Best Women's Golf Clubs – Ladies Starter Golf Clubs Set for Women and Girls

Golf is one of the male-dominated fields that women have progressively and successfully engaged in over the years. Since women have different body types from men, ladies’ golf clubs are designed differently to satisfy their unique golfing needs. We’ve researched five of the best women’s golf club set brands on the market, showcasing a set from each, to help you find one that best meets your golfing needs.
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Our Top Choice
Wilson Ultra Complete Women’s Golf Club Set
Wilson is a brand dedicated to manufacturing high-quality sports equipment and accessories such as those for football, baseball, and basketball.
Give confidence. Matching head covers. Produce better distance and accuracy. Strong, durable & lightweight. Feature a comfortable stand bag.
The downside of these clubs is that right-handed women can’t use them.
16.4 pounds
10 clubs
Choice of left or right
Lightweight bag; multiple pockets
3 head covers
Best Value
Callaway Strata Women's Golf Packaged Sets
Founded in 1982, Callaway manufactures high-performing golf products to enable passionate players to gain the confidence they need to enjoy the thrills and joys of golfing.
Lightweight, durable & versatile. Offer exceptional distance, control, and accuracy. The stand bag offers 5 storage pockets.
These golf clubs aren’t ideal for left-handed users and are expensive.
16 pounds
10 clubs
Right or Left
5 pockets; cooler pockets
Head covers, rain hood, cooler
Tour Edge Lady Edge Starter Golf Club Set
Tour Edge is a sports brand popular for its range of quality golf clubs for men and women who engage in the sport professionally or for fun.
Delivers high & accurate shots. Light & easy to swing. Available in complete & 7-piece sets. Many pockets for organization & storage.
Not as suitable for professional players.
19 pounds
16 clubs
Deluxe cart with 9 pockets
3 head covers
Golf Girl Pink Junior Golf Club Set
Golf Girl is a company that manufactures high-quality golf clubs specifically for women to deliver great performance for success.
Aesthetic. Durable. Beginner-friendly. Offer easy alignment. Deliver great performance.
Left-handed children cannot use these clubs; they’d have to look for alternatives.
8 pounds
5 clubs
Shoulder strap; divider; pockets
Velcro glove tab & rain hood
Knight XVII Women’s Golf Club Set
Knight is a company synonymous with golfing equipment and accessories. It manufactures high-quality clubs and balls using premium materials.
Affordable. Lightweight & portable. Offers value. Simple strokes and better visibility alignment.
Some users reported that the light material used on the bag is thin and prone to wear and tear.
15 pounds
8 clubs
Multiple pockets; ball pocket
2 head covers

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What are the Best Women's Starter Golf Clubs Sets? Read Our Women’s Golf Clubs Review to Find Out!

The best golf clubs are lightweight and made of durable materials for years and years of golfing. It’s also important to find a set that matches your body type assets, and that has all the clubs you need. Find out if one of our recommended golf club sets for women is what you need.

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Our Top Choice
The Wilson Ultra Profile XD Women’s Golf Club Set features a 460cc graphite driver, a graphite shaft fairway wood, a wood-style hybrid, six short irons, and a putter for increased confidence, distance, and accuracy when playing. If you want a similar pack of clubs that meets your physical demands as a player, opt for the Wilson Ladies Profile Golf Set. All the clubs have graphite shafts, except for the putter.

Wilson Complete Ultra Profile XD Women's Starter Golf Clubs Set - Multiple Colors, Left or Right Handed Clubs


Wilson boasts a large portfolio of sports equipment such as that for football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and golf, among other types of sporting activities. The company uses top-quality equipment based on modern standards and innovative technologies to provide sporting solutions. It also offers exceptional customer service for both its local and global customers.

The Wilson Ultra Profile XD Women’s Golf Club Set comes with an oversized graphite driver built with a low center of gravity for improved distance and preciseness. It’s based on power weighting technology and features forgiveness with a large sweet spot to enhance distance. The graphite shaft fairway wood offers additional strength due to its low-placed weighting.

The wood-style hybrid has an improved head design to offer enhanced gaming performance through a high-launch technology for better gaming. Unlike long irons, this club offers better trajectory. Further, the four short stainless-steel irons feature deep undercut cavities with back and low weighting for better ball accuracy and length. It also repositions the weight of the sweet spot beneath the hitting area for more forgiveness.

Enhanced spin technology on the versatile pitching wedge is bound to enhance your performance and playability, whereas the lowly-weighted sand wedge with a wide sole is what you need to launch the ball from the bunker. The steel-shaft mallet putter offers consistent feel and ball contact to help you develop confidence. It’s easy to align and has heel/toe weighting that stabilizes the head for precise and smooth putting strokes.

Here are a few other Wilson golf clubs to consider:

  • Wilson Ultra Golf Women’s Club Set
  • Wilson Profile XLS Golf Club Set
  • Wilson Ultra Standard Women's Club Set

Weighing 16.4 pounds, choose from charcoal/mint-left hand, charcoal/mint-right hand, plum/citron-left hand, or plum/citron-right hand golf club set colors and configurations.

Best Value
The Callaway Strata Plus Women’s Golf Club Set features a driver, 5W woods, 5H hybrid, six irons/wedges, and a putter for exceptional performance. If you want a high-end product with more clubs, opt for the Callaway Solaire Women’s Golf Club Set. The clubs come in stylish, performance-driven designs for complete course coverage.

Callaway Strata Women's Golf Packaged Sets - Women's Starter Golf Clubs Set in Multiple Size and Club Options


Callaway offers superior and unique golf clubs, balls, footwear, apparel, and accessories as well as services. Its premium, high-performing golf products are made using high-quality materials and advanced, innovative technologies for the best golfing experience. The company has a presence in at least 110 countries globally.

The Callaway Strata Plus Women’s Golf Club Set features a graphite shaft driver and 5W woods for a forgiving sweet spot and exceptional distance. The 5H hybrid offers versatility and forgiving shots to troubleshoot difficult long irons. The six irons are based on a progressive sole width technology and offer perimeter weighting for better control, while the putter comes with a T-style alignment for improved accuracy.

The lightweight stand bag is durable and features five pockets, a cooler pocket, a backpack strap system, and a rain hood for added functionality.

Here are a few other Callaway women’s golf club sets to consider:

  • Callaway Strata 11-Piece Women’s Golf Club Set
  • Callaway Strata Ultimate 16-Piece Women’s Golf Club Set
  • Callaway Solaire Petite 13-Piece Women’s Golf Club Set

These golf clubs come with a purple stand bag for easy mobility around the golf course and let you enjoy your favorite sport either for leisure, or professionally.

The Tour Edge Lady Edge 16-Piece Women’s Golf Club Set comprises of 16 golf clubs, including a high-lofted 460cc driver for great accuracy. Prefer a right-handed 20-piece women’s golf club set? Consider the Tour Edge Moda Silk Women’s Golf Club Set.

Tour Edge Lady Edge Women’s Golf Club Complete Set with a Deluxe Cart Bag - Available in Multiple Colors


True Edge is a company with a focus on manufacturing premium sports equipment and accessories. The company uses advanced technologies and innovations to design top-performing golf clubs for various levels of players. Whether you’re a regular player or engage in the sport once in a while for fun, the company has you covered. What’s more, it has been in the industry long enough to know what golfers look for in their golf clubs and accessories.

The Tour Edge Lady Edge 16-Piece Women’s Golf Club Set features a high-lofted 460cc driver to deliver exceptional accuracy and distance. With the stainless-steel fairway woods, you can expect the low-profile clubs to offer higher-flying shots due to a low center of gravity. The hybrids are also made from stainless steel for optimal forgiveness whenever you make long iron shots. Additionally, the hybrids are easy to hit.

The stainless-steel irons are oversized and come in an undercut cavity design to push the center of gravity to the back of the clubs so that the toes and heels of the clubs have more weight. This ensures that your face shots are longer, higher, and more forgiving. The mallet-style putter with high MOI completes the Lady Edge women’s golf club set. It also comes with a deluxe bag with nine pockets to house your golfing accessories.

Based on a new design technology and COG weight technology, this women’s golf club set delivers top performance. Furthermore, the golf set comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults for replacements. With the exclusive play guarantee for 30 days, you can return the set for a full refund if you’re not happy. This is the complete golf set every beginner female golf player requires for use right out of the box.

Here are a few other Tour Edge golf club sets to consider:

  • Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set
  • Tour Edge Women’s Edge Complete Golf Club Set, Black/White
  • Tour Edge Women’s 2014 Lady Edge Golf Full Set, Lime

Choose between teal and plum color options, and 16- or 7-piece golf club sets for women.

The Golf Girl Pink Junior Right Hand Golf Club Set features a driver wood, three oversized irons, a putter, and a head cover for the driver. If you want golf clubs for both left- and right-handed women, opt for the Golf Girl Lady Hybrid Women’s Golf Club Set. It’s designed for older women.

Golf Girl Junior Ladies Golf Club Set with Stand Bag - Girl's Starter Golf Clubs Set


Golf Girl is a company that cares about the female golfer. It manufactures golf clubs in designs that enable women to play easily, and colors close to a woman’s heart. It offers clubs for both right- and left-handed women, so they can play without impediment. The company continuously enhances its golf clubs to better the performance of its female players, both young and old, beginners and pro players.

The Golf Girl Pink Junior Right Hand Golf Club Set features an extra-lofted driver wood for your girl to make easy hits. The three perimeter-weighted graphite shaft irons have deep cavity backs for easy hits and more forgiveness than previous versions. Further, the irons have large and forgiving sweet spots for accurate shots. The blade design putter offsets for an easy feel and alignment in a pink finish.

The deluxe junior stand bag features a 4-way divider, a double shoulder strap, and multiple, easy-to-access exterior pockets. It also has an umbrella holder, a rain hood, and a Velcro glove tab for added functionality. Designed for 4- to 7-year-old right-handed girls, the clubs range in length from 30 to 36 inches. The junior flex pink shafts are made from graphite with soft wrap grips. This nice set is sure to offer your young golfer all she needs to become a great.

The Knight XVII Women’s Golf Club Set features a 12.5-degree driver, an alloy fairway wood, a 4/5 hybrid iron, four oversized irons, a wedge, and a weighted putter for value. This set equals comfort on the course! You may also like the Precise M3 Ladies Women's Complete Golf Clubs Set. Available in regular or petite, this starter club set comes with a driver, fairway, hybrid, 7-pw irons, putter, and a stand bag.

Knight Women’s XVII Complete Ladies Flex Right Hand Golf Club Set


Knight cares about beginner and professional golfers. It designs premium clubs to help golfers enjoy playing with their friends, colleagues, or opponents. It designs clubs based on the latest advanced technology on the market for swift and fast performance.

The Knight XVII Women’s Golf Club Set features a graphite shaft driver for precise shots. The hybrid, fairway, irons, and putter are made of steel shafts for lightweight use to deliver swift shots. Better yet, the putter is marked for alignment visibility and precise strokes, and the wood and driver come with head covers for protection when not in use.

The cart bag has a 6-way compartment top to organize your clubs without damaging their graphite components. It has many accessory pockets, a spacious garment pocket, and a ball pocket with ease of access. A carry handle and an umbrella holder make the bag more efficient and convenient. You can hardly go wrong with a set of this quality!

Best Women’s Golf Club Set Buying Guide – What to Look For in a Women's Starter Golf Clubs Set

Golf is touted to have its origins in Scotland, and since then, it seems that the world has been looking for ways to improve upon the sport. For example, in the 19th century, the US manufactured the first wooden golf clubs, though the first golf clubs were typically sticks with wooden heads.

The first iron clubs were manufactured in the 20th century and graphite shafts were first used in the 70s. Since Allan Robertson, the first professional golfer, became popular in the 1840s, the golfing industry has evolved over the years in terms of the equipment and scope of the game. The golf balls, clubs, and other equipment used today would be unrecognizable to early-century golfers.

Just like any other sport or game, golf has a range of benefits for the player. You can play it professionally or for leisure during your free time. Whichever is the reason you enjoy playing golf or want to try it out, you get to exercise in the process as you move from one hole to another and make swings—while gaining all the health benefits!

Since clubs are critical to your game, you need to choose the right set for you before making a purchase. First choose the type of club you need. There are twelve types of clubs that most people need to play the best game, each having a unique shape for a specific swing. For example, the putter is used the moment the golf ball is on the putting green.

Although a seasoned golfer probably knows the type of club he/she needs to buy, beginners aren’t as knowledgeable. Whether you’re a professional or novice player, the following are the types of clubs you need to consider:

  • Driver – This club supports teeing off.
  • Putter – This club is what you need to guide the golf ball into the hole the moment it gets on the green.
  • Wedges – Whether you’re in a sand trap or near the green, wedges can help you hit high or short shots.
  • Hybrid Club – This is the club you need to attain longer distances with one shot.

Along with having knowledge of the right club to buy, you also need to know how they’re used. For instance, high-numbered irons are used for short shots, whereas low-numbered irons foster longer shots. The essence of various accessories such as golf shoes, golf gloves, golf coolers, balls, etc. goes without saying.

Consider a brand like Confidence for budget-friendly beginner club sets and Believe for moderately-priced clubs for advanced players. If you prefer custom-made clubs for your tournaments, consider the TaylorMade brand. We hope that this guide will help you choose the right golf club set for your golfing needs.


Video: 5 Fundamentals to a Perfect Swing

5 fundamentals of a Perfect Swing. | Courtesy of Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced golf player, price is an important factor when you want to buy a set of clubs. This is simply because golf isn’t a cheap sport; this explains why it was referred to as a sport for the rich. Although the most expensive golf club sets aren’t necessarily the best, cheap women’s golf club sets can be of poor quality.

Customized golf clubs are definitely the most expensive, but you get them tailored to your grip preference, height, and the side of the hand you use (left or right). Whereas beginners might only need a few clubs or even consider used clubs, intermediate and advanced golfers know what they want in a club. Therefore, they have specific expectations from their golf clubs, meaning they’re bound to spend more.

Invest in high-quality, likely more-expensive, clubs if you’re a regular golf player. However, if you’re looking to play once in a while when you can, there’s no need to spend a fortune on your golf clubs. Whichever kind of club sets you’re looking for, you’ll find them in a price range of $100 to $2000. Budget-friendly golf club sets cost $179 or less, whereas moderately-priced clubs cost between $180 and $270.

High-end clubs cost over $270, averaging about $400, but could be even more depending upon whether they’re professional-quality or custom-made. Single clubs go for as low as $10 depending on type, brand, and quality.


Golf clubs are the tools you need to enjoy a game of golf. Different clubs work for different people and body types, meaning what might work for your friend or colleague might not work for you. Therefore, you need to choose golf clubs that are designed for you to enjoy high performance with each shot. There are many features golf clubs are built with that you need to consider when shopping for one.

Here are important features to look out for in your women’s golf club set:

  • Type (driver, putter, wood, etc.)
  • The right club type for your body type
  • Materials (graphite, titanium, and steel)
  • Accessories (golf bags, rain hood, head covers, etc.)
  • Shaft flex such as graphite shaft flex for soft swings
  • Comfortable grip for prolonged golfing sessions
  • Experience level (beginner, intermediate, etc.)
  • Which hand it’s made for
  • Lightweight for faster swings

With the right set of clubs suited to your body type and made of the right material, you can expect to enjoy golf each time you step on a golf course.

Construction and Design

When shopping for women’s golf club sets, consider the following features:


For woods or drivers, go for more loft (club face angle) that’s closed, shorter length, and a larger sweet spot (head) for straight and longer distance. When buying irons, look out for more weight or back cavity and a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness in case of an imperfect hit. Consider higher lofted woods or hybrids instead of longer irons for easy hits.

When looking for hybrid clubs (a cross between irons and woods), opt for those designed to perform on rough and short grass. Choose among mallets, blades, belly, long, and short putters. Weighted putters are more forgiving, hence ideal for beginners. Make sure your putter has a parallel sole, right loft, lie angle, and length.

The Right Club for Your Body Type

For the best game, you need clubs fitted to your swing preference and height. Although professional golfers can order custom clubs, beginners need to shop around for the most suitable clubs. Decide to buy a whole set from a single manufacturer or sample different clubs from different brands as necessary.

Unless you’re exceptionally tall or short, the standard length of clubs for women is 37 inches, and 43 inches for the driver with regards to 5-iron clubs. Generally, choose a length that’s suitable for your body type.


Choose among graphite, steel, and titanium golf clubs. Choose a material that can help you better your game. Graphite shafts allow swift or high-speed swings as they’re lightweight, hence increasing distance and lessening strokes for every hole. Although these clubs are of good quality, they’re highly priced.

Steel shafts are cost-effective and thus ideal for beginners and golfers on a tight budget. Since they’re heavy, carrying from one hole to another takes more effort. This means you get an extra workout, which is good for your body and game. On the contrary, it means that you typically achieve less distance with each shot.

Titanium clubs, on the other hand, are strong, lightweight, and elastic with superior qualities. Since these clubs can attain longer distances, they’re popular among golfers. Therefore, they’re the most expensive.

Shaft Flex

This component of your club—how much it bends—determines the speed of your swings. There’s no standard for club flexibility, hence this varies from one brand to another. The right flexibility for women is usually tagged “Ladies.” Graphite shafts have softer flexes, and hence are ideal for women.


Depending on whether you’re left- or right-handed, choose a club that supports your hand.


The weight of your club goes hand-in-hand with the material it’s made of. The lightest are graphite shafts. The lighter your club, the faster you can swing it.


Buy a club with the right grip in terms of size and comfort. Since ladies generally have smaller hands, their grips tend to be smaller than that for men. Choose among standard, oversized, undersized, and midsized sizes. Also choose the right texture on your grip and ensure it’s suited for the weather conditions you’ll be exposed to.


Consider golf bags, balls, tees, markers, shoes, gloves, covers, rain hoods, and other accessories that you might need to use while playing golf. Make sure that the golf bag is designed to protect your clubs and has enough storage for your accessories. It also needs to be portable for easy transportation of your clubs from one hole to another.

Video: Why Are There 14 Golf Clubs In A Bag And What Do They All Do?

What Golf Clubs Do You Need? | Courtesy of Golfbidder
Performance and Ease of Use

Whichever type of club or set you choose, ensure it’s designed for your body type to achieve longer distances. Ensure the grip is comfortable, and the shaft flexible enough to let you make swift swings. With the right material, you’ll end up with the right club for your golfing goals. Also look out for the weight of your clubs for easy movement and faster swings.

Accessories also come in handy. Ensure you have the right accessories to ease your games. For instance, the golf bag needs to be strong, durable, and sturdy enough to hold your clubs at all times. The bag also needs to come with various pockets to hold your golf accessories such as balls and tees. Opt for a bag that doesn’t just transport your clubs from one hole to another, but also organizes them for easy access.

Moreover, a club designed for your experience level ensures that you get the most out of your games.

Get the Best Women’s Golf Clubs of 2023!

Whether you’re a new player or have years of experience playing golf as a professional, there’s a club set out there for you. We hope that with our review of five of the top women’s golf club sets, you’ll be in a position to pick the right golf club set. In case you need something different, check out our best golf club set review.

Our Top Choice
Wilson Ultra Complete Women’s Golf Club Set
Best Value
Callaway Strata Women's Golf Packaged Sets
Tour Edge Lady Edge Starter Golf Club Set
Golf Girl Pink Junior Golf Club Set
Knight XVII Women’s Golf Club Set