Best Wireless Speaker Reviews 2022

Can you imagine how great it would be to arrive home, press a single button on your smartphone and be instantly surrounded by your favorite music? Wireless speakers do exactly that! We examined a multitude of portable speakers from various manufacturers and we selected the 5 best wireless speaker that produce high-quality sounds, look exquisite and feature many connection options!
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Our Top Choice
Bose Wave® SoundTouch® Music System IV – Wireless Speaker
Excellent wireless speaker that offers many connection options. Comes with a remote.
Gorgeous, simplistic design. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Color options available. CD/DVD player. AM/FM radio
A little bit on the pricey side, but comes with tons of features.
Best Value
JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker – Waterproof Wireless Speaker
Exceptional all-purpose wireless speaker. Compact and lightweight. Good value for money.
Waterproof. Bluetooth portable speaker, Comes in many colors. 3000mAh rechargeable battery. Crystal-clear sound reproduction.
Isolated complaints about reliability, however this product comes with warranty.
Sonos PLAY:5 Wi-Fi Wireless Speaker - Black or White
Outstanding sound quality. Plenty of features. Attractive, elegant design. Streams music from multiple sources.
Wi-Fi connectivity. Compatible with smartphone, tablet and laptop. 3.5mm audio line-in. Exquisite design. Lightweight. Free Sonos app for single control.
No Bluetooth connectivity but full wifi with great range. Isolated complaints about smartphone app compatibility. Make sure your music apps are updated.
Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 - High-End Bluetooth Speaker
xquisite all-purpose Bluetooth-based wireless speaker. Reasonably priced and fabulous sound reproduction.
Bluetooth connectivity. 100Watts power output. Elegant, minimalistic design. 3.5mm and RCA analog audio inputs.
Lack of color options – but black is always a classic.
Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Excellent wireless speaker that can be used with decorative purposes. Top-notch sound quality.
Attractive design. Natural, true-to-life sound. Bluetooth connectivity. High-quality materials. Variety of color options. Interchangeable covers.
Isolated complaints about reliability, however this product comes with warranty.

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What is the Best Wireless Speaker?

Today's wireless speakers are quite sophisticated and this is a good thing because you get much more for your money. It was quite difficult to make up our mind on 5 great wireless speakers, but we did it anyway! Here are some of the best and most visually pleasing portable speakers money can buy in 2016.
Our Top Choice
The Bose Wave® SoundTouch® Music System IV gives you access to online music services, features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and comes with 2 color options. If your budget is lower, then the Bose SoundLink® Bluetooth® speaker III might be more suitable for you.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV with AM/FM radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CD/DVD player, Prime music

The Bose Wave® SoundTouch® amazed us with its multitude of features as well as connection options. This product is specially designed for modern, active people who want to enjoy their favorite music while working from home, exercising or preparing meals. Here is an overview of what you get from this professional audio equipment:
  • You can play your favorite CDs/DVDs using this wireless speaker. Just place the audio CD in your Bose speaker and hit the play button!
  • This portable audio device can play AM/FM radio. When you are tired of internet music, switch to AM/FM radio and listen to the news channel.
  • Your Bose speaker is protected by warranty. The warranty will cover for defective components or deterioration. In the U.S. you get 1 year warranty. In the E.U. you get 2 years.
Construction and Design
Bose is a prestigious audio equipment manufacturer that creates an entire line of wireless audio speakers. Their products feature top-quality sound and have an attractive, elegant design. We have chosen the Wave® SoundTouch® speaker from Bose because it packs so many connection options and it even comes with its own remote! If you are willing to invest a little bit more on a quality item, this is the one you should go for.
  • This wireless speaker from Bose comes in 2 color options. You can have it either in silver or black, depending upon your preference.
  • The design of the speaker is elegant and futuristic. This cordless speaker will look good whether you place it in the kitchen, living room or even your patio. It is the perfect acoustic companion and although you can control it you’re your smartphone, a remote is also included in the package.
  • This wireless speaker features a generous LCD display. The display lights will automatically dim during the night to ensure you sleep more comfortably.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bose is a byword for exquisite audio quality and if you choose any wireless speaker from their line, you will get outstanding acoustic performance. The Wave® SoundTouch® cordless speaker accurately reproduces sounds in all frequencies.
  • Enjoy a surrounding, room-filling sound. Although this single unit wireless speaker is compact, it has a decent power output and it will fill the room with your favorite music regardless of the music genre you are playing.
  • This speaker features fast Wi-Fi connectivity. You can stream music directly from the internet and control your speaker using your smartphone.
  • You also get Bluetooth connectivity. This will come in handy if you don’t have a wireless router in your house. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to remotely connect all your devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) to your Bose wireless speaker with little to no effort.
  • During our research, we stumbled upon a couple of comments from people who complained about the high price tag. Although this audio device is more expensive than other cordless speakers, think about the fact that you are trading money for quality and you get a top-notch wireless speaker that will drastically improve your sound experience!
Best Value
The JBL Flip 3 is an all-purpose, waterproof portable speaker that can ensure up to 10 hours of continuous music playback and comes in many color options. If you want more acoustic power, go for its bigger brother, the mighty JBL Xtreme!

JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with speakerphone, 3000mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

JBL Flip 3 is a gorgeous wireless speaker that comes with a lot of features which will be useful for you in the long run. For example, the speaker has a place where you can attach a lanyard for easy carrying. It can also be placed horizontally or vertically on a flat surface, depending upon your preferences. Let's find out some of the features of this speaker:
  • The magnificent JBL Flip 3 comes with a speakerphone. This basically gives you the possibility to take calls and speak with your friends without having your phone in your hand. The sound quality is crystal-clear and the speaker has a built-in noise cancelation feature.
  • The speaker has a 3.5mm audio line-in. You can enjoy private listening thanks to this feature. Your JBL wireless speaker comes with USB connectivity as well.
  • The speaker is completely waterproof. This means that you can take it with you in the bathroom and listen to your favorite tunes without worrying that splashes of water might damage it. This speaker can be placed near the pool as well.
Construction and Design
JBL is well known for making top-quality audio equipment and the superb Flip 3 is not an exception. The experts at JBL have created an entire line of exquisite wireless speakers and we have chosen this model because it affordable and packed with useful features.
  • The JBL Flip 3 is compact and lightweight. You can carry this speaker anywhere with you, even in the middle of the nature, as it is powered by a rechargeable battery that offers up to 10 hours of continuous music playback.
  • This cordless speaker comes in many color options. You can select from up to 8 colors including black, purple, red, green, blue and yellow.
Performance and Ease of Use
Although the Flip 3 is chosen as the budget wireless speaker on our list, it still offers great sound quality and can easily play out loud any music genre you prefer. The technology behind this wireless speaker is very advanced, allowing accurate music reproduction without distortion or hissing.
  • Enjoy crystal-clear sounds wherever you are! The JBL bass radiator makes low-frequency sounds very clear and sharp.
  • This speaker comes with Bluetooth technology. You are capable of connecting up to 3 different devices to your JBL wireless speaker such as your smartphone, tablet and laptop, all at the same time.
  • Although the JBL Flip 3 is a great cordless speaker and it has been received well by the general public, there are still a couple of customers who complained about reliability. Keep in mind that this device comes with warranty, so in the case yours becomes defective, you can get it replaced or repaired by the manufacturer.
It is important to mention here that JBL always make high-quality products, so there are actually very little chances that you will buy a defective JBL wireless speaker.
The Sonos PLAY:5 uses your Wi-Fi network to stream crystal-clear, true-to-life music and sound effects! It also features a fabulous design and comes in either black or white colors. If your budget is lower, go for its little brother, the surprisingly powerful Sonos PLAY:1!

Sonos PLAY:5 Wi-Fi wireless speaker with 3.5mm audio line-in, Streams Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora and more.

The Sonos PLAY:5 wireless speaker comes with a multitude of great features and it is currently one of the most appreciated wireless speaker on the market. It is made from a high-quality material that is scratch-resistant and humidity-resistant, so you can place the speaker anywhere in your house without worrying that you will damage it. Some other great features include:
  • This is a truly lightweight and portable speaker. It weighs only 14 pounds and you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • It can be set up very easily. By just pressing a couple of buttons, you can correctly set up your Sonos speaker and enjoy your favorite music as soon as you take it out of the box.
  • Sonos controller apps are available for free on App Store and Google Play. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can download the Sonos apps for free and use them to control your wireless speaker.
Construction and Design
During our research, we stumbled upon this gem from Sonos and we simply couldn’t ignore it. Sonos is a brand that makes high-quality audio equipment with thousands of good reviews on Amazon. The PLAY:5 is a wireless speaker that uses your Wi-Fi network to surround you in crystal-clear, pure music all the times!
  • This speaker features a minimalistic, elegant design. The buttons are discreetly located on top of the speaker and can be easily accessed.
  • You can have your Sonos speaker in either black or white. Regardless of your color choice, the Sonos PLAY:5 looks absolutely amazing from any angle because it is crafted with upmost attention to details.
  • You get a 3.5mm audio line-in as well. This facilitates private listening. The 3.5mm port is located on the back side of your speaker, near the AC power input.
Performance and Ease of Use
This wireless speaker from Sonos is specially designed for quality sound reproduction. It features 6 custom-built drivers that have their own amplifiers for an exquisite audio experience. Regardless of what type of music you play, your sound experience will always be an immersive and thrilling one!
  • This speaker features Wi-Fi connectivity. Connect your Sonos wireless speaker to the internet and stream your favorite online music in the blink of an eye. Wi-Fi connectivity also ensures that the music keeps playing if you turn off the phone.
  • Enjoy powerful, deep bass. Accurate reproduction of sounds in the low-frequency range is one of the greatest advantages of the PLAY:5 wireless speaker. This device also features mid-woofers which allow crystal-clear playback of vocals.
  • You can control your music and streaming services from a single app. This wireless speaker is compatible with multiple streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and others. You can play your favorite music by using just a single application on your smartphone.
  • While we were reviewing this speaker, we found a couple of complaints from customers who had troubles connecting their Sonos audio device to the internet. Make sure your wireless router works fine and that it has a powerful signal. You can also call for support as Sonos is known for providing exceptional customer service to its clients.
The Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 Bluetooth Wireless speaker packs serious acoustic power in a compact, lightweight and elegant design. In a similar fashion, the Cambridge Audio G2 Wireless Speaker is less expensive and it can even charge your phone!

Bluetone 100 Wireless Speaker by Cambridge Audio w/ Bluetooth connectivity, Class D amplifier and 3.5mm audio input

The Bluetone 100 from Cambridge Audio won our hearts in an instant! This highly-advanced audio equipment is compatible with a plethora of music apps and streaming services, allowing you to play any song you like whether it is stored on your phone or online. Here are more great features of this speaker:
  • The Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 Bluetooth speaker weighs only 9 pounds. This device is very practical, so feel free to take it with you wherever you go.
  • The set up process is very simple. Just turn your speaker on, connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and that's it! It literally takes several seconds to set up this wireless speaker.
  • You get a 3.5mm audio line-in for private listening. You also get an RCA connector which basically links your wireless speaker to a CD player or turntable to play your favorite tunes.
Construction and Design
Cambridge Audio is a popular brand that specializes in wireless speakers. They have created an entire line of high-quality, purposely-built cordless speakers that pack a lot of features and are reasonably priced. For this review, we have chosen the elegant Bluetone 100. This device can accurately reproduce sounds in all frequency ranges and delivers an authentic, groovy bass.
  • The Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 features a spectacular design. This speaker fits well wherever you place it. It has a minimalistic layout and comes in a beautiful dark, metallic finish.
  • The buttons are easily reachable. You can control the volume and several other functions using the buttons that are discreetly and conveniently placed on top of the speaker.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 has been purposely-built to play your favorite music as loud as possible without compromising the sound quality. It packs technologies like Digital Signal Processing which basically helps to reproduce sounds as close to the original source as possible.
  • The audio quality of the Bluetone 100 is fabulous! Sound technologies like the Balanced Mode Radiator will ensure that you hear a crystal-clear, unaltered and deep bass each time you play your preferred songs.
  • This speaker features fast Bluetooth connectivity. Connect your devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop and listen to your favorite music wherever you are in your house.
  • You get a powerful 100W amplifier. Although this wireless speaker is compact in size, it packs a serious acoustic punch and features a total power output of 100W.
  • While we gathered information about this magnificent product, we stumbled upon a customer who complained that the bass is too powerful for his taste. You can reduce the bass intensity by pressing a button on the back side of your Bluetone 100 wireless speaker. For other problems, the Cambridge Audio customer service is available 24/7 and they can help you find solutions to any of your issues.
The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 is a lightweight, super-attractive wireless speaker that delivers upmost sound quality. If you prefer a complete surround sound system then the BeoPlay S8 2.1 Sound System might be more suitable for your needs.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 Flexible Wireless Home Speaker w/ Interchangeable Speaker Covers

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 is a teeny-tiny wireless speaker, but packs a serious acoustic punch and it can even improve interior design! You might also be happy to know that the BeoPlay S3 comes with a dedicated smartphone app that makes controlling this audio equipment a breeze! Here are other interesting and useful features of this wireless speaker:
  • It features a rigid polymer construction that eliminates sound resonance. This allows you to enjoy the highest sound quality without distortion or hissing.
  • The speaker features 2 separate amplifiers. The Class D amplifiers enrich the quality of the sound and ensure accurate, true-to-source acoustic reproduction.
  • The buttons are conveniently placed on top of the speaker. They are discrete and allow you to control the basic functions of the speaker such as the volume.
Construction and Design
Bang & Olufsen doesn't need any introduction as this company is a worldwide leader when it comes to audio equipment. They create a line of stunning, visually-pleasing and very powerful wireless speakers that will improve your sound experience. We liked the BeoPlay S3 because it is definitely a thing of beauty!
  • This wireless speaker is practical and minimalistic. The speaker itself weighs less than 5 pounds which makes carrying a piece of cake. Its compact and lightweight design allows you to place it anywhere in your house, even on your kitchen countertops if you like.
  • The BeoPlay S3 cordless speaker comes in many color options. Not only that you can choose from colors such as black, white, light green or pink, but the speaker covers are interchangeable as well.
Performance and Ease of Use
Although the BeoPlay S3 from Bang & Olufsen is a teeny-tiny device, it is capable of outstanding sound reproduction and it has a decent power output. The engineers behind this wireless speaker have continuously fine tuned and improved the S3 to be as good as it can possible be!
  • This cordless speaker fills your room with crystal-clear, natural sound. You will enjoy an even richer sound experience if you pair it with another S3 speaker for a stereo effect.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Feel free to connect your S3 speaker to any Bluetooth-compatible device and stream your favorite music for as long as you like.
  • During our research on the exquisite BeoPlay S3, we found a couple of reviews from past customers who complained about defective components. With that being said, we know that Bang & Olufsen is a prestigious brand that builds every speaker with upmost attention to details. The BeoPlay S3 comes with warranty which will cover for any component malfunction, so don’t hesitate to contact the customer support service for professional guidance.

How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Speaker?

If you want to enjoy better sound quality each time you stream your favorite media, you have several options at your disposal. For example, you can go for a complete surround sound system, a sound bar system or cordless, single-unit speakers. Get a surround sound system if you have a large house and you want your music to come from every corner of the room. If this is your preference, then our review of the top 5 surround sound speaker systems will help you make the best decision. Another option, especially if you don’t have a lot of space, is to get a sound bar system. Sound bars are compact, and let you put a lot of accent on aesthetics and make it possible to immerse yourself in a crystal-clear acoustic experience. Our review on the top 5 surround sound bar systems is highly-detailed and gives you several excellent options to choose from.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more practical, compact and portable option, then a wireless speaker that comes in a single unit may be more suitable for you. We have chosen 5 great brands, in a variety of prices so there is something for every budget. The price range for our recommended cordless speakers starts at under $100, and tops out at about $600 for a higher end model. Even if your budget is lower, you will find in this review some decent, affordable wireless speakers that provide good sound quality and look fabulous, so we've got you covered.

You might be happy to know that wireless speakers can offer many advantages, besides being portable and easy to move around. For example, they can be set up easily as there are no wires to connect. Some wireless speakers can also take calls and act as high-quality speakerphones. Lastly, some wireless speakers are waterproof, so you can listen to your favorite tunes even in the bathroom. Bottom line is that if you want to enjoy better sound quality, but you don’t necessarily require a complete 5.1 surround sound systems, then wireless speakers might be exactly what you need!

By the way, if you want to enhance your acoustic experience and listen to your favorite tunes without bothering other members of your family then one of the high-quality wireless headphones in our review might be a great choice.
Single-unit wireless speakers are usually less expensive than an entire 5.1 surround sound system and their cost is influenced by various factors. Before shopping for such products, make sure you set a budget right from the start and assess your needs. Are you interested in wireless speakers that have a high power output? Is the speaker design more important for you? Would you be able to pay more for a higher-end product that offers multiple features?

Once you get an answer to those questions you will be able to make a better decision when shopping for cordless speakers. Here are a few factors that influence the price of wireless speakers.
  • Sound Quality. In most cases, this is a subjective topic, but if you buy from a prestigious brand such as Bang & Olufsen, you will definitely get the highest sound quality. Some portable speakers also come with a built-in amplifier which means a higher power output.
  • Design. A portable speaker can be a thing of beauty! Some of them are specially crafted to be aesthetically pleasing and easily integrated within the layout of your bedroom or living room. Although more attractive wireless speakers are more expensive, in most cases the extra cash is well-spent.
  • Connectivity Options. Wireless speakers can connect to your smartphone in various ways: Some use Bluetooth, some use the Wi-Fi network, some use both. Higher-end cordless speakers might be more expensive, but they offer both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity which makes them more practical.
You might be pleased to find out that wireless speakers can have multiple useful features such the ability to play AM/FM radio. These speakers might cost a little bit more, but they worth every penny! Here are a few popular features included in modern wireless speakers.
  • 3.5mm audio line-in. Sometimes you might want to enjoy private music listening and the 3.5mm audio line-in is perfect for this job. You can connect your headphones and play your tunes out loud without bothering others.
  • CD/DVD player. Not all wireless speakers have this feature, but it can be very helpful. You basically get the chance to play out loud any audio CD or DVD you might have by just pressing a button on your smartphone. Isn't that convenient?
  • 1 or 2 years warranty. Today's wireless speakers come with a warranty that protects your investment if the speakers' components get deteriorated in the long run.
Construction and Design
Wireless speakers are usually made from elegant materials; they are lightweight and come in several color options. Thanks to the fact that these audio devices are modern and eye-catching, most people use them for decorative purposes as well.
  • Wireless speakers are compact and attractive. Despite their reduced size, good quality wireless speakers can still produce a high quality sound and accurately reproduce sound effects in low, mid and high ranges. They might come in different colors such as black, silver, grey, white and even red and blue.
  • Cordless speakers can also be splashproof. This makes them more practical and popular as well as more reliable. There also some that go beyond being water resistant and are fully waterproof. If you know that you will listen to your favorite songs while having a shower, or want to take it outdoors without having to worry about a sudden downpour, then get a waterproof wireless speaker!
  • Portable speakers might even come with a remote. Although you can control your wireless speaker using your smartphone, it is good to have a remote too. It will come in handy when your phone is powered off.
We do want to note that during our research we did check out some lower priced models, however we found that cheap wireless speakers tend to provide lower quality sound, and are not constructed as well. For people on a budget, we chose affordable models that are worth the investment.
Performance and Ease of Use
Today's wireless speakers are designed to reproduce soundtracks and tunes from all musical genres. You will enjoy a deep bass, crystal-clear treble and clear vocals. The performance features vary depending on the model you choose, but if you go with any of the 5 wireless speakers that made our shortlist you will make a good decision.
  • Wireless speakers can have an output of 100 watts. These speakers are perfect whether you are listening to music by yourself or throwing a party in your living room!
  • Certain speakers incorporate both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. We selected cordless speakers that are either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based; or incorporate them both.
  • Wireless speakers can be made from materials that eliminate sound resonance. Some speakers incorporate high-quality materials that are purposely crafted to minimize or eliminate sound resonance, hissing and white noise. This allows you to enjoy crystal-clear sounds regardless of the music you are playing.

Get the Best Wireless Speaker of 2022!

Each and every one of those wireless speakers are worth every penny. Buy one for yourself and let your favorite tunes sound out loud!

Our Top Choice
Bose Wave® SoundTouch® Music System IV – Wireless Speaker
Best Value
JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker – Waterproof Wireless Speaker
Sonos PLAY:5 Wi-Fi Wireless Speaker - Black or White
Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 - High-End Bluetooth Speaker
Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker