Best Women’s Trench Coat Reviews 2022

Shopping time can either be enjoyable or stressful depending on the shopper and the method of shopping. Some people love to browse through a thousand and one items before settling for one while others just don’t have the time or energy for that. If you’re one of those who consider shopping either a nightmare or an onerous task, we’re here to help you. We’ve taken time to conduct a thorough research on women’s trench coats and have come up with a shortlist to help you narrow down your search. To do this, we’ve selected five products from five reputable brands that we’re sure would provide good value for your money. These brands have more than one product in this category, but for the purpose of this review, we’ve chosen only one product per brand. However, as you read through, you may come across other products by the brands apart from the featured ones. We encourage you to go ahead and check them out as you might just get what you’re looking for from one of them. However, if you’re in the market for a men’s trench coat, we have a review on those as well.
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Our Top Choice
Via Spiga Single-Breasted Trench Coat
Via Spiga employs the highest level of Italian craftsmanship to provide top quality yet affordable clothing products and fashion accessories for high fliers.
Front button closure. Made with a blend of quality cotton and polyester. Front pockets with side entry. Tie belt that can be removed. Pleated front and back hem. Detachable hood.
The hood has no drawstring to help secure it to the head.
Single-breasted; button-down
XS; S; M; L; XL
57% cotton/43% polyester
Black; navy; peat green; sand
Machine-wash cold; tumble dry
Best Value
Tommy Hilfiger Double-Breasted Trench Coat
Tommy Hilfiger is known all over the world for offering excellent styling, great value and quality. Its wide range of products cover almost every kind of clothing item, fashion accessory and footwear.
Detachable hood. Belt with buckle. Vented back yoke. Breathable material. Water-resistant, warm and comfortable. Soft cotton lining. Notched Collar. Slanted front pockets.
Sleeves are too short for some customers and may have to be adjusted.
Double-breasted; button-down
XS; S; M; L; XL
62% cotton/38% nylon
5 colors
Dry clean only
London Fog Women's Maxi-Length Trench Coat
London Fog makes luxurious and high end fashion items. It employs 94 years of experience to provide classic products that guarantee customer satisfaction.
Double gun flap. Collar clasp with well stitched seams. Detachable hood. Waterproof. Metal hook-and-eye collar clasp. Sleeve straps. Front button closure. Lining feels like silk.
Some customers complain that it looks boxy and unfeminine.
Full length; removable hood
57% Cotton/43% Polyester
Black; driftwood
BGSD Women's “Leah” Trench Coat
BGSD a manufacturing firm based in China which inspires loyalty in its customers by offering the best possible quality at reasonable prices with hassle-free ordering and shipping.
Detachable hood and belt. Lined with nylon. Two pockets in front. Front button closure. Back vent. Cuffs with belt. Hook-and-eye collar. Breathable, warm and comfortable.
It’s not a heavy winter jacket so don’t expect to use it in extreme weather.
Double-breasted; button-down
XS; S; M; L; XL
Black; navy; red; tan
Columbia Pardon My Trench Rain Jacket
Columbia is a sportswear company that’s over 70 years old and has consistently provided tough outdoor gear that keep its customers warm, cool, dry and protected in spite of rough weather conditions.
Omni-Shield™ technology. Adjustable cuffs. Zipper Closure. Removable and adjustable hood with drawstring. Back vent. Hand pockets with zippers. Easy to wash and maintain.
It’s just a basic raincoat; doesn’t provide heavy duty protection against the cold or stormy downpours.
Single-breasted; zippered
XS; S; M; L; XL
100% nylon
8 colors

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What is the Best Women’s Trench Coat?

The value of any product can only be judged by the satisfaction it provides the owner. The best women’s trench coat can only be determined by whether it possesses the right features that provide ultimate customer satisfaction. As you read through this review, we advise that you carefully note the features discussed so that you’ll know what to look out for when you go shopping. It’s only when you buy a coat with the right features that you can rightly say that you’ve got the best women’s trench coat.
Our Top Choice
The Via Spiga Women’s Trench Coat allows you to dress up and be out no matter the time of the year or the weather. This vintage single-breasted coat is stylish yet functional and comes with a detachable hood. Would you like a faux suede trench coat? In that case, we suggest having a look at the Via Spiga Women's Faux Suede Double Breasted Trench Coat.

Via Spiga Women's Single-Breasted Trench Coat – Available in 4 Colors and 5 Sizes

Via Spiga was founded in 1985 and got its name from the most prominent street in the famous shopping precincts in Milan. It continues to be a manufacturer of top quality clothing items, accessories and footwear and also takes pride in the collaborative efforts that go into the manufacturing of all its products. It ensures that all its products are made with top quality materials and pays strict attention to the tiniest detail; this combined with excellent craftsmanship produces high end items. Via Spiga manufactures clothing and fashion items for both men and women, but seeing that women now play active roles in society and have fulfilling careers, it seeks to provide products that appeal to the upwardly mobile woman. These products, though crafted with the highest level of Italian craftsmanship, are offered at budget-friendly prices which make them easily accessible to high fliers and people who understand quality.

Dress up and step out on a chilly or windy day, don’t let the weather stop or slow you down; reach for the Via Spiga Women’s Trench Coat, a single-breasted coat that comes with a detachable hood. This vintage trench coat is stylish yet functional; it protects you from rain, winds and chills in style. The front button closure makes for ease of dressing and layering and also adds to the aesthetics of the coat.

This wonderful coat has some other features which include the following:
  • Made with a blend of top quality cotton and polyester – This affords you the advantages of cotton and polyester, giving you a coat that’s comfortable, weatherproof, breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic
  • Front pockets with side entry – This allows you to comfortably place your hands in the pockets, which provide additional warmth for your hands
  • Tie belt that can be removed – Use the belt to wrap the coat snugly around your person and you can also remove it when you don’t need it or want to use it
  • Machine washable – This makes the coat easy to wash and maintain. Please ensure that you follow the washing instruction attached to the garment
  • Pleated front and back hem – This gives the coat a swinging motion as you move and doesn’t inhibit mobility
This trench coat is available in 5 different measurements for women of all sizes, and it also comes in navy, peat green, black and sand color options.
Best Value
The Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat is beautifully designed with the perfect blend of cotton and nylon. It’s great for layering on those days when you have to go out looking good in spite of the weather. If you’re looking for a simpler kind of overcoat, check out the Tommy Hilfiger Women's Classic Quilted Jacket.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Double-Breasted Trench Coat with Striped Belt – Available in 5 Colors and 5 Sizes

The Tommy Hilfiger brand was established by, who else, Tommy Hilfiger, who is still the leading designer of the company. It offers excellent styling, top quality and great value to its customers all over the world. It manufactures a wide range of clothing items, sportswear accessories, denim and footwear for men, women and children and also has license for other products including eyewear, fragrances, home furnishings and watches. Tommy Hilfiger is a socially responsible brand that seeks to leave as little carbon footprint on the environment as possible. From the beginning of its production to the end, it employs sustainable practices to ensure that the environment is preserved. When you buy a TH product, you’re assured of getting a top quality item that’s made without hurting the environment. Even though they’re high end products, merchandise coming out of the Tommy Hilfiger shop are highly affordable, and will hardly break your bank.

The Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Trench Coat is a beautifully-designed coat that’s made with a blend of cotton and nylon. This combination gives you a comfortable, warm, breathable, weatherproof, tough and durable garment. It’s great for layering on those chilly, windy, rainy and slightly snowy days when you have to go out looking great in spite of the weather. The removable hood ensures that you have a hood to keep your head dry and warm when you need it and also be able to remove it on those occasions where you just need to be lookin’ good.

This classic trench coat has many other great features and they include the following:
  • Notched Collar – This makes the collar to sit well and adds sophistication to the coat
  • Slanted front pocket – Provides a comfortable space to place your hands and keep them warm
  • Vented back yoke – This enhances the breathability of the coat and ensures that it keeps you warm without being sweaty and stuffy
  • Belt with buckle – This is a great feature, especially if you don’t like to knot belts, and it also ensures that the belt isn’t too long
For your convenience, this trench coat comes in 5 sharp colors and 5 different sizes for you to choose from.
The London Fog Women’s Trench Coat is a floor-length coat that makes a fashion statement whenever you step out of your house. Made with a mix of cotton and polyester, it’s beautifully designed with traditional details. If you’re looking for a trench coat for your little girl, check out the London Fog Girls Radiance Trench Coat.

London Fog Women's Maxi-Length Trench Coat – Available in 2 Sizes & 2 Colors

London Fog was established in 1923 and is ranked among the earliest and most popular fashion brands in America. It advanced to the height of its recognition and popularity in the 60’s when it introduced the vintage trench coat; this made it to become one of the symbols of rainwear in America. This brand has a long and rich heritage that’s based on quality and style. For more than 93 years, London Fog has offered top quality luxurious clothing and fashion items, and it continues to revel in the recognition it has with nearly 90% of consumers globally. After all these long years of experience and expertise, this brand continues to bring you luxury that wouldn’t break your budget. With London Fog, you get high end products that are stylish, trendy, durable and reasonably priced.

The London Fog Women’s Trench Coat is a floor-length coat that makes a fashion statement whenever you step out of your house. It’s made with a mix of cotton and polyester and is beautifully designed with details such as a double gun flap and collar clasp with seams that are well-stitched. It’s a waterproof coat that provides you ample protection from rain, snow and wind and ensures that you can go out well dressed even in inclement weather.

This cool jacket has some other great features, including the following:
  • Detachable hood – This allows you to use the hood only when necessary and not be saddled with it at all times
  • Metal hook-and-eye collar clasp – This allows you to keep the collars closed up to the end and adds to the warmth provided. It can also help keep your neck scarf in place if you use one
  • Sleeve straps – You can use this to tighten the sleeves at the wrists thereby keeping out the cold and preserving body heat
  • Front button closure – This makes for ease of dressing and adds to the aesthetics of the coat
  • Flap pockets that have button closures – This helps to secure the things that you place in the pocket even when you bend over
  • Machine washable – It’s easy to wash because it’s machine-washable, but be sure to follow the cleaning instructions that come with it
For your convenience, this trench coat comes in 2 colors, black and driftwood, and 2 sizes, small and x-small.
The BGSD Women’s Trench Coat is made with traditional details that give it an elegant and classic look. It also has some extra room from the chest to the waist so that you can layer it and still have the classic trench coat fit. If you’d like a waterproof coat, we recommend the BGSD Women's "Addi" Waterproof Down Parka

BGSD Women's "Leah" Hooded Mid Length Trench Coat – Available in 4 Colors and 5 Sizes

BGSD is the abbreviation for Beijing Gongmei Shanghai Direct, a manufacturing firm that’s based in China. It has shares in over one hundred factories in China and it presently manufactures more than 3,500 items that are shipped worldwide. It runs the Direct Supply Sales Model which cuts off the middleman and gives the customer direct access to top quality goods at manufacturer’s price. It also runs the Direct Ship Sales Model that allows its customers to ship goods directly to their customer’s doorstep from the BGSD factories. Everything it does is geared towards maintaining every customer as a long term customer. It ensures that customers get the best quality that’s possible at the most competitive market price.

The BGSD Women’s Trench Coat is made with traditional details that make it an elegant and classic double-breasted coat. It has some extra room from the chest to the waist so that you can layer it and still have the classic trench coat fit. The detachable belt and hood add versatility to the coat that allows you to wear it with or without the hood and belt. This makes for an ideal outerwear for those rainy, cold or chilly days that you have to dress up and be about your business outdoors; it keeps you toasty warm without being stuffy or sweaty.

This wonderful coat has many other great features, some of which are listed below:
  • Made with a mix of polyester, cotton and spandex for the outer shell – These materials make the coat water-resistant, warm, comfortable and durable
  • Lined with 100% nylon – This makes the jacket lightweight, flexible, tough and durable. It also enhances its weatherproof feature
  • Two pockets in front – This provides storage space for small items like keys and phones and also provides extra warmth for your hands
  • Front button closure – This makes for ease of dressing and convenience and also adds to the style and beauty of the coat
  • Back vent – This enhances the breathability of the jacket; which means that you’re kept warm without getting sticky with sweat or stuffy
  • Cuffs with belt – This allows you to adjust the cuffs to the fit that you desire
  • Hook-and-eye collar – This allows you to close the collar up to the top and makes using a neck scarf easier
This coat is available in black, navy, tan, or red and in 5 different sizes for your own needs and preferences.
The Columbia Women’s Trench Coat is a well-designed, street compliant coat that provides protection and warmth on a cold and chilly day. It’s made with top quality materials that ensure comfort and durability. If you’re looking for a good jacket for your man, we recommend the Columbia Men's Frost-Fighter Puffer Jacket.

Columbia Women's Pardon My Trench Rain Jacket – Available in 8 Colors and 5 Sizes

Columbia is a sportswear company that’s been operating in Portland, Oregon for over 70 years. It produces sporting and outdoor gear that help people enjoy their time spent outdoors. For the past 40 years, it has been under the leadership of its tough mother figure, Gert Boyle. Her motto, “it’s perfect, now make it better,” ensures that every product that leaves its production center is tested for the highest level of toughness. Columbia prides itself as being a leader in the outdoor gear industry and is staffed by people who are enthusiastic about outdoor activities. It continues to innovate and employ cutting edge technology to provide products that keep its customer dry, cool, warm and protected no matter the weather conditions. These products also come at affordable prices.

Want to step out in style on a cold, wintry day? Reach for The Columbia Women's Trench Coat, a beautifully designed, street-savvy coat that offers you adequate protection from the elements. Its weather-resistant nylon construction is cut a little longer than usual for a more flattering look and comes with a belt that helps you adjust the fit at the waist. This lightweight coat is made with an Omni-Shield™ shell of 100% nylon and 100% polyester fabric that provides advanced repellence against rain and stains.

That’s not all there is to this wonderful coat; it has many more great features that include the following:
  • Adjustable cuffs – This allows you to adjust the fit at your wrists to provide the level of comfort you desire
  • Zipper Closure – This makes for ease of dressing
  • Removable and attached hood with drawstring – This gives you the freedom to have the hood only when you need it and also keep it secure on your head. The hood also provides protection and warmth for your head
  • Back vent – This makes the coat more breathable and ensures that you keep warm without being sweaty or stuffy
  • Hand pockets with zip – This provides secure storage space for small items that you may choose to carry on your person and you can also shield your hands from the cold
  • Easy to wash and maintain – It’s easy to wash because it is machine washable but note the washing instructions so that you don’t damage the coat
To give you as many options as possible, this coat comes in 8 stunning colors and 5 different sizes; with this much of a selection, you can’t go wrong!

How Do I Choose the Best Women’s Trench Coat?

Every woman’s wardrobe is governed by the seasons, no matter how unconventional she may claim to be. What you wear in summer cannot be appropriate for winter; there comes a time when there must be a change of wardrobe. As the days become cooler, every woman evaluates her wardrobe and that of her family to ensure that they don’t get caught unawares when the chills really hit. For a woman who has hitherto been using her husband’s boots, it might be time to check out a proper women’s rain boot. It might also be time to ensure that everyone’s sweaters are yarned and ready for use.

Coats are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe and there are different varieties; from down parkas, to rain coats, from windbreakers to trench coats. Trench coats are the ‘in-thing’ now because they work so well for rainy days and chilly evenings. While waiting for the heart of winter before pulling out the heavy artillery, every woman should have two or more trench coats that she can easily work with while looking great as ever.

Trench coats can either be a fashion statement or just a piece of practical clothing, but whatever the case, you can always achieve an elegant, sleek, sophisticated or casual yet cool look with it. Since they’re not clothing items that easily go out of style like dresses, picking a good quality trench coat has many advantages. If you get one that’s durable, fits well and is comfortable, you most likely may not need to get another one next year, so why not splurge and get one of these lovely coats that we’ve featured? Remember that a good purchase now would save you the hassle of browsing and looking through myriads of products for a replacement in the near future.
Women’s trench coats vary in style, design and brand name. All these factors determine the price tag that a trench coat may carry. There are myriads of trench coats and they all have different features and are made with different types of materials and by different designers and brands.

Products from brands that are recognized as high end designers are usually in the high price range while those by no-name brands would usually want to cut into the market by lower prices. Some brands are even recognized as status symbols and you can’t be seen as a high flier if your wardrobe doesn’t have some items from these brands.

That said, however, the products we’ve featured offer good value for your money and come in a range of $75 to $165. They’re made with good quality materials and have so many good features that’ll benefit you greatly.

In the course of our research we came across some cheap women’s trench coats, but we strongly advise that you stay clear of any product that’s cheap. This doesn’t mean that you should only buy expensive products, but that you shouldn’t allow price to be the determining factor whenever you want to make a purchase. Remember that you get what you pay for so be careful of cheap women’s trench coats.

All the products and brands that we’ve featured here are reputable and sure to always perform as advertised so have no fear picking any one of them.
A trench coat is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe; no matter the colors design or shape it comes in, it serves the same purpose of providing warmth, comfort and protection on cold and chilly days. When you go shopping for a women’s trench coat, there are some important features that you should look out for. Listed below are some of these features:
  • Size – If you don’t get the right size , you wouldn’t get the right fit for you
  • Color – Trench coats come in a variety of colors; the color you get would determine how versatile it would be for you
  • Material – It’s important that the trench coat be made of water or weather proof material
  • Style – The style of the coat determines how attractive it would be and the occasion you can use the coat for
  • Cleaning/Maintenance – Most garments come with instructions on how to wash them
  • Extra features – Some trench coats come with extra features like hoods or double zipper design
It’s vital that you look out for these features because, if you compromise on them, you may not get the full benefits that you should from your purchase. Let’s go further as we explore these features in greater details.
Construction and Design
Women’s trench coats are generally made with materials that are weather or waterproof and these materials include nylon, spandex and polyester. When buying a trench coat, consider how water or weather proof it is so that you’ll know what kind of weather you can wear it in. If you want something that you’ll wear in extreme weather then you know you can’t just buy any coat without ascertaining its water resistance. Some brands have even gone as far as employing cutting edge technology to ensure a high level of repellence to extreme weather.

Some trench coats are just flimsy raincoats that are made with low quality materials without any form of ventilation. The lack of breathability in the material makes these coats to be stuffy and cause the wearer to sweat way too much. Look out for trench coats made with breathable fabric and that have a back vent so that the wearer remains warm without sweating or getting stuffy.

In choosing a style of coat to buy, consider what occasions you want to wear the coat for, how many trench coats you have or plan to have, and what types of outfits you want to match it with. If you want a trench coat that you’ll use for dressy occasions, then you have to go for a sophisticated style that you can wear over any outfit. You can’t use every kind of trench coat for every kind of outfit; some are better suited for pants or skirts while others are better suited for dresses and leggings. The length of the coat determines to a large extent what you can match it with, without looking frumpy. The longer coats work well with dresses and skirts while the shorter ones work well with pants, jeans and leggings. A double-breasted trench coat may make some women look wider than they already are, so if you feel or know you’re top heavy, you’d do well with a single-breasted coat. If you’re not top heavy, but are still concerned about looking too wide, you can do a double-breasted, but look out for the ones with buttons that are made of the same fabric with the coat.

Trench coats with belts also have the advantage of providing a waistline where one would otherwise have looked like a sack of potatoes. But remember that the belt would only enhance the fit of the correct style; if the coat is too long and big, you’ll only look like a sack of potatoes that’s belted in the middle. Long single-breasted coats have a clean, elegant line to it, but be sure to get the right style for you; that’s the secret to getting that chic look.
Performance and Ease of Use
The color of a trench coat determines how versatile it is; if you don’t have multiple coats, you’ll be better off with a darker colored coat. A darker shade allows you to wear it with a wide variety of outfits. Unless you have many trench coats, bright colors aren’t always advisable because, not only would you be limited in the combination you can use it for, it’d show wear and tear fast. If money isn’t a serious consideration, you can buy two dark colors and one bright color, all in different styles and designs. This would give your wardrobe a versatility that you’ll find very useful.

When buying a trench coat, consider what you’d like to layer under it. If you get one that’s slim cut and is fitted to your body, you’ll be restricted to thin or light garments underneath. For trench coats that are to be used in extreme weather, remember that you’ll want to wear a thick sweater or garment under it, so make allowance for that when picking a size.

Some trench coats come with hoods and we think that it’ll be beneficial for you to look out for hoods that are detachable and have drawstrings. The drawstring helps to secure the hood to your head and the ability to detach the hood would allow you to remove it when you don’t need it.

Most garments come with cleaning instructions so when you buy a coat, look at the washing instructions to be sure that it’s something you can easily follow. Trench coats aren’t like light summer dresses or camisoles that you can just rinse out easily, so a machine-washable coat will make for much easier cleaning and maintenance.

Get the Best Women’s Trench Coat of 2022!

Thank you for taking out time to read this review to the end. We’re optimistic that the information we put out would go a long way in helping you make the right choice in your purchase of women’s trench coat. Hurry now and select the best coat for you so that you don’t get caught on a chilly or rainy day without something to protect you from the elements!

Our Top Choice
Via Spiga Single-Breasted Trench Coat
Best Value
Tommy Hilfiger Double-Breasted Trench Coat
London Fog Women's Maxi-Length Trench Coat
BGSD Women's “Leah” Trench Coat
Columbia Pardon My Trench Rain Jacket