Best Women’s Briefcase Reviews 2017

Ever since humans created the first ever carrying sacks made out of leaves, twigs, and possibly some honey badger hide, it was obvious that these little bundles were going to outshine the content they were carrying! Nowadays, the war of top-tier briefcases still rages on, and lest you get caught completely démodé and exposed, you might want to get one of these accessories yourself! Check out our top 5 list and see for yourself!
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Our Top Choice
Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable Laptop Briefcase for Women (and Men)
Tumi is an innovative leader in functional, stylish travel bags. Featuring a bulky, sturdy design, this laptop briefcase is spacious enough to hold your laptop and many other items.
A famous, innovative company. A sturdy, spacious design. Numerous pockets.
The front water bottle pocket is a bit deep (items can get lost).
Unisex, business case
5.5 x 15.9 x 12 inches
100% Ballistic Nylon
Zipper closure
Best Value
My Best Friend Is A Bag Lindsay Shoulder Briefcase for Women
Created by a team working under the name My Best Friend Is A Bag, this business-style laptop bag will make you reconsider the worth of your friendships with humans!
An enthusiastic bag-producing company. A compact and stylish design. Hand-made.
Some reports of strong plastic smell upon arrival. Doesn't handle intense heat, so best not to leave in a closed car.
Stylish shoulder laptop bag
18 x 4 x 12 inches, 3.8lbs
Faux snakeskin
Black or Red
Hand Made
Maxwell Scott Fiorella Purse Style Briefcase for Women
Coming from a prestigious company called Maxwell Scott, this Macbook purse's vintage look and feel make a wonderful blend of the modern and the traditional.
A world-renowned manufacturer. A stylish vintage design. Handcrafted in the northern England by Italians.
It can appear to be heavier than some models similar in size.
Vintage/business shoulder bag
16.3 x 11.6 x 4.9 inches, 1.3lbs
Vegetable-tanned Italian leather
Night black
25 year warranty
McKlein USA Lake Forest Laptop Briefcase for Women
Featuring a simple and colorful design, this cheeky laptop carrier from McKlein USA can be your new companion in your adventurous business exploits.
An award-winning bag-designing company. Simple, attractive design. Removable laptop sleeve.
A bit heavy for its fairly small size. (nothing too horrible though)
Colorful leather laptop case
16 x 5 x 12.5 inches
Italian leather
Comes in six colors
Removable laptop sleeve
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Style Laptop Briefcase for Women
Timbuk2 is a San Francisco born&bred company, known for their original messenger bag. Their motto “Drive the bus” illustrates their drive to produce the most functional bags they can.
A company dedicated to customizing its products. A waterproof TPU liner. Fully adjustable shoulder pad.
The straps on this model are considerably thinner (compared to some of the earlier models from Timbuk2)
Messenger flap-over bag
4.7 x 11.8 x 9.8 inches, 1.7lbs
100% Polyester
Comes in 37 colors
Waterproof TPU liner

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How Do I Choose the Best Women’s Briefcase?

If you're a laptop-wielding woman, picking up a new laptop briefcase can be a nerve-wracking experience, as reconciling style with practicality can often represent a tough task indeed. Luckily for you, though, there seems to be a growing number of brands that have taken it upon themselves to tackle this issue and produce a perfect species of briefcases capable of housing an average-sized laptop without sporting the appearance of a military mine-diffuser kit! (Which is not necessarily that big of a turn-off actually; some people like the tough style of it.) To be as inclusive as possible when it comes to addressing the needs of their customer base, many briefcase-producing companies aim to make these laptop-carrying accessories sport an appearance both feminine in nature but also elegant and business-like on the other hand. All a matter of style, at the end of the day!

That being said, we'll present to you a couple of consideration factors to keep in mind when buying a laptop briefcase, mostly related to their construction and use. To start off, the first thing you'll want to consider is what size briefcase you may need. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it can easily happen that you make a purchase online only to discover that your laptop is just a tad too big for it, which can be annoying. So, before you venture to make a purchase, make sure that you've checked the sizing charts, as not all companies offer money-back guarantees.

Another important thing to pay attention to, once you've figured out the right size, is what material the bag is made of. Nowadays, there seems to be two trends when it comes to laptop briefcases- they're either made of nylon or synthetic materials (going for more of an urban busy-lifestyle sort of style) and then those made of leather (rather shooting for a blend of traditional and modern). Now, even though nylon may sound a bit off-putting at first, this doesn't mean that this briefcase is low-quality.

On the contrary, many artificial materials you come across today are quite tough, and even though they may possess the looks of the old-school leather bags, they surely have their own upsides when it comes to practicality and price! Long story short, when it comes to choosing the material, a good way to be on the safe side is to pick a brand with a money-back guarantee, so that you can just ship it back if you don't like it.

Last but not least, compartments are a major factor to take into consideration when buying a laptop briefcase. Since carrying a laptop around typically means having on you a number of other related technical contraptions as well (chargers, cleaning kits, etc), it's always a good idea to get yourself a briefcase with plenty of compartments so that you can keep all of your gadgetry in one place! By the way, if you happen to need charging station or some external battery packs, we've got these topics covered in some of our other reviews. Also, we've done a review on smartphones, for those of you who feel out-of-date with the latest phone trends!
Briefcases, in general, were never exactly inexpensive products. Thanks to their somewhat unique fashion statement/accessory status they've been enjoying for a long time, many brands designate astronomical price tags to a simple piece of leather and some buckles on top! That being said, your best bet at saving some money while purchasing a brand new briefcase, is to get yourself a tough and durable one and then use it for years to come. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but if you set aside a couple of bucks more for a more expensive product, chances are- you’ll have spent less money in the long run than if you buy several cheaper models over a stretch of a couple of years.

Other than that, leather still seems to be the safest solution when it comes to reliability, although the artificial materials nowadays also possess some impressive durability characteristics. All in all, we would advise you to get yourself a high-quality briefcase (even if it's a bit pricey), so you won't have to think about it later on. Of course, it's up to you ultimately, and if you like it then you should buy it no matter what materials it's made of or how it looks.
Since leather and a variety of synthetic-based mixtures seem to be the two prevalent materials for laptop briefcases, we won't deliberate much on what your bag should be made out of. Rather, we'll concentrate on some other features that can mean the difference between acquiring a respect-commanding presence in the workforce and cursing the day you've bought something on the Internet!

These are the most important properties of a well-made laptop briefcase for women:
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • Phone Compartment
  • The Size of the Briefcase
  • The Material
  • The Color Availability
  • Hand-Made or Machine-Made
  • Clip for Keys
  • Whether it's Waterproof or not
  • Airport Friendliness
  • Warranty
The manufacturer's warranty can be really telling when it comes to the overall quality of a bag. Some artisan shops even offer 100-year warranties on their leather briefcases, so that's something to take into consideration!
Construction and Design
In the world of briefcases, especially leather ones, the question of whether or not it's hand-made seems to be somewhat of a big deal. Hand-made models enjoy a reputation of indestructible accessories that will keep your laptop safe come hell or high water. Some brands even cheekily claim that their briefcases can and will outlive you, and by a pretty clear margin, too! (Not if you cut them up they won't.) Anyway, hand-made models do seem to be more reliable and also better-looking, which, unsurprisingly, comes at quite a hefty price.

Another important aspect of a laptop briefcase’s design is that they come fully equipped with a number of compartments for this and that. Optimally, the rule is the more compartments the better, but this may mean less aesthetic appeal. If this doesn’t represent a problem for you, then, by all means, go for more space, as this will save you the world of bother with misplaced keys and hopelessly lost chargers!
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to briefcases, maintenance isn’t really something you should cringe at on a regular basis. All you need to do, if you've got a leather one, is to apply some protective oil on it every now and then, and you're good to go. For those made out of artificial materials, you don't even have to do that- just brush them off if they get dirty, occasionally wash them a bit more thoroughly, and Bob's your uncle- your laptop carrying companion will be as clean as a whistle!

What is the Best Women’s Briefcase?

A high-quality briefcase can turn your average-lookin' Joe into another average-lookin' Joe with some inventory space available at all times! If you'd like to get yourself one, feel free to consult out top 5 list of the best laptop briefcases we were able to find on the Internet, and make your pick!
Our Top Choice
Coming from a business-oriented, hard-working company called Tumi, this tough 'n' ready briefcase is a product true to its makers. If you want a similar model, with a larger shoulder drop, check out this rugged commuter briefcase, also from Tumi. It will take you places!
Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable Organizer Laptop Briefcase - Unisex, Also Available in Medium and Slim

Tumi Women's Briefcase 26145D2 - Black

Establishing a brand new travel bag factory back in the 1975, the founder of this now well-known business pays his respects to the illustrious Peruvian heritage by naming it Tumi, a ceremonial sacrificial axe which brings power and lucky charms to those who wield it.

Today, however, as the sacrifices to gods have been brought to the minimum in this company (it tends to create a mess, and the authorities do not seem to be exactly thrilled by the idea), it rather symbolizes the power of an innovative design combined with imaginative thought.

Such a philosophy is perhaps best observable in their insistence on using only the toughest and most durable materials for their bags and briefcases. The model we're featuring here is no exception. The material in question was chosen to be a special kind of ballistic nylon, guaranteeing a quality construction without rips and seam problems down the road.

More on the characteristics of this model:
  • Made of 100% ballistic nylon.
  • Contains waterproof pockets.
  • Contains additional front and back zip pockets.
  • The laptop compartment is protected by foam pads.
  • Has an in-built key leash.
  • The shoulder strap can be easily adjusted or removed altogether.
This heavy-duty business bag from Tumi is big enough to house your entire working desk! Do put all of your eggs in one basket! (items rather, unless you want a quick omelette on your morning commute).

With a full load of pockets and a labyrinth of various compartments, this heavy-duty business briefcase from Tumi is definitely designed for people who mean business. (and tend to misplace their keys) Also, its pronounced durability and sturdiness mean that you can rely on it, no matter how rough your working day gets.

If you want a case that’s a bit more ladylike or stylish, Tumi has those too! Check out their Dorilton Leather Flap Briefcase (with an attractive black, white and grey pattern) or the Bradmoor Slim Brief (which comes in a couple of sophisticated, neutral designs).
Best Value
This business-bag is a proper choice for a business-meaning business woman! Other women will envy you and men will double-glance as the flash of hot red passes them! If you prefer a slightly smaller bag with a smooth, simple design, check out the Jennifer Work Bag from BfB.
My Best Friend Is A Bag Lindsay Shoulder Laptop Bag for 17-inch Laptop – Available in 2 Colors

My Best Friend Is A Bag Women's Briefcase 3339709

Based in Melbourne, Australia, where everything that moves is bound to either kill you, the My Best Friend Is A Bag factory is a business that knows what it means to be tough 'n' rugged! Their work philosophy amounts to: make functional bags - make stylish bags – make bags that will age as beautifully as you do!

As a means of warning for the local reptile population not to interfere in their production process, their recent line of high-quality laptop bags has been made out of faux snakeskin. This model we're presenting is one of them. To answer to the needs of modern businesswomen worldwide, it has been additionally enhanced with a plethora of compartments where you can place anything from your makeup to your laptop.

Also, each of the extinguished models from this company is completely hand-made, and the precision and dedication with which every new bag is approached, guarantees a quality end product that will last you a long time.

The complete list of features goes thus:
  • Designed by an Australian woman.
  • Made out of fine faux snakeskin.
  • The central laptop compartment is additionally protected and zipped.
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable.
  • Includes a 100% manufacturer's warranty on faulty workmanship.
Featuring a compact and stylish design, this laptop bag can be a great little accessory to your appearance, apart from serving its laptop-storing purpose. Also, it's versatile enough to be carried both to work and as a fashion statement for your nights on the town! If you really want to make a statement; opt for the fiery red option.
Made from a special kind of Italian leather, this bag is both durable and stylish. The rumor has it, that should something go wrong with the bag, a portly and grumpy Sicilian tanner shall be summoned to fix what has been broken! If you happen to be a medic or a nurse, this Gladstone Doctor bag may be a better option for you (to complete the look of Dr Schultz, also get a revolver).
Maxwell Scott The Fiorella, Luxury Ladies Leather Briefcase Purse for Macbook/Notebook

Maxwell Scott Women's Briefcase Fiorella_881

The background of this impressive international company resembles a recent James Bond flick, just with less MI6 involvement and more fashion statements! In his sensitive years, William Forshaw, the co-founder of the company would often witness his mother travel to Italy, each time bringing a couple of high-quality Italian bags upon her return. She would then sell them to her numerous bridge-playing girlfriends, and even give them away for free as a present.

Probably the second sharpest member of the family, young William understood perfectly his mother's undertakings, and proceeded to, well, actually make Italian leather bags himself! After years of training and careful designing, he went to Italy in search of a tough Italian tanner crew, and found a bunch of sturdy moustached artisans he would later call his employees, associates and friends. It's famiglia really!

Their passion and skill are evident in every new bag they come up with, and as for this one, it could as well work as their prototype model. It's compact and stylish on the outside, yet surprisingly spacious and well-organized when you take a look inside. To add a special modern touch to their traditionally organized compartments, they've included a snug slot for your laptop, as well as a number of straps and holders for your pens, keys and other items.

The main features:
  • Made from high-quality Italian leather.
  • 3-sided zip opening.
  • A special organizer panel for pens, business cards, and possibly mini spy equipment.
  • The face of the bag can be personalized.
  • 25 year warranty.
Made by the experienced and heavily-moustached Italian artisans situated in the north of England, this luxurious bag has dignity and style written all over it. All in all, an excellent choice for a serious and respect-commanding businesswoman!
Hand-stitched and foul weather-protected, this happy-go-lucky looking piece of laptop support equipment will probably outshine the device it carries! To house a bigger laptop, you might want to opt for this alternative from McKlein called Alexis. It's so gorgeous; you'd want to buy it even if you don't have a laptop!
McKlein USA Lake Forest 15.4" Leather Women's Case with Removable Sleeve – Available in 13 Colors

McKlein Women's Briefcase 94330 – 15.4 - Orange

McKlein USA never hold back when it comes to making the most stylish and functional bags they can. They wanna make sure your commute to work every day is not burdened with having to lug an unattractive bag around that doesn’t fit all your things and is uncomfortable to carry. They want to make you look like the bees knees in the business-world with a super sophisticated and functional bag.

Working on a stable foundation, each new cheeky design solution is quite a sight, as it combines the traditional stitching techniques and modern, flashy appearance. This Lake Forest themed model is no exception, with its attractive glossy finish that looks like an enlarged, candy-colored Barbie accessory.

The material of choice is a sort of fine Italian leather, contoured and bordered delicately by the strategically positioned zippers. For storing some smaller items like pens and keys, there are additional pockets, also bordered by the tough and durable YKK zippers.

Here is the list of the other features:
  • Made from high-quality Italian leather.
  • A sleek, contoured design with a top zipper.
  • Comfortable and durable tubular leather arm straps.
  • Removable laptop sleeve.
  • Available in thirteen attractive colors.
In conclusion, if you take a look at some other items for McKlein USA you will see that they won't have anything that's not made from a high-quality, durable material, and features an innovative design. If you opt for this particular laptop bag, you can count on its durability, spaciousness and looks. It's actually fairly cheeky! What's not to love?
When you absolutely positively have to deliver your goods on time, there's scarcely room for thinking about faulty straps and the lack of room. Opt for a Timbuk2 messenger bag, and take your courier tasks to a whole new level! If you need a bigger solution to house a fully-grown laptop, choose a Proof Laptop Messenger Bag!
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Laptop Bag – Available in 37 Colors and 4 Sizes

Timbuk2 Women's Briefcase 116-1-5475 – X-Small – Bold Berry

Working tirelessly in his small garage in San Francisco, a guy called Rob Honeycutt invested a mighty effort to create a perfect bag to suit his numerous messenger duties. During the tiresome working process, he went through a number of redesigns, enriching the English language on the way with new, colorful and steamy curse words of his own invention.

Once he learned the ropes of the bag making trade, he realized that many other messenger colleagues were also facing their daily deliveries with faulty and inappropriate carrying equipment. From then on, his to-do lists took a steep dive when it comes to the number of obligations. Actually, they usually amounted to: 1- make more wickedly awesome bags (and possibly 2- take out the trash)

The passion with which his already sizeable team makes each new bag is evident with every model, and this messenger classic bag is no exception. Meant to be used by out-and-about people with busy daily schedules, this bag was designed to include waterproofing elements, as well as reinforced edges for additional protection. It also includes adjustable shoulder straps and a lifetime warranty.

The extensive list of characteristics:
  • Made out of specialized Codura nylon.
  • Contains an internal organizer for pens and phones.
  • Waterproof TPU liner.
  • Fully adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty.
All in all, a must-have for people with a tough and professional line of work which leaves little room for error. It is best suitable for messengers, couriers and those who commute far and often! We know we have spoken of Timbuk2’s yearn to bring customizable bags to the common man (or woman, as the case may be) and this is true with their classic messenger bag. It comes in a whopping 37 colors/designs. Choose from: bold berry, diablo, cruz, black, pennant, heirloom mustard or heirloom Persian red…to name a few!

Get the Best Women’s Briefcase of 2017!

Out there in the treacherous waters of the World Wide Web, every briefcase looks like a top-tier product. We at TopProducts would argue, however, that a fair number of them are phony replicas of the real deal. Dodgy marketing stuff galore, we know all about it. On our part, we've done some research and set aside 5 brands well-known for their quality and longevity. Read on and you might find a model that piques your interest!

Our Top Choice
Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable Laptop Briefcase for Women (and Men)
Best Value
My Best Friend Is A Bag Lindsay Shoulder Briefcase for Women
Maxwell Scott Fiorella Purse Style Briefcase for Women
McKlein USA Lake Forest Laptop Briefcase for Women
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Style Laptop Briefcase for Women