Best Halloween Costumes for Women - Sexy, Cute, Easy and Last Minute Women’s Halloween Costumes

When Halloween rolls around, you can finally let your imagination run wild and become whoever you want to be with a wacky or daring costume. The best Halloween costumes are comfortable and stylish, and may accentuate your body for the best possible look. We've researched the best women’s Halloween costume brands and put together a list of stand-out costumes you can rely on this October. By the way, if you’re looking for something a bit more on the risqué side, check out our review for women’s sexy costumes.

Need more inspiration? Look at Amazon’s Best Sellers in Women's Costumes, Women's Costume Accessories and Women's Cosplay Costumes. Between our reviews and those lists, we're sure you'll find something to suit your fancy — even if you waited until the last minute!
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Our Top Choice
California Costumes Halloween Costumes for Women – Pirate and Many More
California Costumes combines the finest materials with the latest fashion trends to create classic characters with a modern flair, like this daring South Seas Siren.
Comfortable polyester blend material. Easy to put on. Breathable. Included head-tie.
Not as risqué as many other pirate costumes, but many users prefer this more modest costume.
Pirate Head Tie
100% Polyester
Small to X-Large
Hand Wash in Cold Water
Best Value
Rubie's Halloween Costumes for Women - Supergirl (Or Pick Your Favorite Hero)
Rubie's offers costumes for every occasion. For a casual Halloween, this Supergirl shirt and cape is just about the easiest costume that still makes you feel like a super hero.
Super easy to put on. Lightweight compared to many costumes. Inexpensive.
Has less going on than a typical costume but perfect for dressing up at work or trick-or-treating with the kids.
100% Polyester
Small to X-Large
Machine Wash
Leg Avenue Halloween Costumes for Women - Pretty Paratrooper & Others
Leg Avenue's risqué selection of costumes and lingerie has something for everyone. This form-fitting jumpsuit comes in a men's version as well so couples can go as a pair.
Comfortable. Form-fitting. Simple 1-piece Jumpsuit. High quality durable material.
The satin gloves shown are not included but can be purchased separately.
Military Harness
100% Polyester
Small to X-Large
Hand Wash
InCharacter Halloween Costumes for Women - Enchanting Princess (& Plenty More)
InCharacter's detail-oriented costumes make it easy to become your favorite characters. This elegant satin dress is the full package to transform you into an enchanting princess.
Very high quality. Full package: peplum, petticoat, gloves, jeweled choker and tiara.
On the expensive side, but the quality and elegance is more than worth it.
Sequined Tiara
Peplum, Petticoat, Gloves
100% Polyester
Small to X-Large
Dry Clean
Disguise Halloween Costumes for Women – Frozen Princess Anna (and Many More)
Disguise's in-house designers work with the world's leading brands such as Disney, Hasbro, DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, etc – so you can become your favorite characters like Anna.
Comfortable polyester blend material. Versatile, high-quality costume that can be used for other princess costumes.
Skirt material clings to legs (needs slip).
100% Polyester
Small to X-Large
Hand Wash

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What is the Best Halloween Costumes for Women? Read our Review to Find Out

Choosing your ideal costume comes down to who you want to be, and how you want to look. These brands offer huge lines of costumes including just about every character you can think of, so you're bound to find something that suits your personality – whether it's wacky, cool or naughty.

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Our Top Choice
The California Costumes South Seas Siren Costume stands out without being too flashy, featuring one simple garment with a faux-corset and handkerchief skirt. Not feeling the pirate life? Check out California Costumes' Roman Empress Costume and see what the high-life is all about.

California Costumes Women's South Seas Siren Costume with Pirate Head Tie


California Costumes goes beyond simple character costumes: they inject modern trends into classic costume icons to create truly stand-out pieces. Their growing collection of costumes is always on the cutting edge of style and pop culture. They also pride themselves on consistently helpful customer service so the customer always gets what they're looking for.

This pirate costume is made with high quality materials and is all one garment plus a pirate style head tie. The outfit is form-fitting but not overly revealing, making it ideal for kid's parties as well as any "adult" parties. As shown in the picture, it can go great with boots as well as gold jewellery of any kind.

Let's take a look at some other Halloween costume ideas from California Costumes:

  • Glamourous Witch
  • Nautical Doll
  • Renaissance Wench
  • Egyptian Goddess
  • Steampunk Girl
  • Dark Little Red Riding Hood
  • 70's Disco Sensation
Best Value
Rubie's DC Comics Super-Girl T-Shirt & Cape makes it easy to becomes a super hero this Halloween without any hassle whatsoever. Looking for a more intensive costume, or something a little more risqué? Try out Rubie's Secret Wishes Adult Supergirl Costume for a costume that really turns heads.

Rubie's DC Comics Adult Super-Girl T-Shirt Halloween Costume With Cape


Rubie's is family run to this day, after 65 years of successful business in the costume industry. They specialize in keeping up with the latest pop culture characters so you can become the latest sensation each year. They also carry a range of costumes and accessories for other special occasions like St. Pattie's Day, New Years and more.

This high quality polyester blend T-Shirt makes an instant costume anytime, anywhere. The attached cape is just icing on the cake so you can really feel like a super hero any time. The shirt can be easily machine washed, so there really is no hassle to this quick Halloween costume.

Let's take a look at some more Halloween ideas you can get from Rubie's, such as:

  • Ghostbuster
  • 60's Catwoman
  • Wonderwoman
  • Spiderman Tank top Dress
  • Katniss from the Hunger Games
  • Forest Princess
  • Rey from Star Wars
  • Urban Tiger
  • Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
  • Patrick from Spongebob
The Leg Avenue Paratrooper Camo Jumpsuit features a soft, slimming design for pajama-like comfort and a form-fitting look. Looking for something a little more risqué? Leg Avenue's got you covered with highly rated, head-turning outfits such as the Leg Avenue Wetlook Catsuit.

Leg Avenue Pretty Paratrooper Zipper Front Camo Jumpsuit with Body Harness


Leg Avenue's wide selection of women's Halloween costumes range from mildly daring to outlandishly sexy. They take fashion to the next level with their sensual costumes, lingerie, hosiery and accessories. If you want to stand out this Halloween, Leg Avenue has got you covered (or maybe even not so “covered” if that’s the look you want to go for).

This military style jumpsuit is on the milder side for Leg Avenue, but it's bound to bring out your curves in a serious way. The soft polyester jumpsuit is so comfortable according to some users it's like wearing pajamas to a Halloween party. It's simple, sleek and boldly attractive.

Let's see what other jaw-dropping outfits you can find at Leg Avenue:

  • Ninja & Pirate Costumes
  • Schoolgirls & Nerd Costumes
  • Licensed Characters like Hello Kitty Outfits, Assassin's Creed Costumes and Top Gun Flight Dresses
  • Warrior and Goddess Costumes
  • Classic Halloween Costumes with a Twist
  • Cozy Animal Costumes

On top of their costume categories, Leg Avenue also offers a variety of high end lingerie items, hosiery and sexy accessories.

The InCharacter Enchanting Princess Costume makes it possible to transform into an elegant princess, featuring a full-length satin dress and accessories. And if you're not into the princess lifestyle, InCharacter has a whole selection of costumes like the Wild Huntress Outfit.

InCharacter Women's Enchanting Princess Costume with Petticoat, Gloves, Choker and Tiara


InCharacter is a mom and pop shop you can trust – but with a huge selection of specialty costumes. Their products are widely sold in specialty costume stores. You can always count on InCharacter costumes for premium quality fabrics and comfortable designs you can feel as soon as you put them on.

With this elegant princess costume, you can tell the difference before you even put it on. The full-length dress and hoop petticoat are made for softness and comfort you can only get with satin. The full outfit includes long white gloves, a jeweled choker and sequined tiara.

But InCharacter has more than princess dresses, so let's take a look at some of their other options:

  • Mermaid
  • Racy Robin Hood
  • Seductive Vampire
  • Charming School Dropout
  • Naughty Police Officer
  • Dark Angel
  • "Whitchful" Thinking
  • Gorgeous Gladiator
The Disguise Frozen Anna Costume is just one of the many character costumes you can get from Disguise to instantly become your favorite character, featuring accurate details and an authentic cape. Looking for another character? Disguise has got plenty of options including a sassy and sexy version of Disney's Snow White.

Disguise Women's Frozen Anna Traveling Deluxe Costume with Dress & Cape


Disguise is a leader in the Halloween industry, based in San Diego. Their team of passionate designers, sculptors and stylists work to adapt popular characters into costume replicas so you can embody your heroes. Since being purchased by Jakks, a leading USA Toy company, their collection has expanded to include even more licensed role-play options.

This particular costume is just one of many characters you can play with Disguise. It features Anna's classic dress and a pink cape to pull it together. One user had a great time wearing this costume to Disney Land's Halloween party, where she got compliments about the costume's accuracy from Disney employees!

Get your imagination running with some more Halloween ideas from Disguise. Here's some of the costumes that are available:

  • Elsa from Frozen
  • Brilliantly Bewitched
  • Cinderella
  • Marvel's Black Widow
  • Luigi
  • Dragon Ninja
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Dory from Finding Nemo
  • Pink Power Ranger
  • Evil Sorceress

How to Choose the Best Easy and Cute Halloween Costumes for Women

Are you angry? Cute? Funny? Perky? A Halloween costume is an excellent way to showcase your “other” side by hiding behind something really scary, wacky or fun. When it comes to Halloween, women have an added advantage as they can simply find their style by thinking about their wardrobe and what is comfortable for them. Think of dresses, skirts, shorts, pants and hosiery with a mixture of shoes and other accessories like cosplay wigs that will give you the widest spectrum of possibilities.

Women’s Halloween costumes run from sassy to sexy and cute; you’ll find something for every taste and preference. Furthermore, women can opt for adult versions of some of the outfits meant for kids, for instance Disney and animal styles.

So, how do you choose the best women’s Halloween costume? With the largest collection of unique costumes on the web, searching for the perfect look can prove to be hectic. Also, every individual has their own sense of taste and style, and each has their own reasons for wearing a costume. Perhaps you want something a bit sexy to finally capture the attention of that special someone. Or maybe you’re looking for a cute dress to take your children trick-or-treating without freezing to death. Or maybe you’re just not sure what you want yet – chances are, you’ll know the perfect costume when you see it.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a Halloween costume for women is to go for one that will make you feel comfortable and confident. You can go for full coverage costumes or go with the more daring sultry outfits, depending on what suits your personality and sense of fashion. Don’t forget to read our reviews on the best kids’ Halloween costumes to help you choose a suitable costume for your kids. No one should be left out during this Halloween season!

Let’s go into detail on the factors to look out for when choosing a women’s Halloween costume before jumping straight to our picks.


Video: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes | Glamour

A look back at the last hundred years of women's Halloween costumes. | Courtesy of Glamour

Women’s Halloween costumes range from cheap to overly expensive, so it pays to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend. When buying, always confirm what is included in the package as some outfits are better deals with add-ons than others. For instance, a costume containing a wig, hat, belt, and pants is a better deal if you can get the whole thing for a single price. At the same time, a single dress could be going for the same amount as the package, so you will have to figure out what’s important to you and what fits your budget. Generally, prepare to spend around $10-$100 for a decent costume. Avoid very cheap women’s Halloween costumes made from low quality materials that may not live up to your expectations.


Every Halloween season comes with a different theme and appearing in your previous costume is probably not a good idea. The good thing is that there’s a variety of Halloween costume options to make you look different, and on a budget. Here are some of the features to consider when buying a Halloween costume for women:

  • Size – As it is with every other outfit, size is a very important consideration when buying a Halloween costume. Go for something that will fit perfectly without being too tight or too lose. Remember this is a day of fun and you don’t want to spend it worrying about discomfort caused by your costume.
  • Accessories – Halloween costumes come with various accessories such as jewelry, shoes, wigs, gloves, masks, and much more. Use the right accessories to create the character that you want to be.
  • Consider the weather – It is good to be prepared for any weather, whether it’s rain, shine or hail. Have a costume that you can have a poncho, raincoat and rain boots thrown over if need be. Avoid a heavy costume, jacket, or thick leggings if it’s hot.
Construction and Design

Women’s Halloween costumes come with a number of accessories to complete different looks. Let’s look at these accessories in details.

  • Halloween wigs – Some Halloween costumes require a wig to crown the desired look. There’s a wide selection of wigs of all colors and styles including neon, white, black, long, short – you just have to choose one that goes well with your outfit.
  • Halloween masks – You can achieve a terrifying look this Halloween season by donning a scary mask. Choose one of the latest latex scare masks like the Batman Zombie mask, Halloween Whispers mask, night fiend animated mask, and the Dark Night mask among others.
  • Halloween makeup kits – Give your Halloween costume some finishing touches by using makeup. The package may contain fake eye lashes, clown makeup, color sprays and much more. Consider custom-made lip covers and lip gloss if you are attending special Halloween events.
  • Halloween costume wings – Angel wings may come in handy if you want to achieve a fairy dust look. Also consider ladybug wings, dragonfly wings, or butterfly wings. If you desire a kiddish look, consider fairy wings in a variety of colors or pixie wings with a splash of pixie dust.


Video: 100 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas | CloeCouture

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas. | Courtesy of CloeCouture
Performance and Ease of Use

Women’s Halloween costumes are available in a variety of designs, and finding the perfect one may seem daunting. However, the most important consideration is to go for something comfortable, breathable, and easy to put on. Finding the perfect fit can be a challenge, but some manufacturers offer fabulous costume materials you can tailor-make to a perfect size.

While we encourage you to be confident in whatever you choose to wear, it’s good to note that some outfits such as jumpsuits can be a bit intimidating, especially for the plus size ladies. They tend to tighten up in the wrong places, not forgetting they can equally bunch up in those awkward points. All in all, simply pick the right fabric and you will still rock that cat-suit and shine with confidence all night long.

It’s good to also consider the durability of your costume. Decide whether you want a one-time costume or one you can use again the next season and choose a material based on that. For a one-time costume, you can go for any good-looking fabric without bothering about its durability or washability. But, if you intend to use it again, go for strong fabrics that are also machine-washable and will not fade or shrink after every wash.

Get the Best Halloween Costume For Women of 2023!

Consider style and fit before purchasing a new costume. If you're concerned about the fit, look at Amazon reviews where real users explain how well each size fits on certain body types. That way, you can have fun, feel comfortable and look good all Halloween long.

Our Top Choice
California Costumes Halloween Costumes for Women – Pirate and Many More
Best Value
Rubie's Halloween Costumes for Women - Supergirl (Or Pick Your Favorite Hero)
Leg Avenue Halloween Costumes for Women - Pretty Paratrooper & Others
InCharacter Halloween Costumes for Women - Enchanting Princess (& Plenty More)
Disguise Halloween Costumes for Women – Frozen Princess Anna (and Many More)

Halloween Costume For Women FAQs

What are the best Halloween costumes for short women?
The best Halloween costumes for short women are those that fit perfectly. Halloween costumes come in different sizes, meaning even short women should find a fitting outfit. All it takes is checking that the costume is of the right size. Our buying guide will help make a decision.
What are the best Halloween costumes for women who wear eyeglasses?
The best Halloween costumes for women who wear eyeglasses are those that do not cover the face. Such women could try out dresses, wings, jumpsuit, superheroine tops, and so on. Even so, avoiding masks would be such a good idea.
Is it better to buy Halloween costumes for women or hire?
Whether you buy or hire Halloween costumes depends on several things. First, you should consider your budget – the cost of hiring a Halloween costume is lower than that of buying one. Second, you must consider whether the costume you want is available for sale or hire. In that case, you have to go with the offer on the table.