Best Wireless Microphone System Reviews 2022

Wireless microphones come in various sizes, shapes, and applications. These systems have been around for quite some time, but the quality and reliability is what distinguishes one brand from the rest. There are quite enough models out there worth looking at, but we’ve made your work easier by narrowing down to five of the best wireless microphone system brands with proven track record in the entertainment industry. Let’s look at what we found!
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Our Top Choice
Shure Handheld Microphone System
Whether you are a musician, lecturer, videographer, audio engineer, broadcaster, or a simple music lover, Shure products are innovative enough to meet and exceed your expectations.
One-touch QuickScan frequency selection. Produces crystal-clear audio. Incorporates cardioid dynamic mic capsules.
Made of low-quality plastic material
Handheld microphone
19.3 x 16.4 x 3.5” / 5 lbs.
About 300 feet
Up to 14 hours
Best Value
GTD Audio 2x100 Channel Wireless Mic
With their products sold throughout the world, GTD Audio ensures that they provide high-quality audio equipment to their clients at competitive prices.
100 selectable frequencies on every channel. Adequate frequency range. Dual channel receiver. Automatic transmitter setup.
Battery drains fairly quickly
Handheld microphone
19 x 4 x 1” / 5.3 lbs.
Up to 600 feet
Up to 12 hours
Sennheiser Wireless Microphone System
Sennheiser uses high-quality materials, exemplary workmanship, and technical innovations to manufacture products that take sound to new heights.
Excellent mic capsules. Sync function to enjoy a one-touch set up. Sturdy metal housing. Illuminated graphic display
Slightly more expensive than others, due to its features.
Handheld microphone
8.3 x 8 x 1.7” / 2.4 lbs.
Up to 490 feet
Up to 10 hours
Audio-Technica Wireless Mic System
Audio-Technica provides high-quality microphones that have always been chosen for sensitive government installations like the House of Representatives and the Senate.
9 pre-arranged frequency scan groups. 3-position sliding cover prevents accidental shut-offs. True Diversity operation reduces dropouts. Ground-lift switch eliminates audible hum.
More handling noise
Handheld, body pack, headworn
15 x 13.2 x 3.8” / 5.5 lbs.
300 feet
Up to 8 hours
Rockville Dual Headset Mic System
The Rockville brand is highly regarded for quality, innovation, and value. Their rigorous quality control standards ensure that the products are tested at every stage to guarantee top notch quality.
Dual filter design that limits feedback and interference. Durable composite construction
Doesn’t have good range. Shorts out really fast.
14.5 x 11 x 2.5” /1 lbs.
100-200 feet
Up to 8 hours

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What is the Best Wireless Microphone System?

If you’re looking to project your voice on-stage with complete freedom to roam around, have a look at these wireless microphone systems we’ve got. They come with a wide range of capabilities and audio quality that meet the requirements of an arena rock vocalist or a corporate speaker. A good quality wireless microphone system should give the same or even better sound quality as a wired system. Now that you know what to look for in a wireless microphone system, it’s time to dive into our individual reviews and grab a model that suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Shure Handheld Microphone System comes with a one-touch QuickScan frequency selection option on its receiver to help you easily locate the best available frequency. Want to save some bucks by getting a system with just one microphone and different features? Go for the Shure Wireless Microphones that come with a transmission frequency of up to 200 feet and 2 AA batteries that give you up to 8 hours of continuous play time.

Shure Wireless Vocal Combo with PG58 Handheld Microphones - Available in 6 Frequency Options

Founded in 1925 by S.N. Shure, the Shure brand began by selling kits to radio builders. The company started to manufacture microphones in the 1930s when the factory-manufactured radios became available. Shure entered into a contract with the U.S government in the 1940s to design customized microphones for ships, military tanks, and aircraft. And, to meet military specs the company had to adopt meticulous manufacturing and testing procedures. These procedures are still maintained today, making Shure products renowned for their dependability and ruggedness.

The Shure Handheld Microphone System comes with professional-quality sound, an intuitive interface, and simple setup to give you legendary performance straight from the box. The set includes 2 PG58 handheld vocal microphones with excellent audio clarity, perfect for speaking and singing applications. The XLR and 1/4 –inch production connectors are onboard to ensure you easily incorporate this wireless microphone system into any setup. With a one-touch QuickScan feature on the receiver, locating the clearest channel to work in is automatic and simple.

Other features that come with this microphone include:
  • Transmission of up to 300 feet
  • Simple on/off push-button switch
  • Two-color battery status indicator
  • 2 AA batteries that provide continuous use of up to 14 hours
  • Adjustable grain control
  • -10 dB gain attenuation
  • Up to 12 reconcilable systems per frequency band
  • Comes with 2 microphone clips
  • Channel and group selection knobs on the transmitter provides easy and quick frequency matching
  • LED display
If you are interested in getting this microphone, you will be happy to know that it comes in 6 different frequency options, so choose according to your needs.
Best Value
The GTD Audio 2x100 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone provides 100 selectable frequencies per channel with the ability to use up to 30 units simultaneously. Want to spend less by going for a VHF design instead? Check out the GTD Audio VHF Wireless Microphone System that comes with 4 Hand held mics and provide a range of up to 230 feet.

GTD Audio 200 Channel UHF Professional Wireless Microphone System

GTD Audio has been designing, manufacturing and selling audio products worldwide since 1990. Their products range from high performance power mixers, microphones, PA sound systems, and mixers.

The GTD Audio 2x100 UHF Wireless Microphone delivers high-quality sound and features. It comes with 200 selectable channels, making it an excellent product for various professional applications. You can place it near speakers without the fear of distortion or feedback interference. With two different XLR cables and the balanced outputs, you can have each handheld microphone allocated to an individual channel of your mixer. This way, you will be able to control the effects, volume, and tone of each microphone separately.

Here are more features that come with the GTD Audio 2x100 UHF Wireless Microphone:
  • Up to 600 feet range
  • Automatic tone lock squelch
  • Uses AA batteries with a battery life of up to 12 hours
  • Two XLR outputs and a single ¼ " Mixed output
  • Distinct volume control per channel
  • 100 selectable frequencies per channel with the ability to simultaneously use up to 30 units
  • Backlit LCD display shows channel frequency, AF level, RF level, and mute status
  • Automatic frequency scanning helps to set and find the best working channel
  • Dual channel receiver allows both microphones to be used simultaneously
  • Automatic transmitter setup, the transmitter channel and the receiver can easily be synchronized
With excellent mic capsules, the Sennheiser Wireless Microphone System produces great vocals that cut-through the mix while still maintaining a smooth, warm, and full sound. Want to spend less by getting a simple handheld wireless microphone system? Get the Sennheiser Handheld Wireless Microphone that is fully tunable with various UHF frequencies and offers up to 12 simultaneous channels.

Sennheiser Wireless Vocal System with Dynamic Supercardioid Handheld Mic, Available in 3 Styles and 3 Frequency Options

Sennheiser combines technical innovations and client feedback to create products that take sound to a whole new level. The company uses flawless workmanship, top quality materials, and advanced technology to create products such as headphones, wireless microphones and systems, music recording equipment, computer game hardware, computer headsets, wired cell phone headsets, PC game headsets, and recording In-Ear Audio Monitors.

The Sennheiser Wireless Microphone System comes with one 500 G3 rack-mount receiver, a SKM 500-945 G3 handheld transmitter, one microphone clip, two antennas, three rack mounts, and two AA batteries.

The EM 500 G3 line receiver provides the most excellent features and performance that this system has to offer. The high number of presets per frequency bank makes the setting up of various wireless systems a breeze. With a large graph display, you are able to get a great deal of extra information at a glance. And, the one-touch sync function allows you to automatically link the G3 transmitter with the receiver. Lastly this receiver comes with a switching power supply that is ideal for rental companies or touring actors who need a system that can easily be powered from various sources.

The 500-945 G3 handheld transmitter has high RF transmission power to provide that extra-reliable reception. More impressive is the e945 super-cardioid capsule that is highly feedback-resistant and reproduces prominent vocals, with a smooth response. With stage-proven technology coupled with German-engineered components, this transmitter is bound to give you unforgettable performances.

Here are more impressive features of the Sennheiser Wireless Microphone System:
  • Optional rechargeable AA batteries
  • Strong metal housing for both the receiver and transmitter
  • Ethernet port for seamless connection to the Wireless Systems Manager
  • High quality and true diversity reception
  • Automatic scan feature helps search for available frequencies
  • Amplified AF frequency range
  • Increased audio sensitivity range
  • User-friendly menu with more control options
  • 42 MHz bandwidth with 1680tunable UHF frequencies to provide interference-free reception
  • Improved frequency bank system offering up to 32 reconcilable frequencies
If this is your kind of wireless microphone system, you will be happy to know that it comes in 3 different styles and 3 frequency options to choose from.
The Audio-Technica Wireless Mic System comes with operating frequency of between 482.000 MHz and 507.000 MHz and 9 pre-arranged frequency scan groups to simplify the selection of working frequencies. Want a simple system with just a microphone and receiver? Check out the Audio-Technica System Wireless Handheld Microphone System that also comes with a Quiet-Flex(TM) stand clamp.

Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless MicSystem – Multiple Styles Available

Established in 1962, Audio-Technica has been designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing problem-solving audio equipment across the world. The company was initially recognized for its state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges but has now expanded to produce high performance headphones, wireless systems, mixers, and several other audio devices for home and commercial applications.

Audio-Technica has won several awards as a leader manufacturer of products that set quality, performance, and durability at affordable prices. Their wireless microphones systems are perfect for live sound tours, corporate and government facilities, broadcast and recording studios, house-of-worship centers, and much more. Major broadcast events like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame celebrations and the Grammy awards have also embraced their wireless systems.

Audio-Technica’s third-generation 3000 Series wireless systems offer up to 1001 selectable UHF frequencies and new features for clear sound & intuitive operation. The frequency selection for usable frequencies has been simplified with this system to increase reliability. The illuminated transmitter screens ensure clear reads on dark backgrounds. The design is focused on the luxury of rock-solid and richly detailed high-fidelity sound system.

The versatile UniPak® transmitter comes with a secure 4-pin locking connector which is compatible with several types of microphones and guitar cables. The 3-position sliding cover that encloses the transmitter’s control panel ensures that there’s no accidental channel switching or shut-off. Additionally, the newly designed battery compartment offers a better latch and robust design.

Here are more features of the Audio-Technica Wireless Mic System:
  • The 3000 Series comes with a dynamic or condenser hand-held transmitter made in a slim ergonomic design and a rugged metal construction.
  • The system offers three frequency bands to accommodate different TV channels.
  • Antenna power designed for powered antenna and in-line RF gadgets.
  • 9 pre-coordinated frequency scan groups make the selection of usable frequencies simple within a multichannel wireless system.
  • The true diversity operation minimizes dropouts.
  • Advanced digital Tone Lock™ helps to effectively squelch and block stray RF and communicate the transmitter data to the receiver display.
  • The transmitters give backlit LCD and double-color LED display.
  • Ground-lift switch eliminates audible hum arising from the ground loops.
  • The Artist Series ATM710 cardioid condenser element in the transmitter enhances sound quality.
This system comes with 10 different styles to choose from. You can opt for a body pack system, or a condenser handheld system, among others.
The Rockville VHF Wireless Dual Headset Microphone Mic System is a unidirectional, high-sensitivity microphone with a dual filter design. Looking for a handheld wireless microphone system instead? Check out the Rockville VHF Wireless Single HandHeld Microphone Mic System that also offers an operation range of 100-200 feet and comes with a transmitter and 1 handheld microphone.

Rockville VHF Wireless Dual Headset Microphone Mic System with 2 Headphone Microphones and Transmitter

Rockville is proud to provide clients with the absolute value for their money. The company is a culmination of several years of development that involves a team of dreamers, designers, and engineers. Conceived and developed in the US, Rockville produces high-quality gear for professional audio, home theater, and car stereo. The company goes out of its way and spares nothing to manufacture the highest quality products.

The Rockville VHF Wireless Dual-Headset Microphone System is a high performance VHF wireless microphone system that comes with a transmitter and two headset microphones. It is a high-sensitivity, unidirectional cardioid microphone that work with a wireless VHF network. The mic system features a dual filter design that limits feedback and interference.

Here are more features of the Rockville VHF Wireless Dual-Headset Microphone System:
  • The transmitter automatically links to the receiver to make your work easier.
  • It features a durable composite mic construction to offer an extended service.
  • The comfortable ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.
  • The wide operating Range of 100-200 feet (indoor) and 65-165 feet (outdoor) offers more flexibility.
  • The system has a Frequency Range of 80MHz-12000MHz and a Dynamic Range of 110dB. S/N: 90dB.

How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Microphone System?

A wireless microphone system operates by connecting microphone units to a wireless transmitter/receiver through a radio frequency or a digital signal. This allows performers or presenters to eliminate those pesky cables, giving them more freedom and convenience to move around the stage without having to deal with wire entanglement. Now, receivers/transmitters are designed with different shapes and sizes. Some models connect through a 3.5mm jack to connect the sound coming from the mic to the headphones/speakers while others sit on a desk or platform and link to the speaker system via an audio cable.

Picture watching a theater performance with multiple actors having strings of wires running from the audio mixer to their individual microphones fixed across their faces. Apart from the obvious awkward look, the actors will be entangled with the strings of wires and limited to minimal movements throughout the show. To solve the challenges, nowadays every entertainment theater seems to get rid of wires and visible mics.

Having a wireless microphone is quite beneficial for stage performances of every kind and other activities like corporate seminars and karaoke parties. There are plenty of options to choose from when shopping for a wireless microphone system. So, the best option is determined more by your individual needs and preferences.

Microphones also differ in design, the most common design being the dynamic handheld unit, but you can find lavaliers and headsets as well. The type of receiver/transmitter you choose will depend on your intended application.

However, it’s good to note that if you’re looking for the best performing microphones like condenser microphones, you may have to go for the wired models. But if your application requires that you completely go wireless, we’ve got some fabulous options you can choose from. Consider models that come with a set of microphones to avoid the temptation to purchase cheaper microphones with lots of drawbacks.

With that appreciation, let’s go through the features to look for when shopping for a wireless microphone system, and then you can dive straight to our top picks.
There’s a wide price range when it comes to wireless microphone systems. It all depends on your specific applications. Some models can go for as low as $30 for low-level applications like seminars and karaoke. However, for top-of-the-line, professional applications, you should be ready to spend up to $1,000 or more. So, how much are you willing to cough out? The more you spend, the better sound quality and longer lasting microphone set you’ll get. Let’s be real here! Very cheap wireless microphone systems are just not good. We’ve heard lots of negative reviews for models that cost below $30. It’s better to spend a little more and invest in functional wireless mic systems that will serve you for many years to come.
When shopping for a wireless microphone system, there are lots of considerations to make. Here are just a few tidbits to keep in mind to ensure that the wireless mic system you get will live up to your expectations:
  • The number of mics – Depending on your intended use, it’s good to consider models that come with more than one microphone unit to save you costs, especially if you’re going to use multiple speakers/performers. For some applications with a single presenter, a single unit microphone and a transmitter will suffice.
  • Your intended use – Do you have more than one speaker in the seminar or you’ll have several singers or performers on the stage? The intended use is important when choosing a wireless microphone system. This will help you determine the required power, wireless range, and much more.
  • Where you’re going to use the wireless microphone – Check how far you’ll be from the receiver. Are there objects or people in between? These parameters will help you determine the strength of the receiver you require. But if you’re not sure, go with the middle range.
  • Type – There are various types of wireless microphone systems to choose from. The common types include headsets, handheld, and lavaliers. Each type is applicable and convenient for varied uses.
  • Number of Antennas – The more the number of antennas on your transmitter, the better the diversity. The number of antennas determines the signal strength while the diversity chooses between the strongest antennas hence minimizing dropouts.
  • Analog vs. digital – Analog systems use airwaves to transmit the sound signal while digital systems convert the audio signal into a digital signal at the transmitter to eliminate or minimize interference. Analog systems with high-end designs are said to offer better audio quality but can be susceptible to interference since they use airwaves. However, for signal stability, digital wireless mic systems offer better performance.
Construction and Design
Wireless microphone systems are not made equal, and we can’t say with certainty that one model is the best since it all boils down to your needs and budget. Let’s now look at the design features that make one model stand out from the rest within a budget category. We look at the wireless range, frequency response, and the receiver/transmitter components as some of the critical features that influence audio quality.

Frequency Range

Consider which frequency you want your system to support. Some models support VHF(very high frequency) that operates within the 174 to 216MHz range while others support UHF (ultra high frequency) that range between 470 to 805MHz. VHF is the lowest-quality frequency range that rivals the radio stations. UHF, on the other hand, offers much better quality with minimal crowding for better operation. UHF also allows for higher transmitter power and offers a better range than VHF. However, you can still opt for digital systems for minimal signal interference, though it lacks some high power frequencies.

Wireless Mic System Components

All wireless mic systems consist of a receiver and a transmitter. A transmitter works to convert audio signals from the microphone into a radio signal. The radio signal is then sent to the receiver that converts it back to an audio signal which is sent to the mixer system.

Now, there are different types of transmitters. The handheld microphone transmitter has the transmitter incorporated in the handle, so both functions are performed within a single unit. Some manufacturers design separate transmitter units that are plugged into an XLR connector of a dynamic microphone, which makes microphone options quite plentiful in the field of wireless mic systems.

Bodypack transmitters clip onto the performer’s clothing or guitar straps. You can also use them with a head-worn vocal mic, a lavalier, or with a clip-on and a plug-in instrument microphone. Lavalier vocal mics are common for capturing conversations in film, TV productions, and other public speaking settings. However, headset vocal mics offer better consistency and high-quality sound pickup during highly active performances. They come with a headband for ease of positioning.
Performance and Ease of Use
Relying on a wireless audio transmission system can sometimes be scary due to possibilities of sound drop-outs. It’s never a nice experience, but it occurs from time to time. Living with such mishaps will depend on what you’re doing with the wireless mic system. If you’re running a show in your local bar or garage, it will be pretty much acceptable. But if you’re handling a huge venue and your profession depends on it, you might want to do better.

Frequency Agility (FA)

This refers to wireless systems that have numerous frequency paths that you can select from. Whichever direction you face, one frequency can work better than others and offer signals free of interference from any competing frequencies from other wireless gadgets. This feature allows for use of multiple wireless systems simultaneously. For instance, if more than one performer is using a wireless mic system, you will need a variety of frequencies.

Automatic Frequency Selection

This feature provides a better way to utilize frequency agility. The system automatically selects between frequencies whenever you make resets. Some high-end models offer automatic frequency setup of the entire wireless system.


The display may not seem as important as the other technical features, but it plays an important role when setting up and monitoring the wireless system. The display keeps you informed of the status of the mic system and should be highly legible and properly lit. It should display the signal strength, show the channel being used, and indicate the battery level warning. Note that most models have the battery status display on the transmitter, but others have it on the receiver as well.

Get the Best Wireless Microphone System of 2022!

Mostly applied in live sound applications, wireless microphone systems allow performers or presenters to freely move about the stage without being restricted by the microphone cable. These systems can be a necessity, especially if you’re conducting a theater performance and you need every actor to have a hidden microphone on their bodies. There are lots of considerations to make while buying a wireless microphone system, and we’ve done our level best to cover them in this guide. Hopefully, we helped you find the best wireless microphone system to transform your live sound experience. Feel free to sample other alternatives from these same brands.

Our Top Choice
Shure Handheld Microphone System
Best Value
GTD Audio 2x100 Channel Wireless Mic
Sennheiser Wireless Microphone System
Audio-Technica Wireless Mic System
Rockville Dual Headset Mic System