Best Women’s Hoodie Reviews 2022

So you’ve decided to buy a hoodie but aren’t finding it easy because of all the products that are in the market. The thought of browsing through all these products to get the one that’s best for you is almost discouraging you from even making an attempt. We feel your pain and that’s why we’ve taken the time to conduct a thorough research to bring you a shortlist that’ll make your shopping experience less stressful. We’ve shortlisted five products from five reputable brands; these brands have more than one product in this category but for the purpose of this review, we’re featuring only one product per brand. However, as you read this review, you’ll come across other products by the brands. We encourage you to check them out; you never know, it may be the exact product you’ve been looking for. Have no fear about the quality of the products because we always endeavor to review only products from brands that have built a reputation of putting out only good quality and products that perform as advertised.
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Our Top Choice
Adidas Women's Pullover Hoodie
Adidas is a leader in the sports wear industry. Its products are designed to make athletes the best they can be and perform at the highest level possible.
Strong yet soft fabric. Resists shrinkage or stretching. Easily washable. Hood made in heat-locking ClimaWarm®. Classic fit. Adidas logo on left chest.
The sleeves don’t have elastics at the wrists; impossible to roll them up.
100% Polyester
12 colors
2 kangaroo pockets
Best Value
Zeagoo Women's Pullover Hoodie
Zeagoo is a manufacturer of top quality yet affordable fashion items and accessories that are in demand all over the world.
Combination of top quality and comfortable materials. Hoodie has no drawstring. Raglan sleeves. Slim fit cut that stops at the hips. Patchwork design. Stretchy sleeves.
Sizing is small so you must consult sizing chart before placing an order.
S; M; L; XL
35% Cotton/65% Polyester
4 colors
No pockets
Under Armour Women's Wintersweet Hoodie
Under Armour manufactures sports clothing and gear that keep athletes dry, cool and light, thereby enhancing their performance.
Under Armour Storm Technology for water-resistance. Fabric has the signature moisture transport system. Extended length. Unobtrusive 3-piece hood. Warm and comfy material.
There’s too much static when you take it off.
XS; S; M; L; XL
100% polyester
11 colors
2 side pockets
The North Face Half Dome Women's Hoodie
The North Face makes clothing and equipment for extreme outdoor sports and activities. Its products are designed to enhance performance and enable customers to continue exploring their own unique worlds.
Jersey-lined hood. Ribbed waistband and cuffs. Raglan sleeves. Logo printed with water-based screen print. Made with breathable material. Easy to wash. Very warm, but not stuffy.
Runs small, so you have to size up your order.
XS; S; M; L; XL; XXL
57% cotton/43% polyester
18 colors
2 kangaroo pockets
Hanes Jersey Women's Zip Hoodie
Hanes is a trustworthy brand with ethical and humane business practices. It offers a wide variety of top quality clothing items and seeks to always satisfy its customers.
Tag- free collar. Hood with adjustable drawstring. Full zip in front with wide cuffs and waistbands. Pouch or kangaroo pockets. Easy to wash. Lightweight.
It’s thinner than may be expected.
S; M; L; XL; XXL
100% Cotton
8 colors
2 kangaroo pockets

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What is the Best Women’s Hoodie?

Can one truthfully claim that a particular product is the best women’s hoodie available? We think not! No matter how wonderful a product is, there’s no how it can qualify as the best because the value of a product depends on the particular needs of the customer. So how would one get the best product available? You can only do this by taking careful note of all the features discussed so that you’ll know what to look out for when you go shopping. It’s only when you get a product with the right features that you need that you can say that you’ve gotten the best women’s hoodie.
Our Top Choice
The Adidas Women’s Pullover Hoodie is a fine sweatshirt that’s made to give you the liberty to carry on your daily activities even on a chilly day by keeping you warm and not allowing the cold weather to stop or slow you down. If you’re looking for a more affordable hoodie, check out the Adidas Women's Athletics 365 Pullover Hoodie.

Adidas Fleece Pullover Women's Hoodie – Available in 12 Colors and 7 Sizes

Adidas is a brand that’s well known for its involvement in the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic games, but that’s not all that its known for; its brand mark is known as “The Badge of Sport”. Following in the spirit of its founding father Adi Dassler, whose major goal was to make athletes better at their sports, it continues to innovate to manufacture high performance sports products. It has a strong connection and a distinguished history with sports. Its mission is to be the best sports product brand globally; that’s why all its products are sports-related and engineered to help athletes be their best and achieve the highest levels of performance.

The Adidas Women’s Pullover Hoodie is a beautiful sweatshirt that’s designed to give you the liberty to carry on your daily activities even on a chilly day. It keeps you warm and doesn’t allow the cold weather to slow you down or disrupt your day. It’s made with 100% polyester that’s strong, soft and crisp; it resists shrinkage or stretching and is easily washable. You can also dry clean it, and it’ll come out wrinkle-free. The long sleeves come with thumb holes while the 2 kangaroo pockets sit on the lower part of the hoodie.

This fine hoodie has many other great features that include the following:
  • Hood made in heat-locking ClimaWarm® – According to Adidas, “ClimaWarm® is lightweight, breathable insulation that keeps you dry and comfortable in cold weather conditions by using densely woven synthetic fibers to trap warm air close to the skin”
  • Kangaroo pocket – This pocket is open on either sides and is large enough to fit both of your hands. This provides a place for you to place your hands to receive warmth
  • Hood with cuffed hem – This prevents the hem from fraying and also allows you to repair any potential fray without noticeable alteration of the hood
  • Hood lined with ventilated material – This enhances the ClimaWarm feature of the hood and keeps you warm without sweat or stuffiness
  • Hood with drawstring – The drawstring allows you to adjust the hood to the fit that’s comfortable for your head
  • Classic fit – Even though it’s not fitted, the hoodie has clear lines that provide a good fit to the wearer
  • Comes with Adidas logo on the left chest – Ensure that your purchase has this logo to be sure that you’re getting the authentic item
For your convenience, this hoodie comes in 12 stylish colors and 7 sizes for you to choose from.
Best Value
The Zeagoo Women's Hoodie is a comfortable sweatshirt that’s suitable for different occasions and weather conditions. It’s great for layering on a slightly windy or chilly day and can be combined with a variety of clothing items. If you’re looking for a jacket that’s suited for rain and harsher weather, we recommend the Zeagoo Women’s Lightweight Rain Jacket.

Zeagoo Women's Pullover Hoodie – Available in 4 Colors and Small, Large, and X-Large Sizes

Zeagoo is a manufacturer of fashion products that include coats, footwear, girdles, gloves, gym suits, hats, hosiery, jackets, layettes, overcoats, pajamas, sashes, scarves, shirts, singlets, skirts, shorts, T-shirts, trousers and dresses. Its products are made with top quality materials and are in demand globally; it ensures that though these products are of premium quality, they’re easily accessible and affordable. It has a team of efficient customer care personnel who help customers with sizing, placing orders and any other issue that arises in the course of their shopping. With Zeagoo, you’re assured of trending fashion items and accessories as well as hassle-free shopping.

The Zeagoo Women's Hoodie is a comfortable sweatshirt that’s suitable for different occasions and weather. It’s an item of clothing that’s neither too casual nor too dressy, and can be combined with leggings, jean trousers or shorts, short skirts or any other clothing you can think of. It’s also great for layering on a slightly chilly or windy day and would also work in early winter, spring or fall.

This lovely outfit has many more features and some of them include:
  • Combination of top quality material; 65% polyester and 35% cotton – This makes the sweatshirt soft and comfortable. It also makes it durable and resistant to shrinkage
  • Pullover style – This makes it a perfect layering garment. Because you don’t have any zippers or buttons to contend with, you can easily use a jacket or top coat over it
  • Hoodie has no drawstring – This saves you the hassle of trying to restring the drawstring if it pulls out, and once you get the right size for you, you’re assured of a snug comfy fit
  • Raglan sleeves – The long sleeves are made like the sleeves of an overcoat or top coat and this provides additional style and warmth
  • Slim fit cut that stops at the hips – The cut elongated the body and also accentuates the feminine curves of the wearer
  • Patchwork pattern – This pattern livens the hoodie up, as opposed to a plain gray or blue or any other single-colored hoodie
For your convenience, this hoodie comes in 4 cool colors and small, large, and X-large sizes.
The Under Armour Women's Hoodie is made with sweater-knit fabric that’s soft, warm and feels great on the body. It’s comfortable and resistant to wrinkles and adapts to the wearer without irritating her skin. If you’re looking for a pullover hoodie, you can check out the Under Armour Women's Big Logo Applique Hoodie, which comes in an enormous XL size.

Under Armour Women's Wintersweet Full Zip Hoodie – Available in 11 Colors and 10 Sizes

Under Armour was founded by an ex football player in 1996 and is known as the pioneer manufacturer of performance-enhancing sports clothing and gear. Kevin Plank understood that athletes needed clothing that help keep them dry, cool and light, whether they’re practicing, working out or in the heat of a game. He started with just an idea to manufacture a T-shirt that’d provide compression and remove sweat from the skin instead of absorbing it; shirts that are designed to regulate body temperature and boost performance. But today it’s grown to become a brand with complex technology that produces simple yet functional products. Its mission is to manufacture products that make every athlete better at what they do, and it endeavors to do this through its passion, designs and an endless quest for innovation. This ensures that you get products that are on the cutting edge of technology and always relevant for every season.

The Under Armour Women's Hoodie is made with sweater knit material that’s soft, warm and feels great against the skin. The fabric makes the hoodie comfortable and resistant to wrinkles and gives it a fit that adapts to the wearer’s body without irritation. This cool sweatshirt is suitable to wear at different occasions and seasons and provides you with an outfit that’s not too casual or too dressy. It’s great for those times when you don’t want to dress up and also need to keep warm.

This hoodie is loaded with many more features, and some of them are:
  • Under Armour Storm Technology – This makes the hoodie highly resistant against water or moisture and suitable to wear in all kinds of weather conditions
  • Fabric has the signature moisture transport system – This allows the fabric to remove sweat from the wearer and dry fast, keeping the wearer dry and light
  • Extended length – This provides more coverage and warmth on cold days
  • Low-profile 3-piece hood – Provides a snug and better fit for the wearer
  • Kangaroo pockets – This provides additional warmth for your hands and also adds to the style of the hoodie
For your convenience, this hoodie comes in 11 stylish colors and no fewer than 10 different sizes for you to choose from.
The North Face Women’s Hoodie is a comfortable and warm sweatshirt that’s stylish and lightweight. It’s ideal for layering in cold or extreme weather and has a great fit. If you’re looking for a hoodie for your man, you can check out The North Face Men's Half Dome Hoodie; we’re sure he’ll love it just as much as you love yours!

The North Face Half Dome Full Zip Women's Hoodie – Available in 18 Colors and 5 Sizes

The North Face is named after the harshest and coldest side of a mountain, and it came from the inspiration that two hikers got on a cold mountain trail to open a retail store for mountaineering gear. Right from the outset, The North Face was dedicated to the service of everyone who loves nature and also to the conservation of natural wild lands. After two years of operation, it began to design and manufacture its own mountaineering clothing ad gear and through the years, it has remained consistent in innovating and pushing the boundaries of technology to provide outdoor gear that enable its customers to never stop exploring.

Its products enhance high performance for backpackers, rock climbers, trail runners, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. It continues to shape the outdoor products industry by its trend-setting products. It’s also proud that world-renowned and accomplished snowboarders, extreme skiers, endurance runners, mountaineers choose its products for their adventures and expeditions. After fifty years of operation, it provides a diverse and wide range of high performing outdoor clothing and gear and it looks forward to greater accomplishments in the years to come.

The North Face Women’s Hoodie is a comfortable and warm sweatshirt that’s stylish and lightweight. It’s made with breathable material that’s easy to wash and maintain. It’s ideal for layering in cold or extreme weather and has a complimentary fit. This cool sweatshirt offers you a piece of clothing that’s convenient to wear and still allows you to look stylish; very ideal for those days when you’re not in the mood to go the whole nine yards.

This hoodie has many other features, some of which are the following:
  • Hood that’s jersey lined – This makes the hood comfortable and warm without being stuffy
  • Kangaroo pockets – They’re large enough to accommodate your hands and provide warmth on cold days
  • Ribbed waistband and cuffs – This allows the hoodie to adhere well to the wearer at the wrists and waist
  • Raglan sleeves – This overcoat style of sleeves adds to the style of the hoodie and also provides extra warmth for your arms
  • Logo is printed with water-based screen print – This makes the logo durable and it wouldn’t run even when you wash the sweatshirt. It also helps you to identify original products
For your convenience, this hoodie comes in an impressive 18 different colors to choose from, and can be ordered in 5 unique sizes.
The Hanes Women’s Hoodie comes in handy on days when you don’t feel like dressing up but also don’t want to look sloppy or unstylish either. This casual yet stylish sweatshirt provides convenience, comfort and ease of dressing. Looking for a his and her’s purchase? You can add the Hanes Men's Full-Zip EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie to your order.

Hanes Slub Jersey Women's Zip Hoodie – Available in 8 Colors and 5 Sizes

Hanes, a manufacturer of all types of clothing and fashion items, was established in 1901 and it has a far reaching history of excellent products, innovation and recognition for the brand. Its products are widely recognized and appreciated in a majority of American homes. It revolutionized the way active underwear was made and also has a number of “firsts” to its name, one of which is pioneering TV adverts for underwear with its advert for the Playtex bra. Over the years it has acquired the following brands: Gear for Sports and Knights, Maidenform Brands, DBApparel in Europe and Apparel in the United States.

Hanes is a socially-responsible brand that takes enormous pride in its reputation as a brand with ethical and humane business practices. It has won several awards as a testimony to this and it continues to work hard to consistently maintain that reputation and also to positively impact its staff, stakeholders and the community it operates from.

There are days when you don’t just feel like dressing up but you don’t want to look sloppy or unstylish either. The Hanes Women’s Hoodie comes in handy; it’s a casual yet stylish sweatshirt that provides convenience, comfort and ease of dressing. The lightweight design makes it ideal for layering and allows you to keep warm on slightly chilly or windy days. The 100% cotton slub jersey makes it durable, soft, warm and comfortable; it makes it also resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage.

This is a wonderful hoodie that has many more features; some of them are listed below:
  • Tag-free collar – This makes it comfortable as most tags can be scratchy and irritating
  • Hood with adjustable drawstring – The drawstring allows you to adjust the hood to the fit you want
  • Full zip in front with wide cuffs and waistbands – This design makes the hoodie comfortable and easy to wear and also makes it sit nicely on the wearer
  • Pouch or kangaroo pockets – This provides a comfortable spot for your hands and is adequate for them. The pockets also provide extra warmth for your hands
  • Easy to wash – It’s easy to wash because it’s machine-washable
For your convenience, this hoodie comes in 8 beautiful colors and 5 sizes for you to choose from.

How Do I Choose the Best Women’s Hoodie?

Simply defined, a hoodie is a sweatshirt that has a hood. Hoodies are designed with different materials, in different styles and sizes. They can be worn for different activities and at different seasons. A hoodie is appropriate for workout at the gym; if you’ll be using your home gym, you may not bother so much about the design and style of the hoodie but if you’re going to a gym outside your home then you’ll probably be concerned about the design, style and fit. (We hear the gym is a good place to hook up! Hmmm, one more reason to get a stylish hoodie.)

As we said earlier, a hoodie is a versatile piece of clothing and can be won almost anywhere. If you’re planning a hiking or mountaineering trip, you probably know already that you need a hiking backpack, a hiking shoe and mountaineering supplies that go in the backpack. Let’s also remind you that not all hoodies would be appropriate for your trip; remember to look for a lightweight hoodie that fits snugly so that you don’t have excess weight on your person or anything that’d encumber your movement. Hoodies that have the features to wick sweat from the body without absorbing it and also the ability to dry fast are also appropriate for such trips.

Hoodies are also perfect for layering; as the weather turns and becomes colder, it’s time to either dig out the ones you haven’t been using or go get new ones. You can wear the ones that have full zippers with a shirt or top of any type underneath while the pullover designs can work well with overcoats or heated jackets.

A hoodie can be a fashion statement or a statement of class or social status; that’s why there are those that are designed with glitz and glam and also have bold logos of designer and notable brands. That’s the type that you can confidently wear to hang out with friends or a concert or Friday night date.

Some older women assume that hoodies are for young girls but the truth is that there are hoodies for every age category. The different styles, designs and sizes ensure that every woman can get a hoodie that suits her.
Hoodies vary in price just like any other product, and this variation in price is based on several factors that include material, features and brand. Hoodies made with top quality material are usually costlier than those made with inferior materials. Some brands employ technology to add features that make their products perform better than others; these features add value to the hoodies and make them cost more than those without these or other features.

We all know that products by renowned and reputable brands that appear on national TV, Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and such games and tournaments cannot be in the same price range as those by no-name brands. Most people see it as a statement of pride or social relevance to have clothing items and fashion accessories that bear the stamp or logo of these popular brands so their products become high end items.

Just as there are high end products, there are also cheap women’s hoodies, but we always advise against anyone making price the most important determinant for their choice. You don’t want to get a hoodie that’ll shrink, or get overly wrinkled, or would be difficult to wash and maintain or wouldn’t last long. To avoid these, stay within the $15 and $100 range – You can aim higher, though, not lower.

That said, the brands and products featured in this review are tested and proven and bound to give you good value for your money so have no fear about choosing any product based on this review.
A women’s hoodie is a staple item in every woman’s wardrobe and goes a long way to provide warmth, comfort and convenience. There are many features that make a hoodie beneficial to the owner and if these features are absent then you wouldn’t get the best out of your purchase.

Here are some of the features that mustn’t be comprised when you go shopping for a hoodie:
  • Size – Choosing the right size determines the kind of fit you get
  • Material – This determines the durability of the hoodie and what weather it’s suitable for
  • Color – It’s generally believed that men’s hoodies come in darker colors than women’s hoodies; choose the color that best suits you
  • Design – Look out for hoodies that are stylish and will make you feel comfortable in them
  • Style – You can choose a hoodie based on where you want to wear them to; this determines the appropriate style
  • Fit – This is different from the size because your size might not fit you as much as you want or the design may not be the right fit for you
Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of the features of a hoodie, this list covers the essentials. Let’s now see how these features would benefit the user.
Construction and Design
Hoodies are essentially made with cotton, polyester, jersey, fleece or a mix of two or more of these materials. The material used to make the hoodie would determine many things about it; these include its level of insulation, durability, comfort and quality of appearance.

100% cotton provides the highest level of durability and comfort it but may not be water– or weatherproof. A combination of cotton and polyester can provide a level of water resistance while also retaining durability and comfort. Materials such as fleece are most commonly used for the hood of the hoodie, which provides a higher level of warmth and adds to the style and appearance of the sweatshirt.

The basic thing to do before shopping for a hoodie is to determine where you want to wear the hoodie, the reason why you bought it and what you expect from it. If you’re just looking for a hoodie for chilly days (just for warmth) then you may not be overly be concerned with the style and design. You may be looking at the level of insulation it provides and your best bet may be a mix of cotton and fleece. Cotton exterior and fleece lining with long raglan sleeves provide adequate warmth.

A kangaroo pocket is also a feature that provides warmth because you’ll be able to place both hands in the pocket and out of the cold. If you’re buying a hoodie for the gym or some other sporting activities, you should look out for a hoodie that has the ability to extract sweat from the body without absorbing it and is fast drying. This would help to keep you dry, cool and light; hoodies without this feature would absorb the sweat and become sticky and heavier.

If you’re one of those people looking for a hoodie that’s a fashion statement, you may look out for brands that are embellished with glitz and glam and colorful logos and also those that feature slim cut designs. Some hoodies are specially designed to fit snugly while others are made to fit loosely. Snug fit designs are best appreciated by athletes or those who are looking to make a fashion statement. The advantage of the slim cut for the athlete is that the hoodie would not inhibit the movement of the wearer. Hoodies with loose fit are great for layering and would allow the wearer to have a shirt, or different type of top underneath it to provide warmth on windy, chilly or cold days.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before choosing a hoodie, think of the color that’s best suited to you or that’ll best complement your wardrobe. Men’s hoodies are usually darker and have looser fitting than women’s hoodies and if you want a hoodie that you can layer, you might decide to choose something that’s loose. This might mean ordering a size or two up or ordering a men’s hoodie; however, sizing up would most times get you the kind of fit that you want. If you want something that’ll complement your wardrobe, you’ll do well to choose feminine colors.

A drawstring is a good feature that allows you to adjust the hood to the fit that suits you but it can also become a pain if the drawstring pulls out and you have to reattach it. There are different types of hoodies; full zipper in front, half zipper, front buttons or pullovers. Each has its advantage and disadvantage and you may choose one of these designs based on the convenience or benefit you derive from it. The full zipper in front makes for ease of dressing, and so also do the ones with full front buttons. The ones with half zipper in front are almost as convenient while the pullover style, though not as convenient to wear as the others, makes layering easier.

Ease of maintenance is an important factor to consider. Some hoodies shrink while other lose their shape when you wash them; this may be due to the material or the fact that you neglected to follow the washing instructions. Look out for the cleaning instructions that come with the garment and determine whether you’ll be able to adhere to them; this might affect its durability.

Get the Best Women’s Hoodie of 2022!

Thanks for taking the time to read to the end of this review. We are optimistic that you have gathered enough information about the best women’s hoodies that’ll enable you to make the right choice when you go shopping. Hurry now that the information is still fresh in your memory and make your purchase. We assure you that you’ll be happy with any choice made based on this review. Happy shopping!

Our Top Choice
Adidas Women's Pullover Hoodie
Best Value
Zeagoo Women's Pullover Hoodie
Under Armour Women's Wintersweet Hoodie
The North Face Half Dome Women's Hoodie
Hanes Jersey Women's Zip Hoodie