Best Wireless Hard Drive Reviews 2023

Traditional hard drives can be burdensome, what with the wires that one has to contend with just to transfer a few files. The wireless hard drive is here to solve that problem. With its wireless (of course) WiFi or Bluetooth connection, one can totally eliminate the use of wires. We sure don’t expect you to immediately jump into the market and get just any wireless hard drive out of the hordes that exist, however. This is why we’ve rounded up what we consider to be the five best wireless hard drive brands, with a product from each.
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Battery Life
Our Top Choice
Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage
Seagate is one of the leading providers of storage solutions, helping people and businesses to create, share, and store their most important memories and data.
Allows you to synchronize your Dropbox and Google Drive Folders to your Wireless Plus. Access to the files and documents on your Cloud without an internet connection.
The battery doesn’t last so long.
Connects up to 7 devices
10 hours
1TB; 2TB; 500GB
Wi-Fi; USB
Best Value
Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro
Western Digital, established in 1970, promises to help you maximize your technological devices to the best of their ability through the provision of storage solutions.
Connect up to three different devices to the hardware. Simultaneously send documents from the different devices to the hardware. Does its job without lagging.
The installation instructions might be a bit tricky.
SD card reader/power bank
10 hours
1TB; 2TB; 3TB; 4TB
Wi-Fi; USB
Apple AirPort Time Capsule
Apple, an American multinational technology company, is one of the biggest names in the design, development, and sale of electronics, computer software, and online services.
Requires only a one-time setup to get it started. Backs up all your documents and media files automatically. 802.11 ac router. Super-fast Wi-Fi base station.
The only downside to this is that it tends to overheat with usage.
6 antennae/802.11ac connection
Info not provided
2TB; 3TB
Ethernet; Wi-Fi
Built-in power supply
Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Hard Drive
Toshiba Corporation leads the field in the technological space. It offers a wide range of products and services for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
Comes with an Internet Pass-Through Mode feature. Allows you to back up your files and browse the internet at the same time. Won’t obstruct your internet connection.
It might be a bit difficult to set up.
Built-in SD card reader
5 hours
1 TB
RAVPower FileHub Plus Hard Travel Router
Founded in the year 2011, RAVPower is a relatively new company that has grown to contend among solution providers for power charging and storage around the world.
Quite easy to carry about. Not bulky. Can fit in practically anywhere. Can also serve as a power pack. View videos, listen to songs, and look at photos.
The software is not exactly up to par.
SD card USB reader/power bank
Info not provided
No internal memory
Wi-Fi; USB

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What is the Best Wireless Hard Drive?

You can’t just sit there with all this information you’ve got on buying the right wireless hard drive. Run along and get yours! After you’ve read our reviews of the top five wireless hard drives, that is.
Our Top Choice
The Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive with Built-in WiFi allows you to navigate and enjoy the media library on your different devices including your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Windows, Macintosh, and Android devices with its app. If you’re short on cash and don’t have so much to back up anyway, you could opt for the Seagate Wireless Plus 1 Terabyte Portable Hard Drive with Built-in Wi-Fi.

Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive with Built-in WiFi – Available in 3 Capacity Sizes

The Seagate Company offers to protect your digital life; documents, photos, videos, books, whatever. It has an outstanding range of backup devices that are sure to receive as much information as you’re willing to feed them. Its backup devices include both desktop drives and sleek portable drives. Protect your fondest memories and most important documents with the Rescue Data Recovery Plan that Seagate offers. Seagate also has something for the gamers in its Seagate Game Drive that boosts your console’s storage and accelerates its speed. Seagate promises reliability and performance for every one of its product you purchase.

The Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage is that extra space you need to store all your beautiful memories and important documents. It generates an internal Wi-Fi network that allows you access to all your saved content on-the-go, without having the cumbersomeness of wires.

With the free Seagate Media app, it’s possible for you to navigate through your backed-up content on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Windows, and Android devices. All you need to do is download the Seagate Media app on your mobile and connect it to your hardware, and boom—you’re browsing your media library right there on your mobile.

Using the Wireless Plus as your Wi-Fi core, you can share one internet connection with as many as 7 different devices; tablets, smartphones, and personal computers. So, if you’d rather not buy different internet connections for your different devices, you could just let your Wireless Plus double as a router.

This device doesn’t only allow you access to the content you’ve put in it; it also allows you access to your Cloud. How? Synchronizing your Dropbox and Google Drive folders to your Seagate Wireless Plus gives you automatic access to your Cloud and this is not even the most beautiful part. The most beautiful part is that you get to do this with or without an internet connection. Yeah, we know—awesome!

It can stream about 3 different High Definition movies to 3 different devices at the same time. Thankfully, it can also connect to your televisions and Airplays.

You can look up some of Seagate’s other wireless hardware such as:
  • Seagate Wireless Plus 1 Terabyte Portable Hard Drive with Built-in Wi-Fi for people with more on their minds but less in their pockets
The Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage comes with 1 lithium battery and is chargeable.
Best Value
With a power capacity of 6,400mAh, the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro Portable External Hard Drive will do its work of backing up your precious files and still serve as a power bank for when your mobile device runs out of power. If you need more space than 1 terabyte has to offer, look to the WD 4TB My Passport Wireless Pro Portable External Hard Drive for help.

Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro Portable External Hard Drive – Available in Multiple Capacities

Western Digital, established in 1970, is a computer data storage company that promises to help you maximize your technology. It promises to help you live your life to the fullest by taking care of your most precious memories, thereby giving you that sense of security. High quality and innovation are the watchwords this American-based company and all its employees live by. This is made evident in its superb products and excellent customer service. It provides storage solutions in different forms including hard disk drives (internal, external, portable, or desktop), Network Attached Storage, Personal Cloud Storage, and some other forms.

The Western Digital My Passport Pro has the wireless 802.11ac technology. The is an improvement on the older 802.11n. It delivers speed ranging from 433 Mbps (megabits per second) to several gigabits per second. For those who don’t understand all the jargons, the numbers 802.11ac and 802.11n are wireless network standards. All you need to know is that with the 802.11ac technology, you get a faster (up to a dozen times faster than the older 802.11n) and quiet (no interference from neighboring Wi-Fi) internet connection. This is what My Passport Pro provides.

With a battery life of 10 hours and a milliampere-hour of 6,400, this device can comfortably serve its original purpose of backing up your data and also take up the daunting task of a power pack. It can charge your mobile devices and yet not stop backing up your data. This helps you travel light since you practically have a one-stop device in your hand.

It also has a provision for USB transfers, especially for those of your friends who are anti-change and anti-modernization. You could just humor them and allow them to do the normal USB transfer. It’s USB 3.0, so it promises to be fast. My Passport Pro could also serve as a Wi-Fi base, allowing you to connect more than one device to a single internet connection; it allows you to connect 3 different devices, all at the same time.

For those interested in pictures professionally or semi-professionally, listen up. This hard drive allows you to offload your pictures directly from your DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera to your hard drive, provided your camera is compatible. You could also pull out your memory card and slot it into your hard drive and offload your pictures that way. The hard drive comes with an S.D 3.0 card reader.
The 802.11 ac router makes the Apple AirPort Time Capsule function as a super-fast Wi-Fi base station, allowing you access to information on your Mac computers, personal computers, and other Wi-Fi devices, at breath-taking speed. Apple’s other wireless device, the Apple Time Capsule 2TB, is a good choice if you don’t need all the space 3 Terabytes give; plus, it’s more affordable.

Apple AirPort Time Capsule – Available in 2 Capacities

Apple, an American multinational company, is currently one of the biggest things in the design, development, and sale of electronics, computer software, and online services. It’s well-known for its hardware products, not excluding the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portable media player, and the Apple Watch smart watch. It also provides software such as the Mac OS and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media player, and the Safari web browser. It is not left out of the online services as it also frontloads its iTunes Store, iOS AppStore, iCloud, Mac App Store, and Apple music. This brand has a lot going for it!

The AirPort Time Capsule serves as a super-fast Wi-Fi base station. Connect it to your single internet connection and then connect your device; this can be your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple television. It allows you to browse the internet as speedily as possible using just one internet connection.

It has a simultaneous dual band. That is, it is capable of transmitting two different frequency ranges: 2.4GHZ (Gigahertz) and 5GHZ. This is pretty normal for a modern Wi-Fi network. However, what is beautiful about this hard drive is that it will automatically connect to the best available frequency to give you the best performance possible, irrespective of the band your device uses.

On the issue of backing up your data, you only have to set up the connection between your device and the hard drive once. Thenceforth, it automatically backs up all your new files and the changes you make on existing files. It eliminates the stress of repeating the connection process every other time. For Mac OS X (Operating System), the AirPort Time Capsule works with the Time machine on the Mac Operating System to automatically and, of course wirelessly, back up your files and even your apps and OS X settings.

The AirPort Time Capsule allows you to connect your printer and print your documents directly. It comes with Gigabit Ethernet ports, if you would rather do a wired transaction. It’s fast as well, so there is no problem with that. The ports are also what you will connect your printer to.

Space is not a problem with this hard drive because aside from the fact that it comes with 3- and 2-Terabyte memory space, the AirPort Time Capsule condenses backed-up images as they get older. You don’t lose your images nor run out of space.
The Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless Hard Drive can serve as a Wi-Fi base and allow you to connect up to 6 different devices simultaneously through its internal Wi-Fi connection. It does this even without an internet connection. There’s this other beautiful thing by Toshiba that’s sure to catch your fancy: the Toshiba Canvio Slim 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive, which is slim, sleek, and light.

Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless Hard Drive

Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese company based in the city of Tokyo, Japan. It provides various products and services in the areas of information and communication technology, electronics and semi-conductors, power, industrial and social infrastructure, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, office equipment, and the list goes on! It was founded in 1939 through the merger of Shibaura Seisaku-Sho and Tokyo Denki and has, since then, dedicated itself to the production of frontline products and services. Its slogan, “leading innovation” recognizes and is in agreement with the obvious giant strides the Toshiba Corporation has made, not just in Japan, but all over the world.

The Toshiba Canvio AeroCast is compatible with practically any device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices. Macs and Personal Computers with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and Mac Operating System 10.6.1 are not left out.

It has an interesting feature called the Internet Pass-Through Mode. What this does is it allows you to connect your device to the wireless hard drive for the backup of your files and still connect that same device to the internet. This feature makes sure that whatever you’re doing with/on your hard drive does not obstruct your separate internet connection. So, your device—that is your phone, tablet, or system—can multitask comfortably.

Using its Google Cast Ready app, you can show the pictures, listen to the songs, and stream the videos stored in the Canvio AeroCast on a High Definition television. Instead of a remote control now, you control the happenings on your television with your smartphone or tablet via a Chrome Cast Media Streaming device that’s sold separately. Go ahead and feel like a tech-savvy boss even if you aren’t.

You can connect up to six different devices to this hard drive at the same time via its own internal Wi-Fi connection; you don’t need an internet connection to do whatever you want to do. Attached to it is an SD card slot. You could decide to leave your stuff on your SD card, but use the Canvio AeroCast as a host for when you want to print or cast your documents or media library. It works too.

Toshiba also has:
  • The Toshiba Canvio Slim 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive that is both beauty and brains; it does its job and looks chic while doing it
It supports different file formats as well: Doc, JPG, GIF, MP4, M4V, and PDF.
The RAVPower FileHub Plus Wireless Travel Router enables you to conveniently view your photos, play your songs, and stream your videos stored on the hard drive via your phone or similar device. If you would like a hard drive in the form of a thumb drive instead for added convenience and portability, take a look at the RAVPower Flash Drive with Charging Support.

RAVPower FileHub Plus Wireless Travel Router

RAVPower is a self-acclaimed one-stop power charging solution provider. Founded in 2011, this company is relatively new and has grown to contend among the world’s leading providers of power charging and data backup devices. Reliability, affordability, and value are three concepts that guide the manufacture of every RAVPower product. It provides a wide range of portable chargers from the external battery packs with high capacity to multiport USB chargers that will go with you anywhere. All RAVPower products come with an 18-month “worry-free” warranty. It promises peace of mind when you purchase from RAVPower.

The RAVPower FileHub Plus can be connected to about 5 different devices and these devices can access its content, all at the same time. This device will allow connections from anywhere in your home or office.

You don’t just store your files and then it’s bye-bye. Once you’re connected, you can easily view your files—photos, music, movies, books, etc.—from your smartphone, tablet, or system. You could also use the FileHub Plus as a medium. If you want to share different files to more than one device, you can even save time by connecting all the devices to the FileHub. It then serves as the unifying ground for you to send the files to the different devices at the same time.

Not only do you connect several devices to the FileHub Plus so that all the devices can access the drive’s content; you also do that so that all the devices can share a single internet connection. Via the Bridge Mode, you are saved the hassle of getting different Wi-Fi adapters for your different devices. Connect your FileHub Plus to the internet connection and it serves as a bridge, extending that one connection to your different devices.

Further, this device weighs practically nothing, making it easy to slip in your pocket or backpack and go just about anywhere. This is good news because aside from all the above-mentioned things this hard drive can do, it also serves as a power pack. It has a 6000mAh battery that will make it perform its original functions and still charge your mobile device. Your travel load has just been lightened.

How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Hard Drive?

Every day we make beautiful memories; in the form of pictures of loved ones, songs that just speak to us, or movies that make us cry. There are a lot of “everydays” in our lives which logically translate into a truckload of pictures, songs, videos, and even documents. It becomes absolutely important to find a means of holding onto every one of these memories. Most turn to their mobiles, tablets, or laptops; but then they create another problem—clutter. Anyway, there is a better solution.

Presenting the wireless hard drive; unlike the traditional hard drive, the wireless hard drive is a convenient, clutter-free way to store and retrieve your fondest memories and important documents. The drive allows you to connect and transfer to and then retrieve from it without using wires. All you need to do is connect to it via a WiFi connection or Bluetooth.

The beauty of the wireless hard drive is that most of them serve more than the original purpose of backing up files. They could serve as wireless routers, allowing you to share one internet connection with several devices. Some could yet serve as power banks, allowing you to charge your mobiles when you run out of battery. A few others allow you to stream different things (videos, photos, songs) on different devices. Whatever wireless hard drive you decide to go for, be sure you’re getting the value of at least two different devices for the price of one.

We can’t just let you make your choice uninformed; we care too much about you. So, we’ve drafted out a few things you need to consider before picking yourself a wireless hard drive. Keep going!
Wireless hard drives could be as cheap as $30 or as expensive as $300, and there are many reasons for this. For some, it could be as simple as brand confidence, for others it could be the diversity of the functions of the drive, and yet for some it could be quality. The latter is the reason we’ve not included some of the cheap wireless hard drives we came across in the course of our research.
Here are some features for you to bear in mind while making your choice of wireless hard drive:
  • Size
  • Connection
  • Memory space
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Added features
Construction and Design
When it comes to choosing your wireless hard drive you might think it’ll be very confusing to figure out what the most important things are to consider. Well, that’s where we come in! We’ve whittled it down to three important things to take notice of; memory space, connection and speed. Let’s look at these some more…

Memory Space

That you intend to buy a hard drive suggests that you need space to store your stuff. So, considering the memory space of the drive you want to buy is a foremost issue. There are wireless hard drives with different memory capacities ranging from gigabytes to terabytes. Your choice of a wireless hard drive should be primarily based on how much “property” you have. If your “everyday” happens hourly or you intend buying a central hard drive for the whole family, you should be tilting towards the terabytes. If you’re buying for personal use or you have fewer “everydays” you can pick whichever.


With a wireless hard drive, connection is made via WiFi or Bluetooth. So, be careful to choose a drive that has a relatively strong WiFi or Bluetooth connection; after all, that is the essence of going wireless in the first place. If you have issues with connecting via either of these means, the purpose of the wireless hard drive is defeated and you could have as well gotten the traditional wired one. You should also try to get one that allows for the connection of multiple devices, especially if you’re buying it for your home or office. You don’t want a drive that will crash once a second device tries to connect to it.


Another thing you should seriously consider is speed. Backing up your files shouldn’t take a lifetime—after all, it didn’t take you a lifetime to create the files. Granted, the initial backup will not be snappy because it’s the first time and there is a lot to back up, but it shouldn’t be snail-paced either.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of your wireless hard drive can be measured by its power as well as any extra features they might have. How easy it is to use will depend on its size and portability. Let’s see why these things are so important.


One of the reasons we did away with wires is because they are quite cumbersome. So, bear that in mind and don’t bring back the same problem by going for a drive that’s bulky and weighty. You want to be able to carry it around and have it at the ready for when you need to transfer some files. If you don’t want to get something small to relieve yourself of stress, do it because the world is getting smaller. Don’t draw yourself back with a wireless hard drive the size of your system.


Another thing to look out for is the power; how long does it last? Is it sympathetic to multiple devices connected to it or will it rundown at the appearance of a second device? A drive that will die on you before it’s able to completely back up your files will frustrate the living daylights out of you. Most of the wireless hard drives are rechargeable, but you might not always be around a power source. In fact, there are some wireless hard drives that have gone beyond catering for themselves in terms of power; they now cater for others. That is, they serve as power banks, allowing you to charge your mobile.

Added Features

It’s usual for a wireless hard drive to perform more than its obvious functions, and you should look out for some of those. If the hard drive also doubles as a router, be sure that it’s compatible, first, with your different devices. If it’s compatible with the 802.11ac technology, it will do you a world of good because it is faster than its predecessor, 802.11n. That your hard drive is wireless does not mean it should be “portless” too. You will need the port if you want to print anything directly from the drive.

Get the Best Wireless Hard Drive of 2023!

We’re glad you read to the end. Feel free to visit us again when you feel like a buy; you know we’ve got your back. Be sure to browse the navigation links we’ve included to get more information on our top five brands and their other products.

Our Top Choice
Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage
Best Value
Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro
Apple AirPort Time Capsule
Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Hard Drive
RAVPower FileHub Plus Hard Travel Router