Best Wooden Phone Case Reviews 2023

Your smartphone can feel comfortable in a simple polycarbonate case but wooden phone cases come with an aesthetic style that uplifts the appearance of your device to a whole-new level. There’s something unique with wooden phone cases that lend an inimitable style and distinct appearance to any mobile device. We’ve reviewed a bunch of the best wooden phone case brands that you should consider when shopping for one. We focused on the best wooden case brands that specialize in handcrafted wooden cases for various mobile devices. Without further ado, let’s get started!
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Our Top Choice
iATO Wooden Phone Case
iATO enhances the life of your phones by offering fast and reliable charging systems, and unique, stylish protection cases.
Strong polycarbonate bumper. Elegant design. Lightweight. Easy access to buttons and ports. Suitable for various phone brands and models.
Does not offer total protection
Back cover
7 x 4 x 1.2’’ / 2.4 ounces
Wood and plastic
Numerous Smartphones
Walnut, Cherry, Bamboo, Rose
Best Value
NeWisdom iphone 7 Shockproof Wood Case
NeWisdom endeavors to create innovative, new and practical products with excellent designs and great ability to transform the lives of their clients.
Made with real natural wood layer. Soft TPU rubber for shock absorbance. Excellent fit. Easy to take off. Elegant design.
Peels off after sometime
Back cover
2.2 x 0.2 x 1.2’’ / 1.4 ounces
Natural wood and soft TPU rubber
iPhone 7
Walnut, Bamboo, Rose & Sandal
CARVED Mt. Bierstadt Inlay Wood Case
CARVED uses the natural grains and imperfections in wood to create unique phone case designs that you will love.
Raised lip and protective rubber bumper for screen protection. Wide openings to provide enough room for your cables. Hand CARVED wood design.
Headphone hole is too small
Back cover
11.5 x 1.1 x 5.8’’ / 1.4 ounces
Wood and plastic
Samsung Galaxy S7
20 Carved mixed-wood designs
GMYLE Wallet Wooden Case for Apple iPhone 6
GMYLE strives to supply consumers with state-of-the-art accessories that are tailor-made to your unique gadgets like smartphones and tablets.
Expertly made thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) frame. Can be converted into a stand. Magnetic closure flap. Slim wallet case design. Durable.
Some reports of unusual odor at first
5.5 x 0.4 x 2.8’’ / 1.6 ounces
Wood and TPU
iPhone 6
Light Bamboo
Belk iPhone Non Slip Wooden Case
Belk is known to produce real wood cases and mobile phone accessories that are custom crafted from durable but beautiful woods.
Reinforced rubber case with simple wooden back. Snugly wraps around your phone. Lightweight. Rugged Matte Finish. Substantial Grip. Slightly lifts phone off surface to prevent scratches.
Does not have a bumper
Back cover
8 x 0.8 x 4.2’’ / 2.4 ounces
Wood and rubber
iPhone SE/5S/6s/6s+ /7/7s+
Birch, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Teak

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What is the Best Wooden Phone Case?

Since most smartphones cost a fortune, you definitely want to protect them from knocks and scratches that could ruin them in days. But again, you want to maintain the classic look of the device, so you probably don’t want some cheap looking rubber or plastic cases. Wooden phone cases give your gadget the much needed stylish look while still offering optimum protection. Now that you’re well-equipped with the information on wooden phone cases, it’s time to jump straight to our top picks.
Our Top Choice
The iATO Wooden Phone Case comes with strong polycarbonate bumper that protects your phone from the elements while offering easy access to ports and buttons. Willing to pay more to have a taste of both real leather wood? Get the iATO Vesco Slim Leather and Wooden Case that snuggly fits your Apple iPhone 6/6S Plus

iATO Real Wooden Premium Protective Phone Case - Available in Four Wood Variations

iATO International enhances your living by offering classy, stylish, and unique cases, and reliable, strong, and fast chargers. The company focuses on both quality and style to deliver products that are not only highly functional but stylish as well.

Made from distinctive natural wood, iATO Wooden Phone Case is designed to highlight the stylish look of your new Smartphone. The hard plastic interior perfectly protects your phone against stains, scratches and shocks. This case comes with a polycarbonate bumper for perfect gripping and easy to access buttons and ports. The clean lines and curves are a perfect complement for your phone and also act as excellent fit snap on accessory.

The iATO Wooden Phone Case is as light as a feather but as tough as a board; this construction is nice to touch but strong enough to securely hold your Smartphone. And, for your peace of mind, iATO offers 12-month warranty, 30-day return policy for any reason, and lifetime [email protected]

This phone case is suitable for various phones including Galaxy S6, galaxy S6 edge, galaxy S7, iPhone 6/ S PLUS among others. You also get to choose different wood types including walnut, bamboo, cherry, and rose with a leather strip.
Best Value
Made with real natural wood layer covered with soft TPU rubber, the NeWisdom iPhone 7 Shockproof wood case will not only provide excellent cushion to your phone but also give it an elegant look. Want to give your phone that ultimate protection by a screen protector? We recommend the NeWisdom Screen Protector with Tempered Glass Premium HD that is both anti-fingerprint and anti-shock.

NeWisdom iPhone 7 Shockproof Wood Case, with Reinforced Corners, Available in Various Color and Wood Options

With great focus on quality assurance, NeWisdom makes unique products that are bound to bring convenience to your life. Established in 2014, NeWisdom comprises of a team of young individuals full of ideas and dreams, professional at assembling advanced technologies and innovative products. The company works in the field of cell phone accessories, wireless charging, and smart home and creative gifts.

The NeWisdom iPhone 7 Shockproof wood case lets you get a feel of real leather as you get closer to nature. Made with the healthiest materials possible, this wood case combines genuine wood layer with customizable premium TPU rubber to give you a unique protective case for your iPhone 7. The NeWisdom iPhone 7 Shockproof wood case is shock absorbing, non bulky, non slip, and has an excellent grip. It snugly fits your iPhone 7 and leaves all buttons responsive. Putting it on and off is also a breeze! To achieve excellent protection for your phone, remember to use this case alongside the NeWisdom screen protector.

If you are keen about this wood case, you will be happy to know that it comes in numerous woods to match your style; including bamboo, rose wood and black walnut.
Handcrafted in the USA, the CARVED Mount Bierstadt Inlay Wood Case comes with a raised lip and protective rubber bumper to protect your Galaxy S7 when its face down. Have an iPhone 6/6s instead? Get the CARVED Pulpo Traveler Wood Case by Anna Shay that also comes with a protective rubber bumper case.

CARVED Galaxy S7 Mount Bierstadt Inlay Wood Traveler Case, with Rubber Bumper – Available in 20 Hand-Carved Designs

CARVED knows that while excellent phone covers do not stem from trees, they actually start with them. With that realization in mind, this company crafts unique solid wooden cases and backs for cases for your Galaxy, iPhone, Pixel or Nexus phone. By spending time playing with texture and color, CARVED creates beauty that is not only protective but practical as well.

The CARVED Mount Bierstadt Inlay Wood Case combines a slim design, protection, and minimum bulk to give your phone that extra protection it really needs. This hand finished genuine wood cover comes with a bumper case! Its flexible rubber sides easily swaddle around all the four edges of your Galaxy S7, offering it excellent protection against minor mishaps. The plastic is high quality and offers a perfect grip without that stickiness that attracts pet hair. It also has a very smooth and unique matte sensation to it.

The CARVED Mount Bierstadt Inlay Wood Case is a simple case meant to protect and show off your Galaxy S7 as well as the stunningly finished wood. The grain pattern reacts glamorously to lighting changes. You will be happy to know that all CARVED products are hand finished and sanded to create a smooth, natural feel that is non-toxic. The phone cases come in different color designs to give your phone that unique feel!
The GMYLE Wallet Wooden Case for Apple iPhone 6 comes with an expertly made thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) frame to give your iPhone 6 a multifaceted protection from scratches and bumps. Looking for a clear case for your iPhone 7/7-Plus instead? We recommend the GMYLE iPhone 7\/ 7 Plus Case that is scratch resistant, anti shock and comes with a TPU Bumper.

GMYLE iPhone 6 Wallet Wood Case with 4.7-Inch Display and Card Slot

GMYLE is a reputable brand with brilliant ideas to the current mobile world. The company was established in 2005 and has quickly grown to be a trusted name in mobile telephony devices. As a leader in the development of various accessories for Tablets, Smartphones, MacBook, and much more, GMYLE looks to enhance consumers’ lives by creating gadgets that are practical, stylish, and simple to use.

GMYLE 's wallet wooden phone case comes in a fashion-inspired color blend with a minimalistic design. The expertly crafted thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) frame gives the iPhone 6 (4.7 inch screen Display) an all-round protection against bumps and scratches, including the corners. Its magnetic flip closure offers additional security for the smartphone. When you convert the case into a stand, you enjoy hands-free viewing from the comfort of your seat. The wooden case also integrates card slot making it double up as a wallet. The wallet is compatible with iPhone6 smartphone with 4.7 inch display.

Here are more features of the GMYLE wooden phone case:
  • Durable construction with quality color that doesn’t fade easily.
  • Slim design and a stand function make it easy to carry around.
  • You can plug your charger, headset, or cable without removing the case.
The Belk iPhone Non Slip Wooden Case is a reinforced rubber case with simple wooden back offering adequate anti-slip and relentless vibrant wood tactile for your iPhone. Looking for a leather phone case for your iPhone 7 instead? Get the BELK iPhone 7 Handmade Soft Leather Case, with Magnetic Closure and Credit Card Slot

Belk iPhone Non Slip Wood Tactile Case, with Grip Bumper and Soft TPU Back - Available in 5 Wood Types and 6 iPhone Models

Belk was founded by Kevin and his wife Victoria in 2012 after dealing in mobile phone sales for several years. The company has put in a lot of vigor and hard work to come up with creative wooden cases that combine beauty and protection. Their style combines both wood and TPU to produce a case that fully enclose your phone without adding excessive weight and bulk.

Belk wooden phone case is crafted from real wood and comes as an all-natural product. The beauty of wood shines through this case and you can feel the passion of perfection that went into the production. The case comes as a perfect fit, durable, and easy to grip unit without bulkiness. The product is naturally genuine and is made from premium quality polycarbonate hard wood. The natural wood grains make each case unique to its own nature. You’ll never find two cases that look the same. With its optimal cutout for camera, you can continue taking those crystal clear pictures without any hindrance.

The expanded port openings with an open bottom design allow you to seamlessly use various accessories like lightning cables and other third-party docks and cables. The light, thin and ergonomic design with only 0.5mm thickness helps to snug the phone tightly without adding extra weight or bulk. It’s perhaps the lightest case in its product category.

Here are some more features of the Belk wooden phone case:
  • Reinforced rubber case with a light, simple wooden back for a perfect anti-slip grip.
  • Vibrant wood tactile for an extended protection for your iPhone 5S/iPhone SE.
  • Magic hybrid capsule that snugly wraps up all the four corners of the smartphone while raising the screen and camera to protect them from scratching and dust.

How Do I Choose the Best Wooden Phone Case?

With the rapid technological advancements over the last couple of years, pricey smartphones have found their way into the pockets of most people. And yes, many of us don’t mind splashing hundreds of dollars in a stylish smartphone. So, why not spend a little more to ensure it doesn’t get broken or scratched? Our smartphones, tablets, and MacBooks serve us diligently until we accidentally drop them down the staircase, leave them at the mercy of curious toddlers, or slip them into the toilet bowl.

Smartphones are getting tougher by the day, and you can find a few waterproof models today, but the vast majority will not pull it through an accident unscathed. This makes it necessary to have a tough, impact-proof casing if you truly adore your gadget. But again, you don’t want any ugly looking cover that will ruin the stylish look of your iPhone. A good wooden phone case should delicately balance durability and style.

So, you need to do your homework right to find the best wooden phone case. Read customer reviews of the different cases that appeal to you. More importantly, ensure that the casing has precise cut-outs for various functionalities of your phone. Sometimes phone cases are rushed out of the door and miss a button, or bring problems with camera reflections, or the button covers become stiff. The same applies to MacBook and tablet cases.

If a wireless charging system is important to you, or perhaps you want to dock your smartphone without removing the case, you may need to check with the manufacturer before you purchase. It may also be a good idea to get two or more cases for different occasions. Getting a slim, lightweight case for your office gig and a rugged case for a weekend hiking can be great.

With that said, it’s time to delve deeper into the features to look for when shopping for a wooden phone case, and then you can jump straight to our individual reviews.
If you’re already thinking, “ooh, real wood phone cases are very expensive,” we have good news for you. They don’t cost a fortune! With as little as $10, you can get a good quality wooden phone case that can make your smartphone stand out from the crowd. Of course, there are cheap phone cases that are termed wooden, but the truth is, they are simply colored plastics and you shouldn’t spend any amount on them as they will barely protect your phone. High-end wooden phone cases with splendid designs can cost as much as $35, which is reasonable, considering the cost of your iPhone. It’s worth mentioning that some wooden phone case manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products when you purchase directly from them. But, the retail prices won’t differ even if you purchased it straight from the source.
Now, think about the features you want on your wooden phone case. If you’re looking for a case for your tablet, a landscape stand could be a good choice. Some tablet cases also offer multiple positions including a 360-degree hinge. However, for smartphones, you can go for models with kickstands that pop out of the back. Just be sure they are secure enough to avoid scenarios where they pop up uninvited.

Here are additional features to look for:
  • Durability – Some initial designs of wood phone cases had a reputation for always breaking or falling apart with the slightest falls. That’s now a thing of the past. You can now find some great sturdy models on the market. Consider durable cases that can withstand falls, drops, or slides on tough floors. The wood should be properly treated to protect it from drying out and becoming fragile over time. Some models incorporate a pair of polycarbonate plastic for a better shock resistance and extra strength.
  • Lightweight – Depending on the wood veneer thickness of the case, wood phone cases can be quite lightweight. You need a slim phone case with minimalist design, but don’t compromise on the strength.
  • Color – There are several wood options to choose from. If you love dark colored phone cases, you can go for zebra wood, rosewood, or walnut. However, if you prefer light colored cases, consider cherry or bamboo wood.
Construction and Design
Level of Protection

Before you decide on which design to purchase, think about the amount of protection you need. How clumsy are you? Do you often leave your phone at the mercy of your toddler? Finding genuine answers to these questions will determine how tough you want your case to be. If you don’t want to worry about dropping it with impunity on tough concrete or having it survive a dip, you’ll definitely need some serious protection. However, if you’re careful enough and you just need some basic protection, you may choose to go slim and light. There is clearly a tradeoff between the weight or bulk and the level of protection you require.

Rugged cases are generally bulky and heavy. They come with reinforced corners and air packets to minimize the risk of damage to your phone. They are also easy to grip even with wet hands, but this may also hinder how easily you slide them in and out of your pocket or purse. A larger build may need a belt clip to hook it on your waist.

Another great option that helps your device survive drops without adding excessive weight is a tough wooden phone case. A good combination that works well is a design that incorporates a hard polycarbonate with a layer of soft silicone on the inside to absorb shock. High models even come with a military drop test certification.

Urban armor gear navigator cases may add a bit of bulk and weight to your case but come in a wide array of styles. They don’t hinder you from assessing everything your smartphone has to offer. Be sure that there is a lip or at least some form of protection on the front part of your device in case it falls on the face.

Style and Design

One additional feature that keeps wooden phone cases ahead of other materials is that you can rarely find two cases that look exactly the same. No two pieces of wood look the same. Every piece comes with its unique set of grains, color, and texture.

Most manufacturers use custom engravings to craft a piece of phone case just for you. Whether you have a company logo, a unique design, or a sketch, it can be engraved on the case to make it uniquely yours. If you’re a true iPhone lover, you’ll want a design that stands out from the rest. The moment you see it with five of your friends, it’s no longer unique. Get a wooden phone case that truly represents your personality and style.
Performance and Ease of Use
Open Cover Cases

After spending hundreds of dollars on a stylish iPhone, sometimes it feels shameful to cover up the gorgeous features. However, if style outweighs protection for you, consider models that are slim and lightweight. It will provide the basic protection against scratches on the areas it covers while still vividly highlighting your phone’s fabulous features. Of course, it will also offer some protection against drops as reliable as rugged or tough cases.

Flip-open & Wallet Cases

Flip-open folio or wallet phone cases are quite stylish and pocket-friendly. They offer all round protection, especially if you want to sling your device in a bag. One notable benefit with these cases is that they double up as wallets and you can secure your credit cards with ease.

Some folio cases typically support the sleep-wake function of your smartphone, so your gadget will automatically come to life when you flip open the cover and sleep when you close the cover. Magnetic closures give you an added convenience as the cover won’t open loose in your bag or pocket.

Rugged Cases

Rugged cases are designed to cover every angle of the phone, including the touchscreen and buttons. This can make buttons harder to press and lower the sensitivity of your touchscreen. Ultimately, the rugged case will securely protect your device but make it harder to operate.

Find a phone case that offers all the details and features you need to make your life a walk in the park!

Get the Best Wooden Phone Case of 2023!

We’re glad to have played a part in your quest to find your ideal wooden phone case. Feel free to sample other fabulous options from the same brands.

Our Top Choice
iATO Wooden Phone Case
Best Value
NeWisdom iphone 7 Shockproof Wood Case
CARVED Mt. Bierstadt Inlay Wood Case
GMYLE Wallet Wooden Case for Apple iPhone 6
Belk iPhone Non Slip Wooden Case