Best Wood Coffee Table Reviews 2023

Wooden coffee tables come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, which can make it hard to decide on one. To help you make the right decision, we will take you through the points you should consider. After that, we’ve reviewed five great wooden coffee tables from some of the best coffee table brands on the market. Our featured models come in various prices, designs, and sizes to ensure that we have something for everyone, whether it’s for a living room or family room. If you’re looking for glass or metal coffee tables, we have separate reviews for each of them. Let’s get the ball rolling.
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Our Top Choice
Safavieh Wesley Coffee Table
Founded in 1914, Safavieh is a leading designer, manufacturer, and importer of high-quality furniture, fine rugs, and home accents in the US.
From a reputable brand. Usable in a variety of spaces. Impressive design, low height, and a removable tray. Very stable.
Available in only one color.
White with black tray
35.4” x 35.4” x 11.8”; 66 lbs.
Manufactured wood
Removable tray
Best Value
Coaster C-Shaped Coffee Table
Coaster Home Furnishings has been on the market for two decades now, establishing itself as one of the largest home furniture distributors in the US.
Made of 100% wood. Very stable. Reputable brand. Easy to assemble. Beveled wood top. Distinctive, C-shaped legs.
The rectangular corners are sharp.
47.2” x 23.5” x 15.8”; 39.6 lbs.
Laminated wood
C-shaped legs, block base
Ashley Marion Coffee Table
Furniture = Ashley. It’s the world’s largest upholstery manufacturer, North America’s largest wooden-furniture manufacturer, and Google’s most-searched furniture name.
Unique design. From the biggest furniture brand. Four upholstered stools that are easy to pull out and slide in. High quality.
It’s a bit heavy, as it weighs 109.5 lbs.
Dark brown
46.6” x 43.6” x 12.1”; 109.5 lbs.
Man-made wood, veneer
4 upholstered stools
Sauder Carson Forge Wooden Coffee Table
Founded in 1934, Sauder Woodworking Co. is one of the leading five residential furniture brands in the US. Unlike other companies, 90 percent of Sauder’s furniture is manufactured in Ohio.
Unique style and functionality. Hidden storage area. Extendable working surface. Very stable. Washington cherry finish on all sides.
Takes time to assemble.
Washington Cherry
43.1” x 19.4” x 19”; 64 lbs.
Particle board
Lift-top design, hidden storage
DHP Parsons Coffee Table
DHP Furniture (Dorel Home Products) designs and manufactures furniture for small living spaces, like stylish futons, accent furniture, and bunk beds.
Incredibly lightweight. Easy to transfer from room to room. Multiple uses and doesn’t stain. Hard to scratch. Impressive durability and stability.
Isolated complaints of color peeling off
Black, Espresso, Natural and White
19” x 39” x 17.7”; 5.7 lbs.
Particle board
Hollowcore construction

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What is the Best Wood Coffee Table?

The best wooden coffee table depends on several factors. First, where you’ll use it – this can be the family room, living room, or the patio. Secondly, consider the other furniture in the room, and get a coffee table that complements them. But that’s not a rule; décor is personal, so go for what pleases you. Finally, consider if there is any added functionality you’ll need, for example, hidden storage, drawers, and casters. Let’s now meet our top pick for the best wooden coffee table.
Our Top Choice
Resting on a clean-lined square base and standing 12 inches high, the Safavieh Wesley Coffee Table will be a smart addition to a contemporary living space. If 66 pounds is overwhelming, check out the 12-pound Safavieh Malone Coffee Table, made of wood and metal and available in three colors.

Safavieh Home Collection Wesley White and Black Coffee Table – Available With or Without Expert Assembly

Safavieh has been in the furniture market for over 100 years now, making it one of the go-to brands when looking for quality and stylish furniture that will transform your living space. Apart from furniture, Safavieh is also a big name in the rugs industry.

Since we were looking for a wooden coffee table that could be used in multiple places, we picked the Safavieh Wesley Coffee Table, which is great for a study, library, family room, or a living room. The table has a clean-lined base and a removable tray at one corner, adding to its design.

Apart from the removable tray on one corner, another feature that makes this table unique is the height. The 12-inch height is at the lower end, compared to the majority of coffee tables. The low height is what makes it blend in well with contemporary furniture. For those who want a different design besides white and square, this table may not work for you, as it's only available in one color. The best thing is that Safavieh has others to choose from.
Best Value
If you’re looking for a modern and attractive wooden coffee table, the Coaster Home Furnishings C-Shaped Coffee Table will be a smart pick for any casual living space. If you want a traditional design, we recommend the Coaster Home Furnishings Traditional Coffee Table with hand-carved detailing, serpentine-shaped legs, and a storage shelf.

Coaster Home Furnishings C-Shaped Casual Cappuccino Coffee Table – Available With or Without Expert Assembly

Coaster Home Furnishings understands that customers’ furniture tastes are deep and wide. That’s why they offer a wide range of formal and casual dining furniture, home theater chairs, futons, bedroom sets, sofas, bunk beds, accent tables, and daybeds, among others. While other companies are measuring success based on their revenue, Coaster Home Furnishings assesses its success based on customers’ satisfaction.

Because we were looking for a stylish, yet casual coffee table design, we settled on the Coaster Home Furnishings C-Shaped Coffee Table, which catches the eye due to its design. The modern and attractive style, complemented by the cappuccino finish, makes for a rich and warm look, which is what every visitor to your room will notice first.

It has a smooth, rectangular, beveled top which, apart from being great for placing all sort of items, from drinks and decorative items to books, makes it ideal for busy family rooms. The distinctive, C-shaped legs and wooden base add to its look, design and stability. It has a height of 16 inches and weighs 40 pounds because of all-wood construction.
The Ashley Marion Coffee Table is a contemporary, circular table that comes with four faux leather-upholstered stools that fit under the table. If you’d prefer a rectangular coffee table, we recommend the Ashley Mallacar Coffee Table, great for eclectic and classic living rooms.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Marion Coffee Table – 4 Pieces Available in This Design

Ashley is what every furniture brand aspires to be. The father and son-owned brand started in 1945, when it distributed products from local companies. Within a few years, the company had outgrown itself, employing more people than the population of Arcadia, where it’s located. Today, Ashley sells furniture in over 123 countries spread across the globe.

We decided to feature the Marion Coffee Table from Ashley because of the unique design. Designed to save space when not in use, this coffee table has four wedge-shaped stools that you pull out and slide under each quadrant of the table. The best thing about the faux leather-upholstered stools is that you can pull them as close as you want, in order to place a bowl of popcorn or remotes. The stools can also be used as seats, especially when you have guests.

This table has a beveled glass tabletop and is hand-finished. It is made of natural wood, veneer, glass, and man-made wood. The absence of corners makes it exceptionally safe for young children, while the weight adds to its stability. The table requires assembly when you buy it (if you want, you can order the table with expert assembly). If you need to furnish a whole room, Ashley provides other pieces in the same design, including two end tables and a sofa table.
Featuring a lift top, the Sauder Carson Forge Wooden Coffee Table offers you impressive versatility. There is a hidden storage compartment under the tabletop, and the cover can move toward or away from you when lifted. If, instead of hidden storage, you’d prefer drawers, check out the Sauder Boone Mountain Coffee Table with faux drawers on the front.

Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table with Washington Cherry Finish

Privately owned Sauder Woodworking Co. is reputable name in the furniture industry. With its two subsidiaries, Progressive Furniture Inc. and Sauder Manufacturing Company, the brand serves millions of customers within and without the US. Today, the Ohio-based company has over 40 ready-to-assemble furniture collections for home, entertainment, bedroom, storage, and kitchen.

Since we were looking for a wooden coffee table that had a hidden storage area, we decided on the ready-to-assemble Sauder Carson Forge Collection Wooden Coffee Table. The top of this table lifts up and forward, which offers great versatility and value. When you lift it up, there is a hidden storage area underneath, where you can store board games, blankets, knick-knacks and much more.

When lifting the top, you can push the top forward or toward you. This allows you to convert it into a work table where you can place your laptop or books. So, with this coffee table, you have a hidden storage, a normal table and a work space, all in one! It is fully finished in Washington cherry
The DHP Parsons Coffee Table brings out the meaning of “simplicity is the key to brilliance.” While this table is made for small living spaces, it can be put to use anywhere, and it’s easy to move from one room to another. If you’d prefer a taller coffee table, check out the DHP Rosewood Coffee Table, which has a height of 28 inches, for use in the hallway or any room.

DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table – Available in 4 Colors & as an End Table

DHP Furniture understands the challenges of furnishing a small living space or office. This is because, most of the time, it’s hard to find furniture built with such spaces in mind. DHP’s mission is to design furniture pieces for small spaces. Some of its successful product lines include futons, accent furniture, metal bunk beds, and baby and adult mattresses.

We decided to feature the DHP Parsons Coffee Table for its simple design and budget-friendly price tag. The table is available in white, warm natural finish, rich black, and espresso, allowing you to pick a color that will blend in well with your space. The best thing is that you can use it almost anywhere – at home, office or in businesses. The hollowcore construction makes it lightweight, allowing you to transfer it as you wish.

The MDF laminate finish and faux-wood top don’t stain and are hard to scratch. This makes the table ideal even in places where there is frequent use. If the reviews and rating on Amazon are anything to believe, it’s hard to beat the DHP Parsons Coffee Table, not only because of the price, but also its sturdiness, the quality of the finish and its general design. DHP also makes a matching end table, if you want to coordinate your furniture.

How Do I Choose the Best Wood Coffee Table?

A perfect spot for placing remotes, a bowl of popcorn or your tired feet. You can also place a stack of books and magazines, decorations or a vase of flowers. You can use a coffee table to do any of these and more. Apart from being used to place stuff, a coffee table is a great piece of furniture that you can use to transform your living space.

Just like metal coffee tables and glass coffee tables, wooden coffee tables can be used anywhere – in a living room, family room, with an Adirondack chair or a patio chair. On the other hand, for a living room, you may need a formal design, depending on the other furniture. Here, you can choose a traditional, contemporary, industrial, rustic, mid-century, Parsons, or coastal design, as long as it blends in well.

For a family room, you’ll need a sturdy coffee table to withstand the rough use. That’s why coffee tables for family rooms should be able to take spilled fluids and placement of feet. It is also good to consider if you need a table with added functionality. The most common added functionalities are storage, mobility, and adjustability.

The best things about wooden coffee tables are their durability, strength, and ease of maintenance. Unlike metal and glass, wood is naturally gorgeous, thanks to the beautiful pattern. Wooden coffee tables are also safer for homes with kids, compared with glass and metallic furniture, which can hurt young children.

To help you make the right buying decision, we will take you through what to consider when buying a wooden coffee table, and after that, we have reviews for our favorite wooden coffee tables on the market.
For a good wooden coffee table, expect to spend between about $50 and $400. There are different factors that influence the price of a wooden coffee table, for instance, the brand, size, and functionalities. For a highly functional table, with a hidden storage area or drawers, expect to pay more than for a simple coffee table. On the upper end, there are tables that cost thousands of dollars, with most of them coming from renowned designers. There are also cheap wooden coffee tables that cost as little as $20. The issue with these is their low quality, and that’s why we have not featured them.
When shopping for a wooden coffee table, pay attention to these features to pick something that will stand the test of time and look good in your home.
  • The type of wood used to make the table
  • Dimensions and weight of the table
  • The shape of the table
  • Legs and support
  • Added functionality, like hidden storage
  • Height
Let’s now discuss how these features affect the design and performance of a coffee table.
Construction and Design
Two of the critical considerations when buying a wooden coffee table are the construction and design. First, the table should blend in well in your space. Keep in mind the style of your other furniture and visualize if it’s compatible. Let’s now discuss the different elements that you should consider in construction and design.

Type of Wood

Without a doubt, wood is the most popular material for making coffee tables, due to its traditional feel and timelessness. When shopping, you’ll find a wide range of wood types, requiring you to know their differences. It’s not every wooden coffee table that is made with “real wood.” Thanks to technology, we now have human-made wood, which is considered by many to be as good as natural wood. For real wood, look for oak, walnut, mahogany, pine, ash, and sheeshum.

Oak is one of the most widely used types of wood, loved for its durability and traditional look. You’ll find oak either in white or red. The second type of wood is walnut, and just like oak, walnut stands out for durability and has a luxurious touch. Mahogany is another popular type of wood. The best thing about mahogany is its versatility and flexibility, as it can be stained or varnished.

Pine is also well loved, especially for contemporary coffee tables. Pine is appreciated for its durability, strength, and appearance. Other types of wood used in making coffee tables include sheeshum and the flexible ash.

Size and Weight

The biggest mistake you can make when shopping for a coffee table is getting the wrong size. To get the ideal size, pick a table with a height between 15 and 17 inches, which is the range of most sofa heights. If you have a customized sofa, choose a table that is approximately ½ or 2/3 its length and width. Also remember, you’re advised to leave between 12 and 18 inches between the table and sofa. When it comes to weight, ask yourself these questions: Will you be relocating it and how sturdy do you want it? If you plan to keep the table in one place, both lightweight and bulky coffee tables will work.


When deciding on the shape of the table, consider your seating configuration. While there is no rule when deciding on the shape, interior décor experts say that oval and rectangular shapes are the best for small rooms. Round or square tables are recommended for larger spaces. If you have small children in your home, the best shapes are round or oval, which don’t have sharp corners. Other tips when deciding on the shape include trying to break the monotony of a dominant shape or just visualizing how a specific shape will look.

Added Functionalities

Every table has a top and base, but these days, there are models that offer more. For instance, there are models with hidden storage areas, shelves, and drawers where you can store blankets and other stuff. Another feature that you’ll find in some models is a lift-top. In these models, you can raise the table top, or move it forward or backward to create a comfortable computer or reading desk. You’ll also find some models with wheels and casters, making it easy to relocate them.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, there are a few things to consider. First, consider where you intend to place the table and how you’ll use it. If the table will be used regularly, ensure it can withstand the demands and still look great.

Another consideration is cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning wooden coffee tables is pretty straightforward. However, check carefully if the type of wood is allergic to fluids. If you’ll be using that table as the centerpiece to place drinks, go for sealed wood. This is also a critical consideration if you have small children. Decide on the cleaning mode depending on the finish. If the table is unsealed, use a damp, soapy cloth. However, don’t apply soap directly.

If the table has a varnish finish, damp dust and spray polish it without making it excessively wet. For a veneer finish, check if it’s unsealed and, in this case, the recommended cleaning method is to damp dust. If it’s coated, use a damp sponge and then dry the surface. With the specific cleaning demands, you can choose a finish that you’ll be able to handle. Finally, consider the stability of the table by looking at the legs and the base.

Get the Best Wood Coffee Table of 2023!

We trust we have answered all your questions about wooden coffee tables. Go ahead and pick one that fits your lifestyle and space. Shop confidently, as these are brands you can count on for quality wooden coffee tables.

Our Top Choice
Safavieh Wesley Coffee Table
Best Value
Coaster C-Shaped Coffee Table
Ashley Marion Coffee Table
Sauder Carson Forge Wooden Coffee Table
DHP Parsons Coffee Table