Best Wood Shed Reviews 2022

A wood shed is a structure that helps in clutter management in and around the house; but how do you know which one to buy? How do you choose from the plethora of models out there the exact one that will adequately meet your needs? To make the task easier for you, we scouted around for brands with wood sheds and after careful considerations, we’ve decided on the top five brands with some of the best wood sheds on the market. Showcasing one product from each brand, we’re happy to inform you that our featured brands have other models of wood shed that you can choose from in case the reviewed model isn’t what you’re looking for exactly. P.S… We’d like to inform you also that we have a separate review for barn sheds so if you’re looking for different features or options, you may check those out too.
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Our Top Choice
Handy Home Products 10 x 8’ Wood Shed
For over 30 years, Handy Home Products has been providing its customers with the best selection and easy do-it-yourself shed and gazebo kits that are as durable as they’re classy.
Quaint and charming. Versatile installation double door. LP engineered wood siding. Rust resistant lockable keys. Easy to assemble precut wood.
This shed may be too big for some homes because of its large footprint.
Walk-in shed
Double-door centered
120 x 96 x 96 inches
Info not provided
Natural finish; paint as desired
Best Value
Home Styles Montego Bay Cabinet
Home Styles’ furniture products are designed by a team of track-proven furniture and packaging experts with quality problem-solving and shipping ease in mind.
Cabinet-style design for indoor or outdoor use. Roomy interior with four removable shelves. Four doors with steel lock and hinges. Shorea wood construction. Portable.
There may be issues with aligning some of the pre-drilled holes so you might want to have a drill at hand when assembling.
Cabinet shed
4 doors; 2 tiers
65 x 32 x 22 inches
Shorea wood
Cedarshed Bayside Kit Storage Shed
Cedarshed is a globally recognized brand with an unrivalled range of shed and gazebo kits. Its products are sleek, extremely durable and made from the highest quality cedar lumber.
Space-saving, easy-to-erect lean-to design. 100% solid, rot-resistant cedar wood. Shingled red cedar roof. Versatile Dutch door and window. Mounting hardware included.
The interior may not be able to hold large tools and equipment.
Walk-in shed
. 1 window; 2 doors, panels
93 x 96 x 48 inches
Western Red Cedar
Natural finish
Leisure Season Vertical Storage Shed
Leisure Season is a top ranking outdoor furniture brand located in Canada. It’s been designing quality outdoor solutions for over 30 years and enjoys lots of trust from customers.
Durable tongue and groove construction. Cedar-fresh smell. Vertical, space saving design. Protective coating. Double door with security lock.
May not handle heavy weights.
Cabinet shed
Double door
72 x 36 x 24 inches
Stained with protective coating
Merax Garden Shed Wooden Locker
Merax has a wide range of quality products that cover almost all aspects of home living; interior and exterior. Its products are durable and affordable for all classes of buyers.
Water-proof exterior. Roomy, sectioned interior. Shutter-style design. Black linoleum rooftop. Natural color tint. Double door design. Padded leg stands.
Built from soft wood, not good for heavy weights.
Cabinet shed
Double shutter door; linoleum roof
63 x 33 x 18.3 inches
Fir wood
Natural wood

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What is the Best Wood Shed?

Having gone through our loaded and informative buying guide, we expect you to keep your eyes wide open and utilize the information gleaned to choose the wood shed that will serve you well. Head right on to our individual product review section to take a look at the wood sheds we have lined up for you; we guarantee you’ll find one there that will suit your needs just fine.
Our Top Choice
The Handy Home Products Cumberland Wooden Storage Shed is adequately sized to accommodate all your gardening and lawn equipment and supply, including a riding mower. It has a quaint look that adds charm to your backyard. If you need a large 12x24 wood shed for your equipment, then see the Handy Home Products Sequoia Wooden Storage Shed, 12 by 24-Feet.

Handy Home Products 10 by 8-Feet Cumberland Wooden Storage Shed with Floor

Handy Home Products was founded in 1978 as the number one solution to precut, easy-to-assemble sheds and gazebo in America. Its products are manufactured with highest quality lumber and adequately treated to stand the test of time and with the wealth of experience from its 35 years of existence, it has continued to serve its customers well. Its motto, “Its Easy…Its Handy!” aptly captures what it does and stands for. With its easy do-it-yourself kits, you don’t need tedious instructions or any special skills to set up your unit in record time. And once you’ve got it set up, you’re assured of sleek, fitted lines, and long-lasting durability that you will enjoy for years to come.

The Handy Home Products Cumberland Wooden Storage Shed is classically styled to bring that extra charm to your backyard in addition to helping you get organized. Its 10x8 measurements provides ample space in which to store anything that needs stowing so you can free up space in your garage. And if it's potted plants that you’ll be storing, the specially engineered 582 cubic feet of floor space can take up as much pots as required for a small or medium sized garden.

What if you have a riding mower or other outdoor equipment that you’ll like to store indoors? Then you’re in luck because this storage unit has high sides measuring 6 feet and an additional high peak of 8 feet that gives plenty standing room for your tall equipment.

The entry access is a well-designed double door that has a versatile installation style. You can install it either on the gable side or on the eave, offset or even centered. Just choose any style that suits you or that gives you the look you desire in your outdoor storage facility. This double door design makes it infinitely easy to move large equipment and items in and out of the storage shed without worrying about damaging the shed or item.

When it comes to sturdiness, this storage shed has a tested and trusted 2x4 lumber construction engineered to keep up with heavy snow loads and gusts of wind without buckling or keeling over. The cross bucks also add strength and style to the unit.

For durability, the wood siding has an LP factory engineered priming that makes it resistant to termites, fungal growth and rot thereby assuring you of its long-lasting nature. This priming is also paint ready, so no additional priming is required if you wish to paint your shed. The security provided for the door is a rust resistant locking lever with keys and the hinges are made from galvanized steel that’s hard to break and also doesn’t sag.

And in case you have little or no knowledge in wood works, this precut storage shed is exceptionally easy to assemble; all you’ll be needing include a hammer, ladder, tape measurement, and a screwdriver. The siding is surprisingly light and sets up in no time using normal wood working tools. With the inclusion of a straightforward, easy to understand instruction manual, you’re definitely going to have fun installing your own storage shed in no time at all.
Best Value
The Home Styles Montego Bay Outdoor Storage Cabinet is an elegant cabinet-style shed built specifically for homes lacking outdoor space for a walk-in shed. It’s simply designed for storage either indoors or outdoors. If you’d prefer a single door cabinet-style wood shed, then see the Home Styles Montego Bay Outdoor Multi-Purpose Storage Cabinet, One Door.

Home Styles Montego Bay Outdoor Multi-Purpose Storage Cabinet – Available in 2 Sizes and 2 Assembly Options

Home Styles is rooted in Kentucky but has a widespread global reach for its furniture products that feature a unique blend of convenience and quality. Designed by a team of track-proven packaging and furniture experts, every product is built with quality problem-solving at heart and for shipping ease with drop tests designed to stand the rigors of shipping. Its products are flat packed and easy to get through doorways for even easier setting up with straightforward and simple instructions. With a team of customer service that is always on standby, customers are encouraged to come up with their questions and are assured of prompt, helpful answers, no matter what the enquiry might be.

If you’re looking for a wood storage shed that wouldn’t take up much space, then you’ll love the Home Styles Montego Bay Outdoor Storage Cabinet. This is a cabinet-style wood shed that is constructed for homes with little or no backyard space for the usual walk-in wood sheds. Its design is such that unlike the walk-in wood shed, you can easily move it right into your house or under an outdoor alcove to prevent rain or snow from damaging it, thereby extending its life.

The shed is constructed from an environmentally friendly and durable Shorea wood that is self-replenishing and resistant to water damage. Its island style and Eucalyptus fine finishing lends an air of simple elegance to the furniture which blends in naturally with your home décor if you choose to keep it indoors.

And in case you’re wondering just how much stuff this unit can contain, the interior is surprising roomy, with four shelves that are removable so you can stow larger items like shovels, leaf blowers, brooms and other tools with long handles. The Home Styles Montego Bay Outdoor Storage Cabinet features a four-door design that gives access to different parts of the shelves and fitted with steel locks and hinges for security.

All the hardware required for assembling the unit is included in the package, so you need not worry about getting additional hardware and the assembling is super easy, as all the parts are labelled and comes with a straightforward instruction manual.

And to be doubly sure the contents are kept safe from water damage, the storage unit is raised several inches above the ground on four sturdy legs and the space underneath can even be used to store some items out of the way.
The Cedarshed Bayside Kit Storage Shed features a space-saving lean-to design that can be erected against a wall or fence so it doesn’t take up much space while still roomy enough for almost all your tools and supplies. If you’ll prefer a standalone wood shed with shutters, check out the Cedarshed Shed 6x9 ft. Rancher Storage Shed.

Cedarshed 8 x 4 ft. Bayside Wood Storage Shed

Cedarshed is among the leading shed and gazebo kit manufacturers in the world with a global customer base. It’s a renowned brand in the furniture industry and known for its quality and uniquely designed products. Every unit of gazebo or shed kit from its stables has a peculiar story behind it from satisfied customers and you’re guaranteed not to be an exception. Its products have been helping people all over the globe get organized and add elegance to their homes both inside and outside. With a customer service that is always ready to help, customers are assured of ready answers for all their enquiries ranging from permit to installation of the kits.

The Cedarshed Bayside Kit Storage Shed is elegantly constructed in a lean-to design that can be erected against a fence or wall such that even though it’s a walk-in wood shed, it doesn’t take up much space. For the best combination of style and functionality, this unit has it all and more. Some notable features of this unit include:
  • A red western cedar construction that is top range in quality, rot and water damage resistant which means you can use it as long as you wish without worrying about its maintenance. It also ages gracefully as the years go by
  • Beautifully shingled red cedar roof panels that add class and elegance to your garden
  • Roomy interior with a compact build that can store most garden tools and small equipment or items without large footprint
  • Prebuilt and precut wood panels that are precise and makes assembling, a breeze. No cutting or filing needed
  • A window fixture with options to upgrade to multiple windows as desired and you can even opt for sliding windows, whatever suits your style
  • Single, fixed window planter box where you can put some potted plants to add color to your outdoor shed
  • Versatile Dutch cedar door that can be customized to a double door or even a sliding door and can also be fixed at the end of the structure
  • Complete package with all the required hardware for easy assembling and also include an instruction manual
The Leisure Season Vertical Storage Shed features the tongue and groove construction, which happens to be the best construction type for shed kits due to its leak proof and durable design that is built for the long haul. You might want to check out the moisture resistant, medium sized Leisure Season Medium Storage Shed, Solid Wood, Decay Resistant if you’re looking for something bigger.

Leisure Season Vertical Storage Shed

Leisure Season Ltd is based in Canada and has, for over 30 years, been providing top notch outdoor furniture for North American. Whatever outdoor solution you require, be it for storage, leisure or functional furniture, you’re sure to get it from the brand and at an affordable price too. Its products are small to medium format in size and are made from rot and decay resistant prime wood guaranteed to last long under diverse weather conditions. Its customer service is one-of-a-kind and is always ready to listen and help out with enquiries from customers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the personable service offered by the customer service team and by the quality and affordability of the product when it arrives at your doorstep.

The Leisure Season Vertical Storage Shed is a practical but elegant storage option for outdoor use and built for the long-haul usage. It’s constructed from solid cypress wood and has protective coating layered on the surface to make it weather and fungal decay resistant thereby increasing its lifespan by several years.

Vertically designed, it doesn’t require much standing room but has a roomy interior that can accommodate quite a good number of gardening supplies, pool accessories, lawn supplies and assorted tools.

The storage unit is constructed using the best shed kit design available – the tongue and groove construction – that assures of leak proof and durable fitting that wouldn’t come apart or let in drops of water that might lead to deterioration of the contents.

For ease of access, the shed is outfitted with a double door with security lock to keep its contents safe from thieves and pests and the interior is divided into two, with one half having shelves for storing supplies and smaller tools while the other half has no demarcating shelf and can be used to store long tools like shovels and brooms.

The exterior is stained and finished with natural wood color that is attractive and blends in naturally with the surrounding either on your lawn, patio or even garage.

And just so you know, this storage unit has a cedar-fresh smell to it that in addition to keeping your stuff smelling nice, also serves as a deterrent to pests and spiders.
The Merax Garden Shed Wooden Locker is water-proofed to adequately withstand almost all manner of adverse weather conditions obtainable outdoors, ensuring longer lifespan for the shed and protection of the tools inside. If you want a lockable wood shed with black-coated hardware, see the Merax Wooden Outdoor Garden Shed with Fir Wood Medium Storage Shed Lockable Storage Unit.

Merax Wooden Garden Shed Wooden Lockers With Fir Wood (Natural Wood Color – Shutter Design)

If you’re searching for a well-grounded, dedicated brand with some of the best furniture and home product lines in the industry, Merax is sure to come up at the top of the list. It’s known for its diverse range of quality products that cover almost all aspects of home living. When it comes to affordability, its products come at surprisingly unbeatable prices that ensure every household is equipped with high quality products. Its products are shipped globally so wherever you are, you don’t need to worry about getting your orders. Apart from being affordable, its products are also known for their long-lasting resilience and sleek, unique designs that blends with your existing home décor.

If you’re looking for an easy to assemble, great looking and super affordable cabinet-style wood storage, then you’ll love this Merax Garden Shed Wooden Locker. This storage unit has a natural tint and shutter design that is unique and elegant.

Because of its roomy interior divided into three sections of varying heights, you can better organize your tools and supplies according to their sizes without getting them all jumbled up.

Since most wood storage units are meant to be kept outdoors, you’d want a weather-proof or at least a water-proofed unit that’ll stand the test of time. The Merax Garden Shed Wooden Locker is water-proofed to withstand bad weather and prolong its lifespan.

Its black linoleum rooftop is not only attractive, but also useful as a counter top for other items. It’s easy to clean and thus can be used for a variety of purpose. The unit stands on four padded sturdy legs that prevents it from scratching your floor in case you’re using it as an indoor storage unit.

With a double door design, getting large tools in and out of the storage unit is easy. You don’t have to worry about damaging the stuffs you have inside it. The door hinges are made from a sturdy metal that wouldn’t sag or rust and the wooden handle and closure gives an overall rustic look without the detraction of a metal lock.

How Do I Choose the Best Wood Shed?

If you’re handy around the house and maybe an avid do-it-yourselfer, you will most likely have lots of tools and nick knacks all over the place and it’s no fun having to keep searching for a tool when it’s needed. Granted, you can get them tools all put away in tool boxes and stacked up inside your garage but a time will come when even the boxes will be needing a space of their own. And this is just for tools that can go inside a box, what of those too big to be put in a storage box like the lawn mower, what then would you do with those? Leave them out in the open at the mercy of the elements and thieves? Or maybe push them into the garage and risk scratching your automobile?

Ok, let’s leave the tools and equipment for a moment.

Have you ever had the singular misfortune of tripping over a bike lying across the floor of a darkened hallway for lack of packing space? Not funny, right? There are several other items that can be found lying haphazardly in the house that can lead to minor accidents if not properly stowed away. It might be an old couch that looks out of place in your new, plush living room and you’re hard pressed for a place to store it as a memento, or a collection of old school CDs that are not receiving as much appreciation as they should.

Whatever it is that needs storage, whether tools, equipment or household items, you can go for a portable and ready-to-assemble wood shed. Most wood sheds are prefabricated and come with all hardware required to set it up, all you’ll need will be a hammer and drill in most cases and some few hours to assemble.

The basic function of the wood shed is to provide shelter for tools and other household items that you don’t use regularly so you can have enough room in other parts of the house. It can also serve as a workshop or a safe haven to get away from the bustle of the main house for some quiet time out with your favorite hobby.

Whatever be the reason why you’re shopping for a wood shed, there are several factors that you need to carefully consider before making any financial commitment. If it’s for storage, you’d have to consider the type and size of stuff you’ll be storing in there; this will in turn affect the size of wood shed you should be searching for. You’ll also consider the wood type and design of wood shed and finally, the price. We’ve discussed these points in detail in subsequent sections, so keep reading.
When shopping for a wood shed, it’s always recommended to go for the best in terms of quality despite the price point especially since wood is susceptible to rot in the long run. The type of wood used in fabricating the wood shed is the major determining factor of the price. Cedar wood sheds are considered the most expensive and by far the most durable of all the woods. You can get a soft wood shed for as low as $190 and a cedar wood shed for as much as $1,600, and there’s a lot of wood sheds that fall in between. Among other factors that can greatly affect the price of a wood shed is the size of the shed. A wood shed with a large footprint will definitely cost more than one with a small footprint.

Our featured products are picked from top ranking brands with different price points so there’s something for everyone, your budget notwithstanding. They are also chosen for their quality and durability, which is more than can be said for some of the cheap wood sheds that we came across while putting this work together. If you’re really searching for a great, reliable and resilient wood shed that you will enjoy for years at a price that will be agreeable to your pocket, then just stay with us.
Knowing the main purpose or combination of purposes that your wood shed will be performing will help greatly in narrowing your search for the right wood shed for your needs. Here are some features to help you make the right decision:
  • Type and treatment of wood
  • Size of the wood shed
  • Design
  • Type of shed
  • Additional features
Construction and Design
Wood sheds, just as the name implies, are made from wood instead of metal or plastic. Wood sheds are mostly preferred for their aesthetics and natural look that blends well with the outdoors. Because wood is susceptible to rot especially when left out in the open, the materials used for wood sheds are usually treated to protect them from the elements. There are two forms of treatment used: the pressure treatment and dip treatment. A pressure treated wood lasts longer than a dip treated wood because dip treatment is kind of superficial while pressure treatment goes deep into the wood grains. With a dip treated wood, you will need to spray the wood with a preservative annually to maintain its protection unlike the pressure treated wood that can go for years, maintenance-free.

Most wood sheds are constructed from soft woods like the pine, also known as redwood while others are made from spruce, known as white deal. Pine and spruce wood are the most common wood materials, although they’re not really durable and will require plenty maintenance to get some level of durability out of them but on the other hand, they’re quite affordable. Larch and Douglas fir are other more durable woods that can be used as they’re somewhat more durable than the former ones and may also cost more. The best and most durable wood option is cedar. Its abundant natural rot-resistant resins make it the best option as far as wood sheds go, but they’re quite an expensive lot.

What you intend storing in your wood shed will determine the size you will go for and also bearing in mind that the larger the shed, the more expensive it’s likely to be. Wood sheds come in varying sizes and dimensions to suit different needs and available spaces. You should make sure to measure correctly, the amount of space you have in your backyard or garden before shopping for a shed so you don’t end up with a shed too big for the space.

If you intend to stow a 5-foot lawn mower in the wood shed, ensure to get a shed that’s more than 5 feet in length and following the rule of thumb, you should consider the largest or longest tool or equipment you will be storing before shopping for a wood shed.

There are basically two types of wood shed – the walk-in wood shed and cabinet-style wood shed. Both have their unique advantages and uses. The walk-in wood shed is best suited for where there’s lots of space because of its roomy nature. It’s designed like a small outhouse complete with eaves and a sloping roof, in most cases. The cabinet-style, on the other hand, is designed for space-deficient properties and does not take up as much space as the walk-in type does. Moreover, it doesn’t accommodate much tools and cannot take such equipment as a lawn mower.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most wood sheds are prefabricated with precisely cut wood and plywood for the sides, floor and roofing and also come with required hardware for the installation. Some brands design their wood sheds to be partially fixed and hence requiring just the final touches to get it fully setup. Whatever be the case, ensure that the setup manual that comes with the unit contains well-detailed steps on how to setup the wood shed in record time. You can also request for a professional setup from the manufacturer so if you’re not so handy around the house, be sure to be on the lookout for brands with professional setup as one of its options.

The access to the wood shed is a vital part of the unit and this refers to the door which can either be a single or double door. Again, knowing the size of tools and equipment you’ll be storing inside the shed will go a long way in determining the type of door you should go for. A double door makes for easy to and fro movement of large tools and equipment but will take up more storage space when compared to a single door entrance. You should also check the door height so you don’t end up stooping each time you need to get in or out of the shed.

Windows on wood shed is optional, especially if you’re using the shed for only storage. In this case you can install a solar light or electric light to provide illumination. But if you will be using the wood shed as your workshop or a getaway for some quiet time, then you’d best go for wood sheds with windows for proper ventilation. Windows and doors with hidden hinges are best, security-wise, as they are less accessible for thieves to unhinge and breach the security of your shed.

As far as aesthetics go, you can match up the design of your house with that of your wood shed. Wood sheds are not just utilitarian structures, they also play a role in the general outlook of the property and should complement your house. For a country house, a board and batten rustic-designed wood shed will do just fine while sheds with arched windows will beautifully go with houses having formal themes like arched windows. As such, consider the style of your house and carry it over to your desired wood house for a more coordinated look, that is, if aesthetics means so much to you.

Also, it’s always advisable to go for a wood shed that will allow you pack in more tools as you acquire them. This means buying a bigger wood shed than your current needs require because, there’s every tendency that you’ll add more tools and artifacts to your collection as time goes on so, why not prepare for them in advance?

Another important feature to consider when shopping for a great wood shed is the flooring. There are the thin, cheap chipboard floorings made from flimsy bits of wood cuttings glued together. This floor type doesn’t last and gets torn up easily. For a durable flooring, go for either an OSB flooring, which is quite inexpensive and yet durable, or a tongue and groove flooring that is designed for heavy duty tools and equipment storage.

Get the Best Wood Shed of 2022!

Made your choice already? Great, just go ahead and place the order right away and start enjoying your wood shed. Thanks for reading!

Our Top Choice
Handy Home Products 10 x 8’ Wood Shed
Best Value
Home Styles Montego Bay Cabinet
Cedarshed Bayside Kit Storage Shed
Leisure Season Vertical Storage Shed
Merax Garden Shed Wooden Locker