Best Women's Yoga Pants Reviews 2022

There's nothing like yoga pants when it comes to comfort and range of motion. Just because "yoga" is in the name, doesn't mean that's all they're good for! The best women’s yoga pants brands make lightweight, comfy, and stylish and suitable products for any exercise activity! We looked at high-quality clothing retailers to put together this shortlist of five of the best women's yoga pants.
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Good for
Our Top Choice
90 Degree by Reflex Exercise Yoga Leggings
90 Degree by Reflex creates light, comfortable athletic clothing like the Power Flex Yoga Leggings with advanced moisture wicking fabric.
Moisture wicking fabric. 4-way stretch. Comfortable interlocking stitching. Gusset crotch.
Nylon & spandex blend
Available in 32 colors
X-small to X-large
Key pocket
Best Value
Baleaf Bootleg Yoga Pants
Baleaf specializes in comfortable and breathable cycling and yoga apparel like these bootleg yoga pants, available in two neutral colors.
Snug bootleg fit. Gusseted crotch. Comfortable fabric. Sweat-wicking. Hidden waistband pocket.
Slightly less durable than more expensive models when it comes to extreme athletic use, but great for casual wear.
Black or Charcoal
Extra Small to Extra Large
Daily Comfort & Exercise
Inner Pocket
Prana Audrey Athletic Pants
Prana creates a wide variety of sustainably sourced yoga and fitness accessories like the always comfortable Audrey Yoga Pants.
Sustainable. Comfortable. Breathable. Flexible. Keeps its color for more wash cycles.
On the expensive side.
Supplex nylon & spandex
Available in 3 colors
Extra small to extra large
Daily comfort & exercise
Sustainably made
Kalon Clothing Juniors Yoga Leggings
Kalon Clothing is passionate about empowering women with modestly priced and responsibly made athletic equipment like these high rise yoga pants.
Inexpensive. Soft. Slimming design. Gusseted crotch. Flexible. Breathable.
May be too long for shorter users.
Polyester, spandex
Available in 5 colors
Small, medium, large
Fold-over design for flatter stomach
Zenana Outfitters Fold Over Yoga Leggings
Zezana specializes in casual, yet stylish and unique clothing lines like these comfy and stylish fold-over yoga pants.
Soft. Inexpensive. Stylish. Ideal for lounging or working out.
Not as lightweight as more expensive yoga pants.
Available in 8 Colors
Small, Medium, Large
Lounging & Exercise
Can be bought in 2, 3 or 4 packs

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What is the Best Women's Yoga Pants?

Like with many other women’s clothing items, there is a huge variety of yoga pants out there. So much so that picking one is a challenge. It’s no secret that being spoilt for choice may cause you to purchase a pair that will never leave your closet. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. In this regard, we have selected five top women’s yoga pants brands that are known for producing high-quality items. We then compared the price of each pair against design, user satisfaction, and material quality, ensuring that you’ll find the best women’s yoga pants that fit your budget.
Our Top Choice
90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants move easily with your body to allow a comfortable full range of motion no matter what you're doing. Looking for a different style with the same quality? Check out the 90 Degree by Reflex High Waist Cotton Power Flex Leggings.

90 Degree by Reflex Women's Power Flex Yoga Pants – Moisture Removing, Comfortable Contouring

90 Degree by Reflex knows that everyone is different, and everyone deserves to be comfortable. That's why their high quality athletic clothing comes in a range of sizes, styles and materials, giving everyone the options they deserve. In fact these Power Flex Yoga Pants come in three material blends, resulting in three unique looks and feels.

Let's see what Power Flex has to offer:
  • These pants are available in three premium material blends: Solid, Heather and Space Dye.
  • All Power Flex pants are made with wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable during exercise.
  • The fabric itself is also built for 4-way stretch, giving you a full range of motion for running, yoga and much more.
  • The design includes a gusset crotch and hidden hip pocket for keeping keys.
  • Interlock stitching and flat edges eliminate uncomfortable chafing so you can run and move around freely.
  • Wide contoured waistband slims down and supports your natural body shape.
  • These pants are also built to be flexible without moving too much when you move so they won't become uncomfortable or see-through.
These pants come in three patterns and a wide range of colors including; chocolate, charcoal, hunter green, magenta and jade and that’s just to name a few!
Best Value
Baleaf's Bootleg Yoga Pants are built with extreme care to maximize user comfort during a wide range of athletic activities, featuring flexible moisture-wicking fabric. For different styles, check out more Baleaf products where you'll find apparel like the Baleaf Women's Ankle Legging.

Baleaf Women’s Yoga Pants with Moisture Wicking, Gusseted Crotch, Hidden Pocket

Baleaf has been perfecting lightweight and super breathable cycling apparel since 1989. They're always testing new ideas and using customer feedback to improve their products. Today, Baleaf has used its expertise in creating high quality athletic apparel and applied it to a line of groundbreaking yoga clothing. These yoga pants are surprisingly comfortable, snug and breathable.

Let's see why these yoga pants made our top value spot:
  • These pants come in a stylish and snug bootleg cut for everyday style.
  • The fabric itself is soft and stretchy, making it ideal for casual wear and intense exercise.
  • The material wicks away sweat so you can stay dry and comfortable during long workouts and runs.
  • A mini pocket is hidden away in the waistband for keeping small items like keys.
  • The gusseted crotch gives you a bit of comfort where you need it.
  • Baleaf is committed to customer testing so they can get the best product possible. During their testing, Baleaf found that women wanted a better range of sizes – and Baleaf answered with better tailored sizes that women felt more comfortable in.
If black is not for you, try the flattering charcoal color instead.
Prana's Audrey Yoga Pants are made with their specialized blend of materials for long-lasting color, durability and form fitting style wash after wash. For pants that get you through the most extreme activity, check out the ultra-durable and breathable Prana Olympa Athletic Pants.

Prana Audrey Yoga Pants – Sustainably Made, Durable Fabric, Form Fitting Design

Prana specializes in eco-conscious high fashion apparel that doesn't sacrifice comfort for style. They work hard to create sustainable products by partnering with green companies and factories as well as using organic and recycled fabrics. Purchasing from Prana is something you can really feel good about.

Let's see what Prana's pants have to offer:
  • These pants are made with Prana's specialty blend of Supplex Nylon and Lycra spandex for comfortable, form-fitting style.
  • The heather style that's also available is also made with polyester to give it that distinctive look.
  • The material blend is durable enough to keep its form and color for many washes so you can really get your money's worth and keep feeling good about the way you look in these pants.
  • The gentle elastic waistband is flexible enough for comfort without becoming loose or baggy.
These pants are available in black, blue and charcoal so pick whichever ones that suit your style, or even better, get them all and feel the fashion envy whenever you go to a yoga class!
These Kalon Clothing Juniors Fold Over Athletic Yoga Pants are well worth their modest price, featuring soft polyester and a flexible design. Kalon also offers a range of other styles like the Kalon Clothing High Rise Cropped Leggings which are designed to slim your hips and accentuate your natural shape.

Kalon Clothing Juniors Fold Over Athletic Yoga Pants – Soft Polyester & Spandex, Gusset Crotch

Kalon was founded in 2005 with a humble beginning in a college dormitory. It was created to be a force of empowerment for women to achieve positive results both physically and mentally. They believe in the power of hard work and honesty, which is why Kalon manufacturers its products on its own and passes the savings on to their community of users. These Juniors Fold Over Yoga Pants are just one of many lines of clothing that come in high quality, breathable and lightweight material that make it easy to stay active.

Let's see what makes these pants stand out:
  • These pants are made with 87% polyester and 13% spandex so they're both flexible and breathable.
  • Users are often surprised by just how soft this high performance fabric feels against their skin, making it super comfortable to wear for exercise or every-day use.
  • The gusseted crotch gives you a free range of movement even while crouching and bending.
  • Users love how these pants gently but firmly contour their bodies without feeling saggy or loose.
Kalon's Fold Over Athletic Pants come with a variety of waistband colors including mint, purple, blue and red.
The Zenana Fold-Over Women's Yoga Pants are medium weight, soft and stylish – making them ideal for casual wear around the neighborhood or a comfortable night in. If you're looking for something classy and form-fitting, check out Zenana's Cotton Spandex Jersey Leggings.

Zenana Outfitters Women's Yoga Pants – Fold Over, Cotton, Lounge Pants

Zenana Outfitters walks the line between casual and trendy fashion choices, combing simple style with comfort in a wide range of clothing options for different occasions. Their clothing options include every day, active wear, maternity clothing and everything in between. Their fold-over yoga pants are just as versatile as their clothing line up – great for exercise as well as lounging around.

Let's see what's special about these Zenana Yoga Pants.
  • These pants are so soft and snug that some users call them their lounge pants, and for good reason.
  • The design is a bit thicker than classic yoga pants, making these pants a bit warmer and better for everyday use.
  • Still, these yoga pants are flexible enough to handle intense workout sessions and serious yoga practice.
These "lounge pants" are available in black, navy, mocha, charcoal, olive, white, heather grey and royal blue and also in packs of 2, 3 or 4 if you want to bulk buy!

How Do I Choose the Best Women's Yoga Pants?

Of all the eastern practices that have found their way to the west, there is none that women have embraced more than yoga. Yoga is not only a form of physical exercise that improves your fitness and flexibility, but is also a way of life whose goal is to help you achieve harmony in your body, mind, and soul. The discipline you need to get there will easily be attained when you wear clothes that give you the freedom to reach out to your inner self. Yoga pants do this very well.

One of the good things about yoga is its simplicity. You don’t need to attend a class that will cost you hundreds of dollars. Instead, you can just practice it from the serenity of your living room. As a beginner, all you need is an instructional yoga video and a yoga set, and you’re good to go. Further, like with all forms of exercise, hygiene is a must. It is, therefore, advisable that after each session you disinfect your mat with a yoga mat cleaner.

Like any other women’s clothing, yoga pants have made their way to the world of high fashion. This means that you now have access to products that are both stylish and functional. In fact, some of our top picks are multi-purpose. You’ll feel the same confidence doing late-night shopping in them as you would in an early-morning yoga class.
Women’s yoga pants have ended up creating an interesting clothing segment: athleisure. Most women who are familiar with the demands of being both a homemaker and professional swear by them. No longer do they have to do cleaning around the house and then change into some other “appropriate” clothes to rush to the supermarket. Such is the power of yoga pants.

From our research, we’ve established that the best yoga pants are the ones that are stylish, durable, and lightweight. In order to get a pair that fits this description, we suggest that you avoid the really cheap women’s yoga pants and instead go for our more expensive picks. It’s better to dish out a little more and be happy in the long-run, than to skimp out and be unsatisfied with your choice.

The price of women’s yoga pants ranges from around $5 to $95. This massive price variance is accounted for by differences in materials and brand. For example, a pair of pants made using Supplex nylon is going to cost you more than one made from cotton. Similarly, brands such as Prana are widely recognized and have a reputation for producing high-end clothes. A pair of Prana yoga pants will, therefore, cost you more.
Before purchasing a pair of yoga pants, you need to ask yourself one question: are they comfortable? You see, a pair is supposed to give you the flexibility and freedom of movement that casual and office clothes fail to offer. We can confidently tell you that Wonder Woman would find it easier to fight bad guys in a pair of yoga pants than her normal costume. Aside from color and size (small, medium, large, XL, and XXL), there are other factors to keep in mind when selecting a pair of women’s yoga pants. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:
  • Material - Supplex nylon will give you more service than lightweight spandex.
  • Place of Use - While some pants are only good for exercise, others can also be rocked as casual wear.
  • Extras - Pockets are convenient for carrying your phone when in a casual setting.
  • Design - Some yoga pants contour your body perfectly, while others let in some air.
  • Anti-split Modifications - Do they have a gusseted crotch?
Construction and Design
We are of the opinion that the material is a crucial factor to examine while selecting a pair of yoga pants. A good pair is one that’s lightweight and will absorb sweat during those long yoga sessions. Supplex nylon has been proven to be the best yoga pants material as it has the qualities of cotton but is lighter, doesn’t fade or shrink, and is fast-drying.

Design is also a key feature to examine when choosing a pair of women’s yoga pants. Depending on your preference, you can go for loose-fitting yoga pants or a body-hugging design. Whichever pair of yoga pants you select, we suggest you make sure it complements your body shape.

Durability is also enhanced through anti-split modifications. The reason we all find pant-splitting scenes hilarious is that we have all experienced at least one incident. By selecting some of our options, you no longer have to worry about your pants ripping in the middle while doing a yoga maneuver, as some of our choices have a gusseted crotch.
Performance and Ease of Use
The more places that you can wear your yoga pants, the greater the value you derive from them. Our best picks can be worn during yoga sessions, lounging, and even as casual wear. However, if you’re one of the few people who prefer to separate their closet, keep calm as we have a pair that is only used for exercise.

Having mentioned that yoga pants can be worn in casual settings, it makes sense to have a pair with pockets. You, therefore, never have to worry about misplacing your house keys as you can have them in your pocket at all times.

Get the Best Women's Yoga Pants of 2022!

Personal preference plays a big part when it comes to deciding which yoga pants to wear. Whatever you decide to rock, it is crucial to pay close attention to the quality of the product. A pair of the best women’s yoga pants from the brands we have selected will ensure that you’ll never regret your decision. In case none of our featured products caught your eye, these brands have more options for you to look at.

Our Top Choice
90 Degree by Reflex Exercise Yoga Leggings
Best Value
Baleaf Bootleg Yoga Pants
Prana Audrey Athletic Pants
Kalon Clothing Juniors Yoga Leggings
Zenana Outfitters Fold Over Yoga Leggings