Best Women's Yoga Shorts Reviews 2023

When doing yoga or just hanging out on a hot day, you won't want to be constricted in a pair of thick yoga pants. Yoga shorts offer the same comfort, but with way more flexibility and breathability. They’re lightweight, attractive and comfortable for athletics. We looked at 5 of the best yoga shorts on the market to help you find something comfortable and pretty to wear to your next yoga class.
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Moisture Wick
Our Top Choice
90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Shorts in Black
90 Degree by Reflex aims to combine comfort, style and performance in active wear. These high quality yoga shorts are flexible, comfy and stylish with any outfit.
Four-way stretch. Moisture wicking. Hidden pocket. Interlock seaming. Gusset crotch. Versatile for casual wear.
87% Nylon & 13% Spandex
X-Small to X-Large
Three Colors
Hidden Pocket
Best Value
Baleaf Women's Boy Cut Shorts for Running, Fitness, Dancing
Baleaf specializes in cycling, running and yoga apparel for men and women. These fold over yoga shorts are both stylish and surprisingly comfortable.
Comfortable. Inexpensive. Flexible. Ideal for running, yoga and other athletics.
Less coverage than many other yoga shorts.
87% Nylon & 13% Spandex
X-Small to X-Large
Six Colors
Hidden Pocket
iLoveSIA Women's Running Capri Tights Yoga Shorts
I Love SIA is passionate about creating high quality apparel at a low price. These soft yoga leggings offer comfort and ideal coverage for yoga, athletics and casual wear.
Soft cotton and flexible spandex. Available in value packs or individually.
Doesn't wick moisture as well as some other yoga leggings.
92% Cotton & 8% Spandex
Small to X-Large
Three Colors
Comes in Value Packs
Asics Women's Low Cut Short
Asics is dedicated to perfecting athletic gear so men and women can get the most out of their bodies. These low-cut athletic shorts offer total flexibility and comfort.
Moisture Wicking. 10% spandex for superior stretch. Cool Max gusset crotch for comfort. Flat seam stitching.
90% Nylon & 10% Spandex
XX-Small to X-Large
Fifteen Colors
Cool Max Gusset Crotch
ATD Women's Aero Tech Classic Compression Workout Shorts
ATD specializes in cycling and athletic gear for optimal performance and comfort. These athletic compression shorts offer support and comfort for athletic activities.
Muscle compression for support. Premium 16" spandex fabric. Four-way stretch.
A bit expensive, but worth it for intense physical activity.
84% Nylon & 16% Spandex
X-Small to XX-Large
Four Colors
Muscle Compression

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What is the Best Women's Yoga Shorts?

We looked at the top yoga and athletic brands to find styles for different levels of comfort. We compared price, quality of fabrics, and flexibility with each pair. We also looked out for useful features like a durable elastic waistband and moisture-wicking fabric. There’s an option for a range of budgets and styles. So go ahead and choose the yoga shorts that suit your needs and style!
Our Top Choice
The 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Shorts are a high-end version of the classic yoga short, featuring a 4-way stretch and breathable design. For a more relaxed and stylish fit, check out 90 Degree by Reflex's Lounge Shorts.

90 Degree By Reflex - Power Flex Yoga Shorts With Four-Way Stretch and Moisture Wicking

90 Degree by Reflex combines fashion with performance in their wide line of active wear for women, men and children. They work hard to create the perfect fit for a range of body types that can offer flexibility and comfort even in the most intense workouts.

These shorts have the classic yoga short look and a bunch of high-end features to go along with it. Let's take a closer look:
  • Four-way stretching fabric makes it comfortable to do yoga or go for a bike ride in these yoga shorts – no problem!
  • The fabric is also moisture-wicking to keep you dry and cool during workouts or casual wear.
  • A hidden waist pocket lets you easily store keys, cash and other small items.
  • Interlock seaming makes these shorts strong and reliable for intense workouts.
  • The gusseted crotch offers roomy comfort.
These versatile women's athletic shorts are available in black, heather charcoal or midnight navy.
Best Value
These Baleaf Women's Workout Shorts feature a stylish fold-over waist in a variety of colors and a surprisingly comfortable design. Looking for more space to store your phone, wallet or other lose items? Check out Baleaf's Side Pocket Running Shorts for added convenience on the go.

Baleaf Women's Workout & Yoga Boy Cut Foldover Shorts With Inner Pocket

Baleaf began creating cycling gear in 1989 with a mission of creating apparel that's comfortable even after a long ride. Today, Baleaf has expanded into general athletic and yoga clothing, which makes sense because of their dedication to superior comfort.

These shorts bring a stylish flair to the table on top of the comfort you generally get with Baleaf clothing. Let's see what makes them stand out as our top value choice:
  • The fabric is made for moisture wicking, which keeps you cool and dry even during an intense yoga session or a long run.
  • 13% spandex material gives you plenty of stretch so you can stay nimble and comfy during yoga and other athletics.
  • The fold over waistband offers versatility so you can wear these shorts in a few different ways.
  • A hidden pocket inside the waistband lets you store small items when you're on the go.
  • The seams are designed to be flat to reduce any irritation while cycling or doing yoga.
These athletic shorts are available in dewberry, little boy blue, fiery red, quartz pink, lime punch and dewberry (check Amazon if you're not sure what those colors look like!).
Be prepared for any situation with a pack of ILoveSIA Workout Shorts, featuring a soft cotton design and classic solid colors. For something with a bit more flair, check out the ILoveSIA Yoga Shorts with stripes in various colors.

iLoveSIA Women's Yoga Legging Shorts With Stretchable Material and Breathable Design

I Love SIA is passionate about the way they make clothing for both women and men. They use comfortable and affordable materials like cotton so they can offer the best clothing at the best prices. They care about honest practices, teamwork and putting the customer first.

These short running leggings are great for yoga, running, cycling and many other physical activities. They're also more than comfortable enough for casual wear. Let's see what I Love SIA has done to make these yoga shorts stand out:
  • These leggings are made with soft cotton and spandex. The cotton offers a soft breathability that's especially good for casual wear. The spandex gives that stretch you need for yoga, cycling, rock climbing, etc.
  • These cotton leggings are machine washable so you can conveniently reuse them over and over.
  • These leggings are available in a wide range of value packs including different lengths. You can choose from boy cut shorts as well as capris and full-length yoga pants.
The value packs include leggings in black, heather grey and dark grey.
The Asics Women's Low Cut Workout Shorts are ideal for running, yoga, cycling and a variety of athletic activities, featuring comfortable flat seam stitching and stretching, moisture wicking material. For a stand-out style choice, check out the Asics Studio Fit-Sana Booty Shorts.

ASICS Women's Low Cut Short With Moisture Wicking, Cool Max Gusset Crotch, Flat Seam Stitching

Asics believes in the importance of both mental and physical health, which is why they go so far to create the very best athletic gear. When Asics made its debut in the United States in 1977, they already had a history of superior performance and technology. Asics has an institute outside of Tokyo with its own running track, basketball court and volleyball area where rigorous testing is performed to optimize their gear for the human body.

These athletic women's shorts are built to make extreme workouts more comfortable without constricting movement. Let's see how they get the job done:
  • These shorts are made with 10% spandex for optimal stretch. This is particularly useful when stretching in yoga poses or when cycling.
  • The material wicks away moisture so you can stay dry and comfortable during intense workouts or while running a hot day.
  • The Cool Max gusset crotch offers plenty of space so you can move freely without constriction. This is especially useful for activities like yoga and rock climbing.
  • The seams are stitched flat to avoid chaffing.
These athletic shorts are available in royal blue, black, navy, purple, white, pink, atomic blue, forest, orange, red, cardinal, maroon, scarlet, "wow" yellow and pink glow.
These ATD Compression Shorts elevate your workout with supportive muscle compression and a highly flexible design. Looking for something that's comfortable whether you're doing yoga, going on a jog or cycling? Check out the ATD Classic Padded Tri Shorts for Women.

Aero Tech Women's Compression Bike Shorts for Muscle Support and Reduced Muscle Fatigue

Aero Tech Designs specializes in creating high-end cycling gear, but they also create excellent apparel for a variety of sporty activities. On top of that, they sell sporty jackets, dresses, socks, sports bras and much more. ATD is passionate about researching and creating the best quality gear to improve performance and make cycling comfortable.

These ATD Classic Fitness Shorts are ideal for intense athletic activities because of their superior material and design. Let's take a closer look:
  • These shorts compress your muscles as you work for improved support and can even reduce recovery time because they increase circulation. They can also reduce delayed muscle soreness.
  • These shorts are made with a high percentage of spandex (16%), which makes them super stretchy and comfortable while cyclying or performing difficult yoga poses.
  • The material is also lightweight and breathable.
  • The design features four-way stretch tricot knitting for flexibility.
These compression shorts are available in black, blue, navy and purple.

How Do I Choose the Best Women's Yoga Shorts?

Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that will help you both mentally and physically. Physically, yoga improves balance, increases flexibility, and lowers cholesterol. Mentally, you will be able to self-reflect and gain continued growth and self-awareness.

To experience these benefits, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing that will allow free movement and help you focus more on the poses rather than discomfort. You don’t want to walk into a yoga class wearing those old tired shorts that you use for pajamas. You want something stylish and elegant; something that boosts your mood and helps you nail those poses like a pro. That something is a good pair of yoga shorts! They’re easy to put on, comfortable, and versatile enough to allow you enjoy yoga class to the fullest. If shorts don't do it for you, why not get some yoga pants instead?

Yoga shorts have become a popular choice for casual wear. You can choose from the various patterns, styles, and cuts.

Whether you practice yoga in the studio or at home with your favorite yoga videos, having the right gear makes all the difference in the effectiveness of your exercise. Most yoga shorts look great in shops, so it can be confusing to tell which one is the most flattering, comfortable, and breathable. It’s even harder to tell which ones will serve you for a long time without getting worn out. The most important things to consider when buying yoga shorts is the type of yoga you intend to practice, style, fitting, materials used, and the brand.

Learn more about what to look out for when buying good yoga shorts before we jump straight to our top picks. Floor yoga poses can be so unforgiving; so don’t forget to read our review on the best exercise gloves and get yourself a pair to protect your hands.
Almost everyone is wearing yoga shorts. Some wear them to restorative yoga, others to hot yoga, while others wear them just to relax in something comfortable and bright. Regardless of what you intend to use them for, there are plenty of options on the market. So how do you choose for your lifestyle as well as your bank account? Good yoga shorts can cost between $10 and $30. As much as you have to consider your budget, beware of cheap yoga shorts that might have a poor design and fitting.
Here are the features to look out for in a good pair of yoga shorts:

Comfortable Fit
    When choosing a pair of yoga shorts, it is very important not to compromise on fit. Regardless of sport, working out in an outfit that is comfortable should be your number one priority. While some of this is up to personal preferences, always choose something that is comfortable, but also firm enough to provide the desired support.
Breathability and Stretch
    Advances in technology have created moisture wicking and breathable fabrics. Buy shorts that are made of these materials, as they tend to be more comfortable and stay drier (important for many yoga poses). Having shorts made of stretchy fabrics will enable you make a wide range of movement necessary for yoga.
    Yoga shorts come in three waist options- low, mid, and high-waist. With a low-rise short, you will have the waistband at two inches below your navel. These shorts are great for women who are petite. Meanwhile, mid and high-waist shorts compliment curves and create a flattering silhouette. All three come in elegant styles, so choose according to your preference.
    While many companies distinguish between yoga shorts and other shorts, we find that most people use their shorts for cross-training purposes. If that sounds like you, consider other activities that you will be using yoga shorts for so that you can maximize investment.
Construction and Design
This is where those extra dollars will make a difference. You want yoga shorts that are made well and also look great. Here are some construction and design elements to look out for:

    Always look for shorts that are strong and well-made, meaning those that have even stitching, flat seams that are comfortable on your skin, and ample cuffs and waistlines. Also make sure that the fabric panes are 100% symmetrical to each other. Avoid clasps, zippers and excessive fabric around the waist.
Color and Design
    Go for a design that you’ll have fun with. If you crave cutting-edge fashion, then you’ll be happy to know that yoga shorts come in countless prints, colors, and trendy features like braided racer-back straps. As you pick colors, know that brighter colors tend to show sweat more than their dark counterparts. Sweat marks are natural and totally normal, but if that’s going to bother you then consider buying dark-colors.
    For a comfortable fit, you want a fabric that is breathable and designed for your workout atmosphere. Cotton is good for mild temperatures because it’s comfortable and soft and absorbs moisture. Avoid cotton if doing hot yoga as sweat will be absorbed instead of being wicked away. Popular fabrics like Supplex and Lycra offer breathability, stretch fit, and moisture-wicking properties. These are ideal for hot yoga, intense workouts, and warm weather. Remember to consider eco-friendly fabrics, since yoga not only promotes good health but environmental responsibility.
Performance and Ease of Use
Good yoga shorts help make your practice meaningful and rewarding. To pick the right pair of yoga shorts, consider what sort of activity you’ll be doing. You can wear yoga shorts for lots of activities including running and weight lifting. Choose material that will not interfere with comfort and movement. Synthetic materials offer great breathability in sweaty activities. Tight-fitting synthetic fabrics are ideal for running in the heat. Consider loose cotton shorts for weight training upper body, and go for stretch-fit, synthetic material when working the lower body.

Remember to consider durability when choosing your fabric. Stretch-fit materials can be thin and susceptible to wear and tear used for running.

Get the Best Women's Yoga Shorts of 2023!

Choosing a new pair of yoga shorts comes down to personal style and how much you want to spend on comfort. Pay attention to fabrics and user ratings to get a better idea of how long each pair will last. Whatever you decide, there’s a range of options for you.

Our Top Choice
90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Shorts in Black
Best Value
Baleaf Women's Boy Cut Shorts for Running, Fitness, Dancing
iLoveSIA Women's Running Capri Tights Yoga Shorts
Asics Women's Low Cut Short
ATD Women's Aero Tech Classic Compression Workout Shorts