Best Women's Long Underwear Reviews 2022

Thermal underwear is a great investment for someone who wants to stay warm and comfortable during cold winters. We picked five options from some of the best women’s long underwear brands out there in order to offer you a great field of choice. Check out these outfits and decide which underwear is best for you. Remember, if the featured product isn't for you, check out what else these great brands have to offer!
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Our Top Choice
Cuddl Duds Thermal Long Sleeve Crew
Cuddl Duds is a great choice for the cold winter days because it is designed to create layers to keep you warm while providing comfort and style at the same time.
It absorbs moisture so you can play sports during the winter without concern. It is made of a comfortable and soft fabric.
One complaint that it is not available in junior sizes as well.
Multiple colors/designs
54% polyester, 46% cotton
Quickly absorbs moisture
Best Value
Rocky Women's Thermal Set Underwear
Rocky provides quality and innovation through its large range of products which fulfill all its customers’ needs. It is a great Amazon supplier and has mainly 5-star products.
It retains body heat and keeps you warm during cold days. It has shrinkage control so you won’t have to worry about it losing its shape or size.
One complaint that the waist elastic is tight.
Multiple colors available
55% Cotton 45% Polyester
Under Armor ColdGear Compression Mock
Under Armour started by creating a T-shirt that provided compression and wicked off perspiration. It was founded in 1996 and its goal is to keep athletes dry comfortable.
The fabric retains body heat and maintains the core temperature. It wicks off perspiration and keeps you dry.
One complaint that the neck is tight.
87% polyester, 13% elastane
Brushback knit
Ekouaer Women's Long Thermal Underwear
Ekouaer is a great Amazon supplier of professional lingerie and corsets. It pays attention to details and is committed to providing its customers premium service along with quality and style.
It is double-layered in order to keep you warm and provide more comfort. It also wicks off moisture which makes it ideal for winter sports.
One complaint that the neck line is a little steep.
95% cotton, 5% elastane
Moisture wicking
Just Love Thermal Underwear Set for Girls
Just Love is a great Amazon supplier which provides qualitative products for kids and women in order to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.
It is made to last and doesn’t lose its shape, size, or color in the washing machine. It has elastic bands at the waist, wrists, and ankles.
One complaint that it doesn’t come in neutral colors as well.
Multiple colors available
60% cotton, 40% polyester
Machine washable

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What is the Best Women's Long Underwear?

Long thermal underwear is a must-have, but you can’t just buy the first one you find. You have to see first what it has to offer. A good pair of thermal underwear has to be able to retain body heat and wick off perspiration to keep you dry. Moreover, you have to take into consideration if it’s comfortable, durable, and if it will fit your body properly.
Our Top Choice
The Cuddl Duds Women's Winter Thermal Long Underwear is a real friend during the winter, being comfortable, nice-fitting, and soft on the skin. This model is available in 2 size options. If you want one for your daughter as well then go for the Cuddl Duds Girls Thermal Set which is available in 5 color options and multiple sizes.

Cuddl Duds Women's Winter Thermal Long Underwear Base Layering Set - Multiple Sizes and Colors Available

Cuddl Duds is all about layers and providing warmth during the winter with super soft and stylish fabrics. Cuddl Duds addresses the entire family and is sure their products are what you need to get through the frosty winter days. No matter how much you have to stay outside in the cold, the quality, innovative textiles, performance technologies, and modern functions will keep you warm. Cuddl Duds’ products perform important functions, such as temperature control when it is cold. On Amazon you can find the latest colors and prints in many different styles from Cuddl Duds.

We wholeheartedly recommend to you the Cuddl Duds Women's Winter Thermal Long underwear set which contains a long-sleeve top, and long pants. The cold winter days won’t be so hard to take anymore because of its great layering. Moreover, the set will provide a superior fit along with comfort because of the soft microfiber composition. This particular model is available in 3 colors (purple, deep black, and ivory) as well as 4 sizes: small, medium, large and X-large. They offer similar thermal underwear in other colors and designs as well.

Let’s see more of its characteristics:
  • Lightweight and soft.
  • Ideal for winter sports.
  • Absorbs moisture in order to keep you dry.
  • Comfortable material.
Best Value
Finding the right color has never been so easy. The Rocky Women's Thermal Long Underwear Set is available in 17 different colors and it contains 55% cotton, so you have plenty of choices at your disposal! If you prefer a fleece set for boys then take a look at the Rocky Boy's Fleece Thermal Underwear which is also available in 5 color options.

Rocky Women's Thermal Long John Underwear Set - Top and Bottom, Smooth Knit, Multiple Colors Available

Rocky is a great supplier on Amazon. It provides more than 6000 products which mostly have 4 or 5-star ratings. The products are varied, from men and women’s underwear, work boots, waterproof jackets, and robes to iPhone glass screen protectors, remotes, and even boxing gloves. Rocky is a very trusted brand that offers quality and innovation, and its clients enjoy a large range of great-rated items from which they can choose.

The Rocky Women's Thermal Long Underwear Set is a must-have during the cold weather. It has 3 functions: it can be used either as underwear, sleepwear, or sportswear. It is lightweight, keeps you warm, and also has a stylish design with double-layered cuffs at the end of the sleeves and the bottoms as well.

Check out its other characteristics as well:
  • Available in 17 different colors, including hot pink, purple, red, royal blue, and many more.
  • It retains body heat in order to keep you warm.
  • Plain knit.
  • Shrinkage control to maintain the size and shape.
  • Exact fit and comfortable.
The Under Armour Women's ColdGear Compression Mock is created to maintain heat and keep you dry. It is available in 3 color options and multiple sizes. If you also need bottoms to go with this top, we recommend you the Under Armour ClutchFit Legging which is also available in 2 colors and 2 sizes.

Under Armor Women's ColdGear Compression Mock - Made from Soft Smooth Fabric, 3 Colors Available

Under Armour was founded in 1996. The initial plan was to manufacture a superior T-shirt which was supposed to provide compression and wick off the perspiration instead of absorbing it, like usual T-shirts. Under Armour originated from great performance and its main purpose is to keep athletes dry and fresh the entire time. It has many products which address men, women, and kids, and also produces garb suitable for each season. A very large share of Under Armour products are at clients’ disposal on Amazon as well.

The Under Armour Women's ColdGear Compression Mock is ideal for winter when you have to go out a lot in dreadfully low temperatures. The fabric provides comfort and maintains your body temperature while wicking off the sweat in order to keep you dry throughout the day.

Find out more about this product:
  • Available in 3 different colors: black, midnight/silver/navy, and black/aluminum.
  • Soft fabric for superior comfort and performance.
  • Brushback knit which retains body heat.
  • It keeps you dry.
The Ekouaer Women's Long Thermal Underwear is ideal for keeping you warm during frosty winter days and is available in 2 colors and multiple sizes. If you prefer a long neck top, take a look at the Ekouaer Women Thermal Underwear Set which is available in black or magenta colors.

Ekouaer Women's Long Thermal Underwear - Fleece Lined, Winter Base Layering Set, Available in Multiple Sizes and 2 Colors

Ekouaer is a professional shop of lingerie and corsets on Amazon which is committed to providing quality and superior service to their customers. Ekouaer manufactures men and women’s underwear, shapewear, panties, and bras which bring comfort, quality, and style with a variety of patterns and details. On Amazon, Ekouaer has more than 300 products available, most of them having 4 or 5-star ratings.

The Ekouaer Women's Long Thermal Underwear is a double-layered set consisting of a long-sleeve top, and fleece-lined bottoms. It provides warmth and comfort while wicking off moisture. It is thick which makes it ideal for winter days as a base beneath the clothes or when you play winter sports. The soft fabric makes it a great pajama set for home as well. This model is also available in multiple sizes as well, from small to XXX-large.

Let’s see more of its features:
  • Available in 2 colors: black and grey.
  • 2-layer construction.
  • Wicks off perspiration.
  • Elastic waist.
The Just Love Thermal Underwear Set for Girls is ideal for keeping your child warm during the winter and it comes in 6 nice colors that kids like. This model is also available in numerous sizes as well. If you want a long underwear set for adults, check out the Just Love Women's Thermal Underwear Set which is available in 6 colors and multiple sizes.

Just Love Thermal Underwear Set for Girls - Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

Just Love is a provider of comfort, quality, and warmth during the cold winter days. It produces pajamas for kids and women which are either classical or cute animal design jumpsuits. Also, it manufactures medical scrubs and even dresses, boleros, and other normal clothes. On Amazon, there are more than 100 products from Just Love and almost all of them have high ratings.

The Just Love Thermal Underwear Set for Girls is ideal for little ones who love to play the entire day outside in the snow. It is made of non-irritating fabric especially for them and keeps them comfortable and warm. It is soft, so kids will love to wear it and it is also a great idea for a nice and comfy pajama set at home. You can also pick from several sizes for this model, depending on the age of your child, such as 5-6 years old, 7-8 years old, and more.

Check out this product's specifications:
  • 6 colors available: lime, blue, coral, lilac, pastel pink, and pink.
  • Keeps the kids warm and it feels nice on the skin.
  • It is durable and doesn’t ruin in the washing machine.
  • Elastic bands at the waist, wrist, and ankle.
  • Non-transparent material.

How Do I Choose the Best Women's Long Underwear?

Winter is almost here and the cold is beginning to bite. As the temperatures continue to fall, it’s time to invest in space warmers such as electric or oil heaters to keep your house cozy. It’s also time to prepare for exciting winter games such as skiing and snowboarding. So, if you love skiing, this is the best time to replace your old ski boots or grab new ski goggles. But above all, you need to keep warm, and this is where women’s long underwear comes in.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going out for an errand or sports, thermal underwear plays a critical role in keeping your skin dry and warm. This piece of clothing traps body heat close to the skin, thereby preventing hypothermia. These base layer garments for women come in varying fabric weights, which determine how they are used.
The price of thermal undergarments depends on the type of fabric used in making them, their size and other design features. For example, extra small-sized thermal underwear made of cotton/polyester fabric costs about $20. On the other hand, the price of premium XX large-sized women’s long underwear that has superior moisture wicking capability and is made of a 4-way stretching polyester/elastane fabric can go up to about $50.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t cheap women’s long underwear in the market. However, you need to be careful with such undergarments, as they are likely to have poor moisture wicking capabilities and may not keep your body dry and warm as expected. Fortunately, we haven’t featured such products in our review so, therefore, no cause for worry.
When shopping for thermal undergarments, it’s important to pay close attention to your body, so as to determine what your needs are. Another factor to consider is the activities you’ll be involved in, which will affect the type of clothing you need. These factors will guide you in identifying features of thermal underwear that meet your needs.

Here are the important features to look for in women’s long underwear:
  • Type of fabric used to make the underwear
  • Weight of the fabric used
  • Care and maintenance of the undergarments
  • Is it a set, bottom, or top?
  • The available sizes
  • Color variations
  • Additional features such as moisture wicking
The above features will help you identify quality thermal underwear that is within your budget and suits your needs.
Construction and Design
Women’s base layer garments come as bottoms, tops or a complete set of both. Some of the commonly used fabrics include blends of cotton and polyester, polyester and elastane, and cotton and elastane. Merino wool is also used for the inner lining. These fabrics are designed to cling to your body without restricting your movement.

Some fabrics, like the polyester-elastane blends, are highly stretchable and cling snugly to the skin, thus giving you additional support. In addition, these garments use wicking technology to keep moisture off your skin. It’s also important to note that thermal undergarments are available in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit varied customer needs, such as different body shapes.
Performance and Ease of Use
When choosing thermal underwear, look for features that enhance your comfort. For instance, go for a size that fits perfectly. If you get a larger size that’s loose on your body, it may not be effective in trapping body heat and preventing it from escaping. You can also look for garments with a fleece inner lining, which offer added comfort and are warmer than those without a lining.

Another important feature that makes thermal underwear easy to maintain is being machine washable. Fabrics that are stain and wrinkle resistant are easy to clean and don’t require frequent ironing. The elastic bands fitted on the wrists, waist and ankles of the undergarments provide added fit while preventing cold air from reaching the body. This has an overall effect of conserving body temperature, thus protecting you from the freezing surroundings.

Get the Best Women's Long Underwear of 2022!

We appreciate you for taking time to go through our review on the best women’s long underwear and hope that you’ve found one that tickles your fancy. If you haven’t identified one yet, don’t panic. These trusted brands have other equally good pairs of long thermal underwear. Click the links on this review page for more of such options.

Our Top Choice
Cuddl Duds Thermal Long Sleeve Crew
Best Value
Rocky Women's Thermal Set Underwear
Under Armor ColdGear Compression Mock
Ekouaer Women's Long Thermal Underwear
Just Love Thermal Underwear Set for Girls