jog or engage in any exercise tangle-free without your headset being a hindrance. You can listen to your favorite songs to keep you focused on the trail, roadside or gym. Lightweight and compact, simply press a button to receive a call without stopping your exercises or whatever it is you’re doing.
Wireless earbuds are priced based on their designs, brands, style and the features they come with. Whereas simple designs are affordable, those with advanced features cost more. For instance, wireless earbuds with Bluetooth capability, built-in microphones and rechargeable batteries cost more than their counterparts without those features.

The quality of sound and comfort of wireless earbuds can also influence their prices. Cheap wireless earbuds can be tempting to buy because of their low prices, but these cannot last you long. Create a budget to work with and buy headphones suited for your intended area of application that meet your personal needs.

If you’re a sports person, an athlete or just love working out to keeping fit, opt for premium wireless earbuds for unmatched listening experiences. You’ll find prices in the range of $10 to $500 – or even more for top end kit.
Available with many features, wireless earbuds are not all the same. Whereas some are simple in design, others feature built-in microphones and heart rate sensors. They should also fit securely on your ears to prevent their falling out. Make sure you know what to look for in wireless earbuds before paying for any.

Here are the important features to look for in wireless earbuds:
  • Comfortable design for prolonged use
  • Open or closed design such as in-ear or over-the-ear fit
  • Strong materials for durable use
  • Premium sound quality for enhanced listening experience
  • Range such as 10meters, 100meters, etc.
  • Long battery life and short charging times
  • Secure fit to prevent falls
With the right wireless earbuds, you can exercise for hours while listening to music or embark on the trail.
Construction and Design
Consider the following factors in the construction and design of wireless earbuds:

Comfort – Buy ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable wireless earbuds with a secure fit for uninterrupted workouts. Look out for stabilizing and flexible designs for added comfort. Ear hooks ensure the earbuds fit firmly on your ears without falling off.

Open/Closed Design – Decide whether you want in-ear or over-ear designs for your wireless earbuds. Compare the benefits and cons of these two before opting for one.

Durability – The materials used to make wireless earbuds should be strong, durable and sturdy for optimal functionality.

Sound Quality – This is a personal judgement, but look for the audio features you prefer – bass-heavy, balanced or high – to suit the music you listen to. Also, noise cancelling features help you shut out the world around you for a clearer listening experience.

Range – Wireless earbuds have Bluetooth ranges from as low as two meters to one hundred meters. Choose a range suitable for your intended use. The higher the range, the better – even for closer listening, as it indicates a stronger signal.

Battery and Smart Control – If you want to use your wireless earbuds for workouts or while running, opt for those with long battery lives of up to ten hours or more. Make sure your wireless earbuds have smart control (such as the ability to answer calls hands-free) for uninterrupted workout sessions or whatever else you were doing.
Performance and Ease of Use
Wireless earbuds are built for easy setup and use. Buy earbuds with a setup manual or user guide for easy installation. Wipe it clean as part of its maintenance to ensure it lasts a long time. Your earbuds should also be comfortable and built for a secure fit to ensure they don’t come off while training. Make sure the audio quality delivered is clear for an amazing listening experience.

The more you can do with wireless earbuds, the better. Your earbuds should be versatile, durable, flexible and of top quality. Above all, ensure the material used isn’t just aesthetic, but also functional for lightweight use. The importance of a good battery life goes without saying as you can be focused for longer.

Get the Best Wireless Earbud of 2023!

Whether you’re looking for wireless earbuds for yourself, kids or simply to give your friend as a gift, there’re some out there for you. We hope the guide helped you find the right ones. If not, rest assured these top brands are reliable and make many other excellent options.

Our Top Choice
Plantronics Backbeat Fit Wireless Earbuds
Best Value
SENSO ActivBuds Wireless Earbuds
Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds
Phaiser Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds