Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven Reviews – Portable and Outdoor Wood Burning Ovens for Tasty Wood Fired Pizza

With a wood-burning pizza oven, you can enjoy great-tasting pizza any day of the week, without having to order out. You can use one to add flavor to pre-bought frozen pizzas, or you can use your own recipe and bake one from scratch. While most wood fired ovens are designed for outdoor use, there are some that are designed to be used indoors (with proper ventilation). You can either get a permanent or a portable one.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve analyzed numerous ovens and chosen five great models from some of the best wood-burning pizza oven brands, bringing you a sample of the different types available and the different price ranges. If you don’t find something you like, you can always pick something else from any of these brands.

Before we get to our reviews, we want to mention three things. First, if you are not ready to invest in a separate wood fired pizza oven, there are attachments you can purchase that will convert your existing gas, charcoal or wood burning grill into a pizza oven. We reviewed one for kettle grills, and Stanbroil has one for pellet grills. Second, if you are unsure whether wood fire is the right choice for you, we have separate reviews for outdoor gas ovens, indoor and outdoor pizza ovens as well as portable electric pizza makers.

And finally, 2020 was a crazy year and as a result, many top brands are having trouble keeping their inventory in stock. So, to make things easier for you, we went ahead and found a few more of our favorite portable wood fire pizza ovens for outdoors. Feel free to check these out as well as our featured brands!

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Our Top Choice
Authentic Pizza Ovens Outdoor Pizza Oven
Making some of the best handmade wood fire ovens ever seen, Authentic Pizza Ovens is a highly sought-after brand whose products are an absolute must when cooking finger-licking pizza.
Ultra-fast heat-up time of 20 minutes. Up to 30 pizzas per hour. Cooks pizza in under 3 minutes. Uses 4 to 6 pounds of wood per hour. Weighs 120 pounds, making it portable.
Will not retain heat overnight like masonry ovens.
Portable outdoor oven
Stainless steel and aluminum
Dome shape, ceramic insulation
27.6 x 27.6 x 38.6” / 120lbs
Handmade, extra floor tiles
Best Value
Uuni Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven
Multiple award-winning, rapidly growing, Unni has, since 2011, continued to manufacture and design some of the most innovative wood-burning pizza ovens in the country.
Heats up in ten minutes. Cooks one pizza in about 60 seconds. Body comes insulated to retain heat. Chimney clip for ease of portability. Powered by cheap, energy-dense wood pellets.
Has a pretty tricky learning curve.
Outdoor wood pellet
Stainless steel
3 legs, with chimney clip
23 x 17 x 28” / 29lbs
Uses wood pellets
ilFornino® Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
The famous ilFornino, New York produces outdoor-wood burning pizza ovens in a range of styles. Their Basic Wood Fired Pizza Oven is both functional and energy efficient.
Cooks pizza in less than 2 minutes. High temperature resistance. Tight weld. Sturdy, heavy-duty construction. Mobile. 1-inch thick medium-density firebrick for homogeneous heating.
Overheating may melt the thermostat. Have to assemble various parts. Some noticeable welds. Not resistant to rust.
Outdoor wood-burning oven
Medium-grade 430 stainless steel
Double-walled, on wheels
48 x 31 x 48” / 270lbs
6-piece cooking tile inside
Alfa Pizza Forno 5 Outdoor Oven
Alfa has decades of experience, and the fact that they have the highest sales in the global market should put your mind at ease when purchasing their Forno Outdoor Pizza Oven.
Good for more than pizza. Large cooking surface. Thermally insulated. Stunning exteriors. Can withstand intensive use. Available in LPG and Methane gas variations.
Intense heat production (you will have to invest in long-handled baking tools). Thermometer does not give accurate reading of internal temperatures. Long pre-heating time.
Outdoor wood-burning oven
Stainless steel/Copper body
Copper, dome top, compact
74.8 x 30.7 x 28.74” / 254lbs
Handcrafted, Forinox technology
KettlePizza Deluxe USA Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit
KettlePizza was developed by Al Contarino, who had a passion for grilling. He poured this passion into manufacturing a kit that turns a regular grill into a pizza oven; enter the Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit.
Bakes pizza in less than 5 minutes. Cooks pizza on both pan and Cordierite stone. Contains additional accessories for ease of use. Suitable for baking large items.
Heating for long time periods increases internal temperature. Pizza may burn quickly on heated stone. Aluminum peeler makes it difficult to remove pizza base.
Pizza oven kit for grill
304 grade stainless steel
Stainless cylindrical add-on
22.5 x 22.5 x 7” / 17.7lbs
USA-made body and accessories

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What Is the Best Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven? Read Our Wood Fired Pizza Oven Reviews!

Choosing the best wood-burning pizza oven can be an uphill task, considering the many available in the market and your preferences. You may want to consider some important aspects, such as the construction, fuel to power the oven, the time taken to light it, its design (exterior, interior, covers, grills, extras), the size and the price before buying. Check also if you can cook different kinds of food other than pizza and whether it’s a fixed or a movable one. The best type of wood-burning pizza oven is one that combines most of these features, giving you value for money.

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Our Top Choice
The Authentic Pizza Ovens Portable Wood-Fired Oven is one oven that can become your best buddy for camping or picnics. This guy is on fire, and will make you that delicious pizza you want in under 3 minutes! If you’d prefer a larger outdoor wood burning pizza oven, take a look at the Prime Wood Fire Oven from Authentic Pizza Ovens

Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Authentic Pizza Ovens is a highly sought-after brand when it comes to cooking excellent pizzas. What sets this brand apart from the competition is that all its wood-fire ovens are exclusively handmade, which gives you that assurance of quality. All raw materials used in the manufacture of this brand’s products are completely natural and of the highest quality possible. Selling fast around the country to several cooking enthusiasts, Authentic Pizza Ovens is one brand that understands the importance of customers to any business, and therefore, makes it a point to see that they are kept 100 percent satisfied every time they make a purchase. Over here, doing business is always a pleasure.

We love love love the Authentic Pizza Ovens Portable Wood Fired Oven. Why? For so many reasons! First, it looks so dang good with its beautiful red body and it works like a German machine! Absolutely fantastic!

This pizza maker is so productive, it can make up to 30 delicious pizzas in just one hour. So, if we do the math, you find that this wonderful pizza oven actually makes one pizza in less than three minutes. How cool is that? So, you no longer have an excuse not to cook because you’re too hungry to wait so long. This machine right here is your saving grace.

Weighing only 120 pounds, you can totally carry this machine along with you anywhere, whether it’s a picnic, a camping activity, the beach, or a sleepover at a friend’s place. Its size and weight are ideal for portability. And let’s not forget that the pizza made by this machine tastes so good, you’ll score one with your friends every time you bring it over. Don’t take our word for it, ask the reviewers.

This pizza oven comes with a stainless steel and aluminum construction with an insulating ceramic blanket in between, so it’s pretty insulated and won’t heat up something fierce.

Another good thing about the way this oven is designed is that it makes heat-up time pretty short, as heat builds up pretty quickly. It takes about 20 minutes to get this oven heated up, which is a miracle when compared to masonry ovens that require at least an hour.

But then again, with that comes a small disadvantage; it won’t retain heat for as long as masonry ovens. The heat will remain for hours, but don’t count on it to be there overnight, though…

It comes with its own removable stainless chimney, clay baking dish, aluminum pizza peel, thermometer, and extra floor tiles.

This is a pretty efficient oven, as it only burns up 4 to 6 pounds of wood per hour. This figure depends very much on the moisture content of the wood used, though.

So, you see the many ways this pizza oven shines, don’t you?! It’s time to place that order. Do it now!

Best Value
If you love pizza, then you’ll love the Uuni 3-Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. It makes great pizza and super fast too! Working up to a scalding 932 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 minutes, this oven cooks a mean pizza in one minute flat! If you are undecided on a wood burning pizza oven, take a look at the Koda Gas Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven.

Uuni Portable Hard Wood Pellet Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Uuni is a rapidly growing brand which has won several awards. Founded in 2011 by Kristian Tapaninaho, a family man with a wife and two sons who just wanted to eat better homemade pizza, this brand has witnessed tremendous growth and improvement from its very first wood-burning pizza oven. With dedication, hard work, and lots of research, this brand has innovated some of the best pizza ovens around, and it’s quite possible that the delicious pizza you ate over at your friend’s place last time was made in an Uuni oven. Keeping its eyes on the ball, this brand has seen the attainment of the various milestones it has set for itself, and if you doubt it, then you can at least check out the awards and let them speak for themselves.

Don’t have the patience to wait all day for one pizza to cook? Then the Uuni 3-Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is your guy. If this pizza oven doesn’t satisfy your impatience, then you probably need to take a class on impatience management, cos that level of impatience can’t be good for you. It cooks a pizza in 60 seconds flat! How amazing is that?

This pizza oven is really hot, as it works up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as ten minutes. An even more beautiful thing about this pizza oven is that it utilizes wood pellets as fuel, which is quite different from what we have in other regular pizza ovens. And why do these wood pellets work? Duh… they are cheap. But even beyond that, they are energy dense.

Wood pellets are actually the same as regular wood, just that they are compressed, which is where they get the dense energy from. And no, there are no additives to the pellets. It’s all wood. And because these pellets are so energy rich, they light up in a spark and will go from cold to 932 degrees Fahrenheit in about 10 minutes. So you see, they are a more efficient option than the normal everyday wood.

Although a pizza oven, there’s a lot more you can do with this machine, as it can easily cook about anything that requires a short, fast, cooking time. For instance, it can cook any kind of meat, seafood, veggie, or even flatbread.

So that movement is easy, this pizza oven comes with a chimney clip; this way, you can easily dismantle your machine, take it wherever, and then reassemble it when you get there.

With its stainless steel construction also, you can at least be 100 percent sure of one thing: durability. It will last for as long as you need it to. No rust or any such damage. This oven will give you value for money.

Do you still need a reason to get this oven? Order yours immediately!

Affordable and easy-to-clean, the ilFornino® Basic Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a great choice for an outside BBQ or pizza party! Its stainless steel outer body ensures proper heat retention inside and the fire-brick lining increases cooking efficiency. Or if you need something portable and more affordable, with a durable stainless steel construction, then check out the ilFornio F-Series Mini Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

ilFornino® High Grade Stainless Steel Outdoor Wood Fire Pizza Oven - Generation II


IlFornino is a brand that specializes in pizza ovens, and pizza ovens alone, so they know what it takes to create a great wood-burning oven, and ultimately, a great pizza. The ilFornino Basic Outdoor Pizza Oven is a fantastic model for those pizza enthusiasts out there who want to try making a traditional Italian pizza at home.

When considering the features of your pizza oven, you first want to ensure that the outer body is sturdy and durable. The ilFornino Basic Wood Fired Pizza Oven is made of medium-grade 430 stainless steel. This is not bad considering the price of this model, and this material is considered to be quite resistant to corrosion and oxidation so you can assume this oven will stand the test of time.

Let’s go through some of its other prominent features:

  • 100% stainless steel dome and stand construction.
  • Insulated with a lightweight blanket for optimal internal temperature.
  • 98-square-inch, 6-piece tiled cooking surface allows swift and homogenous baking.
  • Medium-density firebrick flooring for heat retention and distribution.
  • Built-in thermometer that maintains up to 700°F internal temperature.
  • Easy-to-clean body supplied with tray for removing ash.
  • Assembly required (takes under 45 minutes).
  • Heats up in 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Comes with: 4 carry handles, extra pizza stone and brush/scraper for cleaning.

If the basic model isn’t tickling your fancy, check out the rest of the ilFornino pizza oven range, which includes professional-grade wood-burning pizza ovens too!

The Alfa Pizza Forno 5 Wood Burning Pizza Oven is an easy-to-use device that comes with precise instructions for assembly. With stunning looks and a spherical body, it is a graceful addition to your backyard. Or you could also check out this smaller pizza oven that’s more affordable and also comes in this attractive red color. See the Alfa Pizza Ciao Pizza Oven.

Alfa Forno 5 Wood Burning Pizza Oven with Pizza Peel and Cleaning Brush Included


Alfa Pizza hand-crafts their pizza ovens in Italy. They consider the user experience and try to accommodate it; one example is the compact design of their ovens, making them suitable for terraces, balconies and gardens. This, as well as the wheels, also makes them easily portable, another plus.

The Forno 5 Oven comes with a built-in thermometer, cooking tray, wire grill tray and log holder. The lightweight steel base is a perfect spot for holding ladles, brushes and baking tools. This is not just an ordinary pizza oven, it is highly versatile: you can cook anything in this pizza oven, including fish, veggies, desserts and meat.

Here are some of its best features.

  • 100% Italian design based on Forinox technology
  • Large fire brick cooking surface; can be used for cooking 2 pizzas simultaneously
  • Thermally insulated copper-coated dome for heat retention
  • Built-in internal thermometer that reaches desired cooking temperature with little fuel consumption
  • Lightweight stainless steel base with wheels for greater portability
  • You can keep your baking tools on the bottom shelf
  • Easy-to-assemble parts: built-in thermometer, cooking tray, wire grill tray and log holder
  • Requires 2 people for assembly
  • Attractive copper-made stainless red body
  • Perfect for backyard cooking
  • Small and compact, can be kept inside kitchens, in backyard or on terrace
Smart and versatile, the KettlePizza Deluxe USA Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit is a perfect device for grill masters that want to broaden their skills, and for pizza lovers wanting to cook real authentic pizza without the expense of a traditional wood-fired oven. This particular model fits a 22.5 inch kettle grill, but the there is also a larger unit for 26.75 inch kettle grills.

KettlePizza Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit for Kettle Grills with Stone and Metal Peel Included


KettlePizza was founded on passion. One man’s passion for grilling led him to develop the Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit, which turns any regular grill into a pizza oven in minutes! This kit can fit any 18.5 or 22.5-inch kettle grill and is crafted of high-grade materials, manufactured in the USA.

The KettlePizza Deluxe Kit comes with a stainless steel sleeve, handles, 15-inch cordierite stone, thermometer, aluminum pan and pizza peel. It’s the perfect alternative to a pricey, full outdoor wood-burning pizza oven and it can be used for a host of other cooking functions too!

Let’s take a closer look at its features:

  • Deluxe kits include 15-inch cordierite stone and 14-inch pizza pan.
  • Aluminum pizza peel for removing baked products.
  • Bottle opener and hanging clip included.
  • Best for both stone and grill experience.
  • Includes a 304 stainless steel pizza oven sleeve.
  • Built-in high-temperature thermometer for regulating internal heat.
  • Twin wood handles with stainless steel standoffs for better hold.
  • Fits perfectly on 18.5 and 22.5-inch kettle grills.
  • Basic assembly required, but no special tools needed.
  • Heat does not escape, even when its lid is open.
  • Parts and body crafted in the USA.

Best Wood Fire Pizza Oven Guide – What to Look for in a Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven or Permanent Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Oven

A weekend with family and friends is incomplete without great food and drinks. With the great weather in summertime, it is always relaxing to spend quality time outdoors in your garden with those you love and some homemade pizzas. All you need is a quality pizza oven and some comfy hammocks to relax in after you have enjoyed your feast.

Since most outdoor ovens require wood for fuel, you may want a sharp, durable axe to chop some firewood and kindling, and a strong garden scooter to carry the firewood and whatever other heavy items you may need to your party area. You do not want your guests dropping bottles, plates, or glasses all over when you can simply have them carried easily to your garden.

A wood-burning pizza oven can be the center of attention for your whole yard. You need one that enables you to have the best roasting experience and keep all your guests happy. You are bound to be the talk of your neighborhood if you give them an awesome outdoor pizza party experience, so be sure to get an oven with the best features.

When we did our research, we came across other great pizza oven brands that we’d like to give honorable mention to. If you want to check out some more awesome pizza ovens, see what U-MAX Outdoor and Andmakers have to offer.

Here are some of the features to look for if you want food with that great woody taste.

Video: How to Use a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Stages of Preparing a Wood Fired Pizza Oven. | Courtesy of Fornieri - Wood Fired Ovens

Good wood-burning pizza ovens should cost between $300 and $2500. Of course, you should expect the more high-end ones to do more than the less expensive ones. High-end wood-burning pizza ovens are usually made of brick and stone, in comparison with stainless steel or aluminum ones, which will cost less. Whichever of these options you choose, just ensure you stay away from cheap wood-burning pizza ovens. We came across them too but avoided them, as they looked cheap and will most likely not last as long.

Here are some of the features you should check before committing to a wood-burning pizza oven.


Roasting meat, baking hearth breads or beans, or making crisps in a conventional oven can be boring and time consuming, and you will burn a fairly large amount of fuel, especially when making only small or single portions at a time, but with a wood-burning pizza oven, you can be sure to save a lot, since you will not only be able to roast several steaks, but the addition of other compartments allows you to make pizza and roast a chicken at the same time!

Here are some important features to look out for in a good oven.

  • Fuel Type - There are ovens that use wood and gas, but wood-burning fuels produce the best results and most unique taste.
  • Materials - These are the materials used to construct the body of the oven. Most are made of cast iron and/or stainless steel, copper and graphite, among others.
  • Design - This depends on the specific oven. Some have dome tops while some are cylindrical. There are also those that come mounted on carts with wheels.
  • Size - This is the weight and the space available in the oven. Ovens can weigh as much 432 pounds depending on the material and the components in it. The space determines the size or the number of pizzas you can make, in addition to other food, at one time.
  • Extras - Ovens come with a variety of additional features depending on the brand. Such extras may include bottle openers, hanging clips, grills, thermometer, and aluminum pizza peel, among others.
Construction and Design

Wood-burning pizza ovens require strong and durable materials due to their function, in addition to a suitable design to perform their cooking tasks. Consider going for those with cast iron construction or stainless steel since these materials are durable. They come with a flat floor to hold the firewood and frame plate cooking surfaces. They also have fire doors that you can close to retain heat.

Some come with a dome-shaped design, while others are cylindrical. There are fixed ovens that you can only use at one place in the house, and others come mounted on carts that you can move to different locations. Movable ovens are suitable for outdoor parties. There are those with extra items, such as bottle openers and built-in thermometers to check the heat when cooking.

Video: How to Cook Pizza in a Wood Fired Oven

Jamie Olivier Shows How to Cook Pizza in a Wood Fired Oven. | Courtesy of Jamie Oliver
Performance and Ease of Use

A good-quality oven is one that you can use for multiple foods and that doesn’t overheat and burn your food. You also may need to consider the speed at which you will heat up your oven, as well as the overall fuel to use.

When it comes to fuel, wood is the best option, as it redistributes heat in the oven better than gas since it burns both on the floor and under the roof of the oven. The coal embers maintain heat on the floor while the flames keep the roof heated. This helps to redistribute heat on your food, especially pizzas, enhancing the cooking process. This is what gives pizzas a crispy crust underneath and perfect softness at the top. Wood also leaves the food with an unbeatable sweet, aromatic scent and taste.

As previously stated, cast iron and stainless steel are ideal materials for a wood pizza oven. Not only are they durable, but they are also good conductors of heat and retain heat for a considerable amount of time. This allows you to cook, roast or bake various foods at the same time. Coupled with the various designs that these ovens come in, expect to have the best of roast steaks.

Ovens with large spaces are ideal for or cooking more than one type of food at once. You can make two or three pizzas in some of them while roasting a steak or a chicken and at the same time baking some beans. You get to save a lot of time with such space and it always adds to the fun factor.

The extras in various ovens serve different useful purposes. Imagine having guests take drinks only to realize you do not have a bottle opener nearby. Ovens that come with one save you the hassle of having to leave your guests to go find an opener. There are those that come with an extra rack for you to store food and keep it warm. A pizza peel can come in handy to turn your pizzas properly while a thermometer helps you control the oven’s temperature to achieve the optimum, depending on the type of food you are preparing.

Get the Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven of 2023!

With these great models, we hope that you have chosen the best wood-burning pizza oven to enjoy those steaks, hearth breads and pizzas with your family and friends. As always, it’s our pleasure to have helped you get a good model. We have more in our other reviews if you haven’t been able to choose from these five top products.

Our Top Choice
Authentic Pizza Ovens Outdoor Pizza Oven
Best Value
Uuni Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven
ilFornino® Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Alfa Pizza Forno 5 Outdoor Oven
KettlePizza Deluxe USA Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

Wood Fired Pizza Oven FAQs

How does a wood-fired pizza oven work?
A wood-fired pizza oven works by storing heat in the refractory and releasing it while cooking the pizza. The stove may supply conductive heat to the firebricks in the cooking base, radiant heat from the refractory dome, or convection heat from the air circulation inside the dome. You can start by heating the oven, waiting until it cools down to the ideal temperature, before cooking your food
How to use a wood-fired pizza oven?
Before using a wood-fired pizza oven, you should light the wood. Ensure you have clean, dry seasoned wood bereft of chemicals, glue, and paint. You can start the fire using softwood before adding hardwood to keep the fire burning. Ideally, the wood for starting the fire should be in the form of 200 to 300mm long pieces. Keep the fire burning until the refractory dome's temperature reaches 350 degrees Celsius, making the oven walls grey—spread embers on the chamber floor to produce as much heat as possible. When the entire interior turns grey, push the fire aside and sweep the floor to remove all the ash embers. Take a handful of wheat flour and threw it onto the base of the oven. If it burns quickly, the chamber is too hot and requires you to remove embers or leave the door open to cool it. If the flour browns in 10 seconds, then the oven temperature is just right.
How to cook pizza in a wood-fired oven?
To cook pizza in a wood-fired oven, wait until the chamber cools down to 300 degrees Celsius or 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare your dough according to the recipe and place it into the oven. After 40 seconds, use a peel to turn the pizza 180 degrees to ensure even cooking. You will have a fully-cooked pizza in another 60 to 90 seconds (a wood-fired oven is faster than a gas or electric oven).