Best Women’s Active Underwear Reviews 2023

The market is flooded with lots of women’s active underwear. Picking the best can be a tall order even for the most experienced shoppers. To help you with this task, we’ve done a thorough research on some amazing women’s active panties and came up with a list of the best women’s active underwear brands in the market. We’ve gone further to present the selected products in a mix of type and price. We hope that you’ll find each of the selected products worthy of your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Balanced Tech Women's Seamless Thongs
Balanced Tech Corp. specializes in manufacturing sports-inspired clothing. It focuses on both men’s and women’s active wear.
Made of nylon, elastane, and polyester fabric. They’re comfortable and durable. Available in a pack of 3.
These women’s active panties are likely to roll.
Thong Panties
4 Sizes
92% Nylon & 8% Elastane
16 Colors
Best Value
New Balance Women’s NB Breathe Thong
The New Balance brand has continued to grow in popularity because of its innovative and fashionable athletics clothing.
4-way stretch fabric ensures a perfect fit and freedom to move. Come with fused edges that conceal panty lines perfectly. Available in 7 sizes.
This women’s active panty doesn’t come in an economy pack.
Thong Panty
7 Sizes
83% Nylon & 17% Spandex
8 Colors
Single Piece
ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini
The history of the ExOfficio brand dates back to 1986. Since then the company has grown to become an undisputed leader manufacturing innovative and trendy casual wear.
Available in various sizes and suitable for rigorous activities. It’s also easy to wash and dry.
Shows panty lines under tight jeans or leggings.
Hipkini Panty
5 Sizes
93% Nylon & 7% Lycra Spandex
11 Colors
Single Piece
Puma Women’s Sport Hipster Underwear
Puma is a globally renowned brand that specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of sporting accessories.
Made from a 65% nylon and 35% spandex fabric. They don’t show panty lines.
These women’s sports panties tend to slide during rigorous activities.
Hipster Panty
4 Sizes
65% nylon & 35% spandex
Assorted Darks
Adidas Climacool Cheekster Underwear
Adidas still remains a force to reckon with in the sports industry. The company uses a multi-brand strategy in order to reach a wider range of consumers.
Comes with flatlock seams and tag-less label. It’s available in 6 sizes and 15 colors.
This women’s active panty is not available in an economy pack.
Cheekster Panty
6 Sizes
80% Polyester & 20% Spandex
15 Colors
Single Piece

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What is the Best Women’s Active Underwear?

Armed with secrets on how to pick some of the best women’s active underwear, let’s examine the salient features of the selected products in our review. As you go through the highlights of each featured women’s active panties, see how they match with the qualities you’re looking for. Our prayer is that by the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll come across an option that’ll tickle your fancy.
Our Top Choice
The Balanced Tech Women's Seamless Active Thong Underwear are stretchable and reinforced for added comfort and durability. If you’re looking for active bikini panties, we highly recommend the Balanced Tech Women's Seamless Bikini Panties. They come in a pack of 3 and are available in 13 color variations.

Balanced Tech Women's Seamless Active Panties, 3 Pack – Available in 16 Colors and 4 Sizes

The Balanced Tech brand has won the hearts of many consumers because of its bold and trendy active wear. The company designs products that focus on the comfort of consumers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re engaged in a rigorous activity or taking a lazy stroll over the weekend, Balanced Tech clothing is designed to help you feel at ease. Besides its women’s active panties, it also has sports bras, Capri pants, men’s lounge pants, and sweatpants.

The Balanced Tech Women's Seamless Active Thong Underwear are highly breathable and specially designed to keep moisture from your body. They also come with an anti-odor property that helps you remain fresh for longer. These active thong undies retail at a pocket-friendly price and are sure to serve you for a long time.

Here are more features of these seamless thong panties:
  • Come with four-way stretch mechanism that conforms to the body shape
  • Seamless design that minimizes panty line visibility
  • Uses quick dry technology for fast sweat drying
  • The machine-washable fabric makes them easy to care for and maintain
This assortment of colors doesn’t suit you? Don’t panic - Balanced Tech has these active panties in 16 color variations.
Best Value
The New Balance Breathe Active Thong Underwear boasts a 83% nylon and 17% spandex mesh fabric that’s premium, breathable, ultra-light, and wicks moisture quickly. Looking for a women’s active hipster panty? Get the New Balance Women’s Breathe Hipster Panty. It’s specially designed for superior comfort and comes in an ultra-lightweight design.

New Balance Women’s Breathe Active Thong Panty – Available in 8 Colors and 7 Sizes

New Balance has been in operation for more than 100 years. Over the years, the company has grown in leaps and bounds because of its keen focus on new technology and futuristic product designs. The company embraces innovation and relies on its highly-trained professionals to develop exceptionally functional products that improve the performance of athletes. Its products are designed to suit consumers’ gender and age. They include sports footwear and clothing.

The New Balance Breathe Active Thong Underwear comes in an ultra-lightweight design for unmatched athletic comfort. It’s specially designed to wick sweat from your body rapidly. This not only dries your skin, but also helps cool your body and keep you comfortable for long periods especially when undertaking rigorous training.

Below are other features of this women’s active underwear:
  • Its edges and seams are fused for an exceptional fit
  • It’s designed for invisible panty lines
  • Specially built to reduce chafing
  • Extremely smooth on skin
  • Its fabric comes in a high-quality breathable mesh
Not quite sure this is the right color for you? Feel free to choose from the available eight colors of this New Balance Breathe active thong underwear.
The ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini is a comfortable, breathable women’s sports undie made of 93% nylon & 7% lycra spandex diamond-weave fabric. If you prefer a bikini brief, then the ExOfficio Women's Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Bikini Brief would be your best bet. It has eight color variations and its seams are done using the low rise and flat-lock technique.

ExOfficio Women's Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Active Underwear – Available in 11 Colors and 5 Sizes

For more than 25 years, ExOfficio has been at the forefront of releasing innovative designs to the clothing industry. Its products are designed with the end-user in mind. This has seen the brand continue to sustain a huge market share in the casual wear industry. Some of its products include gender-focused pants, jackets, and undergarments.

The fabric used to make the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini has a diamond-weave mesh design that allows free airflow for effective body cooling. Also, its waistband is made of a smooth material that prevents chafing. This women’s active panty is cost-efficient and is sure to give you value for your money.

Moreover, these features make this hipkini a great pick:
  • Has antimicrobial properties that wade off foul smell
  • Designed to wick moisture from your body for dry and comfortable skin
  • Comes in a beautiful hip-hugging design
  • Its fabric is highly durable
This active panty isn’t the right size and color for you? No worries. ExOfficio has this women’s active underwear in 5 sizes and 11 colors to choose from.
These Puma Women’s Laser Cut Sport Hipster Underwear are soft, moisture-wicking, and specially designed for an easy fit. Looking for basic hipster panty design? Get the Puma Ladies 2 Pair Basic Hipsters. These active undies have a waistband and are made of super comfortable fabric.

Puma Women’s Laser Cut Active Hipster Panty 3-Pack – Available in 4 Sizes

The Puma brand hit the market for the very first time in 1948. The company is famed for its contribution in developing soccer boots for post-war Germany and eventually the whole world. Over the years, the company has grown to provide a whole range of improved sporting equipment. These range from track suits to motorsport-themed footwear.

The Puma Women’s Laser Cut Sport Hipster Underwear are made of soft and durable fabric. The pack contains three panties of dark colors: black, blue, and purple. These women’s active panties are designed to wick moisture from your skin, thus keeping you dry and comfortable when exercising. They’re also designed with a smooth fabric for utmost comfort.

Do you like the Puma Women’s Laser Cut Sport Hipster Underwear but would love to wear it with a matching top? Here’s something we found:
  • Puma Womens Seamless Sports Bra with Removable Cups, Racerback Design for Extra Mobility - available in 3 colors and 4 sizes
The Adidas Women's Climacool Cheekster Underwear comes in a 80% polyester and 20% spandex fabric for excellent breathability and performance. Looking for thong-style active undies? Then the Adidas Women's Climacool Thong Underwear is your best bet. It’s available in six sizes and thirteen colors.

Adidas Women's Active Cheekster Underwear with Breathable, Ultra-soft & Lightweight Micro Mesh – Available in 15 Colors and 6 Sizes

Adidas is recognized worldwide for its quality sports equipment. All products are designed with the sole goal of improving the performance of athletes. The company operates in more than 160 countries and is a proud employer of more than 55,000 workers. The success of this company is largely associated with the devotion and passion exhibited by its highly talented workforce. With continual research and innovation, the company has managed to produce top-notch products used by professional athletes today.

The Adidas Women's Climacool Cheekster Underwear is made with a soft micro-mesh fabric that allows free air circulation, hence keeping your body cool throughout the day. It’s designed to offer a 4-way stretch to allow a perfect fit along body contours. This active panty is available in brilliant colors for added fun. Its seams are done using the flatlock technique to ensure a smooth fit and eliminate panty lines.

If you love Adidas as a brand and want to know about other women’s active wear products it has, here is a look at some:
  • Adidas Women's Climacool Thong Underwear – made of micro mesh material, and has flat-stitched tag-less seams. Available in assorted colors and sizes
  • Adidas Women's Supernova Sports Bra – features Climacool ventinlation technology, molded cups, and cross-back straps. Available in assorted colors and sizes
  • Adidas Women's Training Techfit Bra, Climacool Ventilation – features Climacool ventilation, racer mesh back, and scoop neck. Available in 4 sizes and numerous colors

How Do I Choose the Best Women’s Active Underwear?

Ladies, let’s face it! Everyone wants a perfect body that’s slim, sexy, and with flawless skin. While some are naturally endowed with these features, the majority of us go to great lengths not only to remain sexy, but healthy as well. It’s thus no surprise that ladies shop for gym bags in preparation for gym sessions. There are those of us who prefer running to keep fit, while others sign up for yoga sessions – but we all want to get good-looking running shoes or yoga pants!

However, while we focus on the outward look, we often forget the most important active wear – the undies. Yes! You heard us right. A great number of women exercise or go hiking in the wrong panties. This is not only uncomfortable, but also risky as they increase the chances of contracting yeast infections. To prevent this problem, you’ll need to get the best women’s active underwear, and we know how to help you make that a reality!

Women’s active underwear comes in many designs. Some of the common ones include hipsters, bikinis, hipkinis, cheeksters, thongs, hot pants, briefs, boyshorts, and high-cuts. While the choice of panty design is influenced by personal taste and preferences, the best thing you can do for yourself is to pay attention to your body. We all have different body shapes, and not all designs will look great on you. Recheck your waist and hip size. This’ll help you overcome the common mistake of picking undersized panties that barely fit you.

The best women’s active underwear is designed to wick moisture and keep your skin dry for a long time. They’re also designed to fit you well and keep you comfortable. If you feel that panties are limiting you, then they’re probably too small. This is a common mistake ladies make and don’t realize until the damage is already done. Chafing and panty lie visibility are other problems associated with women’s active undies. The best designers will do their best to eliminate these issues in the final products.
The price of women’s active underwear depends on its overall design and the construction fabric used. Women’s active panties that are made of breathable fabric and use wicking technology cost more than those that aren’t breathable. Other attributes that increase the cost of women’s active undies include odor control properties and seam line design.

There are cheap women’s active underwear in the market that lack these important qualities, and thus aren’t the best to use. The cost of quality women’s active underwear ranges from $6.00 to $24.00. Since you need a couple of panties, take your time and choose a design that offers great features at an affordable price.
As you choose your active underwear, think about what makes you comfortable and confident. Don’t pick a design just because someone looks great in it. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are whether you prefer a design that reveals or covers your booty. Also, find out whether the design outlines your female part or not, as this can be embarrassing.

Below are important features to look for in women’s active underwear:
  • Type - Is the underwear a bikini, hipster, or thong?
  • Size - What are the size variations of the active undies?
  • Fabric - What’s the composition of construction material?
  • Colors - How many color variations of the underwear are available?
  • Pack size - Does the active underwear come as single piece or in an economy pack?
  • Drying properties - Does the women’s active panty come with wicking technology or not?
  • Odor control - Is the active panty odor-resistant?
These features will help you pick active underwear that’s not only safe and comfortable, but will make you feel confident as well.
Construction and Design
The best women’s active panties are breathable and are designed to wick moisture from your skin. They also come in lightweight and soft materials. Common fabrics used in the manufacturing of quality women’s active underwear include lycra, nylon, spandex, polyester, and elastane. A cotton lining is used for the lady part area for added comfort. Remember that when engaged in rigorous activities you need undies that are fitting.

The best designs are stretchable and seamless; other designs use flatlock techniques on their seams. Size is key in determining the right active undies to purchase. You will find them in different sizes, from x-small to x-large. These sizes may not be standard for all manufacturers, but they don’t vary by a big margin. You’ll need to know your measurements to pick active undies that fit you well.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best women’s active underwear is soft and smooth on the skin. They’re easy to clean and are designed to dry quickly. The best designs allow free air circulation and fast absorption of sweat in order to keep the body dry. This reduces the chances of bacteria build-up, which can cause urinary tract infections.

Stretchable active panties give you much-needed flexibility when exercising. Moreover, seamless panties and those with flat-locked seams are very good at avoiding panty line visibility. In addition, odor-resistant panties help you remain fresh all day long.

It’s important to pick an active underwear that fits you well. Undersized panties are likely to cause chafing, which is a major cause of skin rashes. So, play it safe and get active undies that are comfortable to wear. You will be glad you did!

Get the Best Women’s Active Underwear of 2023!

Now that you’ve gone through our review of the best women’s active underwear, we hope that you’ve found our products unique in terms of design and performance. If you’ve found one that suits your needs, don’t hesitate to buy it. Otherwise, feel free to explore other women’s active underwear by these trusted brands.

Our Top Choice
Balanced Tech Women's Seamless Thongs
Best Value
New Balance Women’s NB Breathe Thong
ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini
Puma Women’s Sport Hipster Underwear
Adidas Climacool Cheekster Underwear